She Said I Love You And Meimei Both I Don T Want You Fightin

[16:36] <Aline> It had been not all that long since all of the other… disasters. What a Christmas this was turning out to be. Shinji was out to grab breakfast from somewhere appropriate - maybe even just do other things. Aline wouldn't blame him if he wanted some time without her to cool down. She wanted some too, to be honest. Though more to… think of something else. A book on Hindu creation myth,
[16:36] <Aline> and similar topics, was cradled in her lap as she sat crosslegged on the bed, wearing a bracingly casual sky-blue blouse and tan skirt. He'd probably still be at least another half hour, or hour, or whatever.
[16:38] <Ayanami‘Rei> [There was a knock on the door. Small and measured.]
[16:41] * Aline slid the book off to the side on the bed. That… couldn’t be him, right? He didn't leave that long ago. But… it was too soft and precise to be Yanmei knocking - even calmed down from that /rampage/ that she was dumb enough to bring upon herself by taunting the girl, Yanmei wouldn't be that… gentle in tone. So, confusion and uncertainty on her face, Aline went to the door, and
[16:42] * Aline pulled it open a crack, to the end of its little chain lock. "Hello?" - in Japanese of course, given where she was.
[16:46] * Ayanami‘Rei stood there, wearing a blue dress that fell to her calves, and a silk yellow scarf around her neck. She was holding a parcel or two in her hands. "Hello."
[16:48] * Aline undid the locks at that, and opened the door the rest of the way. She stared in a sort of… odd surprise, actually. "Huh. So you’re coming to visit, then?… Ah, please, come in. You brought presents?"
[16:52] <Ayanami‘Rei> "That’s right. Is Onii-chan home?" A faint note of hope- timid hope at that- in her voice.
[16:56] * Aline frowned. "He went to get food. Maybe just go somewhere, too. I… we should talk." Aline's frown deepened, and her voice sounded like the weight of ages was carried in it. Heavy stuff, as it were. "There's been trouble, so neither of us has been feeling good. I don't just mean the… things involving you and Yui and such. Something I did." She /really/ couldn't get over it, could
[16:56] * Aline she?
[17:00] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Did you hurt Onii-chan?" Asked Rei. … Was that a hint of sternness? Disapproval? Or just Aline’s imagination?
[17:08] * Aline nodded at her, /deep/ pain reflecting in her eyes (maybe the glint of tears. Everybody crying, all the time.), and her lip quivering. "Y-yes. Someone used the time when I was so hurt that I wanted to die, to put in sweet words and make me want to do something stupid and terrible. I was stupid enough to think I could love two people /that/ way. But I can't. I shouldn't. It's not fair
[17:08] * Aline to him - nobody wants to hear that they had someone who should've been their love, give it to another. I… I felt so weak and alone, and then I failed him. But he said something like that he didn't protect me or make me care, and that I shouldn't take on everyone's problems. I'm… having trouble understanding that. I'll do it for him, but I…" Aline stopped, suddenly, even as she was
[17:08] * Aline otherwise launching into a rambling monologue. "S-sorry. Please forgive me. If you want to hurt me too, can you not break anything? Everyone's getting parts of them broken and bruises on their necks this week…"
[17:11] * Ayanami‘Rei stared, as if thinking. "Sometimes people do bad things because they are hurt or lonely. Leenie-chan, you’re not a bad person."
[17:19] * Aline smiled softly - it was definitely one of relief shining through guilt. "Thank you. I… I'm glad it's starting to heal. Have you… Er… Are you okay with my asking about how things have been for you lately?" She nervously looked at the couch in this first part of the suite, and the table and so on. "Please, do any sitting or putting down of bags you need to."
[17:25] * Ayanami‘Rei nodded a little, and stepped into the hotel room. She walked very softly, Aline might note.-
[17:26] <Ayanami`Rei> She put the parcels on a table, before taking a seat on the couch, her hands folded in front of her. "Hard. At first it was all very confusing, and then it hurt a lot, because people were mean to me because they didn’t understand, but then people became nice again."
[17:31] * Aline stood, still, at least for a little while, and looked on. "It's because things happened where you didn't see them. I guess people must have gone around telling one another about the truth, and… began to understand. Then they came back to you, knowing what they didn't."
[17:34] * Ayanami‘Rei stared at Aline for a moment, then nodded. "Yes."
[17:38] * Aline then… walked closer to the couch. "Do you mind if I sit down with you?"
[17:44] <Ayanami`Rei> "I do not mind, Leenie-chan."
[17:46] * Aline did so then. "Thanks…" But then she stretched her hands out, the two bridging slightly, then spreading, before she let them fall to her sides. "What… Er. I don’t mean to constantly ask questions, but… What do you feel about yourself now, anyway? It must be very confusing."
[17:53] <Ayanami‘Rei> "…" Rei paused. "Mother says I am Ikari Rei, but everyone else says I am someone else." Said Rei. "I remember being Ikari Rei. I remember going to school and my friends and Onii-chan and Meimei and Zaizai but they didn’t seem to remember me." A slight frown. "… So I am… Not feeling like I am the Ikari Rei my mother wants. Everyone sees someone else." She closed her eyes. "I do not know whether I should keep trying to be Ikari Rei and hope remembers me, or… I can try being Ayanami Rei like Sera thinks I am and hope everyone likes me again. I don't want to make Zaizai cry again. I want to make him smile, Leenie-chan."
[18:06] * Aline …couldn't help but to droop at all of that. "I think… I think the best way is to just go with the… truth, the truth without what anyone else sees." She closed her eyes for a moment to gather her will, then opened them again. "You do remember. You have the mind, the memories of Ikari Rei. You have the soul of Ayanami Rei, and it is a… different kind than mine or anyone else's
[18:06] * Aline but the other MP-Pilots'. Your body, too, reflects that - the… blue hair. The red eyes. The pale skin - it's the body you've been given." But she shook her head. "It's very hard to figure out what the difference between soul and mind is. The soul of the Ikari Rei you remember being, was placed into Gogouki, but she… in having done that to her, her /mind/ has changed. She's angry, jealous,
[18:06] * Aline suffering - and held back by the technology that keeps Evangelions sleeping." Aline's tone was wearied already, but now it sounded like she was trying to push past a veritably world-carrying burden. "Your mother's pain and loneliness would not be helped by that. So… The way I see it, you're a person between. You're Ikari Rei, reborn into a new life. Almost like a half of her, just as
[18:06] * Aline Gogouki has a half of her." But it lifted, just the slightest bit. "It's like Zerogouki told me once - it said you could split a soul in two, and the halves would grow to become full people again, by experiencing life apart. So you'll eventually grow up to become Ayanami Rei, the person Ikari Rei becomes with this body, soul, and life. Does that… uh, make sense?"
[18:07] * Ayanami‘Rei nodded. "Yes. So I should be Ayanami Rei."
[18:10] * Aline nodded! "But your mother’s love, and the relationship to your own family still should belong to you - she needs it just as much as you do, and for all that your body's changed, you still have their blood in you. Your brother will need time. Isaiah will need time. What you've been turned into is something that people don't know how to understand easily. We're all doing what we can
[18:10] * Aline to make it easier - whoever got some of them to understand, and me too."
[18:12] * Ayanami‘Rei nodded. "Thank you, Leenie-chan."
[18:15] * Aline leaned over, and… gave her a little hug. Just an arm-over. "If you remember what happened to me during that incident, I… I have to deal with things like that too. That is, not entirely being something people could understand. Your brother, too - he’s probably not ready to talk about it to too many people, but he had to go through someone twisting his mind, which changed him in
[18:15] * Aline ways that scared him, and that at least Sera still doesn't understand."
[18:18] * Ayanami‘Rei leaned towards Aline slightly, leaning into the hug. "Onii-chan has been hurt. Mother said that something was put into his head, like your Angel."
[18:21] <Aline> "Yeah. It was a very angry man’s son - a record of his mind. And since it was put straight into someone who still was there themselves… it was a sort of struggle inside, until the machine keeping Shinji from taking back control was taken off and destroyed. But yes, it's… a common ground. So many of us who have to deal with parts of us that aren't ourselves."
[18:23] <Ayanami‘Rei> "You and Onii-chan are helping each other, right?"
[18:30] * Aline quirked her head to the side. "Trying to. The thing I did, and dealing with the whole incident has really, really strained things though. Once everyone finally can heal, then we’ll… yeah, help each other again."
[18:32] <Ayanami‘Rei> "That’s good." Rei reached out and took one of the parcels.
[18:40] * Aline eyed it curiously. "Ah, what did you bring?~"
[18:52] <Ayanami‘Rei> "A present. This is for you, Leenie-chan." She handed Aline the parcel! It was wrapped in red and blue.
[18:53] * Aline smiled. "Ah, thanks!" …and she opened it! What’s in the box, Aline?~
[18:56] <Ayanami‘Rei> [It was a colourful kimono- not the cotton yukata Aline had purchased. This one looked like it was made to Aline’s fit- it felt silky and -very- smooth. It was bright yellow and pink, with a blue obi.-
[18:56] <Ayanami‘Rei> "That is from mother and I. Merry christmas, Leenie-chan."
[18:59] * Aline blushed heavily. It… wasn’t her usual choice of colors, but it was… extremely adorable. And very fancy. "W-wow. It's… amazing, I…" She blushed even further. "I hadn't had the chance to even think about what kinds of things you'd like. Sometime real soon we should fix that, because I don't feel right not having anything ready to give back…"
[18:59] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Meimei said she would take me shopping some day soon, and we would buy clothes. Come with us, Leenie-chan!"
[19:04] * Aline gulped nervously. "Only if… only if… Someone or another helped me and her get along again. When we met for the first time since after I got out of the… ah, special hospital room, she was kinda mad at your whole family - she hadn’t, I guess, gotten cooled down enough then? But I got mad because I already felt terrible and then thought she was going to hate you and your mom and
[19:04] * Aline Shinji and your dad so hard. Th-then we kept messing our words up and saying things that made each other even more angry. I don't even know what goes on with her anymore… It's hard to understand, and I'm not sure what you'd be able to say, since you didn't have to hear the things I have."
[19:05] <Ayanami‘Rei> "But Meimei came to visit Mother and I, and she talked and they hugged."
[19:06] * Aline paused for a second, then blinked. "Th-this was a while before that. I think whoever calmed her down did that because we fought."
[19:07] <Ayanami`Rei> "Then she should talk to you, too." Said Rei, frowning a little. "I love you and Meimei both. I don’t want you fighting."
[19:12] * Aline drummed a hand against the parcel's little papery walls. "I… I don't know who, I guess Isaiah or you or both, but I think I need someone to help. It's like…" The drumming transformed into little uncertain finger snaps. "It's like we speak the same language in words, but our feelings make it come out like we don't?"
[19:14] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Then we can all go so you don’t fight. You and me, Meimei and Zaizai…" A faint expression of hope crossed her features.
[19:16] <Aline> "Y… Yeah. We could. Between my fight with her and how hard it is to understand all of these things happening to us, it'll still be hard, but… even just having other people around will keep things calmer. Especially not with weird stuff like Sera and all those /knives/." Aline shook her head, and sighed.
[19:17] <Ayanami‘Rei> "He was trying to help, Leenie-chan." … "I don’t know how, but he was."
[19:20] * Aline looked downright flabbergasted. "I… I don't know what he was doing. I can't understand him anymore. It's just…" She took that hand that was doing all those gestures, and put it against her own chest. "…Even though he was helping, he wanted to go really fast and sudden. It just makes me real uncomfortable, since if I don't even understand what he thought he was doing, and he
[19:20] * Aline just /did/ it without asking or anything, I can't know how to feel about it. But the four of us that'd be going shopping, I can figure out what we're going to feel and do. I'll feel safer. Does that make sense?"
[19:21] * Ayanami‘Rei nodded. "Yes, Leenie-chan."
[19:23] <Aline> "Mm. Sorry, I must be…" She blushed briefly - it was a far more sedate gesture than the usual sudden nervous blush of feeling imposing. Probably because all the mixed emotions had a sort of slowing effect on her. "I must be sounding weird, talking with all these big huge speeches."
[19:23] <Ayanami`Rei> "You’d sound weirder if you didn't, Leenie-chan…"
[19:26] * Aline stared in confusion, but then snapped back into reality when the realization struck. "Oh… oh, right! Because that's who I am. I keep being unsure about that." But then, the train of thought made her hold her chin in thought. "…What do I feel like to you, anyway? This is actually the first chance I have to speak to you. Before anything else, I didn't know Japanese and you couldn't
[19:26] * Aline speak anything else either. I… often feel like wanting to know how others see me, since it comes off so different from how I see me."
[19:28] * Ayanami‘Rei reached out and grabbed Aline’s wrist. "Fleshy."
[19:28] * Aline looked down… then… giggled. "I-I-I mean emotionally and… personality-ly."
[19:30] * Ayanami‘Rei smiled a little in her own way. "I know. I was making a joke, Leenie-chan." She released Aline’s hand, and thought about it for a little. "I think… You're like mother in some ways. You seem to know a lot, and you're very caring and loving." She frowned a little. "Onii-chan loves you, and you love him. So you're sort of like a big sister, and you do feel like what I imagine a big sister to be. I feel like I should listen to what you say and love you."
[19:33] * Aline nodded, blushy and teary-eyed all the way. "S-sorry, after getting to know Tsucchin it's been hard to remember that other people do joke about that instead of literally mean it. But… that means a lot to me. Because, now more than ever, I feel I can protect you and teach you like you were my little sister."
[19:34] * Ayanami‘Rei didn’t say anything to that. She just leaned her head against Aline's shoulder.
[19:35] * Aline didn't need any further prompting, and she leaned in to match. She wasn't sleepy, but there was something… overly relaxing about the whole setup.
[19:36] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Leenie-chan, aren’t you going to try on your new kimono?"
[19:39] * Aline shifted, almost like she /did/ go to sleep. She hadn't, it was just a little reverie, but nonetheless! "Ah!… You know, you're right. It looks special fitted, too! I'll just duck into the bedroom to change then~" …And assuming she wasn't stopped, that is precisely what she was going to do! After messing around with the yukata more than a few times, Aline had gotten a fair grasp
[19:39] * Aline of putting either of the two types of outfit on…
[19:39] * Ayanami‘Rei waited politely on the sofa.
[19:42] * Aline would spend at least a few minutes getting everything in order! It did take time for someone who was still working off instructions memorized over the course of a day or two during great emotional stress, to get it down to a science. But~ She eventually came out, flipping her hair a little bit with a hand to get it just right. It was far brighter (and arguably, ’girly' in a more
[19:42] * Aline stereotypical sense of the word) than her typical choices of outfit, but it still worked. Aline even made a few little spins to show it off!
[19:44] <Ayanami‘Rei> "It looks very lovely on you, Leenie-chan." Said Rei appreciatively. "Mother had it hand-made for you."
[19:45] * Aline was practically wide-eyed at that fact. No, wait. She just plain was. "Ah… ah, that’s impressive, I… I guess you do have the money to be able to afford something like that. It's… very nice of her to."
[19:48] <Ayanami‘Rei> "She said you would be Onii-chan’s wife one day." Said Rei. "So you need something like that."
[19:53] * Aline nodded deeply. It was almost more of an honest-to-god bow. "That's… that's right. With all else that's been going on, I forgot all about what I'd need to do for that! I guess all the fighting, both the sad kind between friends and the serious kind in Evas, must've been keeping my head out of it."
[19:55] <Ayanami‘Rei> "That’s no good…"-
[19:56] <Ayanami‘Rei> [A knock at the door.]
[19:59] * Aline turned her head, suddenly. "…That might be Shinji. I’ll get it." And, just as before, she'd peer out from behind the gap in the chain. "Hello?"
[20:25] <Ayanami‘Rei> [It was Shinji.-
[20:32] <Ayanami`Rei> ["D-Don’t say I don't love you, because I do." He said, utterly red-faced, his eyes serious. The cause of his embarrassment: the multitone-blue dress he was wearing, patterned with ocean waves… Stuffed slightly in the right places.]
[20:35] * Aline …stared. Then stared some more. "I wouldn't dare dream of saying that. In fact that… takes a lot of courage, and uh… there was… is a slight… complication." She leaned in a bit further, and whispered to him. "…Ayanami-chan came to visit. We were still talking just a bit ago. I don't know what to do now."
[20:35] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["…" Shinji stared back. "I-I can’t let her see me like this."]
[20:39] * Aline nodded. "I know. Even if I explained it, it'd be cripplingly embarassing just to see. I'm going to uh… try to explain that it's embarassing or something and try to come up with a way to get you in and her out without it being seen. Please just… give me a moment to do it." She was still whispering, by the by. "…If you don't want me to do the 'doing something embarassing' part
[20:39] * Aline of it, just say so."
[20:40] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["I-It’s fine… H-Hey, that kimono…"-
[20:40] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Who is it, Leenie-chan?"
[20:45] * Aline waved a hand towards Rei. "J-just a second more, it’s a bit complicated!" …Then she turned back to Shinji. "A gift. Your mother got it, and she must have helped decide or otherwise took part in it. Let's… uh, solve this." And just like that, she gave him a quick, almost-frantic bow, and turned towards Rei. "Uh, it's Shinji-niichan, but… he didn't know you were coming here, so
[20:45] * Aline he… did something that'd be very embarassing and confusing if you saw him right now, as a way of trying to get… uh, together more, it's… really complicated to explain, but basically I think you'd make him very happy if we could come up with some way to maybe plan out another time to meet, and that uh - this'll sound weird - get him into the hotel room and you out of it without getting
[20:45] * Aline a look at what he looks like right now? It's really really embarassing and the kind of thing someone would never live down if someone that knew them saw it. D-do you think you can… uh, work with me on that? You can at least say hi if you… don't look?" She turned back to Shinji. "Right? Like say a few things before we have people playing around running into closed rooms?"
[20:47] * Ayanami‘Rei blinked.-
[20:47] <Ayanami`Rei> "… I want to see."
[20:49] * Aline stared in shock. And slowly… turned… back towards the door. The same look still on her face. "Uh… Uhhhhhh… Is there… uh, room to… negotiate here?" Despite the slow-turn, she sort of was projecting her voice in no particular direction. "Maybe like… keeping it a secret, or… reconsidering that request?…"
[20:51] <Ayanami`Rei> "I can keep it a secret." Said Rei.
[20:52] * Aline sidled a bit closer to the door. "Sh… Shinji, is that… okay, or should we… try to renegotiate the terms more…?" The veeeery awkward clipped tone showed that she was /mindblowingly/ embarassed.
[20:54] <Ayanami`Rei> ["Uh…" Shinji was staring at the door in utter perplexion. "…" He turned slowly to look down the hallway, in horror. There was the sound of an elevator -ding!-. "Let me in let me in let me in…"]
[20:56] * Aline took an intensely deep breath. "Please be gentle to him." …then /bam/, she unlocked the door with jittery fingers and basically yanked it open as far as her ludicrously bad arm strength could go (it wasn’t that terrible so she opened it pretty fast).
[20:58] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Shinji slipped in!-
[20:59] <Ayanami`Rei> "…" Rei stared, slowly getting to her feet. Was she amused? She was certainly smiling. "Onii-chan…"-
[20:59] <Ayanami`Rei> ["A-Aline likes it when I dress up as a girl." Said Shinji stoutly.-
[20:59] <Ayanami`Rei> "…"
[21:02] * Aline blushed, and shook heavily. "H-h-h-he’s telling the truth. I got that for him b-back on the French Riviera trip." The sheer /contortion/ of her mouth suggested that 'oh shit this is embarassing' has upgraded to 'my god I feel physically weakened by the shame'.
[21:04] <Ayanami‘Rei> "You make a cute girl, Onii-chan." Said Rei, smiling. She reached down and grabbed a package from the table, and headed over to him. For now, she was willing to trade in her chance to tease him to hell and back for… Something else.-
[21:05] <Ayanami`Rei> She offered the package to him. "Merry Christmas, Onii-chan." A hopeful look on her face.-
[21:06] <Ayanami`Rei> ["…" Shinji stared at her. For a moment he could forget the absurdity of the situation. Just a little. He reached out and took the gift… A gift offered to him by someone who was very kind, who he knew very well- she wasn’t his sister, but… "Merry christmas to you too, Ayanami-chan."]
[21:09] * Aline smiled, managing to break through her embarassment. "In time, it'll be better. Let's have a great christmas…" She walked close to the both of them, and put her arms around for a gentle hug. "No, let's have a Christmas that we'll remember as the day we started to heal this broken life we lead."
[21:13] <Ayanami`Rei> [Shinji put an arm around Aline, and… Hesitating at first, put one around Rei as well.-
[21:14] * Ayanami`Rei was perfectly happy to hug them both. "Onii-chan… Leenie-chan… Thank you…"

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