She Said I Ve Seen The Future And I Ve Seen Your Place You W

[20:24] <Dorian> [[Session 33: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Date: 16th of August, 2016. Episode Title: He said, "I've seen the future, and I've seen your place; you will not survive."-
[20:29] <Dorian> [It was busy and chaotic within NERV's Geofront HQ. Misato Katsuragi stood at the front of the bridge, behind a bespectacled crewman. On the wall, large yellow digits counted down: 00:05:00… 00:04:59… "All ground forces accounted for!"-
[20:31] <Dorian> Within a bunker on a hill in the Bois de Boulogne, Dorian Lachapelle sat in his wheelchair, Alphonse Wellesley at his side. "All space-bound forces accounted for. All pilots, can you read me?"
[20:39] <Sept> "Yes. I hear you." Sera's tone betrayed very little nervousness, considering the circumstances. "We're ready, Dorian."
[20:39] <Yanmei> "Loud and clear, Colonel." Within 04's entry plug, Yanmei slouched a bit. She had gone through preperation procedures almost mechanically until this point, and was now gazing out from a video feed with a dazed expression, as if she wasn't really sure how she had gotten to this point.
[20:40] * Aline did a little salute from within her plug. "Responding from 00!"
[20:41] <Dorian> ["EVA-02, reporting in!" Came Asuka's voice.-
[20:41] <Dorian> ["EVA-03, ready to go."-
[20:41] <Dorian> ["I-Ikari Shinji, EVA-05, ready."-
[20:42] <Dorian> ["I'm ready, Colonel!"-
[20:42] * Dorian nodded, satisfied. He looked over at the holographic screen. "ETA on the scanning beam?"-
[20:42] <Dorian> ["Four minutes."-
[20:44] <Dorian> [Outside, the moon should have been shining brightly, but… It was blotted out by a gruesome shape. The Dirac Sea of Ramliel spread across the sky, visible by its convulsions and dark, morbid colours. A bright beam of light, about eight kilometres in diameter, was making its way towards Paris-2.-
[20:45] <Dorian> "Pilots. We all know what to do." Said Dorian. "Ramliel is searching- looking for us. It has already killed millions of people. Ramliel is not only the most dangerous foe we have ever faced- it is one of the deadliest things to have ever assailed mankind. Soon, it will find us, and the last fortress of humanity."-
[20:47] <Dorian> "But what it will find is the greatest force ever assembled by our species. Seven Evangelions, from all corners of the world. Led into battle by brave, strong pilots. This is it, kids. The entire hopes and dreams of the human race now rest on your shoulders. When Ramliel finds us, make sure it comes to regret it."
[20:50] <Sept> "Don't worry. We will. We're better than anything they can throw at us."
[20:51] * Aline nodded firmly, the next to respond. Even if her own battle preparations were floating in her mind… her grit was undeniable. "Tonight, Paris shall have a roof. Let his toys meet not ground, but that barrier. Then let them meet our rounds, our beams, and our claws."
[20:56] * Yanmei was quiet. She did sit up properly, however.
[20:58] <Dorian> ["Understood." Said Shinji quietly, gripping his controls tighter.-
[21:01] <Dorian> ["I'll show them!" Said Asuka, chomping at the bit. Within the Bois Bunker, Sophie noted her low Synch Ratio.-
[21:02] <Dorian> ["Ready to go at any time." Said Tsubaki, her eyes closed.-
[21:02] <Dorian> ["I can do it. I feel good." Said Natasha quietly.-
[21:06] <Dorian> ["Good luck, everyone." Said Misato quietly as the beam of light crept over the city. It swept over the Evangelions, the positions… And stopped. The light abruptly halted.-
[21:08] <Dorian> [A corona of rainbow burst from the centre of the Dirac Sea, washing over Paris-2… And then it spread. Faster and faster it spread, across, seemingly, the entire world.-
[21:08] <Dorian> [In that second, as it washed over people, they heard a voice. A voice that -hurt-, that was larger than they were, impossibly larger. People heard it in different ways, different words, but the core was the same.-
[21:10] <Dorian> ["Send your warrior-lilim in your slave-beasts, lives stolen from Mother's own blood. Come, and strive against me, and I shall break you all one by one. I am here. I have found Mother. Send your warrior-lilim in your slave-beasts, but it will not prevail you. I am greater than all of you. I awaken. I have seen the future, and I have seen your place; you will not survive."]
[21:14] <Sept> Sera winced at the disembodied voice, twisting around slightly, as if he could just shake it off. But as it ended, there was a pause… and he laughed softly, relaxing back into his seat.
[21:18] <Yanmei> -There- was that focus. Yanmei's gaze grew cold, and her shoulders squared, and she clenched her jaw.
[21:20] * Aline muttered, in her plug. It had the cadence of a whispered prayer, but the emotion of deep anger. "Seer. You will never listen, but your Mother's destiny is not to be. We will kill it. I proclaim this not for my own survival - others will speak better in those words. But because you are /in error/."
[21:25] <Raphael> "Nngh." Deep in the shadow of Eva-07, the… hand, if you could really call it that, of the flagship Dreadnaught 01 flexes convulsively as its pilot's hand jerks the controls. All he can do is grit his teeth until it passes, holding the image of Suzanne in his mind as a focus. "… damned mind games."
[21:26] <Dorian> ["Good. Keep focus, everyone." Said Misato, who had shrugged off the effect with barely a reaction.-
[21:26] <Dorian> ["L…" Natasha shook her head. "Let's show them otherwise…"-
[21:27] <Dorian> ["Nnnnn-" Asuka -thrashed- within her Entry Plug. "Get out of my head! It's -mine-…"-
[21:27] <Dorian> [Shinji let out a little rattle, his grip tensing. "I…" He shook. "I-I musn't…"-
[21:28] <Dorian> ["…" Tsubaki opened her eyes.-
[21:32] <Dorian> ["Creating Field!" The air around EVA-03 shimmered, and the Evangelion vanished- replaced with a gleaming, swirling red light, sort of like a flower.]
[21:34] * Aline nodded with a smile. "It starts. Raising Barrier Field now!" …00 reached up with one hand, and the orange gleam of a furiously active AT Field lit up above it… and /so much more/.
[21:36] <Yanmei> "Asuka! Hold it together!" Yanmei's grip on the controls tightened, and she bared a bit of teeth when she spoke, and the red glare of Tsubaki's tear in time and space reflected in her eyes. "We'll make that cocky bastard eat his words."
[21:37] <Sept> "Yeah. You know you're better than something like that, Asuka! Why else would it be hiding in space?"
[21:38] <Dorian> A beeping console. "All pilots be advised, the Angel has generated two Angelspawn. Heading towards us at great speed."
[21:43] * Raphael eases up his grip on the dual flight sticks, working the heavy pedal system attached to his legs to move the Dreadnaught into a better firing stance. His face is a mask of calm. "Acknowledged. Superheavy team is ready to engage."
[21:45] <Sept> Deep breaths. There'd be no time for them soon. "Good luck. Keep it safe, Raphael, Aline."
[21:45] <Aline> "Will do." Was all Aline said. But she did wink into her cam. "Have faith."
[21:46] <Raphael> "Same to you, Pilot de Pteres."
[21:50] <Dorian> ["Barrier up!" Natasha raised a hand to the air, the field lighting up the night.]
[22:03] <Dorian> [Three graceful wisps of Tsubaki's field reached out and spun around the three nearby Evangelions, forming three infinity symbols as they looped back. "Synchronisation… Complete."-
[22:03] <Dorian> "Commence Dirac Jaunt in six seconds."-
[22:03] <Dorian> ["Colonel! Two more Angelspawn!"-
[22:03] <Dorian> "Be advised. One of them is coming in close, southwest quadrant!"
[22:05] * Aline sent 00 flying, a gift of AT Force to boost it on its way, even though its now-spread gossamer wings made flight now a lot more believable. It even stopped in the air because /why not/. "On it!
[22:07] <Dorian> ["Raphael." Marianne's voice. "Try to see if you can shoot it down at that range."]
[22:13] <Sept> "Team ready for Jaunt. Go ahead, Tsubaki."
[22:17] <Raphael> "Yes ma'am." A quick glance down at the scrolling lines of green data on the screen to his left, a quick shift of his aim as he traces the angelspawn's fall… "Targeting data recieved, Positron Cannon is armed and ready… Firing." The air fills with a hum that rattles windowpanes and eardrums alike before a lance of positronic energy flares out from the massive cannon strapped to Dreadnaught
[22:17] <Raphael> 01, slicing through the skyline of Paris-2 and finding its mark… then blasting right out the other side.
[22:25] <Dorian> ["Good shot, Sir Guillory!" Natasha dropped her hand and reached down, picking up the Heavy Bolter. It opened fire with a deep, rumbling burst. The Spawn's AT Field flashed twice before a third cut through, ripping its leg off with a disturbing explosion.-
[22:25] <Dorian> "Good firing! Keep it up!"
[22:29] <Dorian> ["Dreadnought 02, firing!" Bursts of Positron energy rattled into the air, but missed the rapidly falling Angelspawn. "I missed it-"-
[22:29] <Dorian> "Tsubaki."-
[22:29] <Dorian> ["Yes…"-
[22:30] <Dorian> "Commence- DIRAC JAUNT!"-
[22:33] <Dorian> [The Dirac Sea would rapidly expand, filling the area around the Evangelions- then, with a -snap-, they'd vanish.-
[22:33] <Dorian> [A second of swirling colours and light, then…-
[22:34] <Dorian> [… Stars. An endless, glimmering field of stars, stretching for infinity in all directions. Below them sat… Earth. Massive it seemed, dominating all they could see below them. Europe was clear, as was Africa, parts of America… In the distance, sunlight streamed over the curvature of the atmosphere.-
[22:34] <Dorian> [… But in front of them was a distorted, ugly field of dark light, and eight gleaming crystals.-
[22:34] <Dorian> ["Jaunt complete." Said Tsubaki, letting out a breath.-
[22:34] <Dorian> "Space Evas, report!"
[22:35] <Sept> "We're… here, Dorian." Wherever that was, he thought to himself.
[22:36] <Yanmei> "W-we're all here and battle ready!" Yanmei had to tear her gaze from planet to their new enemies. "Looks like the opposition is as expected, too?"-
[22:38] <Yanmei> "Remember our movement and targetting changes, everyone. Asuka, de Pteres, take point. And look out for each other while you do it."
[22:40] * Sept nodded, only slightly distracted by the locale. "Got it. Let's go, Asuka."
[22:41] <Dorian> ["Eh?" Asuka was staring transfixed at the Earth below. "E-Eh… Right! Got it!"-
[22:42] <Dorian> ["… Look out, Yanmei!" came Tsubaki's voice. Four Sentinels opened fire, two of them with rapid bursts exploding in a distance shortly away. Two more beams fired straight at EVA-04.]
[22:43] <Dorian> [Meanwhile, another four Sentinels rotated slightly, four beams of energy firing out and meeting at the epicentre of the group- before projecting a sea of Dirac in front of Ramliel's maw.-
[22:43] <Dorian> [Natasha would find the ground in front of her suddenly open with Dirac Energy- and a small, ropey Angelspawn flew out.]
[22:45] * Aline stared across the field, even as she positioned herself under the incoming enemy. "…Let's partition this out. Natasha, assist the Superheavies against that one until my target is neutralized, then I'll back you up. Shinji, get to the north side, 05's fast enough to catch it with a barrier! Top speed, everyone!"
[22:45] <Dorian> ["R-Right!" Murmured Shinji.-
[22:45] <Dorian> ["Got it." Said Natasha. "Sir Guillory, don't be a-afraid, ok?"]
[22:47] <Raphael> "Damn…" Raphael murmurs, maneuvering the Dread back away from the newly opened portal and glancing at the energy meter for the positron cannon as it ticked back towards readiness. Too slow, too slow. "On it, Pilot Blanc. Sergeant Favager, covering fire." He does let out a tight smile at Natasha's words, though. "No ma'am. We have this one covered."
[22:48] <Dorian> ["Yessir."]
[22:50] <Sept> "Engaging." EVA-01 floated through space, a bit more peacefully than Sera might've been used to. The blade of his prog knife -tinked- soundlessly off a refractive barrier around the Sentinel. "They have fairly strong fields. We'll need to neutralise them one at a time."
[22:52] <Dorian> "Sera. Switch to Positron Sword mode."
[22:54] <Sept> "I'll do that, Dorian. Asuka, keep your guard up, we still don't know what they can do…"
[22:55] <Dorian> ["Heh, don't you worry about me!" A sword swung out at another Sentinel- deflected. "Ugh."]
[22:58] * Yanmei nearly cursed at that, as she had been working to bring down the field on that same Sentinal that Asuka had swung at. "Needs more than that to break through, huh? Fine…"
[23:21] <Dorian> ("Two more Angelspawn detected!"-
[23:21] <Dorian> ["Aline, Shinji-kun, Natasha, we have another two incoming!"-
[23:21] <Dorian> [Meanwhile, at the core of the Dirac Sea, something shimmered for a second…]
[23:22] * Aline shook her head. "…Okay, screw it. We dont' have time to send one EVA running everywhere. Natasha, shield the north side, Shinji, south. I'll handle this bomber and then return to the cannon and try to shoot these things down!"
[23:22] <Raphael> "Captain Katsuragi, requesting permission to send Pilot Volkova north to block the incoming angelspawn. We can still avoid planetfall."
[23:22] <Dorian> ["Granted. Do it!"]
[23:23] <Aline> "Huh. Looks like I read your mind there, Group Commander."
[23:25] <Sept> "Dorian? Y-Yanmei..? It's h-happening again, they're trying to get in my… S-shut up… Shut up!"
[23:25] <Raphael> "Hah. Seems that way, ma'am."
[23:26] <Dorian> "Sera? What is it? It's ok. Tsubaki, support him. Yanmei, Asuka, focus on neutralising the one near Sera first!"
[23:26] <Dorian> [Asuka flailed out at her enemy, to no avail. "Eh? Stupid thing…!"]
[23:30] <Sept> "The Angel, I can't… it's j-just trying to provoke me, I'll-I'll be fine, Dorian…"
[23:34] <Yanmei> Gritting her teeth again, YAnmei threw everything she had behind neutralizing, and then fired off a shot… which exploded harmlessly off a prismatic glimmer in the air. "Still?" She frowned. "Colonel's right. We have to focus on each at a time! De Pteres, are you sure you're okay?"
[23:35] <Raphael> The massive positron cannon of Dreadnaught 01 shift targets, tracking the newly spawned creature emerging from the portal. "Gathering targeting data. Marie, you'll have covering fire in a moment. Hold the line until then!"
[23:35] <Dorian> ["On it, sir!"]
[23:38] <Dorian> [EVA-06 crouched, and with a burst of superhot flame, leapt into the sky, soaring through the air- before accelerating even further with a spark of AT energy. "Blocking the north!"]
[23:41] <Sept> "We have no choice. And I won't l-let them take over again, so don't worry. We're safe, Yanmei."
[23:47] <Yanmei> "Safe…?" A wry smile crossed her face. "Yeah, sure. Let's hope that they don't get the same plan in mind before we've whittled down their numbers a little. Akagi, got your wind back from that jump yet?"
[23:47] <Dorian> [The T-Dreadnought 02 emerged from behind an apartment block- and opened rapid-fire. The first few shots ripped off an arm, then a leg, then finally ripped through the body. The heat was so immense that the Spawn's flesh bubbled and boiled before exploding, splashing gore and organs in a wide area. "Scratch one bogey!"-
[23:47] <Dorian> ["I'm good." Said Tsubaki, her voice cold and prepared.]
[23:48] <Raphael> "That's the way, Sergeant. Keep it up!"
[23:57] <Dorian> [In space, something hurtled into the portal at high speeds…-
[23:57] <Dorian> [And emerged in Paris-2. It hung for a moment, then curled up- and a massive rainbow bubble of energy expanded rapidly, swallowing the Dreadnoughts immediately.-
[23:58] <Dorian> ["A time distortion field! Shinji-kun, move to intercept it!"]
[23:58] * Aline blinked. "…Shit. I'll… uh… I guess I have to take these!"
[23:59] <Dorian> ["Another spawn is moving in on the southeast quadrant!" "What?! Damnit, we don't have enough people to manage them…"]
[00:00] * Aline blinked. "…Shinji should take that one. I'll mop up the one above me and handle the one threatening the Thruster Units! I have superior AT coverage anyway!"
[00:00] * Aline sure was blinking a lot. LCL in her eyes, clearly.
[00:14] <Dorian> [In orbit, a series of energy blasts streaked through the firmament. Asuka dodged the first- then the second. The third, however, hit Asuka straight in the leg through the AT Field…-
[00:14] <Dorian> […"DOG!" She roared, letting out a scream. "That's it! I'm going to rip these things apart! I'll show you warrior-lilim! I'm going to tattoo my name onto your soul!"-
[00:15] <Dorian> [Meanwhile, with a flicker, the dirac portal closed… And reopened.-
[00:16] <Dorian> [The Evangelion pilots would be treated to the sight of the Louvre Museum appearing with other buildings and start twirling through the sky…]
[00:19] * Aline levelled her gun. "You are a stubborn one." Positron rifle sighted. One shot, one kill. Fire.
[00:20] <Dorian> [The shot ripped through its body dead on, igniting the two halves as they dropped to the ground harmlessly.-
[00:21] <Dorian> ["Good shot, Aline!" Said Misato.]
[00:22] <Sept> ["The next Louvre exhibit was scheduled to be "Celebrated classics of Science Fiction". With that change in locale, the reviews are probably going to…" W pushed up his glasses. "Skyrocket."]
[00:22] <Dorian> ["W-What's he even doing here…?" Muttered Makoto Hyuga.]
[00:24] <Sept> ["Fun and profit, sir. -Fun- and -profit-."]
[00:25] <Dorian> ["Double-chaaaan, you're so funny~"]
[00:26] <Dorian> [Misato shot all three of them a dark look before turning back to the display. "Shinji-kun to the southeast, move Aline up to the middle… Damn that time field…"]
[00:27] * Aline nodded very slightly. "I know. It'll take some time to hop over there, but if anyone remembers the 'searchlight maneuver' from the Voriel fight… I intend to do that to get the Dreadnaughts back in action."
[00:32] <Dorian> [Another burst of energy from the Sentinels, this time at Sera- whilst another glimmer burst from the core of the Dirac Sea.]
[00:34] <Dorian> "Try to move to intercept those s-"-
[00:34] <Dorian> [… Static. Dorian's communication was gone.-
[00:34] <Dorian> [Meanwhile, on the Earth, a new alarm sounded.-
[00:34] <Dorian> ["Captain, incoming object from the east!" Shouted Hyuga.-
[00:34] <Dorian> ["What? What is it?!"-
[00:35] <Dorian> ["I-It's the Fourteenth Angel! Shoftiel!"]
[00:35] * Aline stared. "…Hang on. Hang on! He… he… might be here as backup!"
[00:38] * Aline then smiled broadly. "…Confirmed! Confirmed Shoftiel is backing NERV forces up!"
[00:38] <Dorian> ["An Angel, helping us…?" Misato was impassive, then… Smiled. "Yes!"]
[00:40] <Yanmei> "Colonel?! Intercept what?" Yanmei slammed a hand down on her panel. "Shit! Does he mean…" she glanced over to where weird black something or other had formed and was floating through the stars]
[00:40] <Sept> "No! No, no, nonononoSHUTUP..!" Abruptly, communication from EVA-01 was cut. And at the same time, the readiness of its figure disappeared as its limbs froze in place, uselessly floating.
[00:43] <Dorian> [Asuka swung out with Solingen, only to be deflected once more. "W-What!? No way…"-
[00:43] <Dorian> ["…" Tsubaki frowned. "They must be using synchronised AT Fields. They're drawing on energy from their partner."]
[00:58] <Yanmei> "Meaning what?" Yanmei opened up a hail of gunfire. This stupid plan wasn't working fast enough! And de Pteres was-! "That we'll never be able to completely neutralize one of them as long as the others are still around to give it a boost?"
[01:00] <Dorian> ["Each of them are in pairs, Yanmei-san!" Said Tsubaki quickly. "If you neutralise one, it feeds off the energy from its partner! So once we kill one in a pair, the other goes down fast."]
[01:03] * Yanmei heaved a little relieved sigh. "I see. That helps a lot!"
[01:05] <Dorian> [Shoftiel -torpedoed- through the air, landing under the dropping Bomb. A barrier field flared to life…-
[01:05] <Dorian> ["Shinji-kun! Turn around and go after that Time Field!"-
[01:05] <Dorian> ["I-I musn't run away… Y-yes, Misato-san!"]
[01:06] * Aline stared suddenly. "…Wow. I guess I'll get to the Cannon when I have the chance, then!"
[01:12] <Yanmei> "Sending targetting data. Akagi, do your best!"
[01:17] <Dorian> ["Right!" A burst of positron energy that clearly slammed into the Sentinel's side… To no apparent damage. "Eh-"]
[01:25] <Dorian> [The Time Field shifted slightly as the Commander moved, then… Something odd happened.-
[01:26] <Dorian> [Out of the eastern end of the time field, Shinji would see Dreadnought 01 rocket out at immense speeds, crashing through several dozen neighbourhoods, before leaving a 60-metre deep impact in a hill nearly 3 kilometres away.-
[01:26] <Dorian> [Meanwhile, in space, Dreadnought-02 would be tossed into the void… Where it immediately shorted out.-
[01:26] <Dorian> ["Yanmei! A dreadnought…"]
[01:27] <Aline> "I… wha… damnit, we weren't in time!…" Aline shook her head. "Goddamnit, puns should not bloom on the battlefield!"
[01:29] <Yanmei> "…what the hell? Hold on." She tried to establish some sort of connection to it using her now-useless earth comm link. "Hello? Are you alive out there?"
[01:29] <Dorian> ["Raphael!" Misato surged forward, her face pale. "Raphael! Raphael!"-
[01:29] <Dorian> ["H-Help me!" Squeaked Marie in panic. "N-Nothing's working…"]
[01:30] <Yanmei> A sitting duck out there. "Hang on. We'll try to get you back!"
[01:32] <Dorian> [… Meanwhile, one of the far Sentinels began to shine. Its diamond-shaped core started to spin, before firing a beam of energy at its neighbour, which conducted it onto another- which conducted it onto another, until the partner of the Space Force's target received the benefit. It fired it at EVA-01…-
[01:32] <Dorian> [… And a second later EVA-01's entire left arm was nothing more than vapour.]
[01:44] <Sept> It was certainly more than enough to wake Sera up from his panicky introspection. The pain and the sound of his own screaming wiped away all memory of the Angel and the doubts. Only concentration remained in his strained voice. For now.
[01:46] * Aline on the other hand found herself leaping around, almost frantically. "Oh crap oh crap oh crap…" 00 settled under the incoming attacker, and kept its barrier pointed up at it! "I wish we could find some way to stem the tide!…"
[01:46] <Dorian> ["Two more in-bound. Dorian! One's heading for you!"]
[01:55] <Dorian> [Another flicker from the Dirac Sea…]
[02:01] <Dorian> ["…" Misato frowned, staggering back slightly, reaching a hand to her head. She paled, but gritted her teeth and bore it.]
[02:05] <Sept> "Keep up the pressure! We can still-" Sera's voice faded, his head turning, trying to locate a sound. And then, he stopped. Sitting there for several seconds, unbreathing, suspended in the fluid, the EVA itself suspended in the cold darkness of space. When he spoke again, his voice was slow and weak, a final plea of mercy. "Gen… do..? Don't…"
[02:08] <Yanmei> "Sera…?" Yanmei shut her eyes a moment. "Akagi, can you do anything to protect him? At this rate, he's a sitting duck too!"
[02:08] * Aline patched in… considering her actions carefully. "What the hell is going on up there? Angelic mind attacks?" But Aline frowned. "…Anyway. Groundteam. we need to keep things going! I'll cover Dorian, that way I can get my hands on the cannon and finally start blowing these pieces of shit up!"
[02:09] <Dorian> ["Eh? Sera? Focus!" Asuka pulled Solingen back, and swung it at a foe- AT Field. Again. AT Field. She uttered a roar of fury, and this time it struck- penetrating deep and cracking the Sentinel, which quickly fell apart. Crackles of energy flowed back into the Dirac Sea.-
[02:09] <Dorian> ["I… I can try, b-but I don't know what to do! Nii-san! Nii-san!" Tsubaki said quickly, worriedly.]
[02:22] * Yanmei let loose with more gunfire with a short, frustrated noise. What -could- they do? If only she knew how to block like de Pteres did…
[02:24] <Dorian> [The Sentinel buckled and cracked under the fire, but didn't break…]
[02:30] * Sept didn't respond to Tsubaki's calls, but eventually, he called out to his friends. The connection remained audio-only, and Sera spoke in an altogether strange voice. "I'll survive, Tsubaki." A measured pause. "…Yanmei?"
[02:31] <Dorian> [Meanwhile, on the ground, Natasha smoothly swivelled her Heavy Bolter around. "Don't underestimate me!" Her weapon barked deep and dangerous, and when the explosions and smoke cleared, the Angel had been smashed so hard it was down on hands and knees. Slowly, her shoulder-bolter's barrel aimed at its head.]
[02:32] * Aline chirped over the radio, trying to be encouraging. "The Seer's underestimating all of us. But I know the three of us - And Shoftiel - will keep this city safe~"
[02:33] <Yanmei> "De Pteres?" The was a hint of hope there. If he was talking, then maybe he was getting better!
[02:37] <Sept> "I am more sorry than I could ever express, Yanmei. I… my life is yours. We'll help you finish this fight now."
[02:39] <Dorian> [Meanwhile, on the ground… Shoftiel tensed, waiting his foe's approach. His target… The 'Hulk' Spawn… Was heavyset and bulky, with thick rugged armoured flesh and horns. But most terrifying of all was its right arm, which terminated not in a hand…-
[02:39] <Dorian> [But in a vibrating blade.]
[02:40] <Yanmei> There was a long pause on her end. "What are you -saying-?! Your life is your own! Stop talking like that! You just said that you would survive!"
[02:43] <Dorian> [An Invader- lithe, thin, with a grinning maw and long claws- hurled itself at EVA-00, pinwheeling in the air and gouging at EVA-00's chest.]
[02:43] <Sept> "If you wish. We'll move on to its pair next." A hesitant pause. "I am sorry." And he was gone again.
[03:18] <Dorian> [… An ominous hum, vibrating within the Sentinels' AT Fields. A moment later, two things of note happened.-
[03:18] <Dorian> [Two beams of energy struck at EVA-01, smiting its leg and vaporising its other arm within seconds;-
[03:18] <Dorian> [And three other Sentinels fired through a Dirac breach. Where?-
[03:18] <Dorian> "Try to pull 01 back! Tell him-"-
[03:19] <Dorian> [The breach rippled open.-
[03:19] * Dorian stared at it.-
[03:19] <Dorian> "… No."-
[03:21] <Dorian> [… Two immense beams of light burned into the bunker, ripping its top clear open. Immediately across the entire battlefront, communications from the bunker… Vanished.-
[03:21] <Dorian> ["Dorian?" Misato stared in horror at the holographic screen. "Dorian! Dorian, no- no way!"]
[03:25] <Sept> "Don't listen to them, Yanmei. We'll help you finish this. It will be enough."
[03:26] * Yanmei had gone from staring at 01's back, in grip of a cold, silent fear, to the dead comm window where Dorian had been a minute earlier. She stared and stared.
[03:34] * Aline stared at the beam… "No. No… No no no NO! Shinji, hold this one, I've got something to do." 00 /soared/ through the air with intense desperation, and almost as soon as it lifted off, it landed near the massive positron cannon - close to the wreckage of the bunker. Wasting no time, Aline made her EVA /grab/ the cannon on its traverse rail, and quickly spun it to aim /right back
[03:34] * Aline into the breach/. "You can fight us. You can kill. But this one is personal. You don't do that to Aline Blanc's friends and live!" Instinct overrode focus, and mental commands overrode the targeting locks. A burst of seething positrons shot through the portal - in space, a shot would stream /back/ from where the sentinel was firing… and move to end it.
[03:34] <Dorian> ["Dorian! Come on- someone has to be alive- Nngh-" Misato buckled, falling to her knees. "No- S-So what if… If I am…"-
[03:35] <Dorian> [And in Space, they would see the beam rip through the Breach- and blow right through the middle of it, somehow igniting the very AT Field before it exploded.]
[21:08] <Misato‘> [EVA-02’s thrusters ignited, and it propelled itself to the right, its AT Field flickering out as it did so. "Yanmei! Shoot it now!"]
[21:10] <Yanmei> "Got it." 04's own AT field flickered, a bit, as she stared down the sights of her bolter. There was still an uneasy edge to her voice. Still, her aim was dead on when she pressed the trigger.
[21:10] <Misato‘> [The bolter penetrated into the core and exploded, sending shards everywhere…-
[21:10] <Misato`> [… And the massive Dirac Sea flickered dangerously, rippling and tiding like a bulging, leprous ocean.]
[21:17] <Raphael> Meanwhile, in a Parisian mountainside…
[21:17] <Raphael> The dust cloud showed no signs of settling, which wasn’t all that surprising considering several tons of metal had just been driven through it like a bullet. And until now there had been no signs of movement from within the newly formed tunnel, only settling dust and the sounds of distant fighting… until a low hum carried out from the dark.-
[21:17] <Raphael> Moments later, a blindingly bright lance of blue-white positronic energy burst from the dark like an arrow, slicing through the air and crossing nearly half of Paris… before finally finding its mark in the massive Dirac Portal set up by the river and shearing through one of the sentinels visible beyond.-
[21:17] <Raphael> With a worrying set of grinding sounds and creaks, the Reaper-faceplate of Dreadnaught-01 emerged from the hillside, looking barely functional. But barely would have to be enough.
[21:17] <Misato‘> ["…"-
[21:17] <Misato`> ["Raphael… H-He survived?!" Misato lifted her head up, a smile breaking through her pain. "That tough bastard…"-
[21:18] <Misato`> [The Sentinel’s hull crackled with heat as the beam shore through it, but it remained undestroyed.]
[21:20] <Sept> The silence and the peaceful gliding motions suddenly seemed strangely befitting of 01. As Yanmei and Asuka finished off the remaining one of the pair, Sera was already floating off to weaken the next one's defenses.
[21:27] <Misato‘> [Natasha’s shoulder-bolter barked open, sending a bolt round into her foe, which seemed to shatter part of its body and send it careening through several apartment blocks.]
[21:40] <Misato‘> ["I musnt’t… AT Field, Maximum!" Shinji raised a hand into the air, his AT Field springing to life… Frantically tossing a chunk of rubble at an Invader as it approached. The Invader stepped forward, ignoring the concrete and swinging out with massive claws that Shinji barely dodged. "T-That swing…"-
[21:42] <Misato‘> [… Whilst Shoftiel swung a snare around, slamming his prey- the hapless Commander- into his Hulk opponent. The Commander splattered messily over the Hulk, which had a second to react before Shoftiel thrust a spear of AT energy at it, sending it careening into the distance.]
[21:58] <Misato`> ["Thanks, Nii-san." Murmured Tsubaki, raising her rifle and firing a burst towards the damaged Sentinel. A perfect volley, but still it stood-
[22:00] <Misato`> [… Whilst Sera would suddenly find a massive hulking beast in front of him, swinging what looked disturbingly like a Prog Knife at him.-
[22:02] <Misato`> [East of Paris, the tough T-Dreadnought 01 and its pilot would notice a lithe shape hurtling towards it…]
[22:04] * Sept altered his course to dodge, the blade scratching 01’s paint slightly.
[22:04] <Misato‘> [… And right into a veritable barrage of energy bursts from the beleaguered Sentinel.]
[22:06] <Raphael> There’s a screech of metal as the Dreadnaught twists at the waist to get a better look at the shape from its one operational camera system… and in the cockpit there's a moment of stunned silence before Raphael begins hammering in data into the targeting computer while muttering curses under his breath.
[22:08] * Aline did, though, know what she was doing. "…Raphael. Is it a dark figure with long limbs? Target recognization, that's Shoftiel. He's on our side, hold you fire!"
[22:11] <Raphael> There's only static in reply from the Dreadnaught's portion of the comm network - apparently these things don't take well to going head-to-head with granite - but he doesn't appear to be firing yet. Small favours?
[22:17] <Sept> There was no time to react to anything else as the barrage met 01 head-on, instantly eating through one of his legs while only barely stopped by the plating elsewhere. Inside the plug, Sera squinted and yelled in pain, but didn't blink or avert his eyes. Yet again with one limb less, 01 continued its glide through the infinite black.
[22:19] * Yanmei yelped something in Chinese as 04 swayed and darted from side to side, frantically dodging attacks of its own. "Sept! Damn it! Asuka, we're going in!"
[22:19] <Misato‘> ["Natasha!" Came Misato’s voice through gritted teeth. "I'm sending you coordinates now. I want you to -nng- shoot down that bomber heading for the Auxiliary Command Center!"-
[22:19] <Misato‘> ["Yes, Captain!"-
[22:20] <Misato`> [Misato turned to her left. "Aoba! Feed firing data to Positron Cannons 1 and 2!"-
[22:20] <Misato`> ["Firing solution plotted!"-
[22:20] <Misato`> ["Fire!"-
[22:21] <Misato`> [One of the Positron Cannons overloaded, fuses shorting out, but the other hit its target- Natasha’s foe- dead on, the head incinerating immediately. "Target destroyed!"]
[22:25] * Aline smiled a little. "Well, that's something!" She was riding the rollercoaster of small triumphs… but one whose hills screwed with her aim enough to miss the interceptor near Shinji!
[22:42] <Misato‘> ["A-ha!" With a burst of thrusters, EVA-02 hurtled through space at blinding speed, Solingen held out before her. "You want to see a prog blade? THEN SEE THIS!" Solingen ripped through the leg with ease, cutting it off at the hip. The Hulk howled silently as the leg was violently ripped away, twirling off into the atmosphere.]
[22:50] <Yanmei> "Haaah!!!" More of Yanmei’s positron shots tore through the air, milky-violet beams of light that crashed into the side of Sentinal 7
[22:51] <Misato‘> [… Which finally gave way, crumbling into dust.]
[22:59] <Misato`> [Natasha noted her enemy. Raised the Heavy Bolter, and…-
[23:00] <Misato`> [With Misato’s computers guiding her aim, all of the shots struck the target- several deflected off the AT Field, but it didn't matter. The Angel shrieked in pain, collapsing, a leg missing.]
[23:04] <Misato‘> [Whilst Shinji found himself sparring with an enemy that fought unerringly similar to himself. It swung- he deflected it, AT Field shimmering, before swinging back out, only to have his claw batted aside.-
[23:05] <Misato`> [… Whilst Raphael’s… Target? Would soon be right at his side. But instead of attacking or savaging him, its tentacles wrapped around the Dreadnought's torso and securely lifted it into the air, placing it upon its shoulders.]
[23:31] <Misato‘> ["Ah! Nii-san-" Tsubaki cried, opening fire with her Positron rifle. "There’s one right here!"-
[23:31] <Misato‘> [Yanmei would -feel- the energy buildup before she saw it; a mighty Prism Cannon surged towards her…!]
[23:33] * Aline was, meanwhile, scrambling, bounding, soaring over to prepare to catch the incoming commander-type! "Not another one of these… Damnit!"
[23:33] <Yanmei> "Nngh!" The impossibly bright column of light ripped through the stars at 04. Half-blind, Yanmei barely managed to swivel out of the way! "Trying to distract us! You two over there! De Pteres, pull back! Focus on neutralizing the Sentinels!"
[23:38] <Misato`> [… Aline would see it. A burning ball of explosive energy hurtling at her-
[23:38] <Misato`> "DODGE IT, ALINE!"
[23:39] * Aline tried! She really did… "Ngggh!" But 00 just /wasn’t fast enough/!
[23:39] <Sept> "Very well, Yanmei. I'll neutralise the next ones."
[23:41] <Misato‘> [Another Spawn was birthed, and there was a flash from the Dirac Sea…]
[23:59] <Yanmei> A gasp from Yanmei. She clenched her eyes shut for a moment, her face twisting in grief and agony before struggling to right itself. "Back off!" She let loose another volley of attacks, ignoring the latest addition to their assailants for now. At least one of them swayed, dazed.
[00:07] <Misato`> ["Space Evangelion squad!" Came a voice suddenly. It was shaky, but it was audible. "This is Captain Alphonse Wellesley. Colonel Lachapelle is incapacita-" he stopped. "Incapacitated. I’m taking command as of now! EVA-03, I'm sending you advanced targeting data. EVA-04, open fire on my mark!"]
[00:08] <Sept> "Who is that? Wellesley..? Yanmei, what do you want us to do?"
[00:10] * Aline had recovered from the blast, but she cut in swiftly. "He was Dorian's backup director, Sera! Listen to him, all of you! Both of our sides… both of us need everything we can get!"
[00:11] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei weighed her options seriously. "It's fine. He was with the other ODs eariler. Just pretend that he's Dorian for a while, de Pteres."
[00:11] <Raphael> In the air above 00, the Commander-type making a rapid planetfall towards Aline's barrier is struck by a pinpoint blast from the piggybacking Dreadnaught, shearing its head clean off at the neck. A moment later a crackly, low-fi voice would break in over the radio. "Captain, this is Group-Captain Guillory. I've patched up my comms, and the Dreadnaught 01 is still operational. I… am not
[00:11] <Raphael> sure about the situation with the angel, but right now I'm unable to bring my weapons to bear on it. I'd like to concentrate on the spawn if that's alright with you."
[00:12] <Aline> "Rafffffy, that's Shoftiel. He's on our side. Really."
[00:14] <Raphael> "… If you say so, ma'am."
[00:14] <Misato‘> "Raphael…" Misato had long since gotten to her knees, Ramliel’s intrusions shaken off. She smiled. "Raphael, she's right. Shoftiel won't hurt you if you don't hurt him. Besides… You could use something to lug that old tin can around~"
[00:16] <Sept> "I will, Yanmei. Thank you for your help, Alphonse."
[00:16] <Misato‘> ["That’s alright. I've always admired you, Sera de Pteres. It… it's my honour to share this battle with you."]
[00:17] <Raphael> "Agreed. This thing's not in the best shape, but the weapons still work. Positron cannon will be online again in 10 seconds."
[00:18] <Sept> "As you wish, Alphonse."
[00:22] * Yanmei just focused on firing for now. Incapacitated, huh… Her brow furrowed.
[00:25] <Misato‘> [With a scream of pain, the Interceptor’s limbs were blasted off, sending it careening backwards through space. Another bolt shell rammed into the Invader's brow, buckling it hard.-
[00:25] <Misato‘> ["Excellent shooting, Zhang, keep it up!"-
[00:25] <Misato`> ["You’re doing really well, Meimei!"]
[00:26] <Yanmei> "Wh-what?! Rei? You're there too?"
[00:26] <Misato‘> ["I-I had to come and help him, Meimei! I -had- to!"]
[00:27] <Yanmei> "Well… I’m not condemning you? It just took me by surprise, that's all."
[00:37] <Misato‘> ["Target locked." Said Natasha. "Firing!"-
[00:37] <Misato`> [Bang-bang-BANG! The Bomber’s chest exploded, sending an assortment of limbs and organs down below to flood streets and seep into the Seine.]
[00:45] <Misato‘> [There was a painful scream as Shinji unleashed his Eva on the cocky Invader. A claw ripped itself through the chest in a single blow, and the Angel gargled to death.-
[00:45] <Misato`> "Good job, Shinji-kun!"
[00:47] <Misato`> ["Help!" Another hysterical, panicky voice- Marie’s. "Please help! I can't move…"]
[01:00] <Misato‘> [Asuka, meanwhile, continued to spar with her foe…-
[01:00] <Misato`> [Crunch.-
[01:01] <Misato`> ["A-Agh!" Asuka let out a hiss of pain. "M-My right arm… The… The equipment broke!"]
[01:11] <Misato`> [Meanwhile- Shoftiel would land upon the earth once more, crushing through a warehouse as he did so- just in time to unleash a burst of snares at a nearby Hulk.]
[01:26] <Misato`> "Aline! Another Dirac Portal’s opened up- look out!"
[01:31] <Misato‘> [A barrage from a sentinel showered Asuka, but some quick dodging cleared out most of the damage- the rest fizzled against her shield.-
[01:32] <Misato`> ["Heh! This is nothing-"-
[01:32] <Misato`> [She didn’t even see it. The lance of light ripped through EVA-02's head, vaporising it, and Asuka's words of triumph were replaced with screams of utter agony.-
[01:32] <Misato‘> ["EVA-02!" Shouted Alphonse. "I-it’s been defeated…"]
[01:35] <Misato‘> [T-Dreadnought 02’s descent came to a stop… Then it was yanked towards EVA-03, Tsubaki focusing even amidst the confusion.]
[01:39] <Sept> That voice… still didn't falter. "Does this change your orders, Yanmei?"
[01:41] <Yanmei> "Fall back," she said again, bitterly. "Get against or behind those Sentinels if you can. …A-Asuka. I'm sorry…"
[01:42] <Sept> "I'm sorry," Sera echoed.
[01:42] * Aline nodded. "Portal…" An incoming shot lanced right past her, but she paid no heed to it! Instead, 00 leapt back over to the great cannon, and… aimed. "I saw 02 go down on my status screen, guys. We're starting to clear up down here so… let's get some fire support up in here!" Cooling cycle complete. Firing system, locked… a beam of brilliant blue positrons shot through the
[01:42] * Aline portal… and had the smallest touch of Aline's luck involved. She would not be denied!
[01:50] <Misato‘> [The beam struck the Sentinel hard, rippling through its AT Field- but not ending it just yet.-
[01:50] <Misato`> [Meanwhile, in Space, Ramliel flickered twice more…]
[01:53] <Misato`> [… And a crackle. Communications failed again…]
[01:56] * Aline closed her eyes heavily. "…Nn." But there was no further acknowledgement to that, just a pause as she redoubled her inner strength.
[02:25] <Misato`> [The space-bound interceptor broke off, latching onto the drifting EVA-02…-
[02:25] <Misato`> ["What’s it doing?! Yanmei! Intercept it!"-
[02:25] <Misato‘> ["Meimei, I’m giving you firing data now!"]
[02:42] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei steeled herself… but instead of firing at the monster, she -launched herself- at it in a messy full-bodied tackle. "Haaah! Let go of her!" There was the distinct chainsawlike noise, and a spatter of ichor rendered in slow motion by zero-gravity.
[02:43] <Misato‘> [And another leg was shorn off. The Angel howled in pain…]
[02:59] <Misato`> [Natasha’s Heavy Bolter barked once more- but this time, at a ghostly Commander. But its AT Field was simply too powerful.]
[03:02] <Misato‘> "Urgh. Raphael! I’m giving you special targeting data now. Can you take out that Commander?"
[03:05] * Raphael was already trying to coax the Dreadnaught's wounded waist into turning enough to grant him a decent shot on the Commander in question, but it was taking some effort and a lot of squealing motors to do it. "Yes ma'am. I'll do my best."
[03:06] <Misato‘> [Raphael would no doubt hear the whipping of Angelic tentacles as Shoftiel assaulted its target…]
[03:19] <Misato`> "More of them are coming through the Dirac. We’ll be overwhelmed soon…"
[03:21] * Sept floated his way away from the danger, almost colliding with one of the Sentinels, gliding past it… and then twirling around with a kick that sent it flying quite gently toward the same barrage 01 had come from.
[03:23] * Raphael frowns slightly as yet another pair of spawn emerge from the portal. "Pilot Ikari, you might want to think about breaking off and providing Pilot Blanc with some cover. The numbers by Boise de Boulogne are climbing fast."
[03:26] <Misato‘> ["I-I musnt’nt… R-Right!"-
[03:26] <Misato‘> [Raphael would hear the rippling burst of AT Energy to his left as Shoftiel opened up with a cross blast.-
[03:26] <Misato`> ["Raphael." It was Marianne’s voice. "Ready yourself. I'm sending in bombers to bomb that Hulk near Shoftiel."]
[03:27] <Misato‘> [… Whilst in Space, a Sentinel hurled a massive barrage at EVA-02 and 04- huge blasts ripping through the latter’s torso.]
[03:27] <Raphael> "I'll manage, Captain. Just bring it down."
[03:32] <Misato‘> [Another volley fired at EVA-04! One of them hitting straight home…]
[03:36] <Yanmei> "Hnngh!" Yanmei choked back a louder scream, and reached for the blurred vision of Asuka. Damn it. Everything was going wrong!
[03:41] * Aline glared at the waves of enemies marching in on her. "Gg… he’s right. Shinji, come over here and give me a hand!" And just as she said that, Aline tried to wave 00's arms around to cast an AT Wave, but it just went wild instead!
[03:48] <Misato‘> ["Yanmei? Yanmei, come in! Damn this communications jam!"]
[03:51] <Misato`> [Ramliel flickered once more…]
[03:51] <Yanmei> 04 emerged from the barrage area, the battered 02 coasting along behind it by an arm.
[03:56] <Misato`> [As a wayward Sentinel drifted away from its pair, the air between them shimmered with a tenuous AT Bond- before breaking.]
[03:56] * Raphael fed the data being trasmitted to the Dreadnaught by HQ into the malfunctioning targeting computers, adjusting the aim manually until he’d drawn a perfect bead on the Commander's head. "Target is locked. Positron cannon… firing." That familiar hum, and another blast of energy was sent hurting towards the crowd of angelspawn.
[03:58] <Misato‘> [… But before it could hit, a Hulk stepped in front of it, its arm blasted deep by the stream of energy.]
[04:01] * Aline bit her lip slightly, meanwhile, eyes shut. For a second, she thought, but then those eyes snapped open, and a brief flash crossed her glasses. "…I /see/ now."
[04:07] <Raphael> "… good reflexes." Raphael murmurs, actually sounding fairly sincere.
[04:10] <Misato`> ["AT Field, maximum!" Cried Natasha, her A-Type jets sending her skidding across the ground- but she had to do it to catch that bomb…]
[04:27] <Misato`> [Shoftiel had had enough. Another electric whip, then a toxic whip that pumped… Something into the Hulk. Whatever it was, it burned the head from the inside out- then Shoftiel was -off-, bounding across Paris-2, and landing on the bank of the Seine, rocking Raphael so hard he nearly fell- but Shoftiel resecured him.]
[04:34] * Raphael grits his teeth against the sudden turbulence, simply shutting his eyes until it passes. As they near the battlefield he casts a tense glance at the positron cannon’s energy gauge, keenly aware that he was practically defenseless until it had reached full power once again…
[04:34] <Misato‘> [… And a massive beam of light would pass literally metres in front of him, before smashing into a nearby building.]
[04:37] <Misato`> [… Whilst a thunderous Positron beam hurled at Yanmei.]
[04:38] * Yanmei just barely slipped aside, wincing at the heat. She gazed up at where her two remaining teammates were having it out with one of the Sentinels…
[04:39] <Misato`> [… In time to see Tsubaki thrust her massive glowing katana into one of its sides.]
[04:43] <Misato`> [Whilst Aline would be menaced by an Invader ramming a claw into her Evangelion’s right leg!]
[04:43] * Aline bit her lip and yelped in pain… but held her ground, moving 00 to try to hold /its/ ground as well!
[04:46] <Misato‘> [The Commander lifted his hands, and… A massive, blinding cross of energy burned its way towards EVA-05…-
[04:46] <Misato`> "DODGE IT, SHINJI-KUN!"-
[04:46] <Misato`> ["A-AH!" Shinji clenched his eyes shut and dived to the right- emerging unharmed, but shaken.]
[04:50] <Misato`> [Ramliel pulsed…-
[04:51] <Misato`> [… And Shinji slid to a stop. "A-Ah… Nnn… I…"]
[04:55] <Misato`> ["Damnit!" Alphonse slammed a console. "Rei, can we contact them at all?"-
[04:55] <Misato`> ["No, Alphonse…"]
[05:11] <Sept> "Yanmei, they’re taking Marie again."
[05:13] <Yanmei> "Again? De Pteres, if you could grab her…"Yanmei crashed into the side of the Sentinel that Tsubaki was still squaring off again, her bayonet drawn. "I'll work on this guy's AT field while you're gone!"
[05:14] <Misato‘> [The bayonet went -deep-!]
[05:17] <Misato`> [Natasha took to the air, landing close to the Bois de Boulogne. "I-I have a new trick…" And she -cast- her AT Field out, creating a long wall of energy…-
[05:17] <Misato`> [… That quickly collapsed as a zooming Interceptor zipped through the air. "D-Damnit!"]
[05:17] <Sept> "I will, Yanmei." The thrusters that remained on the ravaged shell of EVA-01 worked overtime to compensate, and sent it flying full-speed toward the errant Dreadnought. Sera latched onto the Interceptor going after Marie, and -bit- into its neck.
[05:19] <Misato`> [It thrashed about at the barbaric attack! Lashing at him with its ineffective arms…-
[05:19] <Misato`> [… Whilst on the ground, Shoftiel continued to charge into the breach, firing snares at the Spawn.]
[18:33] <Misato`> [Yanmei would suddenly feel a weight on her as an Interceptor- the same, disfigured one from before- latched onto EVA-02 and started tugging…-
[18:33] <Misato`> [Whilst Shoftiel was engaged in a full-scale battle with a Hulk and Commander, snares flying in all directions- and grabbing the latter tight.-
[18:33] <Misato`> [A pair of claws flew at EVA-00…!]
[18:34] * Aline reacted instantaneously, sliding backwards and managing to bend right out of the way of the strike!
[18:35] <Yanmei> "You again?! How many times do I have to maim you?" Yanmei jerked Asuka free!
[18:49] <Misato`> [The Interceptor snarled…-
[18:49] <Misato`> [… Whilst the Sentinels opened fire, actinic beams striking out at Sera- and twisting through a Dirac Sea to smash Shoftiel directly in the core. He stumbled, before finding his footing, roaring an utterly painful screech of pain.]
[18:51] * Raphael is trying to maintain a stable line of sight on his target, gritting his teeth as positron blasts whipped past and Paris itself was shredded around him. "Captain Katsuragi, if you have targeting data on that Commander I’d appreciate the help."
[18:52] <Misato‘> "Right. Marianne!"-
[18:52] <Misato`> ["On it! There we go, Raphael!"-
[18:52] * Sept was still struggling trying to keep the Spawn from getting to the Dreadnought - mostly just an exercise in distraction, with his limitations. But his AT Field was now unrestrained by other things to concentrate on, and held up, if only barely, against the beam.
[18:52] <Misato`> "Natasha, turn about and open fire on the one harassing EVA-00!"
[18:53] <Misato`> [An Invader tore off from attaching EVA-00 to ram a claw into EVA-05’s right arm. Shinji groaned. "M-Misato-san, help…!"-
[18:54] <Misato‘> "Keep calm, Shinji-kun! It’s not that deep!"
[19:27] <Misato‘> [There was a flicker through the Dirac Sea…-
[19:27] <Misato`> ["…" Natasha stared wide-eyed of the front of her plug. "… I… I-I know…!"]
[19:30] <Misato`> [-The comms in the space Evas would crackle to life. "About -time-! Yanmei, this is Captain Wellesley, can you read me?"]
[19:31] <Yanmei> "Captain!" Yanmei sounded a little relived. "You’re coming in just fine. What happened?"
[19:32] <Misato‘> ["The Dirac Sea is creating some kind of ECM effect. It keeps blocking the signal."]
[19:33] * Yanmei lashed out at the Interceptor ineffectively while she spoke, and her AT field flickered as it reacted with the Sentinel’s. "We still have four targets remaining, Captain, but these things are wearing us down."
[19:35] <Misato‘> ["Let’s end it. Tsubaki, I'm sending you targeting data now. Rei, send the gap triangulation feed through to EVA-04!"-
[19:35] <Misato‘> ["Yes, Alphonse!"-
[19:35] <Misato`> ["Understood, Captain." Said Tsubaki, closing her eyes again. "We can’t… Die here, mum…"]
[19:36] * Aline noticed the increased chatter, even while she carefully wing-hopped away from that darn invader. "…Understood… we're trying to repel the hostiles down here, in the meantime!
[19:43] <Misato‘> [The Dreadnought continued to float away- Sera’s prey breaking off to latch itself to it! "HELP! SOMETHING JUST HIT THE HULL!"]
[20:03] <Misato‘> [Aline would see EVA-06 rush to her aid, even though Natasha was mumbling in a panicky way over the comms…-
[20:03] <Misato`> [As well as see Shinji pinwheel through the air, a deadly claw missing its target.-
[20:04] <Misato`> [Then she’d feel -it-. A sudden burning pain right through her chest as an Interceptor struck her. For a moment she felt incredibly woozy…-
[20:04] <Misato‘> "W-What? Aline’s Synch Ratio is tanking… Synchronization poison!"
[20:06] * Aline shook her head suddenly… but then breathed deep. "Nn… no… No! I need him here with me, fucking…!"
[20:14] <Misato‘> ["Thank you, Captain…" Murmured Tsubaki, her voice breathless. She pulled the Prog Daikatana back and -shoved- it into the Sentinel, the blades ripping it from the inside out. The light within it died, and the two halves drifted apart. "One down!"]
[20:24] <Raphael> Another blast of positronic energy from atop their allied angel practically melts the head of the angelspawn in Shoftiel’s grasp. "Commander-type is down," Raphael says… only to hear the crackly, terrified voice finally coming through on his comms. "… Sergeant Favager, this is Guillory. Can you hear me, Marie?"
[20:25] <Misato‘> ["Y-Yes?! Guillory, Oh God, I-I don’t know what's happening!"]
[20:27] <Raphael> In the flickering light of the cockpit Raphael shuts his eyes. "I know. I need you to keep your cool for me, Sergeant, alright? We're doing everything we can to get you back safe and sound." Whether that was true or not he couldn't honestly say, but right now it didn't seem to matter. If it was a lie he doubted it was anything but a merciful one.
[20:32] * Aline stared up, as 00's armor sparked amidst its now-exposed flesh. "…Come on… We have to… have to do this. For hurting the Heart, for trying to kill Dorian, for hurting all of the EVAs and endangering their pilots, for Marie and Raffy and… Just, urgh. All of it!" Aline aimed the massive cannon, and was starting to line it up. "I…" Bip. Bip. "…I'm having trouble getting a
[20:32] * Aline lock!"
[20:35] <Misato‘> "Hold on." Misato leaned over Hyuga’s shoulder. "Try to account for the magnetic static in the Dirac Sea area. That should do it."-
[20:35] <Misato‘> ["Yes, ma’am! Try it now!"]
[20:36] * Aline nodded firmly. "…I've got it! Firing!" …a beam lanced out into the portal, and cast an azure light against the sheen of the Sentinels…!
[20:51] <Misato‘> [And the Beam cut right through the core… It ignited, then erupted- the Dirac Brach rippling shut soon after.-
[20:52] <Misato`> [A Bomber lifted his bulging arm, and… A rain of blasts erupted against Shoftiel, just seconds before an Invader dropped from the sky, smashing its foot into the Angel’s back. With a moan of pain, Shoftiel fell to the ground…-
[20:52] <Misato‘> [… And Natasha screamed, a cry of sadness and deep bitterness. Her shoulder bolter turned and fired at EVA-00. "I’M NOT! I'M SICK OF IT! I'M NOT THE WEAKEST I'M -NOT I'M NOT I'M NOT-!"]
[20:53] * Aline gaped in shock… and quickly raised her AT Field to block the attack. "Damnit Natasha! It's /getting to you/. stand together, you're the best damn shot of all the pilots… please!"
[21:00] <Yanmei> Explosions! First the Sentinel that Tsubaki had hit, and then one near the Dirac Breach. Yanmei didn't have time to look around to see which one, because she was busy covering Tsubaki with hard swipe of her bayonet. "Go! Next one, next one!" Her own AT Field flickered as she tried to weaken the next closest Sentinel. "De Pteres, how are you doing out there?"
[21:03] <Misato‘> [Sera would see his opponent -rip- the massive Positron Assault Cannon right off the T-Dread’s frame.]
[21:06] <Sept> "Alive, Yanmei. The enemy is fast. Do you want me to keep trying?"
[21:08] <Yanmei> "Yes, please, do, but be careful. Did you hear that, Sergeant? He's coming to help, so it will be okay!"
[21:09] <Raphael> T-Dread 01 came crashing down alongside Shoftiel, the massive damage the unit had taken making it difficult for Raphael to make it struggle back to his feet. It was only then that he got a good look at the swarm surrounding Shoftiel from ground level, and for a moment he hesitated. But then with a low sound of anger he began diverting power towards the Dreadnaught's massive fist.
[21:10] <Sept> "It will be okay, Sergeant," he echoed again, lifelessly.
[21:11] <Misato‘> ["Raphael!" Marianne’s voice, curt. "Don't even think about it. Pull back at once!"]
[21:12] <Raphael> "…" A long pause from Raphael's end, but on the command deck they would be able to see the Dreadnaught's power returning to its normal alignment. "Yes ma'am. Withdrawing now."
[21:17] <Misato‘> "Natasha." Said Misato quietly. "I need you to hold it together, ok? Pull pack to Launch Port 01. I’m sending up the Heavy Railgun."-
[21:17] <Misato‘> ["Y-Yes ma’am!" Natasha was sobbing quietly to herself as she pirouetted through the air, opening fire and pulping an Angelic head as she went.]
[21:23] <Misato‘> ["Thanks!" Said Shinji- a claw cleanly disemboweled the injured foe…-
[21:24] <Misato`> [… Whilst Shoftiel groggily got to his feet, shook his head, and -roared-. It was a sound of agony and utter murderous rage, and it struck out with horrific savagery.]
[21:28] <Misato`> ["…" Tsubaki propelled herself forward, going faster and faster as she went. "Your life- mum sees it. And I see it too! Show me-!" The blade of her Katana was glowing red hot- she cut through it without any resistance. "One-!" She turned and cut again. "Two-!" Again. "Three-!" Again. "Four-!" And a final cut. "FIVE!"-
[21:28] <Misato`> [The sentinel hung for a second… Before splitting off into five perfectly cut pieces.]
[21:29] <Misato`> ["Excellent job, Akagi. Alright! We’re in the home stretch! Yanmei, Sera, move in and neutralise the last Sentinel. Akagi, that should free you to amplify your blade with AT Energy!"-
[21:29] <Misato‘> ["…" Tsubaki was panting, and didn’t respond right then.]
[21:32] <Yanmei> "Yes sir." Yanmei braced herself for the dash ahead. "Get ready you two."
[21:41] * Aline nodded. "Good to hear things are going better up there!" …She saw it. Incoming hulk. "Moving to catching position!" …a hand up, a barrier active!
[21:47] <Yanmei> "Follow my lead, Sera!" And she rocketed forward. But there were obsticles now, drifting into the path ahead. Yanmei swerved sharply here and there. " Urgh. It might take some extra time to bring it down. Akagi, either follow the same path as we're taking, or wait for our signal."
[21:52] <Misato‘> "The Spawn are shifting! Look out, Raphael-!"-
[21:52] <Misato`> [For a Hulk had watched him run and, like an incredibly large, impossibly tough and unnaturally lethal dog, had run off after him, bellowing. Its left arm reached up…]
[21:54] <Raphael> … and was immediately speared from wrist to shoulder with a sizzling blast of energy from the Dreadnaught’s cannon.
[21:55] <Misato‘> [The Angel’s arm bulged for a moment before its skin burst, superheated organs flying in every direction. It buckled, falling over itself and slamming into the earth.]
[22:41] <Sept> "I have the Sergeant, Yanmei. Do you want me to take her to the last one?"
[22:42] <Yanmei> "May as well? The faster we bring it down, the faster we'll all be safe."
[22:45] <Misato‘> [Natasha grabbed her Heavy Railgun, the Heavy Bolter unceremoniously dropped on a theatre. She started focusing her AT energy. "Volkova here! Railgun secured! AT Sniper mode: active!"]
[22:46] <Misato`> [Shoftiel wasn’t slowing down. In fact, his core started to shine with energy, his whips lashing about against his foes' AT Fields.]
[22:59] <Misato‘> [In Space, EVA-03 once again tore across the void to swing her massive katana at a foe- which nimbly sidestepped.-
[22:59] <Misato`> [Whilst on the ground, more and more Spawn continued to descend…]
[23:00] * Aline even responded to those movements, as she scrambled around, 00 hopping and carting around its shield like a nearly-literal umbrella, now to cushion yet another fall!
[23:08] <Misato`> [Ramliel flickered once more…-
[23:10] <Misato`> ["A-aah-" Natasha began to scream again, holding her hands to her head. "No- no, you’re right, I -can-"-
[23:10] <Misato‘> "Natasha! Get a hold on yourself!" Said Misato, leaning forward frowning. "We -need- you right now, so please, try harder, for everyone who has faith in you-"-
[23:11] <Misato`> ["NO!" Natasha screamed hysterically. "I’M SICK OF 'TRY HARDER'! I'LL SHOW YOU HOW GOOD I AM RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT -NOW-!"]
[23:11] <Misato‘> [Within the bowels of the Geofront HQ, Ikari Gendo frowned, gripping his hands together.-
[23:11] <Misato`> ["Katsuragi."-
[23:11] <Misato`> "Yes, what?"-
[23:11] <Misato`> ["Call Dr. Riel to the bridge. Now."-
[23:11] <Misato`> "What? Why?"-
[23:11] <Misato`> ["Do it."]
[23:12] * Aline shook her head. "We don’t have time for this…"
[23:24] <Sept> "Natasha..?" Sera's voice called, as if surprised she was there. "Let it go," he said quietly. "All of it. It's better that way."
[23:25] <Yanmei> "You're damn right we don't have time for this," Yanmei muttered under her breath. In the glittering reaches of space she took aim and… fired. And -kept- firing, a silent snarl on her lips. The explosions that rocked the Sentinel took even her by surprise, and she hovered afterward, a little stunned.
[23:25] <Raphael> The positron cannon was barely even beginning to cool when the entire Dreadnaught jerked violently in time with its pilot. There would be a low groan of dismay over the comms, along with hard, panicky breathing… only cut off when Raphael managed to grab hold of his senses for the split second long enough to jam his tongue between his teeth and bite down -hard-. He could feel the blood
[23:25] <Raphael> filling his mouth. "Shit…" he groans, clutching at his forehead. "-Shit-. M-Marianne, if the Dreadnaught makes any unexpected moves in the next few minutes, initiate my failsafes."
[23:27] <Misato‘> ["R-Raphael…!"-
[23:27] <Misato`> [But at that moment, far away in Space, Yanmei’s bolter rounds penetrated deep into the Sentinel and blew it apart from the inside. The shards blew with such force that EVA-01 was intensely lucky to not be impaled on one.-
[23:28] <Misato‘> [Down on Earth, Sera would hear his reply- Natasha’s anger suddenly become a low, painful scream of anguish- mimicked by her foes as the Angelspawn began to clutch their heads or otherwise groggily tumble over.-
[23:29] <Misato‘> [The Dirac Sea shimmered, growing brighter and more chaotic, expanding rapidly for a few seconds before -collapsing-, all ten, eleven kilometres of it, all of it collapsing on one single point.-
[23:30] <Misato`> ["Did… Did we do it?" Asked Alphonse quietly, breathlessly. "Yanmei, confirm!"]
[23:34] <Yanmei> "The last Sentinel is down." She lowered her hand, having shielded her eyes during the display. "The Dirac Sea… it… it’s gone!"
[23:34] <Misato‘> ["Yes!" Alphonse slammed the console. "Katsuragi, confirmed! It’s gone!"-
[23:35] <Misato‘> [… But no sooner were the words out of his mouth when the Geofront AT Interception grid went -berserk-. At the focal point of the Dirac Sea’s collapse was a bright light, glowing brighter and brighter- before, with a rainbow corona, it took form.-
[23:36] <Misato‘> [A humanoid shape, slender and graceful, with a long, narrow head, armoured with flesh of a silky, reflective nature. Its core burned within its chest.-
[23:36] <Misato`> [And in its right hand was a lance. A long, wicked lance with an incredibly dangerous-looking blade, crackling with energy.-
[23:37] <Misato`> [Ramliel twirled the spear, just once, before holding it firmly in both hands. Menace radiated from her, creeping into Yanmei’s mind- and Tsubaki's.]
[23:38] * Aline came on the line, sounding… only half-relieved. "No Angel has ever been only in parts. No Dirac Sea, without its contents… The final stage begins!"
[23:41] <Misato‘> ["Space team. Move in and engage, now!" Said Alphonse.]
[23:42] <Sept> "Yes, Do-" Pause. "…Alphonse."
[23:43] <Misato`> ["…" Alphonse grimaced, looking away for a moment.]
[23:43] <Raphael> "Nnngh. Orders, Captain?"
[23:44] <Misato`> "I’ll take care of Natasha for now. Raphael! Move close towards EVA-00. Aline, as soon as you have a second, I want you to set up a Dirac Breach for fire support."
[23:46] * Aline looked even less relieved, the drama from before gone. "…I'm getting intel reports. I don't know /what/… I… Sorry, yes, as soon as I can. But with the damage to my sync ratio…" Aline grit her teeth. "Nevermind that. Whatever this one /really/ is, even 00 is nervous. That's /definitely/ a warning to be /really/ cautious!"
[23:47] <Misato‘> [Shoftiel howled a roar of defiance to the air.]
[23:49] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei seemed to be collecting herself with a struggle. "We can do this. We’ve come this far." Her voice built up to its confidence. "After the hell of all the previous Angels - hell, even those Sentinels just now, there's nothing we can't handle!"
[23:50] <Misato‘> "Damnit, that Interceptor- Alphonse!"-
[23:50] <Misato`> ["Yes, Katsuragi?"-
[23:50] <Misato`> "Our AT Tactician got hit with a synchronisation poison. We need Tsubaki-chan to open the Dirac Breach."-
[23:50] <Misato`> ["Understood. Tsubaki, once the Angel’s AT Field is neutralised, we need you to open a Dirac Breach so the ground forces can deliver fire support."-
[23:50] <Misato‘> ["Alright!"]
[23:57] <Misato`> [Natasha, in her Entry Plug, would suddenly hear a voice cut through the chaos.-
[23:57] <Misato`> ["Volkova. This is Dr. Riel."-
[23:57] <Misato`> ["…"-
[23:58] <Misato`> ["I have something in my hand, Natasha."-
[23:58] <Misato`> ["… … No…"-
[23:58] <Misato`> ["If you want it back, then you’ll be a good girl and get a hold of yourself."-
[23:58] <Misato‘> [Natasha was shaking her head, sobbing wildly. "No no no no- y-you can’t -do this to me-!"-
[23:58] <Misato‘> ["I can and I will. Now. Will you behave?"-
[23:59] <Misato`> ["… I -hate- you."-
[23:59] <Misato`> ["…"-
[23:59] <Misato`> ["… Fine…"]
[00:00] * Misato` stared at Dr. Riel with a look of mingled distaste and discomfort.
[00:00] <Raphael> In the cockpit of T-Dread 01, Raphael stiffens. "Katsuragi!" Raphael growls.
[00:01] <Misato`> "What is it, Guillory?!"
[00:06] * Raphael freezes, unable to believe even that brief his of anger had made it past his lips. "… Nothing, ma’am." He mutters. "…" After a moment's thought he shuts off his outbound comms and slams the edge of his chair with a balled fist.
[00:07] <Misato‘> "Right. Thank you." Snapped Misato. Then…-
[00:07] <Misato`> "Give -that- here. Riel, get the hell off my bridge."
[00:07] <Raphael> «Hiss*»
[00:15] <Misato`> [In Space, Tsubaki capitalised upon her stunned opponent, a telekinetically-hurled Daikatana ripping one’s head clean off before she reached out and grabbed the blade…-
[00:16] <Misato‘> [Whilst with a bitter growl, Shoftiel impaled a Bomber’s own head with a barbed whip and violently ripped it off, throwing it to the side, where it exploded mid-air as Shoftiel's acid toxin took its toll.]
[00:23] * Aline stared back and forth at the various /explosions of flesh/ around her… and as a commander sorta 'dook'ed off of her barrier, Aline folded it back into a close shield, and then popped it in the head with a somehow preternaturally-lucky shot.
[00:24] <Misato‘> [The body pirouetted in midair before thunking into the ground, still cursedly alive.]
[00:30] <Sept> "Neutralising the Angel. Move in to combat when you’re ready, Yanmei, Tsubaki."
[00:35] <Misato‘> [Ramliel lifted its Lance up, holding it in two hands, energy flowing into the blade.-
[00:35] <Misato`> ["…" Rei leaned forward. "That’s a Force weapon! LOOK OUT-"-
[00:36] <Misato‘> [But too late. It stared at Yanmei for a second, a pulse of AT energy lodging itself into her mind, before it was -charging- at EVA-01 at absolutely brutal speeds.-
[00:36] <Misato`> [The Evangelion had no time to dodge- the blade ripped through its chest with such effortlessness that it fully came out the other side. Then, Ramliel swung it horizonally, pulling the spear free.-
[00:36] <Misato`> ["SERA!" Shouted Alphonse. "No, no, -no-…!"]
[00:40] <Misato`> ["N…" Tsubaki jerked her head around. "Nii-san… No… NO-!" Her Katana glowed with heat. "I’LL HAVE YOUR HEAD!"]
[00:42] * Yanmei was staring out with glazed eyes that were forming tears, her mouth partially ajar. "M-mom, Isaiah, I…" But the screams brought her back.-
[00:45] <Yanmei> 01's flaming body, space, the earth below her, the exhaustion of her own body. It hit her at once, and then the tears that had started before as a subtle trickle suddenly gushed out. "Y-you…" She found her ability to move again, and move forward she did! "YOU!!"
[00:48] <Sept> For a split second after the attack, there came a very quiet voice. "Yanmei… It's alri-" and it was gone.
[01:02] <Raphael> "Right…" Raphael murmurs, some of the usual calm beginning to encroach upon his face despite - or maybe because of - the screaming he could hear so clearly over the comms. Laying both hands on the control panel's keyboard he punches in a long string of bypass codes into the console, dumping power from various non-critical systems into the positron cannon. A moment later the groggy
[01:02] <Raphael> Bomber-type that was just beginning to find its feet was vaporised in a fleshy explosion as Raphael flicks his comms back online. "Pilot Volkova, you're clear. I'll provide covering fire, but please do what you can to aid the orbital team."
[01:05] <Misato‘> ["R… Right away, sir. Thank you, sir…" Murmurs Natasha, empowering her Railgun once again and aiming it up at the sky. "AT Sniper mode, activated. Locking on…"-
[01:05] <Misato`> "Wellesley, I need that thing’s Field neutralised!"-
[01:05] <Misato‘> ["Right. Tsubaki! Neutralise it, and then we can go for the clear shot!"-
[01:05] <Misato`> [Tsubaki just nodded, her eyes full of wrath.]
[01:16] <Misato`> ["Now!" Said Alphonse.-
[01:17] <Misato`> [Tsubaki reached her foe, held out a hand, weakened the AT Field…-
[01:17] <Misato`> [And Natasha -fired-, an incredibly fast magnetically-empowered shell streaking out into space and slamming into Ramliel’s core.-
[01:17] <Misato‘> "Direct hit! Did we kill it?"-
[01:17] <Misato`> [Ramliel flinched, obviously hurt, but not sustaining any serious injury.-
[01:18] <Misato`> ["Negative." Said Alphonse.-
[01:18] <Misato`> [… Whilst above Raphael’s head, massive bombs were dropped on the Hulk, levelling suburbs and buildings…-
[01:18] <Misato‘> [… And when the smoke cleared, it was entirely unharmed.]
[01:20] <Misato`> "… Damnit! Hyuga! Get me the main cannon online!"-
[01:20] <Misato`> ["Capacitors charged!"-
[01:20] <Misato`> ["Aoba, coordinates!"-
[01:20] <Misato`> ["Firing solution plotted!"-
[01:20] <Misato`> "Fire!"-
[01:20] <Misato`> [The Positron Cannon fired, a massive actinic blast ripping right past the Hulk’s head, where it then vaporised an innocent hill.-
[01:21] * Aline directed 00 closer to the massive positron cannon, This time, this time she activated the advanced targeting systems and started to take deep breaths. "It's okay, Captains Katsuragi and Wellesely. You have two transorbital guns. I need time to prep but then I'll help out!"
[01:23] <Misato‘> "Understood!"
[01:38] <Misato`> [Ramliel, for a second, vanished.-
[01:38] <Misato`> [It reappeared a little over 100 metres away, out of Yanmei’s neutralisation range. It lifted the spear- and hurled it at Tsubaki.-
[01:38] <Misato‘> ["DODGE IT, TSUBAKI!" Cried Alphonse.-
[01:39] <Misato`> ["-!" Tsubaki dodged. "Hah-!"-
[01:39] <Misato`> [… The Lance pirouetted, impaling EVA-03 through the chest before returning to Ramliel’s hand. Tsubaki's cry of triumph turned into one of intense agony- before her comms cut out.]
[01:39] <Misato‘> ["N-No! We’re… We're losing everyone…!"]
[01:45] * Yanmei kept speeding forward, even though it was out of reach, her AT field flickering. The tears didn't stop.
[02:02] <Misato‘> ["Look out, Sir Guillory!" Cried Natasha, opening fire with her shoulder bolter- the Hulk menacing the Dreadnought was blown a full 100 metres away, its arm shredded- a chunk of it smashed into Raphael’s mech.-
[02:02] <Misato‘> [Meanwhile, Shoftiel stabbed his own Hulk in the head- before suddenly -bursting- into the sky at top speed, releasing the Hulk as he went- where it dropped and smashed into yet more buildings with a painful thud.]
[02:03] * Aline stared up. "I understand. I understand how dire things are. Maybe if I… ensure…" 00’s AT Field flickered as well, but in its case, it was wrapping around the barrel of the GPC, and… extending further, and then…?! "That it will hit… A spin will stabilize the shot and prevent misfires!" The AT Funnel /twisted/, and began to resemble a rifled barrel, slowly whirling in such
[02:03] * Aline a way that the positron beam would be gently pushed into a spiral shot!
[02:07] * Aline then threw the switch… a spiraling single helix of positronic energy shot first out of Earth's atmosphere… then hurtled into space! Its target was clear. many kilometers away - Aline still focused on that one glistening core!
[02:08] <Misato‘> [The AT Field flared, the beam cut through- and hit again, causing Ramliel to flinch once more, this time a faint crack rippling across her core…]
[02:15] * Aline could feel a… a /something/ coming over her. She tried to stop it, she /bit into her goddamn arm/ to try to stop it, but… not even the pain could save her before /it/ set in…
[02:23] <Misato`> [Ramliel had -punished- her for her impudence… And as more power charged into its Lance, hurled it at Yanmei unerringly…-
[02:23] <Misato`> [The impact seemed inevitable, when-
[02:23] <Misato`> ["Meimei!" Shouted Rei. "Quick, Alphonse-"-
[02:23] <Misato`> ["Evasive action coordinates-"-
[02:23] <Misato`> ["Entered-"-
[02:23] <Misato`> ["NOW! YANMEI! DODGE!"]
[02:26] <Yanmei> 04 swerved to the right, harder than Yanmei had thought physics even allowed for. She didn’t stop at that, racing further, careful not to let the neutralization break.
[02:26] <Misato‘> [The lance missed her completely…!]
[02:29] <Misato`> "Raphael, there’s an Interceptor inbound."-
[02:29] <Misato‘> [Raphael would, indeed, see a nimble Interceptor rushing towards him…-
[02:29] <Misato`> [… Carrying the unmistakeable Positron Assault Cannon Marie carried on -her- Dreadnought.]
[02:30] <Misato`> ["Raphael!" A voice broke through the Dreadnought’s communications.-
[02:34] <Raphael> "…" Raphael smoothly adjusted his aim against the alarming speed of the Interceptor, and a moment later the angelspawn's freefall would take on a much less graceful tailspin as it found itself without a head. "Julien, I only allowed you a direct line to this unit on the basis of it being used for /emergencies/."
[02:35] <Misato‘> "… Nice shot."-
[02:36] <Misato`> ["B-but that foul xenos had its hands on one of -my- Dreadnoughts!"-
[02:36] <Misato`> ["Julien!" Snapped Marianne. "NOT THE TIME!"]
[02:37] <Raphael> "If you’d like to use this line for something worthwhile, I'd appreciate a checkup on Sergeant Favager's life signs."
[02:37] <Misato‘> ["She’s still alive! She has enough air for about another 40 minutes, by which time we should have her back- or we're all dead, at which point it won't matter…"]
[02:38] <Raphael> "… thank you, Julien."
[02:38] <Misato‘> ["Raphael?"]
[02:39] <Raphael> "Mmm?"
[02:39] <Misato`> ["Emperor be with you. Bring my babies alive, you hear?"]
[02:40] * Raphael switches off the Thruster channel without further warning.
[02:42] <Misato`> [Meanwhile, Shoftiel continued to climb, going faster and faster…-
[02:42] <Misato`> [… And then, with the space around him visibly warping, he -vanished-, reappearing on the other side of the Atmosphere…-
[02:42] <Misato`> [… And zipping right past Yanmei, crashing into Ramliel.]
[02:44] <Yanmei> "!!!" Yanmei, who was just getting over the sensation of having her life flash before her eyes, could only stare, dumbfounded. "W-w…?! What’s it doing here?!"
[02:45] <Misato‘> ["It’s there to help, Yanmei." Said Alphonse.-
[02:45] <Misato‘> "That’s right." Said Misato, cracking her knuckles. "Marianne, bring Aline back to us."-
[02:45] <Misato‘> ["On it."-
[02:46] <Misato`> [Aline’s plugsuit chestpiece would compress tightly, injecting a flood of stimulants into her blood system.]
[02:48] * Aline was dazed, and almost instantly on coming to, tears would still fall, even though just seconds before, the things she saw had made her catatonic. "R-r-right… thanks… I'm going to… charge up for the next shot." Blearily, Aline leaned in towards the targeting system's display, while one hand clutched the other's arm. AT field energy started to glow around the cannon again…
[02:55] <Misato‘> [Ramliel focused- and down on the Earth, a worthless Lilim knew its place.-
[02:56] <Misato`> [Her Lance flew towards Shoftiel, running through its core on the return, causing the creature to convulse- but it wasn’t dead yet.]
[02:59] <Yanmei> An empty cartridge danced away from 04, and it yanked a fresh one from one of its wings and jammed into one of its guns. "That's… some distraction," Yanmei muttered shakily.
[03:03] <Misato‘> [Whilst on the ground, Natasha finished a Hulk with an executioner’s shot to the head, pulping it.-
[03:03] <Misato‘> [… The Hulk Shoftiel abandoned was charging at Raphael now, head lowered, a bullish roar in its throat.-
[03:03] <Misato`> "Pull back, Raphael!"
[03:08] <Misato`> [In space, however, Shoftiel’s whips were ripping a hole in Ramliel's AT Field, exposing it…]
[03:12] <Misato‘> ["AT Sniper, activated…"-
[03:12] <Misato`> ["Heavy Railgun, fully charged…"-
[03:12] <Misato`> ["FIRING!"-
[03:12] <Misato`> [The bolt seemed to, for a moment, be -sure- to hit dead center…-
[03:13] <Misato`> [… But at the last second, Ramliel simply -vanished- for a second, the shell passing harmlessly through.-
[03:13] <Misato`> "It… It missed?!"
[03:15] <Raphael> Another mental intrusion from Ramliel sends Raphael reeling, and even in the midst of battle he has to screw his eyes shut to avoid losing his grip on reality, knuckles white atop the Dreadnaught’s controls. It's Misato's voice that pulls him back out of it, and he opens his eyes to finally catch sight of the hulking spawn charging towards him. The visions are forgotten for a moment as all
[03:15] <Raphael> energy goes to coaxing the wounded robot into a hasty retreat.
[03:16] <Misato‘> [… Which does not deter the Hulk at all, as it continues to chase him.]
[03:18] * Aline on the other hand, allowed that field in all its glory to pull itself together… and fired another, surprisingly lucky-yet-unlucky shot, as the power system suddenly tanked on her right in the middle of firing!
[03:26] <Misato`> [The shot directly hit the Core, causing a spasm in Ramliel- who took her vengeance by furiously stabbing Shoftiel twice in his, the smaller Angel buckling.]
[03:29] <Misato`> [Whilst Shinji’s Bomber would suddenly explode. He yelped- although he was safe from harm- but the attack completely wiped out another portion of Paris-2.]
[03:32] * Yanmei let loose some fresh gunfire, watching in dismay as they missed her target -completely-. "No…"
[03:40] * Raphael could see the spawn still approaching in his rear-vision cameras, even after all these blocks, and with a low curse he shifted his feet and guided the Dreadnaught into a skid, bringing the robot around and unleashing another positronic beam at the Hulk's head in a desperate effort to bring the creature down.
[03:41] <Misato‘> [The beam simply deflected, not off an AT Field, but off its ludicrously thick skull.-
[03:41] <Misato`> [Natasha opened fire, but her bolter rounds smacked into an AT Field- then harmlessly off an armored leg.-
[03:41] <Misato`> [Just as the beast bore down on Raphael, however…-
[03:42] <Misato`> [EVA-05 dropped from nowhere, landing with a thundering sound, raising a hand to parry the Hulk’s vibration knife away.]
[03:43] * Aline continued to focus, breathing heavily to try to become calm. "…Gotta focus. Must become calm, must become calm." Well, she certainly wanted to.
[03:44] <Misato‘> [Ramliel tried to finish off Shoftiel, but this time he was too fast…!]
[03:44] <Raphael> "… heh." It sounded as though Guillory couldn’t quite believe his own luck. "My thanks, Pilot Ikari."
[03:44] <Misato‘> ["I musn’t run away…" He murmured. "T-That's… Alright…"]
[03:51] <Yanmei> "N-no wonder…" Yanmei stared down at her shaking hands. She managed to let one loose to allow the bolter drift away, and then gripped her poitron rifle with both hands. "Since I can't trust myself enough to do that…" 04 streaked forward, bayonet aimed squarely at Ramliel's core, "take this!!"
[03:52] <Misato‘> [The blade dug deep into the core, sparks flying in all directions. Deeper, the core glowing, Ramliel lifting her Lance to thrust it in vengeance at EVA-04’s neck…-
[03:53] <Misato‘> [… And the lance fell from its fingers.-
[03:53] <Misato`> [The light in the core flickered, and died…-
[03:53] <Misato`> [And Ramliel stopped moving.]
[03:56] * Yanmei didn’t react at first, just holding the position even when she couldn't push her bayonet in any further. It was only after a minute or two passed that she realized she wasn't -dead-, and that it had been the Angel to fall. 04 tilted its head back a bit, and… pushed away a little, its pilot dazed.
[03:56] <Misato‘> "…"-
[03:56] <Misato`> ["…"-
[03:56] <Misato`> ["…"-
[03:56] <Misato`> "… You did it."
[03:57] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei was slumped back in her entry plug as well. "-We- did it," she corrected between tired pants.
[03:58] * Aline nodded, finally. A few remaining tears bubbled out into the LCL. "..Yeah…"
[03:59] <Misato`> [Shoftiel reached out and grabbed Ramliel, ripping the Lance from her hands. With this accomplished, it gently pushed Ramliel towards the earth- to be caught in the orbit and fall… Somewhere.-
[04:00] <Misato`> [With that accomplished, Shoftiel fell back towards the Earth, rapidly plummeting through the atmosphere before landing with a weary thump…-
[04:00] <Misato`> [At Raphael’s feet.]
[04:11] <Misato‘> ["…" Alphonse looked up at the console in front of him. "… Yanmei. Begin recovery of the damaged Evangelions and the Dreadnought."]
[04:13] <Yanmei> "Yes sir." She gazed around her at last, at the broken bits of Sentinel, and her teammates. They were still alive, weren’t they? "…Captain?"
[04:14] <Misato‘> ["Yes, Yanmei?"]
[04:14] <Yanmei> "…how are we getting home, again?"
[04:15] <Misato`> ["AT Field spread in a loose pattern will protect both you and your cargo." Said Alphonse quietly. He seemed tired, worn. "Otherwise, we can send 00 up later…"]
[04:16] <Yanmei> "Right. Beginning recovery now."
[04:16] <Misato`> [Alphonse nodded, and then, wordlessly, he turned off all the comms.-
[04:17] <Misato`> ["I did it." He said quietly. "I did it, Colonel. I took over. I stepped up to the challenge. I led them, and I’m bringing them home."-
[04:17] <Misato‘> [He turned and looked at Rei, who gave him her gentlest smile.-
[04:18] <Misato`> [He didn’t say anything. He just… Started to cry. His entire body shook and trembled with the grief now, and he fell to his knees, sobbing, letting out dull, primal moans of anguish and pain.-
[04:18] <Misato`> [Rei held him, tightly, as best she could.-
[04:19] <Misato`> [And above the ruined, shattered city, amidst the night sky…-
[04:19] <Misato`> [The moon shone full, undimmed, unhidden.]

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