She Said Sit Down Agent W

[16:51] <W> [The elevator's low hum was covered by the steady beat of the boy's headphones. He stood in the middle of the cramped space, eyes staring blankly forward. From time to time, his fingers would tap a few buttons on his music player, but his eyes kept staring at the seam between the two closed doors quite idly.]
[16:55] <@Isaiah> [The elevator was slow, as per usual, but eventually it shuddered to a stop and opened, revealing a massive office, with black tiles and a roof, and shuttered windows. Symbols glowed on the roof and on the floor brightly. In the very middle was a desk- at which a woman sat. She was looking down at something and writing. She didn't look up.]
[17:01] * W stepped into the office, not paying the woman any mind. He scanned the symbols on the roof briefly before wandering over to the side, looking over the spines of the books on the shelves.
[17:06] <@Isaiah> [The books weren't in any language W could understand…!]
[17:07] * W reached out to take one out regardless for a look. For future reference.
[17:13] <@Isaiah> [Spindly, thin, flowing letters…-
[17:16] <@Isaiah> [The writing stopped, and Ginevre Fontaine looked up. "Welcome, Agent W."]
[17:20] <W> "Mrs Fontaine." The book snapped shut. W slid it carefully back into its rightful place, closed the glass doors of the bookcase and turned around to face the Director. "I think I see the problem here."
[17:21] <@Isaiah> ["Indeed?"]
[17:22] <W> "Your elevators aren't very efficient. One inefficient part inspires inefficiency in others. I know a guy. Could fix all of the elevators in a couple hours. Need your permission to get him here, though."
[17:26] <@Isaiah> ["But would that truly fix the elevators? If inefficiency in one part can spread, then perhaps the inefficiency lies elsewhere first and foremost?"]
[17:29] <W> "Sometimes just one new part introduced into a corrupt whole can change everything. Besides, leaving a problem untended would set a poor precedent. For others -and- yourself."
[17:29] <@Isaiah> ["But perhaps the elevator isn't inefficient. Perhaps its working…" She leaned forward, folding her hands together. "Exactly as planned."]
[17:34] <W> "But of course. There are appearances to keep up, however. A poorly-oiled machine will only attract attention to what you're trying to do with it. So I ask again. Why are the elevators allowed such sloth?"
[17:36] <@Isaiah> ["If you were in my position, why would you want slothful elevators?"]
[17:39] <W> "The problem with turning the board around is that you end up with your opponent's pieces. I'd just fuck with people, make it change directions a couple times on the way. I'm sure how you use it depends on your guest, though."
[17:41] <@Isaiah> ["That would be a step too far for my purposes, for you see, the elevator has to be always moving towards its goal inexorably, whatever that goal may be."]
[17:46] <W> "But that necessity will always remain only in the head of the orchestrator. The elevator will never be capable of fathoming its place in the world. It is a one-dimensional being in a three-dimensional world."
[17:47] <@Isaiah> ["True. But if the elevator is, as you say, a piece on my board, then it is my will that keeps it moving in that direction."]
[17:49] <W> "An unwillingness to look back will leave you in a dead end, and your opponent will leave you nothing to look back to."
[17:50] <@Isaiah> ["But is it not also true that looking only backwards mean you do not progress? To be truly unfettered by the past, we must move completely towards the future."]
[17:54] <W> "Leading yourself into perpetual zugzwang by advancing recklessly could only be called progress by the weakest of minds."
[17:59] <@Isaiah> ["And that is why the elevator advances slowly. Please, sit down, Agent W."]
[18:02] * W took the seat with a nod. "Thank you, Mrs Fontaine. Now, I believe we are supposed to be discussing the parameters of my assignment."
[18:04] <@Isaiah> ["That is correct. I assume you read the documents we sent ahead?"]
[18:06] <W> "I did. I think we can assume that level of professionalism from each other."
[18:17] <@Isaiah> [Fontaine nodded. "You have been chosen to discover who was behind the sabotage attempt on EVA-04, as well as the assassination attempt on Isaiah Gabriel-Wei."]
[18:22] <W> "The Palace attack isn't considered related?"
[18:24] <@Isaiah> ["The palace attack targetted political individuals, a military installation, and one individual who was of NERV interest. The main crux is that we know who the culprit was behind the palace attack, and a good idea as to their aims. If you wish to link them or indeed, inquire into the palace attack, that is your prerogative."]
[18:28] <W> "Acceptable. And I have the authority to go as far up the chain as this takes me?"
[18:28] <@Isaiah> ["You do. Of course, you will be reporting to me."]
[18:30] <W> "Anything I'll stumble on that you'd kill me for finding? An advance warning would be polite."
[18:32] <@Isaiah> ["If I'd kill you for finding it, why would I tell you in the first place?" Asked Fontaine. "Nevertheless, I'm not the sort of person who kills people simply for discovering something sensitive."]
[18:34] <W> "I'm sure." He smiled pleasantly. "Anything else?"
[18:36] <@Isaiah> ["You will be assigned a partner."]
[18:37] * W frowned. He slid out his player from a sleeve and tapped a few times. "I wasn't informed."
[18:39] <@Isaiah> ["By the time I decided to assign you a partner, you had already arrived."]
[18:41] <W> Clever. "You are aware I have reliable partners of my own ready to be flown in. You might be slowing down the investigation."
[18:44] <@Isaiah> ["Entirely possible. On the other hand, are any of your partners acquainted with the pilots, victims, NERV staff…?"]
[18:48] <W> "They are not." An unblinking pause. "If you insist. Who are you talking about?"
[18:53] <@Isaiah> ["A special agent of ours named Nagisa Kaworu."]
[18:59] * W nodded. "I'll make sure I acquaint myself with him and make use of his contacts. The rules are set, then." He grinned. "The game begins."
[19:00] <@Isaiah> ["Do you have any requests or questions?"]
[19:01] <W> "No. I'll find out everything soon enough."
[19:14] <@Isaiah> ["Very well. Dismissed."]

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