She said, "If you don't, we'll kill you both."

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[08:48] * Yanmei had found her way to this familiar of Geofront hospitals with with some reluctance. She knew she didn't like what she was going to see. For a while, she just lingered outside the entrance, bracing herself with a long, uninterrupted stare at a closed, unmarked cell phone that she gripped in her fist. -
[08:52] <Yanmei> Then… deep breath. She put a smile on her face and pivoted, ducking through the doors and toward the reception desk. It hadn't been long since her last trip here - maybe a day or two ago, and that had been for a usual post-battle checkup. She wondered if the person that she was trying to visit had had enough time to think and, well, breathe, in the time between her recovery and now.-
[08:53] <Yanmei> "Hi~ I'm here to see Isabelle Bellamy?"
[08:56] <Isabelle> [The receptionist paled a little. "Ah, yes… Erm." He coughed. "Yes. I think she's ready for you. You'll have to be escorted by a nurse, however."]
[08:58] <Yanmei> … so it was that bad. It took effort, but she didn't let it phase her smile. "Certainly."
[08:59] <Isabelle> [The receptionist nods, and a few minutes later, a nurse- a middle-aged man- appears to escort Yanmei along. They're heading into a part of the hospital she's never been before…-
[09:00] <Isabelle> [… There're less patients here, and the rooms are a little smaller, and… There's just something slightly off. It doesn't feel like a hospital… Well, not exactly. The nurse approaches a door. "She's in here, ma'am. I'll wait outside. If you need anything… Let me know." He says dubiously.]
[09:02] <Yanmei> "Yes, of course. Thank you." She flashed him one last smile before gripping the door's handle. Uneasy, uneasy. She inhaled quietly, and then pushed the door open.
[09:10] <Isabelle> [The room was a stark white, with a bed tucked against a wall, a table… A window to let the sun in (although the window was behind a plastic security screen), and a television in the corner.-
[09:11] * Isabelle was lying on the bed, wearing a flimsy hospital gown. Her back was turned. Her blonde hair, which had been immaculately prepared the last time Yanmei'd seen it, hung unattended. She was curled up, mumbling something quietly. Yanmei, if she strained her hearing, would recognise a lullaby tune.
[09:15] * Yanmei stared. Then she remembered to shut the door behind her and did so quietly, as if worried about stirring someone from a nap. She lingered in that spot for now, instead of approaching this stranger version of the woman she used to know. "Isabelle?"
[09:26] <Isabelle> "Rock-a-bye baby, on the treetop…" She whispers. "When the wind blows…" She stops, as if just hearing Yanmei's words. She rolls over.-
[09:29] <Isabelle> She stares long and hard. Her eyes are wider than Yanmei can remember. "Who… Who are you?"-
[09:29] <Isabelle> Gently she rocks a little ragdoll in her arms.
[09:31] <Yanmei> "I'm…" She took a step or two forward. Not enough to actually reach her, mind. "I'm Zhang Yanmei. Remember? The EVA pilot?"
[09:34] <Isabelle> "…" She let out a rattling little breath. "I see. I'm not surprised by what I see, you know. Not surprised at all. It seems almost natural for you to look like that." She smiled
[09:34] <Isabelle> .
[09:36] <Yanmei> "W-what?" She looked down at herself, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. She had most certainly seen her in her school uniform before, hadn't she?
[09:38] <Isabelle> "No one looks in a mirror, because they don't want to see what's in there. Did you know that?"
[09:43] <Yanmei> "The mirror?" She recalled, with a sudden stab of even more discomfort, the way that everyone's thoughts had been messed around with inside the Eden Base. "I don't get what you're even talking about…"
[09:43] <Isabelle> "It doesn't matter." Says Isabelle sadly. She droops, staring down at her ragdoll.
[09:45] <Yanmei> "Sorry…" Yanmei paused and ran a hand through her hair. "I just came to see… to see how you were feeling." Her eyes drifted toward the doll, unasked questions in them.
[09:51] <Isabelle> "And what are you seeing?"
[09:54] * Yanmei blinked. Time to sugarcoat it. "You look worn out, like you need a long rest. No surprise there?" She looked aside now. "It must have been horrifying. You shouldn't have had to go through that…'
[10:00] * Isabelle stares at Yanmei. She doesn't blink. "They took my Lizzie."
[10:01] <Yanmei> "They say you're too sick to take care of her anymore," she mumbled, her voice almost at a whisper.
[10:02] <Isabelle> "Do you agree?"
[10:05] <Yanmei> "…" God, she hated saying it aloud. Like kicking a puppy, and not in that fun way. "You… don't seem well, Isabelle."
[10:08] <Isabelle> "She's -my- baby. Adrian says I can look after her." She stares towards the table. And nods. "I know. I'll take care of it."
[10:10] * Yanmei swept her eyes toward the table too… before she caught on. Another stab of sadness. A struggle to politely avoid the topic, but… she couldn't. "Adrian's still here…?"
[10:10] <Isabelle> Her voice grows brittle and cold. "Nothing can take -him- away from me. We're together forever."
[10:13] <Yanmei> "No, I guess not." He probably -was- still there, somewhere. She felt a little dumb for even asking about it. "What happened back there? You two…"
[10:18] <Isabelle> "She… Wanted her children back." Muttered Isabelle. "She missed them. Wanted them back. All of her children, the ones that had been taken from her. We weren't enough. Adrian wasn't enough…" She shook her head. "She would be enough. Little Lizzie belongs in my arms, where I rock her and sing her her lullabies. She'll grow up big and strong, and happy and safe, and Adrian and I will take
[10:18] <Isabelle> good care of her."
[10:21] * Yanmei suddenly felt a sting in her eyes, but she ignored it. Kept a calm face. "Who was the… the one who wanted her children back? Did she say who she was?" She dropped her eyes again. "Some of them came back. She called to them, and they came back."
[10:23] <Isabelle> "She lives in the Evangelion. She's not a bad person. She just wants her children back." Isabelle's face coloured. Her expression changed. The eyebrows drew tighter, the lips thinner. It… Felt menacing.
[10:32] <Yanmei> "Yeah. I know she did." She exhaled softly. "Did she say much about the people who took them away?"
[10:34] <Isabelle> "God and his Angels took them away sixteen years ago and never gave them back." Isabelle rose to her feet. "She is quite willing to kill him to get them back, you know." She smiled brightly- serenely, even, her wrath vanishing.-
[10:34] <Isabelle> "Adrian and I are going to help her…"
[10:40] <Yanmei> "A mom would go that far, huh?" Yanmei folded her arms, trying to act calm. "But… the EVA dissolved away, and that lady… we think she called back as many children as she could as she could as she did. I think she left to find God personally. Maybe the rest of them?"
[10:40] <Yanmei> ^as she could as she did
[10:41] * Isabelle slowly shakes her head.-
[10:41] <Isabelle> "She's not dead."
[10:43] <Yanmei> "She's not?" No hiding the surprise. Or the confusion. Yanmei stared.
[10:45] <Isabelle> "I'm still a pilot." She smiled. "They told me. They're going to keep me until Mother Eva gets rebuilt again. She can, you know. The Core is intact. And then I'll pilot again, and I'll show them that they can't keep my baby away from me."
[10:50] <Yanmei> "They… what?" Yanmei felt suddenly cold all over. "If that's true, you'll be working under the ones who took Elizabeth away. The ones who… did terrible things in that facility. Are you really okay with that?"
[10:53] <Isabelle> "What else am I going to do?"
[10:59] <Yanmei> "… I don't know." she admitted, and her slightly knitted eyebrows betrayed a trace of frustration. "What should be done about Elizabeth in the meantime? If there's anyone at all that you can think of to take care of her temporarily… someone you can trust…"
[11:07] <Isabelle> "Do you know what's important for babies? More than anything?"
[11:07] <Yanmei> "Attention?" She guessed. "From a someone who cares about them?"
[11:08] <Isabelle> "Loving parents." She looked up at the roof. "… How many loving parents do -you- know?"
[11:10] <Yanmei> "… In this organization?" Yanmei looked away. "…"
[11:11] * Isabelle tossed something at Yanmei- the ragdoll.
[11:12] * Yanmei caught it. Stared down at it, surprised. "What…?"
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[11:20] * Isabelle headed back over to the bed, sitting down and rolling over. "She likes being sung to. If she keeps you up, give her a bit of warm milk and rock her to sleep."
[11:22] <Yanmei> "Wh-… What."
[11:23] <Isabelle> "Yanmei?" Asked Isabelle gently.
[11:23] <Yanmei> "Y-yes?" she stared back at her, visibly shaken.
[11:24] <Isabelle> "Take good care of Lizzie." She said, rolling over. She stared at her with those glassy eyes.-
[11:24] <Isabelle> "If you don't, we'll kill you both."
[11:29] <Yanmei> "Oh." Yanmei stared back, and swallowed, and then stared down at the doll at a complete loss. "I don't know if I… … …would you kill me if I found her a better home than the one I could provide? With people who are trustworthy and kind?"
[11:32] <Isabelle> "Loving parents." She repeated, whispering it and savouring the sound. "Now's your chance to grow up like you always wanted, Yanmei. To stop being the weak little girl you keep seeing when you glimpse that big bad mirror you're too scared to look at."
[11:33] <Yanmei> "I… I already am grown up!" she insisted, a hint of anger flickering to life in her eyes.
[11:34] <Isabelle> "If you're so grown up, then why do I see a shaking little girl in too-big clothes?" Said Isabelle sadly. "Why do I see someone who tries so hard to convince everyone around her that she's -not- that little girl?"
[11:39] <Yanmei> "I'm not like that. I'm not!" Furious, she shifted the doll to her side. "You're just saying whatever you want! I'm… just practical, that's all. I have school. I have piloting! And… and I don't know how long it will be until you're better again."
[11:42] <Isabelle> "That's a risk you'll have to take." Said Isabelle, staring at her without blinking. "Besides, you have what you need."
[11:45] <Yanmei> "But I don't know how-!" she caught herself, that broken bit of fear slipping out between the anger amid all the charged emotions. She tried hard to reel it back in. "I've never taken care of a kid this young before."
[11:45] <Isabelle> "And I did?"
[11:50] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei opened her mouth to say something more, but then shut it again after a pronounced silence. "You… you have to promise me that you'll get well enough to look after her, okay? I don't know what I can do, but if you promise me that, I… it would at least put me at ease."
[11:53] * Isabelle paused, tucking her hands under her pillow. Very slowly, tears started to form in her eyes. "I promise, Yanmei. I promise. We want our Lizzie back. Our precious, precious Lizzie. I-I miss her so much. I just…" She choked.
[11:57] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei watched her for a little while. Then she came a little closer. Put a hand on her shoulder. "I'll make sure she comes here for visits. I can do that much, I think. Pull a few strings if it's against the rules. I don't know if it would be, though?"
[11:59] <Isabelle> "Y-You have to. You have to look after her until I'm strong enough. You have to let me see her. Please, Yanmei. -Please-. I know I can trust you out of anyone. You know how it feels."
[12:05] <Yanmei> "How it feels?" She'd never had a child before. But… she knew what it was like to want to see someone and not being able to.
[12:07] * Isabelle nods slowly. "How it feels to love someone like I love him."
[12:12] * Yanmei nodded with her, suddenly sad but not quite willing to show it openly. "Adrian. He's a good guy," she mumbled. "And he really loves her."
[12:14] <Isabelle> "He does." Tears filling her eyes, coursing down her cheeks. "He misses her so much. He wants nothing more than to hold her again…" She closed her eyes. "Rock-a-bye baby…"
[12:15] <Yanmei> "It'll be okay, Isabelle." She tried smiling at her again, a confident smile. "You'll all be together again soon. Just hang in there."
[12:16] * Isabelle nodded slowly…
[12:18] <Yanmei> "I'll… head out now, I guess? Try to make arrangements." She started backing away. "I'll come again tomorrow to tell you what's going on. Can I bring anything for you?"
[12:20] * Isabelle tugged at her collar miserably. "Something from home…"
[12:24] <Yanmei> "Ah, clothes? No problem. The stuff they have here isn't too comfortable, huh?" She smiled. Worst scenario, she'd pick up something for her at the store. Comfortable sweatpants, or something. "Try to relax and get some rest in the meantime, okay?"
[12:25] <Isabelle> "Alright." Said Isabelle. "… Yanmei?"
[12:25] <Yanmei> "Yes?"
[12:27] <Isabelle> "I really do think you can be a very good adult once you learn how to accept what you see in that mirror. Just be brave. Like I did once. When I decided to stop being an angry fool…"
[12:31] <Yanmei> "I'm really not like that." For a moment, she seemed miserable and very tired, and slightly hurt. "I'm just me. I'm not…"
[12:32] * Isabelle waved her away. "Don't speak to me about it. You can't do stuff like… That with me. You need to do it with that person you love, because you didn't ask for me to see you like this."
[12:36] <Yanmei> "…" A little put off now, she backed away further. "Goodbye for now. Have a good night."
[12:40] <Isabelle> "Goodnight, sweetheart. You go have a nice liedown, and mummy will be back if you need her…"
[12:42] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei left the doll on the table before going, and her departure was a brisk one. In the hallway, she just stood there for a little while, trying to catch her bearings and to figure out what the hell had just happened.
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