She Said I M Not Keen On Killing Another Friend Either So

[22:46] <Yanmei> [A meal that was not quite breakfast and not quite lunch came to an end. The nearest subway station was startlingly empty for what the visitors from Paris had seem before, but it was hardly peek travelling time. By now, most of the people living there would be in school or at work.]-
[22:48] <Yanmei> [A train whooshed by the platform, drew to a halt with loud, long hisses, and the sing-song chime signalling open doors, and the few passengers that had waited for it climbed in.]-
[22:50] <Yanmei> "Huh. I guess this system isn't so bad, once you get the hang of it." One such passenger plunked down on a seat in the otherwise nearly-empty car that she found herself in, and peered up at her companion. "A lot different that Paris' though."
[22:53] <Aline> Said companion was still a bit on edge, though she had been hiding it well. Though not for nearly as bad as reason as she could be. Just… there was this certain bad feeling. "Ah… ah, yes, because it's meant to be used, and actually… has."
[22:54] <Yanmei> [Another chime to signal the doors closing. The car began to lurch a little.]-
[22:57] * Yanmei peered out a window at the platform they were leaving behind. "Mh hm. I've been getting around mostly by taxi so far, but this way is much cheaper! What about you, huh? I bet the Ikaris have a nice car to drive you and Shinji around in."
[23:03] * Aline nodded once. "Yeah, it's okay. Nothing ostentatious, but it's a nice car nonetheless. But I go places myself, too. I've been taking the subways for that, then walking the rest of the way, for those." She looked briefly around the train car, then back at Yanmei. "…Mm. I had been told to tell you they were going to have a dinner, and that you were invited, actually."
[23:05] <Yanmei> "I heard. Had a conversation with the Commander earlier, and he brought it up. He said that you had been by to visit too."
[23:09] * Aline raised her brow, and actually looked a little bewildered. "…Really. I didn't know you felt like talking to you. At least… you behaved enough to not get in the brig. God, Sera…" But then she continued and her tone matched her looks - a sense of dread. "You… should… if you go see 05 with Isaiah, try not to be too close to him."
[23:15] * Yanmei looked back at her, faintly amused and puzzled at once. Absently, her fingers toyed with a lightweight silk yellow scarf that was looped around her neck. "I had to introduce myself. For courtesy's sake, of course." And what a fruitless introduction it had been. Not that she had been expecting much. "And that's odd advice. Did he give you an invitation to see 05 too?"
[23:19] <Aline> "Well…" Aline shook her head. "I already did. It wanted to kill me. And… he explained /why/. She's become protective of Shinji, and thought I was taking him away from her. The problem you'll have, though, is…" Aline frowned heavily. "…That he believes she likes Isaiah enough to possibly act the same way towards him. Her last words were her name for him, after all. I just don't want
[23:19] <Aline> you to get hurt for… silly reasons like just happening to be near an otherwise-inactive EVA unit. Stay safe, keep a decent distance from her and I think you'll be fine. I'm not sure if you /could/ suppress 'looking like you're taking him away.' at all."
[23:23] * Yanmei stared. Her fingers had stopped. And gradually, the warmth slipped out of her eyes and a cold anger took its place. "If he's theorizing that, then why is he inviting me and Isaiah to see her at all?"
[23:27] * Aline sighed. "…Probably for proof. Or… something. I imagine he'd have no interest in hurting you. I…" She then drooped. "Ugh, I made you angry. You have a good reason to be, but now I can't say what else I can, because you'll be too mad at him. S… sorry."
[23:30] * Yanmei was silent for a few more moments, staring at Aline, but not quite staring -at- her. Finally, she turned away demurely. "So there's another Director who's against me. Fine."
[23:36] * Aline …clonked her head on the subway-train wall. "Maybe not everyone… is… instantly against you… rather than just apathetic. If you… decide to start attacking them because you think they're your enemy when they're just… neutral, then they… become your enemy." She sounded intensely stressed.
[23:43] <Yanmei> "Attacking someone who's more powerful than you is a reckless move, Blanc." Yanmei leaned back in her seat a little, and crossed her legs. "And I'm a little confused about why I should think that he's a nuetral party? There -is- a chance that he's exposing me to something umpleasant for his own own curiosity. Isn't that what you were implying? And Isaiah…"
[23:49] <Aline> "I mean, not just literally neutral, just hardly cares. He… isn't against you, as much as he's okay with doing that. It's just… Er…" Aline frowned again. "It's just that I don't want you to willingly hurt yourself because you're angry, and if you piss him off by making good on all that enemy stuff, you will end up being hurt because you ended up in that fight. Sorry, I shouldn't be
[23:49] <Aline> meddling so much, you hate when I do that."
[23:58] <Yanmei> "I don't intend to piss him off. Like I said -before-, charging into a fight like that is reckless." A faint smile. "I'd like to think that I'm… I dunno. Not reckless?"
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[00:12] <Aline> "Mm… Sorry, again. I worry about your anger, it can distort people's feelings. But… mm, I'll believe you, just keep the warning to be careful about enemies in mind when something bad happens." But Aline lowered her head. "He told me something I think you should hear. Not because it's about you, but because it's… serious. I'll just say it outright. 00 is… dangerous. Nobody knows
[00:12] <Aline> who's 'in' it. And it almost caused Third Impact before I was pilot - almost completely 'ate' that pilot whoever it was. And and and… they don't…" Aline shuddered slightly. "They don't think the anti-berserk technology may even /do/ anything. Like it just stays under control because it /allows itself to be/."
[00:22] <Yanmei> A flicker of irritation at the parts preceeding the change in conversation. And then she started listening to the parts after that, and an open frown creased her face. "Who was the previous pilot?"
[00:24] * Aline shook her head. "I forgot to ask. I… was sort of scared. Didn't think of it. Didn't know if I'd be told. It… it might be her, though. My clone, my 'child'. But it might be an entirely normal-ish person too."
[00:25] * Yanmei stared. "Clone."
[00:29] * Aline twitched. "Gah, I totally never mentioned that one either! Apparently a clone with my DNA and Yui's combined was used to test whether or not my genetic anomaly - the 'E' Gene that makes me so sensitive to AT Fields and the like - would lead to me slowly being devoured just by even trying to sync with an EVA. But… if they found it to not be the case and that it /was/ safe, like
[00:29] * Aline she said… er, like Yui said, then it couldn't have been her. Unless it was, but they concluded it was clearly 00 being strange rather than the gene. Or maybe she was used afterwards or… agh. I don't have enough information."
[00:33] <Yanmei> More staring. Yanmei's face pulled itself into a polite arrangement. "I see." She thought a bit, toying with the scarf again, gaze tilting slightly aside as the view of passing tunnels outside swept into a more open space.-
[00:36] <Yanmei> "Find out whoever it is and talk to them. If there's enough of them left to talk to. If there were warning signs leading up to the incident, maybe that person can remember them. EVAs have minds. Thoughts. Feelings. Yours likes you, doesn't it?"
[00:39] * Aline nodded. "I know. That must be something about why I'm so ideal for it. Because this walking apocalypse seems to be downright calm and friendly to me. It may have just… disliked them. Or thought them inappropriate or /something/. Maybe it's related to all this destiny stuff that he was talking about. Everybody certainly /seems/ to have all these elaborate plans."
[00:45] <Yanmei> "That's… not quite what I'm getting at? Something with a mind and feelings - and that lacks an alterior motive or tons of hostility - might be able to have those feelings swayed. If physical and neurological restraints don't work, then what about about good old-fashioned influence?"
[00:50] * Aline waved her hand. "The thing is, it /has/ worked. It likes me, I'm okay with it. We get along and are even friends - without that creepy devotion that Sera has for his precious Elisha - so it all works out. I just have to keep that up, and I'll be getting the influence going just fine. I'm not mentioning this because I'm afraid I'll lose that relationship, nor am I mentioning it
[00:50] * Aline because I think something else bad will happen there. I just want to tell you because it has at least a chance of affecting you, if I /do/ screw up later. Insurance. Insurance and responsibility."
[00:52] <Yanmei> "Then we don't have a problem. Yet?" A wry smile. "It seems like you're already pretty skilled at keeping dangerious beings on your good side."
[00:54] * Aline blinked, not at all expecting what, on the meta level, we know Yanmei was getting at. "…I /did/ say I spoke to Angels, and the whole thing with Samandiriel, despite him wanting to kill us in-body but then being kind before his death… yeah, I guess I am."
[00:56] <Yanmei> "Well, I was more referring to the one you're carrying around with you right now? But," she looked calmly thoughtful, "I guess that other one counted too."
[01:00] * Aline paused. Then lingered, staring. But… "How… the hell do you know? G… Ginevre and Shinji were the only people I told, and… you just don't… get along with top NERV brass well enough for them to trust you with that." She stared even harder. "So how. The. Hell. Do. You. /Know/?" Despite the very tense tone of what Aline was saying, she was not nearlt as angry as she was shocked
[01:00] * Aline and paranoid.
[01:04] * Yanmei stared back. She did not seem particularly ruffled. She had had a few days to stew in her thoughts over this after all. "So, it's not like you're denying it. What were you -thinking-, anyway?"
[01:11] * Aline folded her arms, trying to look like she was still composed. "Oh, I don't know, maybe that I thought I had a choice between NERV ripping my soul apart to get it out and it killing me or getting free or /something/ in the process, or it killing me and taking over my body if I didn't try to settle things down calmly… When I first found out, he was still able to use some of his powers
[01:11] * Aline on me. I honestly thought that I was doing the thing that'd keep me and everyone else alive… even if I screwed up on the NERV side of things. Please, I…" Was… yes, Aline was trying to keep herself from crying. The method, though, was by contorting her face into an awkward sorta-angry pout. It looked more ineffectually-cute than threatening. "I'm stupid enough to be terrified about
[01:11] * Aline stuff I shouldn't be, but I'm not… stupid enough to willingly end the world! S-s-seriously…"
[01:20] <Yanmei> "But in the end, you managed to tell Fontaine yourself, as you just said. And you became a threat to the world, willingly or not. In short - you thought you could handle something that you clearly could not, whatever you originally intended to do."-
[01:21] <Yanmei> "Nagisa said as much when he brought it up to me. What were his words? 'The next time she lets a secret like this threaten the existence of humanity, The Children of Adam will not hesitate to capitalise on her hubris.'"
[01:24] * Aline stared. "…Him. He… How the…" Aline looked further and further confused. "…Wait. 'Children of Adam'? Who even /refers/ to them as that? Well obviously him. But… why does he know? …It's like he isn't eerie and disturbing /enough/ without that added on. But he… he's just a secretary. He shouldn't know, he doesn't have the clearance."
[01:28] * Yanmei laughed. "Clearance? You know that NERV is riddled with, ah, people who are skilled in the art of spying, right? Benevolant and hostile ones. Completely beyond the point, though."-
[01:36] <Yanmei> She shook her head and settled back again. "Do you get it already or not? Because I think you're smart enough to get it, or to at least realize how close you came to being killed or getting everyone else killed. Assuming that the Angel was responsible for the weird pattern-blue thing that happened in the last fight. Makes perfect sense to me, anyway."
[01:45] * Aline nodded. "I know that. People that don't know that, don't spend their last moments of fleeting awareness playing backseat to an alien mind trying to make peace with the fact that anything from the end of the world caused by their own flesh, to the bombs sent to keep them from doing that, might kill them." She frowned even more heavily. "I even know that without him doing that, 05
[01:45] * Aline may have just killed me outright. I should have died. The claw went straight into the plug. Nearly cut it in half. And finally, I know that he's one of the now-three things that might mean me dying without ever taking a wound - whether it's 00 absorbing me when I piss it off, another Angel trying to take me over to turn me into something, or… him taking over. Yanmei, I seriously know how
[01:45] * Aline /fucked/ I am. I'm trying as hard as I can to stay alive and whole as-is. Ending the world would ruin that anyway, so I'm fighting that too." While her face was colored heavily in sorrow, Aline sounded a bit incredulous. "What is there left to get? 15 going on 16 and I'm already confronting the mortality of me and everyone I know. I've gotten it from here to forever."
[01:53] <Yanmei> "You know? A simple 'yes' or 'no' would have been enough. I can connect the dots too," Yanmei sighed. Here was the part where she was supposed to say something supportive and calming. "Fontaine hasn't pressured you to quit yet, has she?"
[02:02] <Aline> "No, she hasn't. I'd rather not, anyway. If I quit, 00'd probably act up again, and without people keeping tabs on me, I might go… off." Aline tapped her foot against the train floor. "But I wasn't doing that to connect dots for you. I was doing that because you obviously didn't guess my feelings well enough to trust that I've gotten that yet. I'm…" Tears finally fell, but this time
[02:02] <Aline> they were accompanied by a wounded anger. "I'm not as stupid as you must think I am. I-I-I don't just do these things without caring. I don't have some stupid 'hubris' or whatever he thought I had. God, you're treating me like I meant to do this, or at least that I have no remorse!"
[02:14] * Yanmei watched in momentary silence, blinking slightly in a surprise when she mentioned the word 'remorse' and then settling back down again. "Look," she said quietly. "If she hasn't pressured you to quit, then it means that she still has enough faith in your chances to pilot without bringing about the end of the world or being consumed by your Angel."-
[02:20] <Yanmei> "The woman does her job well, and she isn't stupid enough to risk that if said chances become too high. And speaking of 'stupidity', I don't think you're stupid at all. Maybe I did guess wrong at your feelings, but this is actually the first time you said something like 'I shouldn't have done that' instead of 'I'm upset that this is happening to me.'"-
[02:21] <Yanmei> "In any case, I should have left it alone. I'm sorry for that."
[02:31] * Aline shook her head, the bite of anger gone from her voice. "N… no. It's okay. We needed to get that out. Your fears, my anger, then your accusations and my grief. I don't know what to do next, though. I want to know why Kaworu knew. I want to know if I have any hope of getting better. And until then, I want to keep myself from killing everyone." She looked at Yanmei, dead seriousness
[02:31] * Aline in her eyes. "If I start acting weird at some point - and I'm not sure what he'll do, and if I come up with a signal he'll know about it anyway, so just… use your judgement, but. If I do, please try to restrain me, to stop me. I'd need a chance to get back to being myself, even if it means having to be knocked out first. Just… know that if I wake up bruised all over and am told you did
[02:31] * Aline it, then I'll know you tried to save the world." A pause. "Don't tell Sera about this. As helpful as he might be in running me down, I get the feeling he'll be /very/ unreceptive to the idea that I'm stuck like this for now, and try to 'fix' me in some delusional and possibly-painful way."
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[02:38] <Yanmei> "He won't know about it. Not from me, anyway. And I don't know what 'weird' means in this case, but I'll try to watch for it. I'm…" she shifted uncomfortably, "not keen on killing another friend either, so…"
[02:44] * Aline nodded. "Thaaaat would be why I said restrain or knock out. I got myself back when I woke up, so I think I can do that again if it comes to it. When we get back, I'm going to ask Jeanne to try to get more nonlethal-takedown stuff on the S2s that are supposed to watch us. As much as this is a sensitive fact, her job is security, she /should/ know. Also so that they don't try to run
[02:44] * Aline you down for trying to run /me/ down." Aline almost stopped talking, but then… "Oh, right. One of his biggest flaws - Voriel, that is - is that he doesn't naturally feel emotions other than intense curiosity. He might be able to fake them pretty well given his mental abilities, but eventually it'll ring inauthentic, I imagine. I have been trying to teach him more - he understands the
[02:44] * Aline value and importance of love, for example. …Not sure why that matters, but eh."
[02:48] <Yanmei> "The value and importance of…" She thought of Shinji and Aline's temporary residence in his house, her head drooping slightly. "What exactly are you teaching this guy? Wait, no…" she shook her head. "I'd rather not know…"
[02:50] * Aline shrugged. "No, don't worry. It's been mostly discussions about things created by human society. I mean all forms of love, not just mine. Though the times when he interrupts during an awkward conversation… now /that/, I'm not gonna tell you, because that /is/ what you have in mind as far as not-want-to-know goes." She gave a weak smile to go with that.
[02:59] <Yanmei> "Let's just leave it at that, then," Yanmei said, a faint smirk forming.

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