She Said This Was The Best Idea

[13:41] <Isaiah> [After they dropped Rei and Lizzie off at Guillory's place, Isaiah and Yanmei headed off towards their resort- staying there for the weekend and coming home on Monday. It wasn't in Paris-2, exactly- rather, getting there required a long drive out of the city centre to a place beautiful enough to be a nature reserve. It was a retreat, plain and simple; far enough to feel distant from the city, but not so far that the drive back took more than an an hour or two.-
[13:44] <Isaiah> [It was a very quiet, gentle place, surrounded by cool glades, the trees turning brown and gold as an unusually chilly autumn set in. Nature paths circled the complex, through green fields and lakes. This the two of them saw simply from the car coming in, and by the time they'd checked in they didn't have enough time (or even energy, perhaps) to really indulge in anything on offer. They ate at the delicious restaurant before retiring for the night to a warm, spacious room with a soft and cozy bed, a fireplace, even a kitchen, although Isaiah had resolved not to cook anything.-
[13:45] <Isaiah> [The next day the two of them enjoyed the various delights of the resort- the hot and utterly relaxing spas, and if they felt like it, a dip in the (cooler, but still warm) swimming pools; saunas accompanied the pool, of course. A massage parlour greeted them, as did a fully equipped gym in case a workout was what relaxed them; the restaurant bills had been paid for as part of the booking, and thus were freely open.-
[13:52] <Isaiah> [As the sun started to go down and the air started to cool, they headed away from the spas and pools and back to their resort room- for Yanmei at least, she would no doubt be feeling more content and utterly relaxed then she had been in months, maybe even longer.-
[13:53] <Isaiah> The two of them now snuggled together in their bed, enjoying the warmth, which became more and more noticeable the later it became. Isaiah rested his head on her shoulder, his eyes half closed, his arms wrapped around her.
[13:56] * Yanmei held him close, breathing regularly and deeply, as if asleep, but her eyes were just barely open in the darkness, just a little washed out by drowsiness. "This was the best idea," she mumbled after a while.
[13:58] <Isaiah> "Haha." He chuckled slowly, a little drowsy himself. "You haven't felt like this in a while, huh?"
[14:00] <Yanmei> "Been a long time," she mumbled. "Feels… cozy."
[14:05] <Isaiah> "It's amazing, isn't it?" He said quietly, a hand slowly running itself through Yanmei's hair. "I can't help but feel that everything feels so far away here. So… Unimportant."
[14:09] <Yanmei> "Yeah." Yanmei closed her eyes completely for now. "School, work.. who cares? Well, except for…"
[14:10] <Isaiah> "Hmmm…? Except for…?"
[14:11] <Yanmei> "The baby."
[14:15] <Isaiah> "Hum?" He smiled dreamily. "Are you worried about little Lizzie?"
[14:18] <Yanmei> "Not really. Just wondering what she's doing?" Eyes opened again slightly. "Between the two of them, she's in good hands."
[14:19] <Isaiah> "She is." Isaiah giggled, shifting a little to put his forehead to Yanmei's and look her in the eye. "She's probably asleep. Or playing with Reirei. Or crying for her Yanyan."
[14:20] <Yanmei> "You're those she'd cry for," Yanmei grinned. "Always reading her stories and nursery rhymes~ And putting her in pretty outfits."
[14:21] <Yanmei> ^the one she'd
[14:22] <Isaiah> "Hahaha. If you say so~" He kissed her. "Imagine the look on her face though when we come home. She'll light up and start giggling at us…"
[14:26] * Yanmei chuckled. "She'll have fun, though. Did you see how she smiled at Rei?"
[14:30] <Isaiah> "I did. She gets along really well with Reirei." Murmured Isaiah. "I guess she can befriend anything. Even little horrific monsters."
[14:35] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei opened her eyes a little wider at that, but she didn't say anything.
[14:36] <Isaiah> "… Ah well." Said Isaiah a little hastily. "I'm sure it'll be fine." A tight little squeeze. "Hey, um… Yanyan? I wanted to say something."
[14:37] <Yanmei> "Hm? What's wrong? She steadied herself at his reassurance. The evening was too nice to ruin with worrying, even if it was about that.
[14:45] <Isaiah> "I wanted to say that… I'm really impressed." He said gently. "With how much pressure you've been under lately. With having to look after Elizabeth, and everything else, we've both been so busy that we've hardly had any time at all to relax, and if we do, it feels like we're doing it on minutes we've stolen from elsewhere. It's been hard on you. I know it has, and you've been trying so hard to just put your head down and muscle through it… I've noticed how hard you've tried, ok? And I'm thankful. Really thankful that you've kept at it, sweetheart. Especially with Elizabeth. I can't help but love you even more for it."
[14:50] * Yanmei blinked. Gave another chuckle, this one warm. "Thank you. But, really, you've been the good one here. Haven't snapped at anyone or let your grades slip that much. You managed to balance work and studying and taking care of Elizabeth almost flawlessly. I can't compare to you."
[14:55] <Isaiah> "Actually, well…" He smiled. "I haven't been going as well as I thought. Just coming here made me realise how much stress I was under. When I'm with you I feel good- and right now I feel wonderful- but there've been times where I've found myself feeling really tired, or just… Not wanting to speak to anyone at all except you for days and days."
[14:59] <Yanmei> "Really?" She stared. "You held yourself so well, though…"
[15:00] <Isaiah> «Scratch~»
[15:03] <Yanmei> "Even so, you held yourself together so well." She moved a little closer, though she was barely able to do so under the circumstances. "That's what makes you so impressive? Because you really did manage to muscle through better than I did. You're… really strong, Isaiah."
[15:08] <Isaiah> "…" He kissed her, firmly, and barely bothered to move away when it stopped. "I… I've been trying. For your sake, for Lizzie's. And… I've been finding ways to keep my spirits up. I promised myself that you and I would go out and enjoy something like this soon, just you and me. It's… It's really strange, but it seems like we've barely had any chance to actually feel what it's like to be lovers, to really enjoy and soak it in. It's always been one thing after another, a continual drumbeat of things to handle…"
[15:12] <Yanmei> "You want to take it slow and easy. Let's promise that this won't be the last time we do this."
[15:12] <Isaiah> "Yeah." He said warmly. "I think… I think if we do this… If we come back to this place, maybe once a month or so…?"
[15:14] <Yanmei> "Yeah! We can both afford to? Life had better give us a chance to, though."
[15:15] <Isaiah> "Hehehe. Maybe we shouldn't give life a chance to screw it up."
[15:18] <Yanmei> "It'll be fine. We've gone through so much, that we can take whatever it throws at us." She smiled at him.
[15:20] <Isaiah> "… I really do love you." He nestled his head in her neck. "You have no idea how much."
[15:21] <Yanmei> "I think I have a clue?" Her smile turned a smirky. But she shut her eyes again, enjoying this
[15:22] <Isaiah> "Hmmhmm." He chuckled a little. Then…-
[15:22] <Isaiah> "Let's build a house."
[15:25] <Yanmei> "What?" A surprised little laugh. "Where is this coming from?"
[15:29] <Isaiah> "Hehe. Sorry." He mumbled. "I just… I mean, in the future. When all this is over, when the day comes where we can kiss, snuggle, make love, or even, share a dinner, leave the house, go to work or college without feeling like we should be looking over our shoulders the entire time, or feeling like we shouldn't be forgetting NERV or whatever… I want to build a house with you. A nice, big house with lots of room, with a spa like this place has, and a big pool. And a massive kitchen, where we can cook whatever we like. And a big dinner table too, so we can invite whoever we want over. We can have a park put in, so you can practice running again, and when you come home, I'll have dinner waiting for you."
[15:38] <Yanmei> "Your dream," she murmured. She remembered. Felt the pull of it now, although she didn't know if it was his or hers. "Have a house, raise a bunch of kiddies, live as we please."
[15:38] <Isaiah> "Does it sound ok, sweetheart…?"
[15:42] * Yanmei kissed him on the forehead. "That's the same thing as having a happy future, isn't it? Yeah, I think it's okay."
[15:46] * Isaiah beamed. "Hmm~" A sense of wellbeing, happiness, and sheer love. "Do you know what you want, yet?"
[15:51] <Yanmei> "What I want?" she stopped to think about that carefully. "Isaiah? Do you think I should have a purpose?"
[15:51] <Isaiah> "Hum? What do you mean?"
[15:52] <Yanmei> "It's something that strongly propels a person forward. Something… non-material?" she frowned. "Like a goal to reach for."
[15:55] <Isaiah> "I think… Everyone needs a purpose." He said quietly. "Some part of them that wants something. Or even some part that wants to keep something. I think, 'being happy' can be a purpose, if a little vague. But a purpose like, "I want to make other people happy", or "I want to love this person and make them happy" works. Don't you feel like you have a purpose, sweetie?"
[16:06] <Yanmei> "Maybe. I can barely even define what something like that would be. To make someone happy… I think that's something I'd like to do. It's important. Terribly important." But was that everything? She couldn't say it aloud, but it did press hard into the back of her mind.
[16:18] <Isaiah> "It's important to me, too." Said Isaiah quietly, kissing her again. "Making you happy. Making you feel loved. But…" He smiled. "Listen. If you don't know what you really want in the long run- besides me- then it'll just take some time. It'll come to you one day. Maybe finding a purpose can be your purpose for now, yeah? I'll help you find it. Whatever it is. Just… Promise me something, ok?" Snuggling ever closer, entwining his legs with hers.
[16:21] <Yanmei> "What's that?" Finding a purpose being a purpose… She liked that. Her arms were around him again, comfortably.
[16:23] <Isaiah> "Whatever purpose you find, make sure you follow it- and make sure you choose it. Not because of anyone else's wishes or expectations. Not even mine."
[16:28] <Yanmei> "Yeah," she whispered. The memory of racing hard down along a track made her heart stir suddenly. "I think I can manage that."
[16:32] <Isaiah> "I'm glad." He said gently. Another long kiss.
[16:35] <Yanmei> When they came up for air again, Yanmei went quiet for a bit, as though she might be sinking into a sleep. Then, quietly, "Isaiah?"
[16:35] <Isaiah> "Yeah?"
[16:37] <Yanmei> "This is going to sound weird, right? But… there's this guy that I've been reading up on."
[16:37] <Isaiah> "… Oh yeah?"
[16:41] <Yanmei> "Shah Jahan. Every hear about him? He built a lot of impressive things in India, like, a million years ago, and they held up for a long time. Until Second Impact scrapped them."
[16:42] <Yanmei> ^Ever hear
[16:45] <Isaiah> "Shah Jahan…? No. What did he build?"
[16:50] <Yanmei> "Some big religious buildings. A huge palace." She held her hands apart, as if to demonstrate the scope, but of course she came up short. he chuckled. "Anyway, the pictures of them were gorgeous. Let's see… the Taj Mahal?"
[16:52] <Isaiah> "The Taj Mahal…? Really? He built that?" Asked Isaiah curiously.
[16:53] <Yanmei> "Yeah! Pretty amazing, huh?"
[16:53] <Isaiah> "I would've loved to have been able to see it." Said Isaiah sadly. "They say it was a really romantic building…"
[16:57] * Yanmei found and patted his hand in the darkness. "He did other things. Like leading armies and conquering a lot of land. But that doesn't sound as nice?"
[16:58] <Isaiah> "Hmm, true." Said Isaiah with a grin. "What brought this on, anyway?"
[16:59] <Yanmei> "I dunno. I think someone weird suggested it as a romantic topic, or something? But that's not exactly what I'd call it."
[17:01] <Isaiah> "What would you call it? Was there much about him that was 'romantic'?"
[17:03] <Yanmei> "He's an ass," she said flatly. Then lightened up a little. "But, forget about him. You like that Taj Mahal, right?"
[17:05] <Isaiah> "Yeah. It was a really pretty building. My mother went there once before Impact."
[17:05] <Yanmei> "Really What for?"
[17:05] <Yanmei> ^Really?
[17:06] <Isaiah> "On a holiday with my dad." Said Isaiah quietly. "A romantic getaway."
[17:06] <Yanmei> "W-with that guy?"
[17:07] <Isaiah> "Er, yeah." Isaiah mumbled embarrasedly. "It was a few months before I was born. Nine or ten." He coughed.
[17:08] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei suddenly broke into giggles.
[17:09] <Isaiah> "H-Hey, what's so funny…?!"
[17:13] <Yanmei> "Did you know that Jahan guy had, like 14 kids with one of his wives? Looks like there was still enough romance hanging around to get to your parents~"
[17:17] <Isaiah> "H-Hey." Isaiah blushed bright red, and in the darkness Yanmei could feel him heating up. "14…? He must've really been enamoured with her."
[17:20] <Yanmei> "No kidding," Yanmei chuckled a little. "How many kids do -you- want, Isaiah?"
[17:23] <Isaiah> "That depends. Can I ask you a question first?"
[17:23] <Yanmei> "Hm?"
[17:25] * Isaiah shifted quickly, rolling on top of her, his arms still tightly around her. "How many are you willing to let me have?" he asked playfully.

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