She Said There Are Going To Be Some Changes Around Here

[19:49] * Sept sat waiting for the fencing club's session to begin. He was looking ponderous as he twirled the foil between his fingers in a not completely mundane display. Still, after a while, it clattered to the floor uselessly, the boy's one hand failing to keep up with the highly unintuitive center of gravity. It had been what, a year already, and the thing still felt dumb and pretentious in
[19:49] * Sept his hands. But where else would he be able to keep practising and still get school credit, allowing him to slack off elsewhere?
[19:51] <Amelia‘Chevalier> [("Emma’s gone, huh?") ("Yeah. Shame, she was a good teacher.") ("Cute, too.") ("Sure, if you're into that sort of girl.") ("Who's the replacement?") ("Man, who knows…")]
[19:55] <Sept> It's not like it'd be of any relevance to him. He was just here to learn new ways to beat his opponents
[19:57] <Amelia‘Chevalier> "Ahem!"
[19:58] * Sept picked up his foil lazily and looked up in marked disinterest.
[20:00] * Amelia`Chevalier walked into the central sparring area. It was pretty obvious it was her even before she pulled off her fencing mask, letting her red hair fall all about. "I am Amelia Chevalier. I will be your new trainer!"
[20:05] <Sept> Okay, maybe a tiny bit relevant. Sept’s expression tensed up slightly. Surely she'd just continue with what Emma had used for their training..?
[20:07] <Amelia‘Chevalier> She held out their fencing foil. She grabbed the blade and pulled it back. "There are going to be some changes around here."
[20:08] * Sept :|
[20:08] <Amelia`Chevalier> "You. De Pteres. Forward!"
[20:11] * Sept pulled himself up, frowning with a slightly who-are-you-to-say-that look about him. He approached, foil in his left hand.
[20:13] <Amelia`Chevalier> "Tell me. What is the point of fencing training?"
[20:16] <Sept> "To improve everyone’s skills further than they could by themselves." Said Sera, holding the "obviously" at the end.
[20:16] <Amelia‘Chevalier> "Did Emma tell you that?"
[20:20] <Sept> "Would that make the difference between an acceptable or unacceptable answer? No, she didn’t. It's why I'm here. The techniques used here are often unique and are much more inspired than what they'd 'teach' you elsewhere."
[20:22] <Amelia‘Chevalier> "What have you learned?"
[20:25] <Sept> "I learned long before I came here that you can’t put something like that in words. What do you really mean?"
[20:26] <Amelia‘Chevalier> "Have you learned enough -here- that you can honestly say, at some point, that fencing class has changed, improved or saved your life? You would know, de Pteres, you’re a fighter."
[20:30] <Sept> "I can not say for sure. But I doubt I would've learned as quickly elsewhere. I'd say -someone's- life has been saved here. Probably not mine."
[20:33] <Amelia‘Chevalier> "Right." She lifted the foil up again. "The rapier is a weapon of elegance and skill, isn’t it? But it's important to learn how to fight dirty."
[20:35] <Sept> "What? Doesn't that go against all the rules of fencing itself?"
[20:36] <Amelia‘Chevalier> "Yeah, but the rules of fencing aren’t going to save your life."
[20:39] <Sept> "Sure. That isn't what everyone is here for, though. I hear most people don't need to save their lives daily."
[20:41] <Amelia‘Chevalier> "Well no, because if they did, they’d either be dead, in which case they wouldn't be here, or would already be really good at it, in which case… They wouldn't be here." She tosses the foil aside. "Fencing is cool and all, and I'll be showing you all how to do it, but what this class really needs to do is master how to not die horribly in a terrorist attack."
[20:45] <Sept> "Wrong. That's not going to happen here. Where the hell are you going with this, Amelia? You can't just waltz in here and use the club for your personal fearmongering."
[20:49] <Amelia‘Chevalier> "Well, let me spell it out for you." She frowns. "There was a terrorist attack here last year. People died. Students died. They didn’t have half a goddamn chance. That? Doesn't sit well with me." She folds her arms. "I don't like the idea of entrusting my protection to someone else, and I doubly dislike the idea of people being helpless. I'm not the sort of person to fold my hands together and expect God and NERV to protect me forevermore." She scans the crowd. "People in a fortress city should learn how to fight."
[20:53] * Sept looked around at the students of the Fencing Club as well, frowning in a confused manner. "Do you… -want- that?" He sounded incredulous.
[20:57] <Amelia‘Chevalier> [There were glances between students, nervously. Windsor-Yamato spoke. "Well… Personally I don’t see how it can do any harm." He said. "She has a point. I don't want to turn into some sort of student militia, but learning how to defend our school sounds like a worthwhile cause." ("Maybe this should be a different club?") ("I came here for fencing, though…") ("Yeah, but, like, Amelia knows what she's talking about…") ("NERV said they were gonna protect us even before the attack, and look what happened then.") ("Etienne died in that attack- m-maybe he would've survived if he knew stuff like this?") ("I-It's not gonna be some sort of crazy boot camp, is it?")-
[20:59] <Amelia‘Chevalier> [Eventually the murmurs and glances turned into a mild assent.]
[21:01] <Sept> "That’s not a normal life. You shouldn't have to think about that. Not even in Paris. -Especially- not in Paris."
[21:03] <Amelia‘Chevalier> ["Er, why not?" Said Windsor-Yamato.]
[21:08] <Sept> "Why not what? Isn’t it clear?"
[21:09] <Amelia‘Chevalier> ["Well, I mean, you’re claiming we shouldn't have to think about… What, protecting ourselves, in Paris-2." Said Windsor-Yamato. "I think the obvious logical disconnect is obvious."]
[21:13] <Sept> "What point would there be in anyone being given the job of protecting others if everyone else already knew how to protect themselves? You're just saying that to disagree with me."
[21:13] <Amelia‘Chevalier> ["What?" Windsor-Yamato blinked. "No, you’re just saying that to disagree with everyone else."-
[21:15] <Amelia‘Chevalier> "Simply put. There -is- a point in people having the job to protect other people, but the whole point -of- that job is to keep that person safe, not that a job is created." Amelia shook her head. "If you build two walls around a castle, the second wall doesn’t obselete the first. If the priority is to keep something safe, you take -every- avenue to secure it."
[21:17] * Sept turned to glare at Amelia for a moment. "Then… what was the whole point of this? Why am I standing here, being made a fool of?"
[21:18] <Amelia‘Chevalier> "Hell, I dunno." Said Amelia. "I chose you because I was kinda hopin’, if I asked you, 'Sera, can you help me train everyone to protect themselves', you'd try to -help- a sis out."
[21:21] <Sept> "You don't get to call yourself that," Sera snapped. "…fuck. Fine, what do you want? This'd better not drive any people from the club."
[21:24] <Amelia‘Chevalier> "Man, this is the last time I ever listen to Edgar about -anything-." Muttered Amelia. "’Oh yeah, he's good people, he'll help'! Stupid idiot Edgar." She frowned darkly at the floor. "Anyway, I'm told you're pretty good with knives, so I'd like you to give some pointers to the crowd about them as an intro."
[21:29] * Sept relaxed ever so slightly. Delicious, comforting knives… "You're told right. What do you want to know? What are you expecting to defend yourselves from?"
[21:31] <Amelia‘Chevalier> "First and foremost, let’s start with something fairly ubiquitous like knife-wielding thugs…"
[21:42] * Sept shrugged. "If they have a knife, too, they -will- be fast enough to cut you if you just charge in. The crucial part in that would be using the knife as a defensive tool, I guess. It's a very well-balanced instrument, and so it becomes just a matter of reflexes and coordination. Whoever overextends or is disarmed first loses. The knife doesn't weigh you down, so you can use that as
[21:42] * Sept well, if you're confident enough. You can't generally settle a fight by just going for your opponent's limbs-" Sera rolled up his sleeves a bit, and showed his arms to the others, the scars crisscrossing the skin. "-and in a normal situation you won't even cause lasting damage, But. Especially unexperienced fighters will still be especially sensitive about their hands getting hurt. So if
[21:42] * Sept they try to avoid that too much, they'll leave their chest and possibly even head wide open. I'm sure you understand those are parts you'll want to worry about. But knowing that in a fight is a different matter. It has to be a reflex in itself." Sera shrugged again, and shut up, looking at Amelia, still slightly sour.

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