She Said The Simulation Is A Training Tool

[14:01] <Ikari‘Shinji> [About three weeks after Yanmei’s surgery- a cold August morning- she'd receive a call, wherever she was, from NERV, telling her that there was a high-clearance teleconference message coming in for her from Tokyo-2.]
[14:05] <Yanmei> "High clearance?" she mumbled. As it was, she was in NERV's daycare center, two plush toys in hand, and a grinning tot - and a few other tots, in fact - in front of her. She cradled the phone skillfully agaainst her shoulder. "It can't wait?"
[14:11] <Yanmei> But then a thought struck her. High clearance. Was it about that sniper thing? Her heart clenched. "I'll be there in fifteen minutes." Enough time to finish playing and snuggle Elizabeth and solemnly hand over the toys to her to take over where she had left off. Yanmei made a graceful exit after that, on her way to Command. Hopefully, Lizzie wouldn't cry…
[14:14] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Maaaaa~!"-
[14:16] <Ikari`Shinji> [The call came in at a special conference room, which was empty- a console was flashing at the end of the room, needing her to touch the ’receive' button.]
[14:16] * Yanmei did so, a quick tentative glance around first. "Hello~?"
[14:20] <Ikari‘Shinji> [The image cleared, revealing the beaming face of Misato Katsuragi- a plugsuit-clad Shinji sitting at her side, looking less mirthful. "Hiiiya, Yanyan-chan~" Said Misato.]
[14:22] <Yanmei> "Hello Misato! You’re in a good mood today. …Does that mean I should be afraid of something?" Probably. She tried to play it off as a joke, though, chuckling brightly.
[14:24] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Hmmm~?" Misato smiled sweetly. "I heard you got your leg fixed up~"]
[14:26] <Yanmei> "Yeah!" She bent and straightened it a few times to demontrate. "Pain free, now~ Thanks for the concern!"
[14:28] <Ikari`Shinji> ["Not a problem~" She bent forward and whispered conspiratorilly. "I bet Isaiah-kun really appreciates your new physical mobility, huh~?"-
[14:28] <Ikari`Shinji> "M-Misato-san." Shinji cut in finally, looking at the woman with exasperation. "Please don’t say such things. Ignore her, Yanmei-san."
[14:33] <Yanmei> "Heh. Like I already don't?" Yanmei shot Misato a little smirk just to show how completely and totally unruffled and composed she was. That would teach her! "Isaiah totally ignores her too."
[14:54] <Ikari‘Shinji> [Misato frowned for a split second before smirking. "Ehe~ his blushing red face and averted eyes say otherwise. But~" She wagged her finger. "I found this naughty little Shinji-kun mouthing off-"-
[14:54] <Ikari`Shinji> "I wasn’t!"-
[14:54] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["About how he could totally take the Paris-2 pilots"-
[14:55] <Ikari`Shinji> "T-That wasn’t what I said-!"-
[14:55] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["So I figured, we might as well prove it, neh?"-
[14:55] <Ikari`Shinji> "I-I was musing, Yanmei-san!"
[14:58] <Yanmei> "Eeh? Musing? So you -were- talking about it?"
[14:58] <Ikari`Shinji> "I-It wasn’t like that! I was wondering who would fare. I never said I was better…"
[15:01] <Yanmei> "Honestly." Yanmei sighed. "Because you went into it, your boss is now using it as a cheap ploy to gather more data for that Thunderdome thing. And probably other things too? I hope you've learned your lesson."
[15:05] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Sorry, Yanmei-san…"-
[15:05] <Ikari`Shinji> ["Ehehehe." Misato chuckled. "Anyway! I wanna see what happens, so go get suited up!"]
[15:08] <Yanmei> "You know I have to, like, ask permission from the Technical Division first? The simulation is a training tool, not a toy for experimentation~" she said primly.
[15:09] <Ikari`Shinji> ["That’s ok. I've already told them to set it up! I -am- an OD, after all."]
[15:10] * Yanmei frowned. "S-seriously?"
[15:10] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Uh-huh~"]
[15:13] <Yanmei> "Well~" she tried to rally. "If you want me to trounce your protege that badly, I guess I can oblige? Sorry, Ikari."
[15:15] * Ikari`Shinji mumbled something and slipped off the edge of the picture.-
[15:15] <Ikari`Shinji> ["See you in five!"]
[15:17] <Yanmei> Darn that Katsuragi… Yanmei too turned to go, although she managed to keep from grumbling aloud.
[15:21] <Ikari`Shinji> [Eventually, Yanmei would put on her Plugsuit and find herself immersed in LCL, sealed tight within her test Plug. A simulated area was forming around her…]
[15:24] * Yanmei closed her eyes, and then blinked out over the simulated city of Paris. "So here we are," she sighed.
[15:27] <Ikari`Shinji> "S-Sorry, Yanmei-san." The image of EVA-05 appeared across Paris.
[15:28] <Yanmei> "Don’t sweat it, Ikari. You're working under one devious lady, that's all." She smiled at him. "We could just think of it as a game?"
[15:31] <Ikari‘Shinji> "R-Right." He nodded. "If it’s a game, though, I won't hold back."
[15:33] <Yanmei> "I won't either." Her smile turned a bit grim. "If I lost, I would never hear the end of it…"
[15:35] <Ikari‘Shinji> "I wouldn’t either."-
[15:36] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Ok! The usual rules apply~" Said Misato. "The five minute timer begins in three, two, one-"-
[15:37] <Ikari`Shinji> [Tick! A glowing 05:00:00 appeared on the walls of their plugs.-
[15:37] * Ikari`Shinji rapidly spread his AT Field, and started moving forward at high speed.
[15:45] * Yanmei stayed where she was. Spread her own field, and raised her guns, focusing. Come on!
[15:46] * Ikari`Shinji considered what to do. He had to get in close before she could get away- he didn’t have any guns…-
[15:47] <Ikari‘Shinji> EVA-05 crouched, then hurled itself through the air on AT-energy, flipping forward before landing with a crash. A clawed hand was held out, neutralising part of the phase space that enshrouded EVA-04!
[15:54] <Yanmei> "Oho~" Yanmei snapped off a shot. But instead of bullets, to was a glowing violet thing that suctioned to one of 05’s arms. "I won't forgive you for not letting me have a chance to show off." And she did the prudent thing- blasting off with her own blackflip, and crashing down hard some distance away.
[15:55] <Ikari‘Shinji> "A markerlight?" Murmured Shinji. "That’s alright. It won't matter if you can't shoot-!"-
[15:56] <Ikari‘Shinji> [EVA-05 leapt into the air once again, tucking its body in and unleashing a single claw in a spinning pinwheel towards EVA-04!]
[16:11] * Yanmei stepped aside, the blow tearing the air apart mere inches from the side of 04’s head. "Did someone say that I needed to shoot~? Take this!" The air around both EVAs seemed to grow denser… and then a shining, bright sphere of force formed with 04 at its center, rapidly pressing outward, crushing buildings in its path. Among them, the unfortunate Lourve crumpled.
[16:13] <Yanmei> "And…" Her bayonet thrust forward too, even as the force continued to rage. "This too!!!"
[16:22] <Ikari‘Shinji> But EVA-05 swiftly backhanded the blade away- and whilst his left hand was occupied, his right went for EVA-04’s right arm, grasping it and pulling it away from the main body, before -clenching- hard, massive Evangelion claws ripping through armour and gouging chunks of flesh away.
[16:31] * Yanmei gasped, out of shock, rather than pain. A retreat! She bounded away, firing one hasty shot over her shoulder as 04's ascent crested over some buildings. It didn't hit 05, but if there were any remains left of the Lourve they were now clearly no more.
[16:34] * Ikari‘Shinji paid no heed to the shots as EVA-05 lowered its body and charged, a gleaming claw hurling itself at EVA-04’s leg.
[16:35] * Yanmei skipped aside. Damn it… she could almost here Misato taunting her from the sidelines.
[16:42] <Yanmei> She took the skies with another jump, but this time she hung there without dropping back down and aimed another lightning quick bolt for 05!
[17:05] <Ikari‘Shinji> EVA-05 dodged to the side, before hurling itself up into the air- and with another pinwheel claw, ripped EVA-04’s right arm clean away!
[17:06] <Yanmei> A startled yell! And Yanmei bolted, soaring at top speed
[17:11] <Ikari‘Shinji> … And EVA-05 bounded after! "Misato-san trained me on dealing with ranged enemies…"
[17:11] <Yanmei> "She would have!" Yanmei scowled. Why was she always being a pain?!
[17:12] <Yanmei> Another backward blast!
[17:31] * Ikari`Shinji didn’t waste time on backchat. EVA-05 pinwheeled, the burning edge of its claws ripping its way through EVA-04's other arm, the bolter smashing onto the ground.
[17:39] <Yanmei> "Grrr…!" Undeterred, 04 sprang forward and attacked with a flurry of kicks, managing miracles by staying balanced enough to pull it off. But they were only glancing blows
[17:42] <Ikari‘Shinji> Not enough to stop the mighty Evangelion Unit 05! Two more claws swooped out!
[17:44] <Yanmei> One caught air. The other, a strong AT field! Yanmei countered with another sphere of force that flattened the surrounding cityscape!
[15:23] <Ikari`Shinji> [There was the keening -beep-! of the clock running to zero.-
[15:23] <Ikari`Shinji> ["Aw, a draw? How boring…"]
[15:24] <Yanmei> …that counted as a draw? Yanmei sank back in her seat, half-stunned. "Well…" she finally said, "better luck next time?"
1[15:25] <Ikari`Shinji> "Y-Yeah…"-
[15:25] <Ikari`Shinji> ["There needs to be a real scoring system here. Alright! Resetting the simulation!-
[15:26] <Ikari`Shinji> [Paris-2 was magically repaired, as were the Evas, both of them reappearing in their origin spots.]
[15:26] <Yanmei> "Huh?! Wait, didn’t that satisfy your curiosity enough?"
[15:29] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Of course not~ Each simulation is by regulation three bouts, Yanyan-chan~"]
[15:31] <Yanmei> "My last one wasn’t?" Yanmei pointed out. "And what regulations are you talking about? Is this something our respective Tech Divisions have in writing or what?"
[15:33] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["That’s right~" Said Misato. "Your last one was before we wrote down the rules. And now we do. They're gonna be used for thunderdome after all~ Anyway, ten seconds until the bout begins!"]
[15:36] * Yanmei held back her grumbles. She couldn't quite shake the feeling that this was less about protocol and more about dancing about for Misato's entertainment. "Fine. This time I won't hold back…"
[15:41] <Ikari‘Shinji> "G-Good luck, Yanmei-san."
[15:44] <Yanmei> "You too." But in spite of the preceeding bolt words, her first moves were to call her AT field into existance, and to take a quick skip backwards, away from 05
[15:48] <Yanmei> ^bold words
[15:49] * Ikari`Shinji focused, EVA-05’s profile lowering into a runner's start before it shot off towards Yanmei at incredible speeds, trampling several buildings- including the Louvre- as it went.
[15:57] * Yanmei was focused too… but the shot she fired at him was all for naught as it bounced off his AT Field. Frowning, she bounded away further still. Last time she hadn't been cautious enough. But this time…
[13:23] <Ikari‘Shinji> Another whirling pinwheel of claws as EVA-05 bounded the distance…!
[13:47] <Yanmei> A slight gasp as the claws sliced air at an uncomfortably close distance. Was it her imagination, or was he getting faster? Well, two could play at that game! Her AT Field flickered, visible for only a moment, and then she rocketed off, beelining south!
[13:48] * Ikari`Shinji didn’t let her go for a second, pursuing- and even though he was slower, by the time he landed he was neutralising her field!
[14:06] <Yanmei> And Yanmei was spinning to face him in place, letting loose a barrage of bullets from both weapons!
[14:08] <Ikari‘Shinji> [Positron blasts fizzled against the Evangelion’s armor, whilst a bolter round smashed hard against EVA-05's right arm…-
[14:09] <Ikari‘Shinji> … But this didn’t faze mighty EVA-05, and it leapt into the air, one of its legs held out, the other bent backwards, pushing all of its momentum into a flying kick aimed at EVA-04!
[14:12] <Yanmei> When the dust cleared, there would be a massive crater where 04 had been standing just seconds before… with 04 itself in a mad, almost terrified retreat, taking to the air once more!
[14:36] <Ikari‘Shinji> EVA-05 was hot on her tail once again…!
[14:44] * Yanmei focused… took aim at his injured arm and fired, and then tried to tear away again without assessing the damage. But… she was slowing down now too, somehow… "D-drat!"
[14:45] <Ikari`Shinji> EVA-05 dodged!-
[14:46] <Ikari`Shinji> "Wow. I-I’m really on my ball today…" Said Shinji, and before long a pinwheel claw was hurling itself at EVA-04!
[14:55] <Yanmei> "Ngh!" The attack swooped overhead! Some additional luck at that point… Yanmei felt some strength return to her field, and her speed return as well! "Stop catching up!" And she tore off again at top speed!
[14:57] <Ikari‘Shinji> … And once again EVA-05 hit the ground with a skid, a mere 30 metres from EVA-04, weakening her AT Field…
[15:14] <Yanmei> And again, Yanmei whirled, both guns blazing. "Hey, Ikari! how much do you know about this Thunderdome event Boss Misato must be worked up enough over it to talk about a lot of details, hm?"
[15:14] <Yanmei> ^event?
[15:18] <Ikari`Shinji> There was a hail of fire and a smoke cloud, and EVA-05 temporarily vanished… Only to emerge from the cloud, its terrifying visage glowing with heat and AT Energy. "A-Ah, I know that we’re going to be doing it in teams. You and Asuka are together… They also said they were going to unveil the new Master-Model Evangelions and the Ayanami Pilots for it, too."
[15:28] <Yanmei> "Huh? We're not automatically fighting in groups based on the branches we're from? Well…" she frowned a little. "I guess that wouldn't be fair to Natasha or Asuka? Are the Operations Directors going to be competing in anything by themselves? Or do they only get to show off by virtue of the EVAs?"-
[15:29] <Yanmei> One look at the terrifying 05 and Yanmei was trying again to pump as many bullets into it as she could. A little shiver went through her.
[15:36] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Urgh-" There was a massive crashing sound as EVA-05 vanished into the cloud again. "I think they’ll be directing- my feed-"-
[15:39] <Ikari‘Shinji> Silence. Had EVA-04 won…?
[15:41] * Yanmei peered out at the cloud of dust hopefully. "…heh." A smug expression crossed her face, and she reached for the panel to open up communications to Misato.
[15:42] <Ikari`Shinji> [… A violent blue shape emerged with horrific speed from the cloud. For a moment it towered over her, before landing, a massive claw ripping through EVA-04’s right arm without a second of resistance.]
[15:43] <Yanmei> "Ahhh!" 04 stumbled back, landing ungracefully on the ground. "What the heck? What's that thing made of?!"
[15:44] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Ah- I can’t see- did I hit something?!"-
[15:44] <Ikari‘Shinji> [Beeeeep! "Another draw! Come on, Shinji-kun, you can do better than that!"]
[15:47] <Yanmei> "You’re kidding me… you have to be kidding! I don't… it should totally be dead! Two full autos dead-on! I didn't miss, I know I didn't…" She was quieting, but she was still -rambling-. "I don't… I don't understand… So careful…"
[15:48] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["EVA-05 doesn’t know when to give up." Said Misato with a smirk.-
[15:49] <Ikari‘Shinji> "You did… Really well, Yanmei-san. You totally won." The simulation reset.
[15:51] * Yanmei was back in her original position, still mumbling to herself, an expression of incredulity locked onto her face. Was winning against this guy even possible?
[16:01] <Ikari`Shinji> ["Alright. Starting…-
[16:01] <Ikari`Shinji> ["Now!"-
[16:01] <Ikari`Shinji> [The familiar beep and timer had returned…]
[16:07] * Yanmei shut up, her head snapping back to observe the field! She sprang back, but only just enough to give him an opportunity to make a move.
[16:07] <Ikari`Shinji> [EVA-05 started sprinting, ripping across the battlefield at tremendous speeds, shards of Eiffel Tower and Louvre flying everywhere.]
[16:11] <Yanmei> Like hell she was waiting for him to cathc up to and mow her down! 04 bent its knees and launched into the air, high, propelled by AT power and a leapfrog off the top of a skyscraper before slamming back down to earth with a tremor that would have rocked the city.
[16:14] * Ikari`Shinji followed, as per usual, landing about 100 metres from her, a neutralising hand outstretched.
[16:19] <Yanmei> 04 took care aim, launched an explosive bolt with a "Take this!" And then tried to make an escape. Someplace far enough to get away from that neutralization…
[16:20] * Ikari`Shinji dodged, and accelerated, catching Yanmei as she fled- sweeping a claw at her leg! At least the neutralisation was gone…
[16:26] <Yanmei> Yes! Yanmei was off again like a rocket! Running, jumping, and flying was so much easier when she wasn’t being neutralized! The distant prickle of euphoria caught her attention before she came crashing down again, but it was soon covered up by adrenaline. Survivor's instinct?
[16:28] <Ikari‘Shinji> [Notre Dame de Paris collapsed beneath EVA-04’s massive feet, but EVA-05 was soon in pursuit, straddling a bridge.]
[16:42] <Yanmei> That bridge… was soon mutilated almost to the point of collapse as Yanmei unleashed another hail of bullets upon it and 05!
[16:54] <Ikari‘Shinji> EVA-05’s right arm buckled beneath the strain, the right hand bursting and ripping into pieces. Several claw-tipped fingers were destroyed, and the arm was momentarily useless, feedback rippling through the Eva's systems. "Urgh- no-"
[16:56] <Yanmei> "Too bad~" Yanmei took aim. "I don't normally kick people when they're down? But you're a pretty dangerous guy, you know? Sorry!" She fired and… missed?! "H-huh?"
[17:01] <Yanmei> It exploded in midair, rather than the arm itself, spraying 05's injured arm with fire and shrapnel.
[17:02] <Ikari‘Shinji> This shredded the hand completely, which only worsened the awful feedback…!
[17:16] * Yanmei kept -firing-. She’d learned her lesson with the conclusion of the last fight. Please stay down, please stay down… the words ran through her mind over and over, and a slight sweat broke over her forehead.
[17:16] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Bah-"-
[17:17] <Ikari`Shinji> The body of EVA-05 was -shredded-. By the time the smoke cleared it was lying in fragments, utterly broken into pieces- an empty, simulated entry plug split in half, with a tiny little simulated Shinji nothing more than a puddle within.-
[17:17] <Ikari`Shinji> "… That’s a horrible touch, Misato-san…"
[17:19] <Yanmei> "…." Yanmei looked a little sick now to boot, her eyes a little wider than usual. Memories. She fought to keep them away. This was just a game! Ha ha! A friendly little game!
[17:19] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Two draws and a win to Yanmei… Pffffffft. We need to train you ever-harder, Shinji-kun!"-
[17:20] <Ikari`Shinji> "Y-Yes ma’am…" Shinji sighed, but he opened a friendly video channel to Yanmei. "Good showing, Yanmei-san."
[17:21] * Yanmei shook herself out of it, quite literally. "Th-thanks. Heh. One slip up, and it would have been over, though? If you ask me, you and 05 don't need much additional training…"
[17:22] <Ikari‘Shinji> "That’s not how Misato-san sees it. I think she's a little disappointed that I wasn't able to score a win."
[17:23] <Ikari‘Shinji> [Meanwhile, Misato’s voice could be distantly heard, saying, "… The Berserk subroutines aren't finished yet?!"]
[17:25] <Yanmei> "Geez, she's really into this, huh?" Her ear caught the word berserk. Is that what she thought it was…? Oh god… "It's funny, but the Colonel's barely mentioned the simulator, let alone Thunderdome."
[17:26] <Ikari‘Shinji> "He probably realises this isn’t a game."
[17:28] <Yanmei> "Lucky for us, with all the attacks we've been having, huh?" she winked, and then leaned back. "Kinda wish he'll get a chance to look over this, but I guess we'll see?"
[17:29] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Yeah…"-
[17:29] <Ikari`Shinji> ["Alright~" Misato’s image reappeared. "You won't be so lucky next time, Zhang- I've got my eye on you~" She smirked, then closed the window.-
[17:29] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Ah, I think I’m being pulled out too. Bye, Yanmei-san."
[17:30] <Yanmei> "Ah! See you later!"
[17:30] <Ikari`Shinji> [The simulation faded, and Yanmei would find herself sitting in the plug, which was being pulled out.]
[17:31] <Yanmei> Now then. She waited patiently for the opportunity to escape and shower. Now to get back to work.

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