She Said W We Re Just Animals T To Die

[21:46] <Freya‘Solheim> [Sept…-
[21:46] <Freya`Solheim> [Would awake in a hospital bed.-
[21:48] <Freya`Solheim> [The sun was shining through a window, illuminating flowers sitting on his bedside table. The walls were a warm blue and pink, and small stuffed toys sat on one of the chairs. Letters from wellwishers and friends dotted the other bedside table. A machine, somewhere, went ’ping'.-
[21:48] <Freya‘Solheim> [He was alone.]
[21:52] * Sept looked around calmly, trying to recount the events leading up to this while taking stock of the extent of his injuries. He’d probably be here for a much longer time than usual, wouldn't he..?
[21:52] <Freya‘Solheim> [He’d…-
[21:53] <Freya‘Solheim> [He’d hobbled the Angel, kicked it hard, slowed it down. He could remember it crying in pain, EVA-01's pride, Anselme's amazement…-
[21:53] <Freya‘Solheim> [He could remember the mental assault, that had taken all of the Angel’s concentration… It had taken him down after that…-
[21:53] <Freya‘Solheim> [Landing in the forest, surviving a banshee attack…-
[21:54] <Freya`Solheim> [Ginny arriving. She’d been like an angel herself- one of the good ones- appearing from a VTOL. He'd been worried then, but she'd held him and everything had been better. He'd fallen asleep in her arms, and she'd promised him he'd wake up in a better world.]
[22:03] <Sept> That's right. It had turned out all right. Much better than Belgium. Anselme had survived, the Angel was defeated without sacrificing more of Paris… There would be repercussions from the attack, but those would be dealt with. All in good time. Sept tried to sit up, for now. Though he'd been horizontal-bound for days for smaller injuries, so he imagined it would likely be futile.
[22:04] <Freya‘Solheim> [Surprisingly it wasn’t as hard as he thought. He felt… Almost completely healthy, actually.]
[22:07] <Sept> He had bled, passed out from the pain in the tunnels. He'd assumed his internal organs had suffered some damage as well. But the claw must have missed… all of them?
[22:08] <Freya‘Solheim> [Must’ve been a shallow hit.-
[22:10] <Freya‘Solheim> There was a knock at the door!
[22:12] <Sept> "Hello? Who is it?"
[22:14] <Freya`Solheim> "It’s me!"
[22:15] <Sept> "Freya!" Sera yelled joyfully, without a hint of hesitation or restraint. "Come in!"
[22:16] * Freya‘Solheim opened the door!-
[22:17] <Freya`Solheim> "Sept! You’re awake! And sitting up and everything eee-" She rushed across the hospital room and -pounced- him, a brown paper bag smelling of fresh, cinnamon and custard doughnuts fresh from the oven filling the air.
[22:21] <Sept> "I know! I, I thought it was much more - oof - serious too, but I'm -really- happy it turned out like this. I really am, it just feels… -good-." Sept returned the embrace with a broad smile.
[22:21] <Freya‘Solheim> "How good?" She asked brightly, sitting up on the bed and holding her paper bag close.
[22:22] <Sept> "…not as good as -that-, I’m sure~"
[22:25] <Freya‘Solheim> "Oh~? Well that’s a shame." She opened the bag. "I guess if you're not as good as -that-, then you won't be able to eat these fresh new custard doughnuts… Mmm." She took one out and bit into it slowly.
[22:27] <Sept> "It was a compliment!" Sept swallowed and whined. "Freeeeyaaaa…"
[22:29] <Freya‘Solheim> "Mmmmmmm." She smirked.-
[22:29] <Freya`Solheim> "Oh alright then." She tossed the bag to him.
[22:36] * Sept rustled the bag open quickly and bit into the treat hungrily, moaning in pleasure as his nutrition-derived body detected the sugar.
[22:41] * Freya`Solheim grinned as she watched Sept enjoy the soft, yielding dough, the custard dripping into his mouth… She blinked. "So. Who wants to hear the goss~"
[22:44] <Sept> "Mmhhm!" Sera nodded enthusiastically and repeatedly, mouth still full. He swallowed hastily. "How’s everyone?"
[22:47] <Freya‘Solheim> "Ah, well. Who do you wanna hear about first?"
[22:50] <Sept> "Aline and Yanmei! And the copilots. Do you think I could see Yanmei and Isaiah? I… I remember I yelled at them again. I’m such an idiot."
[22:50] <Freya‘Solheim> "Um." Freya whistled quietly. "They’re kind of inacomarightnow."
[22:54] <Sept> "…did something happen?"
[22:56] <Freya‘Solheim> "After, er, 01 went down… It sort of… Fired a mind beam at 04. Yanmei and Isaiah went down after a few seconds and we haven’t been able to wake them…"
[23:00] <Sept> "That's… too bad. But they're fine otherwise, right? I'll just have to apologise when they wake up again… What about everyone else? Aline? Anselme? They're fine, right?"
[23:01] <Freya‘Solheim> "Aline is ok. Anselme is great! He’s been hanging out with me a lot." Said Freya cheerfully. "Rei is good, of course, nothing can keep that girl down."
[23:03] <Sept> "Right, I'll talk to Aline… and Rei… sometime. I'd rather rest a bit… a few days. M-maybe a week, first? Is that alright?"
[23:06] <Freya‘Solheim> "…" Freya blinked, then leaaaned forward until her face was an inch from his own.-
[23:06] <Freya`Solheim> "Who are you and what did they do with Sept?"
[23:08] <Sept> "I-I mean, not here! I’m fine, for real this time! They'll let me rest at home, right?"
[23:12] <Freya‘Solheim> "Ahahaha. They should, you’re doing so well after all." Freya stretched and flopped on the bed, annexing Sept's Poland to do it. "… Got some bad news too, though." Her face fell.
[23:15] <Sept> "What is it, Freya?" Who was there left? "Raphael? Dorian?"
[23:15] * Freya‘Solheim shook her head. "No, they’re fine…" She frowned. It was painful…-
[23:16] <Freya‘Solheim> "Patrice… he’
[23:16] <Freya‘Solheim> "He’s dead, Sept."
[23:17] * Sept …thought on this, looking pensive. "…how?"
[23:18] <Freya‘Solheim> "Some banshees… They broke into the bunker he was in."-
[23:19] <Freya`Solheim> "A-Angelina’s gone too. Same place. A-And Malachi lost an eye, he nearly died…" She was grim, pale.
[23:23] <Sept> Sera's reaction… he was weighing this carefully in his mind. Then, he reached out to hug Freya again, though with her proximity that wasn't much. "I'm sorry." He truly did seem that, but disturbed… not nearly as much. The boy held on tightly. "How many altogether?"
[23:24] * Freya‘Solheim cuddled up to him. "A-About… A hundred thousand…"
[23:27] <Sept> His grip tightened momentarily. "How many left?"
[23:27] <Freya`Solheim> "… Everyone but around 75,000 people."
[23:31] <Sept> "That’s… How do we fix this, Freya?"
[23:32] <Freya‘Solheim> "…" Freya tucked her knees up to her chin. "… I don’t know."-
[23:32] <Freya‘Solheim> The facade of cheerfulness she’d worn finally cracked and died a slow death. Tears started to stream down her face.
[23:35] <Sept> "…Freya? Freya, what are you… Please, don't, we'll, I'll figure something out. L-look, they'll come back, okay? They will…"
[23:37] * Freya‘Solheim was sobbing now, holding her hands up to her face, tears squeezing between her fingers. "In the s-streets, Sept… T-They were in the streets, d-dying and… And… W-We’re nothing to them, at all, w-we're just -animals- t-to die…"
[23:42] <Sept> "D-don't, it's alright now please you can f-forget about that. I'm here, a-and we're both alright. Okay, just, you shouldn't have to worry…"
[23:43] * Freya‘Solheim shakily wiped at her eyes. How long had she been holding this in? She quieted a little, tucking her head in close to Sept’s warm body. "I-I felt it in my head…"
(16:48:42) * Sept was lost. "…I'm sorry, Freya. I'm so, so sorry…" He resisted the urge to pat her back, and instead just squeezed just a bit harder. Why wasn't he crying, now..?
(16:51:42) * Freya‘Solheim was quiet, just clinging to him for a bit.-
(16:52:08) Freya`Solheim: Eventually, of course, she silently rallied, sitting up a little straighter and clearing her throat. "Not much to it. W-We just gotta grit our teeth and wait until they all come back."
(16:53:55) Sept: "Y-yeah. That’s what we did last time. It'll be alright. We'll make sure of it. We'll have our Paris back, just you wait."
(16:56:04) * Freya‘Solheim nodded slowly.-
(16:56:18) Freya`Solheim: "S…" She tried to force a smile. "So. What’re you gonna do first thing after you get out?"
(16:57:43) Sept: "I'm… not sure. I think… we should take Anselme someplace. H-have a little fun for ourselves. That'd be good. Right?"
(16:58:02) Freya‘Solheim: "Hehe. You’ve really warmed up to him."
(17:00:10) Sept: "You remember how hard it all was back then, don't you? He has no one, Freya. And… sometimes, when he talks… I can remember what it was like."
(17:00:40) * Freya‘Solheim peered at him. "Really? Like what?"
(17:04:53) Sept: "How happy I was, back then. Just those days of being with you, a-and when I met you and Paris was new…"
(17:06:13) * Freya`Solheim had a little smile on her face as she remembered, but it was a sad smile. "They were cool days. Didn’t seem like Paris-2 would ever stop growing. It was gonna be the biggest city in the world." She looked over.-
(17:06:24) Freya‘Solheim: "So. Can I start calling you Papa Sept now?"
(17:07:45) Sept: "Wha- no! You can never start calling me that!"
(17:08:36) Freya`Solheim: "Aww, come on. He totally looks up to you. And he looks kinda like you too, if you were a brat." Freya smirked, a little bit of genuine mirth coming back to her face. "Can you imagine that? Papa Sept, a whole bunch of kids…"-
(17:08:44) Freya`Solheim: "Children’s services would be working overtime…"
(17:10:08) Sept: "N-no, you know I wouldn't, that's a horrible idea!"
(17:11:07) Freya‘Solheim: "Oh god." Freya stopped, and stared at Sept. "I just had an idea."
(17:11:57) Sept: "Nooo no you didn- HEY look flowers! Aren’t the flowers pretty, Freya?"
(17:12:29) Freya‘Solheim: "Eeeee." Freya grabbed Sept’s cheeks. "Little daughter. Little Septina~~~~~~~"
(17:13:43) * Sept blushed. "S-S-Septina..?!"
(17:16:38) Freya‘Solheim: "She’d have your hair, but longer, in a cute bob cut~" Freya was doing arcane gestures around Sept's head. "And, and, she'd wear a camo dress. And she'd be all rough and tumble with the boys but then she'd be all cute and blushy when you tease her~"
(17:18:01) Sept: "I wouldn't tease her! You know I wouldn't! IMEANTHEREWOULDN'TBEASEPTINASTOP"
(17:18:52) Freya‘Solheim: "Septina~ Septina~" Freya burst into giggles.-
(17:19:18) Freya`Solheim: "Maybe you should adopt. Get one of your girls to play mommy. What about Jeanne?"
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(17:27:03) Sept: "D-do you think she’d do that..? She doesn't seem like the type to do that either…"
(17:27:26) Freya‘Solheim: "Mmm. You’d have to seduce her."
(17:28:38) Sept: "How can anyone seduce Jeanne? She knows everything beforehand…"
(17:30:27) Freya‘Solheim: "Hmmm. True. Guess you’d have to seduce Ginnie."
(17:30:59) Sept: "B-but -she's- married! I couldn't do that!"
(17:32:17) Freya‘Solheim: "Bah." Freya leaned back and stared at the roof. "You know, Anselme was worried about you."
(17:36:54) Sept: "Yeah..? But you told him there was nothing to be worried about, right?"
(17:37:38) Freya`Solheim: "Right. But… He really looks up to you. He was telling me about all the cool things you did. Did you really save him from a horde of banshees?"
(17:41:22) Sept: "W-well, I-I’m not sure if I could say that… We p-probably would've been fine anyway."
(17:44:01) Freya‘Solheim: "Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway, he saved you some ice cream."
(17:58:07) Sept: "Oh. That’s nice… where did you go?"
(17:58:25) Freya‘Solheim: "When?"
(17:58:41) Sept: "For the ice cream?"
(17:58:55) Freya`Solheim: "Yesterday."
(17:59:09) Freya`Solheim: "We went to the cafeteria. There, uh…"-
(17:59:17) Freya`Solheim: "Aren’t a lot of ice cream shops around anymore…"
(18:01:30) Sept: "Maybe they'll open more in the summer..?"
(18:02:07) Freya‘Solheim: "…"-
(18:02:18) Freya`Solheim: "Maybe." Said Freya, with a faraway voice.
(18:08:33) Sept: "…sorry, Freya." A pause. "Do you think you could… go see them about letting me out..? Or, it’s alright if you want to stay, I… I'm not in a hurry, Freya."
(18:09:34) Freya‘Solheim: "H-Hey, that’s not a bad idea." She smiled. "We could go visit one of the other patients."
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(18:12:24) Sept: "Yeah, that might be a good idea. I'd still like to go see Yanmei and Isaiah, if it's alright… They've always watched over each other, but maybe I could fill in since now they can't..?"
(18:31:00) * Freya‘Solheim nodded. "That’s cute, Sept. But it's a good idea."
(18:34:34) * Sept nodded. "I thought so. It's been so long… So, do you think you could..?"
(18:35:45) Freya‘Solheim: "Oh, yeah, sure." Freya jumped off the bed and quietly set about getting Sept up and walking.
(18:37:12) Sept: "No, th-they always have those papers to fill out, I think I’ll wait here until, you know. Okay?"
(18:37:44) Freya‘Solheim: "…" She blinked. "O-Oh, right, sure. Hold on."-
(18:38:26) Freya`Solheim: Freya headed out of the door. Within 15 minutes she’d returned with Dr. Paget- a tired-looking, but kind middle-aged woman- who poked and prodded and declared Sept healthy enough to leave the room.
(18:39:20) Sept: "So it's… really alright?"
(18:41:28) Freya‘Solheim: ["That’s right. You're actually in surprisingly good shape."]
(18:42:37) * Sept nodded slowly. "…thanks. So I'll… change, and we can go see everyone, Freya!"
(18:44:19) * Freya‘Solheim nodded brightly. "I left some clothes in one of the tables, so…" She shushed Dr. Paget and herself out, giving Sept a bit of privacy.
(18:52:18) * Sept waited until the door closed again, and took out the clothes. They were very acceptable. It wasn’t all that difficult to copy the boy's wardrobe, after all. He walked over to the window, looked out for a moment, and started dressing himself. When he was done… he kept staring out. "Is it wrong that I'm happy you weren't here to see that?" He placed a palm on the glass. It felt cool against the skin. "I haven't forgotten. I'll find you, Viviane. Please stay safe. I love you." Gently, he lifted his hand off the glass, and walked out.
(18:53:16) * Freya‘Solheim was waiting patiently. "There you are. You ready?"
(18:56:03) Sept: "Yeah. Thanks for waiting."
(18:57:35) * Freya`Solheim nodded, smiling. "Alright. Let’s go."-
(18:57:57) Freya‘Solheim: She led Sept at an even pace through the winding corridors of NERV’s medical division. Until eventually…-
(18:59:22) Freya‘Solheim: [A room. A little larger than most. Within lay Yanmei, her violet hair spilling out around her shoulders. Next to her, Isaiah, quiet, as though he were merely asleep. Someone unknown had seen to it that they remain together. Their beds were together, and Sept could see the folds under the sheets where they clasped each other’s hands.]
(19:02:10) * Sept entered… carefully. As if afraid his footsteps might wake the two of them up. "H-hello..?"
(19:02:54) Freya‘Solheim: [No response…-
(19:03:03) Freya`Solheim: "They’ve been like this ever since the battle…"
(19:11:12) Sept: Sera walked over to the side of the bed. "Yanmei, Isaiah… I, I'm sorry, I never visited you in Tokyo or the other times. But I just… I wanted you to know you're safe here. Okay? Just rest now. And when you're all better again… we can talk more. I'm sorry we haven't done that a lot lately." Silence, slowly starting to border on the awkward.
(19:11:49) Freya‘Solheim: "…" Freya smiled a little. She pulled a chair over- one for Sept, one for herself. "C’mon. Let's stay here a little while."
(19:14:04) Sept: "Yeah. Let's do that." Sept sat down without taking his eyes off the two. His hand sought out Freya's.
(19:14:29) * Freya`Solheim smiled. She took it gently, giving it a little squeeze- the two watchers mirroring the two who slept.

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