She Said The Ground

[05:22] <Mina‘Haplo> [[Session 23: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Date: 11th February, 2016. Episode title: She said, "The ground…?!"-
[05:24] <Mina`Haplo> [It had been some weeks since the turbulent holiday in Japan had come to an end.-
[05:25] <Mina`Haplo> [The trip back saw the addition of a new passenger- Ayanami Rei, who was assigned to Tokyo-2 for experience, training, and Angel prevention- in this case, Aline.-
[05:25] <Mina`Haplo> [Strangely enough, Fontaine hadn’t been seen yet. Ever since the pilots had returned, VC Thomas had been acting as Commander…-
[05:27] <Mina‘Haplo> [Isaiah’s days in hospital had ended sometime in early February. However, he still required a weekly checkup…-
[05:27] <Mina‘Haplo> [And finally. The energies of the pilots would probably be turned towards… Something else.-
[05:28] <Mina`Haplo> [School was beginning again. A new year. A rebuilt school. New uniforms to be purchased, new books… It wasn’t easy, being a teenager.]
[05:35] * Yanmei peered glumly from a window in her and Marianne's apartment. School, as everyone knew, was most toloraable when the social aspect of it was emphasized and cultivated. However, there were certain people who disagreed with that assessment -
[05:36] <Yanmei> Certain people whe recommended she start studying ahead of time to avoid the disaster that her grade had turned into during the second half of the previous year. Certain people who were insistant on finding a tutor for her as soon as the school year began. This was what she had to endure.-
[05:37] <Yanmei> Spread open in her lap, as she sat there on a couch, was a brand new math book.
[05:38] <Sept> Back to school… Sera de Pteres was out trying on the new uniforms, struggling between the choice of two sizes. There was someone else present, a friend he'd met on the way. "What do you think of the new ones, Edgar?" The pilot adjusted the sleeves again and tried stretching in the smaller-size clothes, frowning. He idly wondered whether there would be more or less judo this year. And
[05:38] <Sept> which one he would prefer.
[05:40] <Mina‘Haplo> [Sympathetic arms curled around Yanmei’s neck. "It's not all bad." Said Isaiah soothingly. "Think of the upsides."-
[05:40] <Aline> Entirely elsewhere, Aline was checking out the uniform store with her new, not-quite human friend. Happily showing her different sizes and asking her to see which one fit better as she went~ "Ah, don't you worry, I'll try to make sure this is as comfortable as I can make it. Being at school, that is!"
[05:41] <Mina‘Haplo> ["Eh." Said Edgar. "Red’s a pretty cool colour, what can I say?" He lifted his blazer up and put it on. "-Bam-."-
[05:42] <Mina‘Haplo> ["Thank you, Leenie-chan." Said Rei, peering at the clothes one by one. "Although I shouldn’t have problems with the material, the… People side might be hard to handle by myself."]
[05:44] <Yanmei> "There are no upsides. Only woe after woe." Was she… sulking? No, she was far too mature and dignified for that. Brooding, perhaps.
[05:46] * Aline smiled cheerily. "Don't worry, I'll be there to back you up, I'm sure!"
[05:48] <Mina‘Haplo> ["I can think of -two- upsides." Said Isaiah stoutly.]
[05:48] <Mina`Haplo> [Rei smiled… And took one of the uniforms. "I’m going to try this one on."]
[05:49] * Sept discreetly ripped a seam open and stretched again. That was better. And it didn't really show from the outside, either. Might not be as warm, but that was another problem for another day. "It's a warm colour. And cool. Both. Maybe that's what makes it cool. Do you have enough judo ready for all the new students?"
[05:49] <Aline> "Okay!" Plain and simple for Aline this time.
[05:50] <Mina‘Haplo> ["Man, Sera, I have so much goddamn Judo, you have no idea, man." Said Edgar. "My sister’s comin' back to school. Chevalier twins gonna kick so much ass, we're gonna make donkeys a thing of the past, man."]
[05:52] <Mina‘Haplo> [Rei headed into a changing room… And emerged a few minutes later. The uniform- navy skirt, white shirt, red blazer, red ribbon- fit quite well. A red beret was perched on her head. She was fiddling with the ribbon- untying it and retying it over and over, frowning slightly. "Fiddly…"]
[05:53] <Yanmei> "What would those be, huh?" Yanmei twirled her pencil with her fingers, idly.
[05:53] <Sept> "I guess you’ve been doing fine by yourself, too. I've never seen any of them in Paris."
[05:54] <Mina‘Haplo> ["The look on your mother’s face when she sees how well her daughter's grades are." Said Isaiah with a grin. "And how much fun I'll have giving you maths lessons~"]
[05:54] <Mina‘Haplo> ["What, donkeys?"]
[05:54] * Aline chuckled lightly at Rei’s… antics. "Oh, oh, I haven't really been doing too well with those either. They're new this year, so I have to deal with them too! Maybe you should just tie it… comfortably?"
[05:56] <Yanmei> "I guess so," she mumbled after a long pause. She was, in fact, getting a good idea. "In fact~ what do you say to cutting our lessons short and hanging out regularly. It'd be a reward for improvement and good behavior."
[06:01] <Sept> "Yeah. You'd think they'd have swarmed right back in when they heard about your sister."
[06:01] <Mina‘Haplo> ["… Bitch, what you say about my sister?!"-
[06:01] <Mina`Haplo> ["Comfortable…?" Rei reached for the ribbon, then… Looked up suddenly.-
[06:02] <Mina`Haplo> ["Only if you improve." Said Isaiah cheekily.-
[06:02] <Mina`Haplo> [… All three pilots, no matter where they were, would feel the ground shake.-
[06:03] <Mina`Haplo> ["Attention all civilians. This is a code red emergency. Please proceed to the nearest underground shelter immediately. I repeat." Marianne’s voice over the many speakers that wove through Paris-2. The pilots would recognise it as something else-
[06:03] <Mina‘Haplo> [An Angel alarm.]
[06:05] * Yanmei was on her feet at the shaking. She had looked down before, but now she looked -really- down. As the alarms started to go off, however, she swept that expression beneath a more professional expression. "Shall we?"
[06:06] <Mina`Haplo> ["Y-Yeah." Said Isaiah, his alarmed expression vanishing into a mask of formidible focus. He grabbed his coat- and buckled on the knife Mingzhu gave him. "Let’s go."]
[06:06] * Aline turned towards Rei, and then nodded slowly. She shifted her feet a little, nervous about having solid ground. "…It's time, then. We can worry about ribbons later, care to escort me to the Geofront?"
[06:08] <Mina‘Haplo> ["Yes. Come on." The girl’s uncertain demeanor was replaced by something alltogether more… Emotionless was perhaps the word. Still clad in her uniform, she grabbed Aline's hand and started to run.]
[06:09] * Sept blinked at Edgar a few times. "I'm saying she's a vital part of your ass-kicking twin te-" The alarm. Shelter? Yeah, Edgar would be fine. He'd head out himself and be on ti- HIS CLOTHES. The boy grabbed the nearest bag, stuffing the clothes he had worn for the trip inside - his most important belongings (read: knife) he'd kept on. Couldn't get new clothes and find out later you
[06:09] * Sept couldn't stash weapons underneath, could we? "Ready?" Sera asked, holding the bag in one hand, the other patting his hip to make sure everything was still there.
[06:09] <Mina‘Haplo> ["Yep."]
[06:11] <Sept> A nod, and he was out the door. The masses of people might pose a problem at first, of course, but they should get out of the way soon enough.
[06:12] <Mina`Haplo> [The people of Paris-2 were actually fairly well-trained at not massing around during an Angel attack- coupled with the fact that bunkers were quite common…]
[06:14] * Aline did her best to run at speed, trying (trying!) to match Rei’s pace. She'd get there soon enough, she would…
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[06:37] * Aline did her best to run at speed, trying (trying!) to match Rei’s pace. She'd get there soon enough, she would… And was probably the first one there, actually.
[06:39] * Sept arrived somewhat on time as well, a bit winded from the detours, but still, somewhat on time. The bag was still under his arm, and he had his school uniform on. "Hello…" he greeted the room in between deep breaths.
[06:41] * Yanmei swept in briskly, smiling, as the usual routine, Isaiah likely not far behind. "Good afternoon everyone!" she said pleasantly. "What seems to be the situation?"
[06:42] * Aline almost instantly stared at her, with a worried look. "This isn't the time for that."
[06:42] <Dorian> ["Ahem."-
[06:43] <Dorian> [Captain Marianne was on duty! In her fresh new uniform. "On the topic of things that this isn't the time for." She said sternly. "There's been an Angel attack. A flyer this time, heading for Paris-2 from the northwest.-
[06:43] * Dorian seemed preoccupied with coordinating the actual defense…-
[06:45] <Dorian> [The Holoscreen flared, an image appearing of a large winged… Insectoid creature. It had a multitude of chitinous arms, all of them ending in long flail-like claws, whilst its body terminated in large spike-like feet. Its wings were huge, spreading across the sky… Energy spots glowed across its flesh.-
[06:45] <Dorian> [Object: ELEVENTH ANGEL. Codename: Sathariel.]
[06:47] <Yanmei> Disgusting. Yanmei seemed to be on a roll with holding her tongue, though, showing no reaction to it or to Aline's earlier remark. "So how should we proceed? Try to lure it to the ground? Maintaining flight would make things more compliated for us, correct?"
[06:48] * Aline replied tersely. "We have guns. Hmm." She did seem to look a bit preoccupied with something…
[06:49] <Dorian> ["Bringing it to the ground is a priority. We're not sure if we can lure it down…" She frowned. "So we need to bring its wings down, and then 01 will pin it."]
[06:50] <Sept> "That sounds simple, Marianne."
[06:50] <Dorian> ["The simplest plans are the best." Said Marianne. "Duelling it in mid-air will be difficult, because of the AT Field."]
[06:52] <Yanmei> "So it's agreed, then." The dreaded order to get into battle positions was surely next. "Is there anything else we should be aware of based on observations?"
[06:54] <Dorian> ["We haven't seen any proof of long-ranged capabilities yet, but you never know." Said Marianne. "Alright. That's it for now. We sortie as soon as possible!"]
[06:54] * Aline raised her finger. "…I took the liberty of asking for its true name. I am not sure how much this will help, but in our language, it's rendered as 'The Wraith'." But she stared up at it a bit longer. "…Do you have any further recordings of it? Especially it /doing things/?"
[06:55] <Dorian> "It's been flying so far." Said Dorian. "Just… Flying. Beelining."
[06:55] * Aline nodded. "…That'll have to do, then."
[06:56] <Sept> "Right. Yanmei, Aline. Let's go." Sera nodded to the two, and only the two, before heading out to PREPARE. As seriously as could be done in a school uniform.
[06:57] <Dorian> ["Yanmei." Said Isaiah quietly. "Good luck, alright?"-
[06:57] <Dorian> ["Do well, Meimei, Leenie-chan! I'll be watching!"]
[06:59] <Yanmei> "Not to worry." Yanmei flashed confident smiles at both of them before turning to go herself. "We'll be back soon, no problem."
[07:00] <Aline> "Yeah. I know, we'll get going!" And off to the plugsuit changing area~ This time, she was all too used to putting on a skintight bodysuit. Possibly a useful skill to have.
[07:07] <Dorian> [It wouldn't be long before the pilots found themselves in their Entry Plugs, the LCL pooling around them. The familiar sensory overload of synchronisation…-
[07:07] <Dorian> ["How are we going, pilots?"]
[07:08] <Sept> "Slow as always. Where's Sathariel?"
[07:09] <Dorian> ["Still approaching. It's just passing over the Final Defense Line."]
[07:11] <Sept> "Passing? Shouldn't we just send the tanks away befor something happens, then?"
[07:12] <Dorian> ["That's what it looks like we'll be doing, since they can't seem to make an impression and the Angel's ignoring them."]
[07:12] * Aline was stretching a little in the LCL. "It'll ignore them, Sera. It seems the type to. Let's just deal w-" She suddenly fell backwards in shock. "Aggh!"
[07:13] <Dorian> ["Blanc?! What's wrong?" "Aline-?!"]
[07:14] * Aline was holding her head. "00's… sending feedback spikes at… Voriel. It think it…" She breathed a bit. "…It's passed for now."
[07:14] <Dorian> ["…"=
[07:14] <Dorian> "…" Nervous looks were exchanged on the Command Deck.
[07:15] <Sept> Sera's heart skipped a beat at the yell. "Aline…"
[07:16] <Yanmei> "…"
[07:16] <Aline> "I'm… I'm f-fine for now! Just keep focused!" Her voice was certainly frantic, though.
[07:18] <Dorian> "…"-
[07:18] <Dorian> ["… Colonel! High energy reaction detected inside the target!" "High energy-?!"]
[07:20] <Sept> "What does that mean? Dorian?! What's happening?"
[07:20] <Dorian> ["Positron Turret 2 destroyed!"-
[07:20] <Dorian> "Damnit…" He growls. "It has an energy beam attack like Qaphsiel…"
[07:22] * Yanmei clenched her controls harder, a gesture unseen from the outside.
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[07:30] * Aline was getting her composure back, but… with a few mid-LCL gestures, she popped up a screen showing the attacks the Angel was making. "…It's not the same. It's a positron or similar attack, but it… has different properties! Keep on your toes."
[07:32] <Dorian> [On the Screen, Aline would see a thick yellow-red beam of energy streak through across the ground, devastating the Louvre's facade, burning it in half, before giving the same treatment to the Positron Turret, which exploded in a hail of metal and energy.]
[07:41] <Dorian> ["Everything seems to be in order…"-
[07:41] <Dorian> "Give the order, Captain."-
[07:42] <Dorian> ["Y-Yes sir!" Yanmei could -feel- the excitement in Marianne's voice.-
[07:42] <Dorian> ["EVANGELIONS! LAUNCH!"-
[07:42] <Dorian> [… The force! Three Evangelions hurling upwards at great speeds… Before lurching to a stop in a spike of g-force.]
[07:48] <Sept> The view… Paris-2 hadn't changed during their time away. "I'll go in first. Get ready and wait until I have its attention."
[07:49] <Dorian> [Sathariel turned, its massive insectoid body twisting and writhing as its wings held it in the air. It reared back…-
[07:49] <Dorian> [And unleashed a spread of explosive energy balls at EVA-01! They slammed into buildings, exploding with waves of heat and fire that saw concrete facades -melt-.]
[07:56] <Sept> Sera's deflective field was in place well before the blast! Still, their sheer power forced Sera to take a knee behind his shield to stay unharmed. He could feel the heat licking at the plating surrounding him, demanding entry. But soon, it was gone. His shield was singed, but still functioning. The fight had begun.
[07:58] * Yanmei …gaped. She couldn't help it. Even if it wasn't like that other Angel, its attacks were… She shook her head, and drew herself together again, and aimed, the AT Field visibly shifting into existance around her and 04.
[08:00] * Aline rose from the Geofront aboard 00, and though she had spent ample time focusing, thinking, trying over strategies a few times in her head… she got the notion. 00's own AT Field popping up… and then seeming to ripple around itself again, strengthening even further! And then… "Let's see if you do anything funny when I do this." With a swift motion, the positron rifle came up,
[08:00] * Aline lanced out with a single beam… that bit right into the creature's core!
[08:03] <Dorian> [The Positron blast penetrated through the AT Field, striking the core- sending an angry jerk of the head towards Aline.]
[08:04] * Aline smirked in response. "That's right, didn't think we'd have teeth, huh?"
[08:12] * Sept moved the shield away, taking aim with the rifle with carefully practiced motions. "Maybe it -is- that simple," he muttered as a burst of light erupted from the weapon.
[08:13] <Dorian> [The bursts struck its legs and torso, visible injuries appearing across its legs…-
[08:13] <Dorian> [A VTOL swooped by, a familiar voice crying- "TASTE THE STORM OF MY LOYALTY MISSILE!" A large, bolt round-like missile smashed into the Angel's head… Ineffectively. "No effect?!"]
[08:14] * Aline came on the comms, making sure to patch to the VTOL line as well. "…Within parameters. It didn't take much damage from my core shot, and 00's positron rifle is heavily upgraded. It's probably very resistant!"
[08:17] <Dorian> [The Angel reared back, its energy glands shining…-
[08:17] <Dorian> [Before a massive beam of burning red energy struck forth at EVA-01! Its energy was such that buildings within dozens of metres of the beam melted away…]
[08:22] <Sept> "Ohsh-" Sera scrambled to get up and out of the way of the beam. Stumbling a bit, he made it to his feet and Tumbled off into the side, missing the beam by deca-inches. The tip of one of his wings was melted, but functionality remained. Sera himself tried to get ready to dodge again as soon as possible, vaguely aware of the molten concrete behind him.
[08:28] * Yanmei muttered something softly in Chinese, her new gun held steady. Despite her initial problems with the weapon, she had apparently gone through enough simulations to get the hang of using it. She fired, trying not to think about the destruction it was tearing into the city landscape during its preoccupation with de Pteres… There was an explosion!-
[08:29] <Yanmei> But as the dust settled and the smoke was dispersed slowly by the wind, it was obvious that one explosion wasn't enough to bring it down. Not by a longshot.
[08:36] * Aline then… tilted her head this way and that. Almost like she was craning her neck in a 'tough' move. "…Hm. It's sustained a lot of damage to its legs, so…" She changed her aim, the positron beam shooting low, trying to catch some of its legs in the hit!… But there was also this strange purplish glimmer starting to grow around the Angel, matching one forming around 00.
[08:36] <Dorian> [The blast struck the legs, searing deep into the mass!-
[08:37] <Dorian> [The Angel let out a roar of agony, and with a sickening cracking sound, its exoskeleton started to peel off, sloughing onto the ground, the interior coated in slimy purple fluid.]
[08:44] <Sept> "Keep it up! We're making progress!" Another burst from the rifle, but the positron blasts dissipated into the creature's protective field in a futile light show.
[08:45] <Dorian> [Another actinic blast of energy now, at 00- but it went wide, vaporising buildings and parks behind her, leaving blackened, scorched craters behind.]
[08:46] * Aline stared over at the beam as it went past her. "…Tch. Let's get ready, everyone. I have an AT attack charging, inbound."
[08:49] <Sept> "Right. I'll attack its field, wait for my signal." As an afterthought, he added, "Or its signal. You can probably hear it better."
[08:49] <Dorian> "04, focus on bringing it down once its defenses are reduced!"
[08:50] <Yanmei> "Roger that." She was already taking aim with her new Bolt rifle. At least this way, she could keep the hell away from it.
[08:53] * Aline waited, waited… then… "Here goes n-" …Suddenly, a massive purple column of energy rose from the ground around the Angel, majestically shooting out its cross-bars!… to no effect! "-othing. Damnit, its field is too strong!"
[08:54] <Dorian> "01, move in and neutralise!"
[09:01] <Sept> "That's what I said. Going… NOW!" 01 itself didn't move, except for a slight digging in posture-wise, and its field flickering away into nothingness. Sera drew his knife, the new blade looking strangely unfamiliar in his hand. "Come on…"
[09:06] <Dorian> "Sept, I'm deploying a barrier plate 50 metres north of your position." Said Dorian- just in time, as a massive energy blast sailed over 01's head by the outraged, screaming Angel.
[09:11] <Dorian> [The thing tucked its wings in… Then swooped downwards, slamming into the ground. But instead of being hurt, it just… Ripped through the ground entirely, digging in, and started burrowing across, underneath the ground; the buildings buckling and collapsing as it went. A gaping tunnel was left behind…!]
[09:14] * Aline stared in surprise. "…Gah! That isn't helping. Y-Yanmei! Remember the battle against the Fifth? You used 04's AT Senses to find it in the forest… Try doing that, you'll get a better shot that way!"
[09:15] <Sept> "Thank you, Do- what's that sound? Is it… oh, no."
[09:18] <Yanmei> "Yeah! Give me a minute!" She was hustling across the battlefield-city now, guns aimed at the crumbling hole. She held back a slight grimace. No one said anything about tunneling!
[09:20] * Aline nodded in her viewport… and then 00 leapt across the battlefield with a delicate ballet-like bound, touching down near the tunnel mouth… and starting to sparkle again.
[09:21] <Dorian> [… Suddenly, movement.-
[09:21] <Dorian> [Aline would feel the ground beneath her shift as the Exoskeleton rose up on its legs. The armor clamped together, sealed shut with the cement-like ooze. It was now a living suit of armour.]
[09:25] * Aline …stared in surprise, but it was only… only dull surprise. Like she was still annoyed at something about it, rather than truly shocked. "…Right. Uh. Yanmei? Mind keeping that thing… busy, so I can… er, blow it up?"
[09:28] <Yanmei> "Shouldn't you be keeping an eye on the real one? So that it doesn't eat de Pteres? O-or melt him? Aside from that barrier, he's in a pinch, isn't he?"
[09:29] * Aline frowned, waving her hands frantically. "It-it's sorta in my face."
[09:30] <Sept> "…no. We'll get them both together." With that, and a sudden cry, 01 rounded the barrier to charge at the moving insectoid husk!
[09:31] <Dorian> [The blade struck an active AT Field!-
[09:31] <Dorian> "It has AT…!"-
[09:32] <Dorian> [Meanwhile, the real Angel had burst out of the ground behind Sept's barrier plate… And unleashed a beam of energy, seemingly attacking the city at random.]
[09:34] <Sept> "Dorian, what's happening back there?" Sera glanced hastily back, but the view was still obscured by the plate.
[09:35] <Dorian> "We think it's targeting your Umbilical port."
[09:41] <Yanmei> "God, it's making trouble for us!" Yanmei's AT field rippled and thinned and reacted with the exoskeleton, and she snapped off a near-point blank explosion! "If we bring this one down, quickly, we should be able to stop it before it gets too bad, though?" She frowned into the billowing flames.
[09:42] <Dorian> [The Exoskeleton reeled in pain at the shot, which shattered large parts of its body!]
[09:42] * Aline shook her head, as yet /another/ cross erupted around the true Angel. "Goddamnit to hell, stop deflecting those!" …Cue frustrated controlstick-slam.
[09:52] <Dorian> [The Exoskeleton lifted its body… And then slammed itself into the ground, a giant spike stabbing into the ground out of its slimy mouth. The spike 'throbbed', shaking and shattering the area…]
[09:53] <Sept> "Watch out!" Yelled Sera as he steadied himself, bracing for the impact.
[09:54] * Aline managed to grip the earth, holding her unit steady against the quake! "Gah! Again!"
[09:55] <Yanmei> The warning came too little too late as Yanmei slammed into the ground with a yelp, pummeled by flying debris. A sharp, shakey inhale followed over the comms.
[10:01] <Sept> "You okay, Yanmei? Take it easy, we'll keep it distracted!" Without waiting for an answer, Sera approached the skeletal beast with a few strides and caught it in the side with a broad horizontal sweep of his knife.
[10:02] <Dorian> [Sounds of explosion behind Sept…-
[10:02] <Dorian> [And suddenly his entry plug flashed red. An emergency window appeared to his right. 'EMERGENCY POWER 60:00:00']
[10:04] <Sept> "Yesssoh shit," Sept summarised the situation.
[10:05] <Dorian> "Sept, finish off the exoskeleton, then plug into the Umbilical Port off the E-15!"
[10:07] <Sept> "Got it, Dorian!" E-15… easy. He could find it in his sleep, and without a giant mecha. Still, he glanced at the rapidly counting numbers uneasily.
[10:14] <Yanmei> "Don't… don't screw with me!" 04 shifted positions- it rolled backward, over one shoulder, and then sprang into the air! Over the comm, the pilot's voice was tight. Stupid Angel, making her look stupid! She aimed, in mid-air! She would show it! "Hyaaah!"
[10:15] <Dorian> ["RrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Yanmei's cry of anger was matched with an altogether louder and more ferocious roar, as EVA-04 ripped apart its jaw dentures, unleashing its cry of rage across the battlefield!]
[10:18] <Yanmei> The air around the Exoskeleton ERUPTED into flames and smoke! For a few moments, it was completely obscured, and 04 landed hard on its feet before it could clear.
[10:19] <Dorian> [A shell bounced off the AT Field, but the other slammed into its chest- and exploded violently. For a minute, the gaping chasm inside the Exoskeleton was visible… Before it collapsed into pieces.]
[10:19] <Dorian> ["Good job, Yanmei!"]
[10:21] <Sept> "Good job, Yanmei… Hang back while I connect myself, alright?"
[10:23] * Aline stared about, as the carnage aronud her died off. "…Good job, Yanmei! Now…" She raised the positron rifle in 00's hand, but instead of firing right away… a large chunk of steel-rebar-infused concrete hovered in front of its muzzle!… a strange blue glow shimmered around it for a second, almost as if it had raised its own AT Field, yet… different. Rubble didn't have an AT
[10:23] * Aline Field, did it? Nonetheless, she gestured almost imperceptibly, and the piece struck straight off at the Angel!… before quickly being chased by a bolt of positrons!
[10:25] <Dorian> [The Angel raised its AT Field, and the chunk of rubble smashed into it… But a tip penetrated, and exploded, causing the AT Field to fizzle and rip apart. The positron blast then slammed into the barrier plate as the Angel ducked quickly.]
[10:26] * Aline fistpumped. "Hah! Took long enough to have a chance to do that! A gift from the Knight, care of me!"
[10:26] <Dorian> [… Suddenly. An explosion. Not from an attack, or even from the Angel…-
[10:27] <Dorian> [But Yanmei would feel her right leg suddenly spasm in pain as a bomb ripped through 04's kneecap!]
[10:29] <Sept> "Dorian?!" The tone was accusatory.
[10:30] * Aline let the pumped fist stay in the air for a second. "Wh-what was that?!"
[10:30] <Dorian> "…!" Sounds of muttering and concern. "That wasn't the Angel." He spat. "A bomb… 04's been sabotaged?!"
[10:30] <Sept> It's a Free to stop the neutralisation, isn't it?
[10:31] * Yanmei gasped, bending over in a stuggle to keep her balance! The adenaline from her last move… had that dulled the pain from this? More importantly… "What?!"
[10:31] * Aline then grew a bit angrier. "…Ugh. Of all the things…"
[10:35] <Sept> "Aline! -Take care of her-!" Sept took a running start away from the now-lifeless husk, following the Seine. He ran the first few blocks, working up enough momentum to half-jump, half-float the rest of the distance, comfortable landing right by the umbilical port and getting the Evangelion's backup energy systems refilled again.
[10:37] <Yanmei> "I'm -fine-" She snapped, taking an awkward sort of stance to compensate for the injury. "Focus on on offense before that Angel does something worse!"
[10:39] <Dorian> [… A beam fired directly at 00 just as Yanmei said those words!-
[10:39] <Dorian> ["D-Dodge it, Aline!"]
[10:40] * Aline nodded suddenly. "O-on it!" …00 bent out of the way, then turned the bend into a sudden tumble-roll to the side! "…Whew!… But yeah. Angel fight now, sabotage investigation /later/!"
[10:40] <Dorian> [A hail of bombs exploded around Sept, ineffectually.]
[10:42] <Sept> "I've still got its attention. Just a bit longer…"
[10:46] * Yanmei was fine enough to, in fact, sprint forward. Instead of firing, though, her AT field rippled yet again, its newfound strength waning. The Angel's field did likewise…
[10:56] * Aline looked over towards where 01 was standing. "…Right… right! I'll get on that!" And get on it she would, unleashing a withering blaze of actinic positron rays, a blue counterpoint to the Angel's burning red.
[10:59] <Dorian> [The bolts ripped through the Barrier Plate, melting it into slag, before smashing into the Angel itself, burning through the thicket of legs within seconds. It screeched in pain, stumbling about before its wings caught it.]
[11:15] * Sept was finished with his business and ready to re-enter the fight. He ran the distance back and leapt at the Angel with another cry, knife pointed at its vulnerable bits!
[11:15] <Dorian> [A knife to the face! It cried out…-
[11:16] <Dorian> ["SEPT! FINISH IT! NOW!" Cried Dorian. But his voice wasn't angry. Through some bizarre trick of oratory and mild medical manipulation (shots of adrenaline…)… Sept felt pumped.]
[11:18] <Sept> The boy's cry continued, the knife swinging back and forth wildly, cutting into the alien!
[11:19] <Dorian> [It screeched in agony and pain, before flinging its claws back at Sept- those giant, flail-like claws, which seemed to be in twenty places at once! They bit deep into 01's chestplate…]
[11:22] * Sept tried to stop them, but whenever he reached for the place they had pierced, they were no longer there. He… couldn't take much more. Maybe it was the adrenaline talking, but between his labored breaths, he was… grinning, and laughing barely audibly.
[11:31] * Yanmei was much less amused, raising her guns and firing both of them at a distance, as many rounds as she could. But she… was itching to do something else and discard them, or at least settle for the more visceral pleasures of using the melee attachments on - she blinked hard. No, she was not just thinking that.
[11:33] <Dorian> [The bolts riddled the body, explosions rupturing soft flesh and organs. It reeled back, exposing its body to crossfire from…!]
[11:33] * Aline frowned. "Just hold still, Sera. Hold still…" She pointed the rifle once more, and released the last of its 'clip', firing another salvo of beams directly into their foe! Surely this was enough, right? Surely!
[11:34] <Dorian> [The blasts ripped through the body easily, setting it on fire. With an awful screech, it fell to the earth, its flesh boiling and melting away…-
[11:34] <Dorian> ["The ground…! It's trying to escape into the ground again?!"-
[11:34] <Dorian> [… There was an explosion of energy from its organs, bursting through the side and shrouding the area in flame.]
[12:04] * Aline almost panicked, but… then closed her eyes suddenly, exhaling into the LCL. She looked serene. Almost as if in meditation. 00…. stood silently watching from afar, even as the flames blew past its armor.
[12:07] <Sept> As the flames cleared… The core was there… It was still intact? It seemed inert, almost harmless now. But it had to be destroyed. The progressive knife blade hissed viciously as it cut into the one thing keeping the Angel in existence.
[12:07] <Dorian> [Sparks flew from the glowing red core! The Angel cried piteously…]
[12:08] <Yanmei> "HyaaaAAAAH!" Another cry from Yanmei as she… finally let go and indulged, sprinting up to the creature and slamming a bayonet into the already chipped and cracked core. She would show everyone just how strong she was! Whoever sabatoged her EVA, whoever attacked Isaiah back in Tokyo-2… They wouldn't win! She would protect him and herself!
[12:09] <Dorian> [Sparks… The cracks spread.-
[12:09] <Dorian> [… Light started to shine out, into Yanmei's eyes, into 04's, into 01's…-
[12:10] <Dorian> [The fragments -burst- apart, a massive explosion firing into the sky, a wave of heat and energy scorching and melting huge parts of the city.]
[12:10] * Aline remained, 00 a silent sentinel… And for the briefest moment? She smiled.
[12:13] <Sept> "Yanmei, no..!" Sera realised what was happening too late. As the light began to leak out - that horribly familiar light - he reached out to 04. But it was still too late. "No…"
[12:20] <Dorian> [… The fires started to clear.]
[12:21] <Aline> …to reveal 00 marching forward. Forward as though it had some kind of purpose, some grim certainty. Straight towards the shattered remains of the fallen Angel. Aline's eyes were open now, and determination was on her face, but she remained silent.
[12:24] <Yanmei> 04 was still standing too. Though… it's pilot was half-blind by now, her heart still throbbing but the drive behind it lessening. She shook her head, as if waking up from a daze. "Er…"
[12:24] <Dorian> "Everyone ok? That was quite the explosion!"
[12:27] * Aline bit her lip suddenly, twitching her fingers a bit. "…Nngh. That was not called for." She seemed a bit irritated at something, but then sighed.
[12:33] <Sept> 01… lurched up from the ground where it had fallen on its face and tumbled some distance from the explosion. Sera looked at Yanmei, at Aline… and at Paris-2, unnecessarily devastated around him. "You… idiots." He said, quietly.

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