She Said Merry Christmas Isaiah

[19:22] <AdEvaGM> [It was 6:30 PM in Tokyo-2. In the hotel suite shared by Isaiah and Yanmei, Isaiah sat in the living room. It was an hour until the start of the opera, and he was both excited and nervous as he awaited for his companion to emerge.]
[19:34] <Yanmei> And emerge she did, a vision of violet and doves and gold in a body-hugging cheongsam. It was knee-length, slitted up one side, complimented by the accessories that Isaiah had bought and a soft-swept updo. "Sorry to keep you waiting." Yanmei carried herself with a confident grin. In this, she would turn heads that night, and it didn't show a lot of skin either.
[19:37] <AdEvaGM> ["I…" Isaiah stared as Yanmei emerged, then made an obvious effort not to stare, his face burning a shade of red Yanmei hadn't seen for a very long time. "Y-You look magnificent. Does it, er. Suit you?"]
[19:39] <Yanmei> "I think so!" She said brightly, his expression not lost on her. She spun once or twice. "Don't you agree?"
[19:40] <AdEvaGM> ["I-I do." He glanced back up, smiling, although his face still a glorious red. "I-It fits ok? I t-think my estimate was spot-on, but…"]
[19:43] <Yanmei> "Yeah, you have an eye for measurements, don't you?" She crossed the room to him. "You got it exactly right! It's almost scary."
[19:47] <AdEvaGM> ["I-It's just mathematics." Said Isaiah, standing. He'd managed to rustle up a nice Manchurian jacket from somewhere; black on the outside, white on the inside. "Um."]
[19:49] <Yanmei> "You found a nice outfit for yourself tonight too!" Yanmei remarked with a wink. "You look really handsome, you know?"
[19:51] <AdEvaGM> [Isaiah blushed even deeper. "Y-You think so?" He rotated his torso a little to the left and right. "I tried combing my hair a little, but once it gets like this-" he looked up at the fluffy, nearly uncontrollable mess- "All I'm doing is wasting time…"]
[19:55] * Yanmei laughed a little. "Well, it's not like you can change the way your hair acts. Hm… actually, though? I have some hair products that you could use to slick it back some if you want. It's up to you."
[19:56] <AdEvaGM> ["What do you prefer?"]
[19:56] <Yanmei> "I like it the way it is. It's more you!"
[19:58] <AdEvaGM> [Isaiah smiled. "I'll keep it then." He walked over and, smiling, took her hand and kissed it. The gesture had become a lot more refined since the farce all that time ago. "It's an honour to h-have you grace my company tonight."]
[20:01] <Yanmei> "The pleasure is mine." She smiled gently at him. What a formal thing to do! "Do you have the tickets? I wrote down directions. Shall we head out?"
[20:04] <AdEvaGM> ["They're in my wallet." Said Isaiah. He gently turned the hand-kiss gesture into a simple, more familiar side-by-side hand hold. "Let's go. I called ahead for a taxi earlier."]
[20:07] <Yanmei> "Nice! That will save us some time." She tugged him along. "Let's get there early so we won't have to stand in line -too- long."
[20:08] <AdEvaGM> ["Hahaha, alright!"-
[20:11] <AdEvaGM> [Luckily they didn't have to wait for their taxi! However, to Yanmei's satisfaction she'd find herself and her partner being scrutinised and watched by various people- they were definitely turning heads. A few whispers followed her- some people seemed to guess who she was- but no one bothered her or Isaiah.-
[20:14] <AdEvaGM> [The drive to the Opera House took upwards of half an hour, so by the time that they arrived at the Tokyo-2 National Opera House, they had maybe 20 minutes to check in and be seated- perfect timing! The wind was pleasant on their skin, being mildly cool amidst the warm Tokyo air. "I… Think you know where to take us, Yanyan."]
[20:21] <Yanmei> "Of course." She was gripping one of his hands again, leading the way to the front doors. There was a throng of people still about, some smoking before going in, and others still milling about, just enjoying the breeze or waiting for friends. Just beyond them, through the open doors, was a row of ticket boxes, with bigger crowds in front of them.
[20:22] <AdEvaGM> [Isaiah's hand was pleasantly warm in her's.-
[20:25] <AdEvaGM> [The interior was decorated tastefully, with lots of reds and whites to give if a festive feel. There were -plenty- of seats, rising above their heads as well as below, to their left and right. There was an usher to collect their tickets and direct them onwards.]
[20:33] <Yanmei> Balcony seating, right up against the protective front railing. It wasn't a private box by any means, but it did mean that they had quite the view of the velvet-curtained stage and the audience fltering into their seats below. So many black ties and formal dresses… Yanmei dropped into her seat and leaned over, peering down. "How are you feeling, Isaiah?"
[20:34] <AdEvaGM> ["Wonderful." He said dreamily.]
[20:37] <Yanmei> That made her smile and relax. Such a change after the last few days. She remembered the way she had found him last night after coming home… the poor boy was terrible at being a drunken lout, but the fact that he had made an effort to be like that was troubling. "I'm glad. It seems like this morning was the first time you smiled in a while."
[20:39] <AdEvaGM> ["I've…" He took a deep breath. "I had a bit of time to think about how I feel about things."]
[20:40] <Yanmei> "Have you?" She watched him carefully.
[20:41] <AdEvaGM> ["I have." He was still holding her hand, and he squeezed it gently. "I… Felt really awful for a few reasons…"]
[20:44] * Yanmei nodded sympatheically. "About… the lab, right?"
[20:44] <AdEvaGM> [He nodded. "Mostly the lab, yeah." He frowned. "… I didn't like what I did there."]
[20:46] <Yanmei> "I don't think anyone's holding it against you. You weren't acting like yourself, but… it was easy to see why at the time."
[20:49] <AdEvaGM> [Isaiah nodded. "I'm glad. That no one's holding it against me, at least." He looked to her and smiled. "It's just… Dr. Ikari looked at me with such -fear- in her eyes. It felt -awful-, Yanmei. To know that someone was so -scared- of me."]
[20:54] <Yanmei> "Awful? Well… I can only imagine, yes." Someone was passing below in a lavish red gown, and Yanmei stared in brief amazement. "When we were at her houe yesterday, she said that she was sorry. But it came from real regret, I think, instead of fear."
[20:55] <AdEvaGM> ["I'm glad." Murmured Isaiah. He glanced at Yanmei. "Did… Did you see -her-?"]
[20:59] <Yanmei> "See her? I'm taking her shopping tomorrow." Yanmei leaned back with a little sigh. "I don't know what happened. I went to her room, thinking I would just be nice to her, but she had mementos. Things that reminded me of…" she hesitated, almost biting her lip. "But she's not Rei. I know that."
[21:01] <AdEvaGM> ["…" Isaiah looked troubled. "She's not Rei. But… But… Yanmei, can she… Feel?"]
[21:04] <Yanmei> Guild flooded her eyes. "Acutely, so," she muttered, glancing away again. "She was crying. I think she's actually a pretty sensitive person."
[21:07] <AdEvaGM> ["…" Isaiah looked down at his feet. "Poor… Poor girl."]
[21:08] <Yanmei> "How do you feel… about her? She keeps asking for you?"
[21:11] <AdEvaGM> ["…" Isaiah's face looked a little heartbroken. "Every time I see her face I feel this pain in my chest. I don't want to be reminded of Rei. But… But if she's so -hurting-, I-I don't know if I can just stand aside and do nothing to help her…" He sighed. "I don't think simply pretending she -is- Rei is healthy, though. She should be her own person, Yanyan."]
[21:16] <Yanmei> "When I spoke with her last, she admitted to not being our Rei. It was startling." Yanmei frowned. "But she still has those feelings that the old Rei carried with her. And Dr Ikari wasn't really helping matters. She still thought of her as her original baby girl in a new body."
[21:19] <AdEvaGM> ["… I'm not sure what we can do, Yanyan."]
[21:22] <Yanmei> "Maybe she just needs time. I want to help her somehow. To be nice to her, but encourage her to try new things. If she meets more people, experiments with them and herself, then will grow into her own person, won't she?"
[21:23] <AdEvaGM> ["You're right, Yanmei." Said Isaiah, looking at her. "… Thank you."]
[21:24] <Yanmei> "Well, I've… some things to make up for." She shifted uncomfortably.
[21:25] <AdEvaGM> ["Some things?"]
[21:27] <Yanmei> "When she came to visit that one time? I wasn't exactly nice to her." Her frown deepened. "I don't know what she is, but I can at least be civil…"
[21:30] <AdEvaGM> ["…" Isaiah squeezed her hand gently. "I think the best we can do is try to make it up to the poor girl. Despite what we've done or feel."]
[21:34] <Yanmei> "Are you going to see her, then?"
[21:34] <AdEvaGM> ["…" Isaiah trembled slightly. "C-Can I go with you tomorrow? I don't want to see her by myself…" He said shamefully.]
[21:36] <Yanmei> "I don't mind." She returned the squeeze he had given her. "I think we can have fun tomorrow, the three of us."
[21:36] <AdEvaGM> ["Alright." Said Isaiah happily- no, more like relieved. Yanmei could see the affection- the trust!- in her eyes.-
[21:37] <AdEvaGM> [… Then things started to go dark as the lights were turned down.]
[21:38] * Yanmei let her eyes settle expectantly on the opera. "Sorry," she whispered in the darkness. "This isn't supposed to be the most cheerful show. But they -are- good performers."
[21:39] <AdEvaGM> ["I'm looking forward to it." He said anyway, his earlier worries replaced with an undercurrent of excitement. "I've wanted to see this troupe perform for -ages-."]
[21:41] * Yanmei smiled, although it probably went unseen. She went back to staring at the stage, and with time, there was a tap-tap-tap from the orchestra pit, and lovely music began to swell. The curtains parted, and the opera began!
[21:50] <AdEvaGM> [It was a grand, epic tale. A young, handsome performer came on stage and proclaimed his identity: 'I am Xiang Yu, Overlord of Chu!' He was surrounded by admiring friends and generals, swimming in wealth- he was clearly at the height of his glory. But there was only one other thing worthy of sharing the stage- his beautiful consort Yu. All bowed aside for these two.]
[21:53] * Yanmei snuck occassional glances at Isaiah throughout the first part of the show. -She- was enjoying the spectacle, but she wanted to be sure that he was too. It was a gift for him, after all.
[21:56] <AdEvaGM> [Isaiah was drinking it in with obvious delight. In fact, it was clear that he was enjoying this -stupendously-. Occasionally, when he thought she wasn't looking he'd look over to gauge her reaction too.]
[22:00] * Yanmei was trying to look composed even during the parts when she was not watching Isaiah. But she was reacting too… eyes widening at some of the more ornate moves of the perfermers, sometimes sharp inhalations. It was clear that she was engaged!
[22:01] <AdEvaGM> [This… Made Isaiah very happy, indeed. It'd be awful if yanmei were bored or just suffering through it.-
[22:03] <AdEvaGM> [As the play continued, the story developed. Overlord Xiang Yu was powerful and proud and noble, and his Consort Yu a lovely, fair-hearted maiden, but she was also wise where he was headstrong. A pattern started to develop: Xiang Yu's noble soul and proud heart would continually drag him into situations where he suffered or failed, and each time he would bemoan, "If only I had listened to my dear consort Yu! Forevermore will I heed her words."-
[22:03] <AdEvaGM> [He'd inevitably fail again.]
[22:21] <Yanmei> Tsk. He really should just listen to her, Yanmei decided, leaning back. And yet, she couldn't blame him for -not- listening.-
[22:21] <Yanmei> Sometimes, listening to one's gut was better than listening to others.
[22:24] <AdEvaGM> [… Except in this case it didn't go so well.-
[22:26] <AdEvaGM> [Over time, Xiang Yu's headstrong pride started to cause serious problems. His wealth dwindled away. His friends and followers left, either because of disgust, greed- or because they'd died thanks to his actions.-
[22:26] <AdEvaGM> [The climax of the opera- Xiang Yu sitting despondently in his final fortress, surrounded by his enemies outside the walls… Utterly alone except for his darling Consort Yu.]
[22:27] * Yanmei was on the edge of her seat! They were obviously going to be killed, but she wanted Xiang Yu to be right just once. Maybe some cunning escape plan?
[22:31] <AdEvaGM> ["Thus is my fate." Proclaimed Xiang Yu. "In conquering, I have been conquered; in glory seeking I become inglorious. In pride I become shamed. But I stand here, fated to die, I make one last choice." He held Consort Yu to him. "I who would be god choose now to die as I have lived- as a man."]
[22:33] <Yanmei> "Damn," Yanmei muttered under her breath.
[22:34] <AdEvaGM> ["The Lord of Han has placed a bounty on my head. Claim it and live in luxury, my beloved Yu." And with a final gulp of wine… He died.]
[22:36] <Yanmei> Sadness. But no tears, at least not in public. She glanced over at Isaiah to see how he was taking this expected turn of events.
[22:37] <AdEvaGM> [Isaiah's eyes were wide and full of sadness! Yanmei could sense him reaching through time to try to comfort these poor doomed lovers…!-
[22:37] <AdEvaGM> [Consort Yu held her beloved. "the Han army has conquered our land, we are surrounded by Chu songs. My lover's spirit has fled; Why then should I live?" She picked up her Lord's sword…-
[22:37] <AdEvaGM> [And joined him in his fate!]
[22:41] * Yanmei started a little, and then let her shoulders sink down a little. She felt bad for them both, now. There were tears in the audience, and a swelling of applause as the curtains closed and then opened once more for stage bows.
[22:42] <AdEvaGM> ["S-So sad…"]
[22:44] <Yanmei> "I know, right?" Yanmei turned toward Isaiah. She was clapping politely along with everyone else, and it was hard to maake out both his and her own words. "But… did you like it?"
[22:44] <AdEvaGM> [He turned to her with awe and love in his face. "I -loved- it~"]
[22:49] <Yanmei> "You did?" Her smile only grew at that. "So glad!" The houselights were coming back on, gradually and seamlessly. "We should have done this before!"
[22:50] <AdEvaGM> ["We'll have to do it again." Said Isaiah. "… Thank you, Yanmei. This was the best Christmas I've had in… A very long time."]
[22:52] <Yanmei> "Oh, don't mention it!" Yanmei shook her head. "You gave me a good gift too. I just…"
[22:52] <AdEvaGM> ["Just…?"]
[22:55] <Yanmei> "You've helped me out so much. I don't think that this even begins to make up for it," she chuckled. "Even just recently, in that lab fight against, ah, you-know-who. He could have killed me back then, but you stepped in and helped me. And it's not the first time something like that has happened."
[23:01] <AdEvaGM> [A gentle blush settled into Isaiah's face. "Yanmei…" He said softly. Slowly he reached out and put a hand on her cheek. "You know, seeing you alive- seeing you happy- is all the reward I want."]
[23:04] <Yanmei> "I want to see you alive and happy too." It came out clearn, but it was a struggle it say it that she'd never had before. "Happy and unharmed. My mother passed that knife and the sheath to you, but your protection is really important too. Really important…"
[23:09] <AdEvaGM> ["…" He took her hand. "Come on. Let's go somewhere." He was smiling.]
[23:14] <Yanmei> "…?" Yanmei stood, letting him take the lead. "Where to?"
[23:14] <AdEvaGM> ["I saw a park nearby." He said, his eyes shining. "We can watch the Christmas fireworks from there."]
[23:15] <Yanmei> "Hey~ Not bad. I didn't even realize there was a viewspot like that so close to here! Who tipped you off, anyway?"
[23:16] <AdEvaGM> ["I think Misato-san told me…" He paused. "It's -fine-."]
[23:20] <Yanmei> "I didn't say it wasn't fine…" God, there were probably going to be a ton of people making out there, weren't there? It was like she was determined to put them in bad situations. "…Isaiah? What do you think she and Marianne talked to my mother about today?"
[23:22] <AdEvaGM> [He started to lead her away. "… You know, I don't know. But… I trust Marianne to keep Misato behaving."]
[23:27] <Yanmei> "Hm. I hope so." For now, she was content to let herself be led, down from the balcony and through the lobby and beyond. This feeling of being led around… it was starting to get familiar.
[23:31] <AdEvaGM> [Isaiah led her out of the opera house- back under the stars. It was cooler now, the wind starting to pick up a chill. "This way."-
[23:33] <AdEvaGM> [Luckily it wasn't too far away, only about ten minutes' walk or so. And what a lovely park it was- a pleasant, natural fragrance hung on the air. Trees dotted the green green grass in rows; flowers bloomed, and thankfully it wasn't as crowded as Yanmei had suspected. There -were- kissing couples, but… There were others too. Children, giggling; a few pairs of old, happy-looking couples… The sky was clear and full above them.]
[23:37] <Yanmei> "This isn't half bad," she decided, gazing around. She felt a bit up of place in the formal eveningwear, but… in any case she tried to tug Isaiah to a nearby bench.
[23:38] <Yanmei> ^out of place
[23:38] <AdEvaGM> [Isaiah let himself be tugged!]
[23:50] <Yanmei> The bench. Yanmei relaxed on it, crossing her ankles and peering up at the sky. No signs of the fireworks yet. "Isaiah?"
[23:50] <AdEvaGM> [About two minutes until the fireworks. "Yeah?"]
[23:57] <Yanmei> "Like…" She frowned. "In the play we just saw, do you think that it was fate that led to Xiang Yu's demise?"
[23:58] <AdEvaGM> ["Fate…?" Isaiah frowned. "It can seem like it is, in hindsight. Because his life seemed so much like a story." He turned to look at her. "But I don't think there's any such thing as fate, exactly."]
[00:07] <Yanmei> "Good. It's just a simple romance. Maybe I'm reading into it too much." She almost frowned a little. "Hmph. Things like fate and destiny… Maybe if he's listened to his wife, he might have lived. But at the same time… don't you think it was something admirable in him trusting in his own judgement before other people's? Not necessarily smart, but… it was kinda cool, seeing someone so strong willed."
[00:09] <AdEvaGM> ["There's something very appealing about a person who trusts their own judgement so much." Said Isaiah. "It shows integrity, trust in themselves… It shows confidence. People like that seem to just be able to do anything."-
[00:10] <AdEvaGM> ["… There were times where Xiang Yu's judgement was -right-, so I think, it's fine to trust your own judgement. But you should also trust it enough to realise when you should trust someone else's."]
[00:15] <Yanmei> "Naturally. Trust in your urges to trust others." Yanmei nodded. "Or know who you should trust, rather. Who to pull second opinions from, and how they approach things."
[00:16] <AdEvaGM> [Isaiah nodded. "That's where Xiang Yu went wrong. He couldn't trust Consort Yu very much… If you can't trust the person you love the most…"]
[00:23] <Yanmei> "Right," she agreed. "Maybe that was foolish of him." … Was she supposed to learn a lesson from this? She felt as though she was.
[00:24] <AdEvaGM> ["… Still. Even if he didn't succeed in the end, he's still famous 2,000 years later. So that has to count for something." Said Isaiah with a smile. He stood up.-
[00:25] <AdEvaGM> [Fireworks. They blossomed into the sky… Red, green, blue! Bang. Bang. Isaiah held out a hand to Yanmei.]
[00:29] * Yanmei took it. She wasn't sure if she wanted to, but there were things she should confide in him about. Maybe she would just watch the bright colors in the sky first, however, and try to sort them out in her mind, because she probably couldn't even articulate it well. For now, it was just a thick cloud of confusion. "Merry Christmas, Isaiah."
[00:36] <AdEvaGM> [Isaiah smiled. He pulled her in close- like they might start dancing. "Merry christmas, Yanmei." He rested his forehead against her's for a moment.-
[00:37] <AdEvaGM> [Then… A gentle, loving kiss on her lips. A sign of trust as much as it was one of love.]
[00:40] <Yanmei> So many kisses lately. This one she understood a little less, but she went with it because it was Isaiah. She trusted him too.
[00:41] <AdEvaGM> [… The fireworks crackled in the sky. Boom. Bang…-
[00:42] <AdEvaGM> [… and suddenly he was jerked from her, releasing her suddenly with force. He stumbled backwards, staring with wide eyes… Eyes filled with pain. He gripped his stomach.]
[00:43] <Yanmei> "Wh-what? What's wrong?!" She reached for him, tried to catch his shoulder. Was he sick?!
[00:44] <AdEvaGM> [Shakily, he pushed her away.-
[00:44] <AdEvaGM> [The fireworks burst above…-
[00:44] <AdEvaGM> [… And this time she saw it. The sudden impact in his right breast, a burst of blood- a bullet wound. He stumbled backwards- and fell onto the grass below.]
[00:51] <Yanmei> And Yanmei… dove on top of him before she could think. Because she was supposed to protect him, and god, where were they coming from?! "Isaiah! I-Isai-!" His name caught in her throat, and she pressed her forehead to his again.
[00:52] <AdEvaGM> ["Y… Ya…" He was gasping, his air escaping him. He was gasping her name.-
[00:53] <AdEvaGM> [The blood… Yanmei could see it spreading, staining the grass below with its redness.-
[00:53] <AdEvaGM> ["I…" A shaking hand on her's. His warm hand…-
[00:54] <AdEvaGM> [Wasn't so warm anymore…]
[00:58] <Yanmei> "S-save." She looked around. Where were those agents who had been watching her during the incident at the cafe now?! "Protect! I will…" she was kissing him on the mouth again, just once, and fumbling for her bag awkwardly. Phone.
[00:59] <AdEvaGM> [His eyes were fluttering. "L…"-
[01:00] <AdEvaGM> [Shapes around her. If she dared to look she'd see S2 Agents, guns out. "Zhang. Zhang! An ambulance is on its way-" "Oh god, the blood-" "Shut up, Kai. Zhang! Please, you have to move…"]
[01:05] * Yanmei ignored the command, just shaking her head, forehead still pressed to Isaiah's. There were tears splashing down onto his face now, too.
[01:06] <AdEvaGM> ["S-Saito, she-" Yanmei would feel herself -wrenched- from Isaiah by an Agent. Another one ripped open his tattered, bloodstained jacket and shirt…]
[01:10] * Yanmei -fought- for a minute, before realizing what was going on, a terrified and desperate instinct. But then, something in her ears echoed the word 'ambulance', and the fight went out of her, her arms growing limp.
[01:11] <AdEvaGM> [He looked so pale and weak, his eyes closed. One hand still stretched out to her.-
[01:12] <AdEvaGM> [A siren. Several sirens… Yanmei wouldn't care. But she could hear the murmured cries of horror from onlookers.-
[01:12] <AdEvaGM> [Paramedics arrived. Loaded him onto a stretcher.]
[01:16] * Yanmei tried to follow him, her legs moving automatically. If he was going into the back of that thing, she would too!
[01:17] <AdEvaGM> [No one stopped her. No one was willing.-
[01:18] <AdEvaGM> [He was out. Not dead, not according to the paramedics, who fought to keep him alive.-
[01:18] <AdEvaGM> [Yanmei would see before the doors closed- a familiar-looking car suddenly skidding to a halt. The familiar, distant faces of Marianne, worried and tight- and the face of Misato Katsuragi. Angry. Focused. An altogether ferocious, different woman than Yanmei had yet known…-
[01:19] <AdEvaGM> [The ambulance doors closed. She felt it move. They were heading off…]
[01:24] * Yanmei had ignored the two women, as well as the lurch of the ambulance as it got moving. She was torn. Wanting to go over and hold him again, but afraid, because there were still at least 2 people hunched over him, still trying to keep him from losing a pulse. She shifted closer, and reached for his hand, her own trembling. She could do this at least, couldn't she?
[01:25] <AdEvaGM> [His hand… A bare, twitch-like movement as she grabbed them. They were so clammy- the warmth was gone…-
[01:25] <AdEvaGM> [The two paramedics paid Yanmei no mind. Bandages, blood, constant unceasing work.-
[01:27] <AdEvaGM> [The ambulance flew down streets…]
[01:29] * Yanmei held on tighter. It felt like he was going to slip away, and… she broke down again. More tears. They were quiet ones, at least. For once she didn't care who saw.
[01:32] <AdEvaGM> [The two paramedics worked. One of them looked at the other with a grim expression. Both of them looked over at Yanmei- one of them whispering something in Japanese ("We won't fail you.") before they turned back to their charge, redoubling their efforts.-
[01:33] <AdEvaGM> [A bump- jostling the ambulance- before… It came to a stop. They'd reached a hospital…-
[01:33] <AdEvaGM> [Doors opening. The paramedics started to carry the stretcher out. One of them reached out to support Yanmei too.]
[01:37] * Yanmei stared blankly for a moment, as if she didn't understand. But Isaiah was leaving the back of the ambulance, so so should she. She wiped her face with the back of one hand, and reached out with the other, gulping air, her expression changing somewhat, and then again and again, as if it was having a difficult time deciding on an expression. It settled on a fragile sort of nuetrality.
[01:39] <AdEvaGM> [Through white corridors. Doctoral murmurings… Everything seemed strangely muted.-
[01:39] <AdEvaGM> [Isaiah remained still.-
[01:40] <AdEvaGM> [Eventually they came to a pair of doors- the paramedics pushed them open, whilst a nurse… Took ahold of Yanmei's shoulders, gently, supportively. The paramedics were taking him though those doors and she couldn't follow.]
[01:41] <Yanmei> "…" Something like this had happened last time too, hadn't it? This was the part with all the terrible waiting. Her visage almost crumpled again, but she reinforced it. She would wait.
[01:42] <AdEvaGM> [The nurse guided her to a chair. A place where she could wait. She spoke vague reassurances, patted Yanmei's hand. Eventually she hurried off… Leaving Yanmei alone.]
[01:48] * Yanmei could only understand the ocassional word, but she understand that people were being kind to her. She sat there in her formal cheongsam. There wasn't anything else left for her to do. At one point, she opened her purse and stared down at her collection of phones, and closed it quickly, because seeing one of them in particular made things suddenly much much worse.-
[01:51] <Yanmei> Marianne knew what was happening. Maybe she could leave it to someone else to alert Dorian for a change. For now, she let her head gently fall back and rest against the wall of the waiting area, eyes focused on an indistinct point on a far upper corner of the room, a swirling pool of bitterness and misery and occassionally blankness.-
[01:55] <Yanmei> More and more, it began to lean toward the last of those emotions, while the other two submerged beneath the surface, and for now she could sense a facade of composure sliding into place like a mask.

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