She Said You Know Finishing Me Would Make Me Happy

(13:35:14) Adrian‘Bellamy: [It was a little… Busy in the Geofront. Not crowded, exactly- no more than usual- but rather, events were taking place that had put the employees on edge. It was the yearly general meeting between the headquarters of NERV and all of its branches- Directors, ODs, and Science Heads were flying into Paris-2 for a week of discussion and information-sharing.-
(13:35:34) Adrian`Bellamy: [So when Dr. Riel had innocently asked him to prepare for his weekly Synchronisation Test, what did Sera de Pteres do…?]
(13:41:40) Sept: [Whatever else than prepare mentally as well as he could, with the usual resolve following a failure in battle. He had been up to his usual routine of physical exercises and frequenting the shooting range anyways, and even with a bit more motivation than usual. So a Synch Test in between those was quite welcome, and definitely no distraction.]
(13:49:07) Adrian`Bellamy: [The shooting range! Lined with people wearing protective earmuffs, most of the S2 Agents…-
(13:49:31) Adrian`Bellamy: [A new sound would join the cacophony of firing rounds, however.-
(13:49:36) ยป Adrian`Bellamy is now known as Asuka`
(13:49:45) Asuka`: "HEEEEEEY! SE-RA-!"
(13:55:38) * Sept barely resisted the urge to spin around with the loaded firearm, but managed to set it down before carefully, with a slight feeling of dread, turning around. Still, he was smiling at the familiar face. "Hello, Asuka! What are you doing here?"
(14:00:55) Asuka`: "We’re going on a date!"
(14:03:31) Sept: "W-what?" Sera glanced around him. "Look I l-like you and everything but… V-Viviane..!" His look was pleading, in a sort of please-don't-hurt-me way.
(14:04:47) Asuka‘: "Eh? Not that kind of date, you idiot." Said Asuka, folding her arms with a smirk that was so full of anticipation that it could only mean a great deal of hurt in Sept’s immediate future. "The kind of date pilot friends go on."
(14:06:42) Sept: "O-oh. Sorry. Well, you're a good pilot friend, too! So, um." Still, a dubious frown. "Su…re?"
(14:07:29) Asuka‘: "Fantastic! Last one to the Plugsuit changing room’s a rotten egg!" She was off. As if she'd date him. Hah! She had Alexandre~ <3
(14:11:10) Sept: "N-no wai-" But she -was- off. Sera stayed behind to safely store away the weaponry he'd borrowed, and then dashed off after her.
(14:15:04) Asuka‘: [By the time Sept arrived, Asuka was already finished, suited head-to-toe in her form-fitting red plugsuit. Her arms were folded.]
(14:17:10) Sept: "Sorry, I had to… I’ll go get changed too, shall I? W-what exactly are we going to..?"
(14:18:48) Asuka‘: "Duel."
(14:23:15) Sept: "Oh! A virtual thing? Right! I can do that!" Sera hurried off to change, and soon returned, all ready.
(14:25:20) * Asuka` was almost cackling with ecstatic energy. She’d been itching for a good, solid fight with someone competent ever since Alexandre had gone off to Algeria. "Dr. Riel's set everything up already. Let's go." She led the way!-
(14:26:41) Asuka‘: [Two Plugs sat in the testing room, as per usual. Dr. Riel was waiting along with the test crew- Through a window, EVA-01 could be seen, standing stock-still in its restraints. "The uplink to Hamburg’s all clear. We're ready when you are."]
(14:30:37) Sept: "Oh, you have it all set up, too. What a nice surprise!" Sera smiled sincerely. "I'm ready! Are you, Asuka~?"
(14:36:32) Asuka‘: "You bet. Wait." She paused. Then she pointed at Sept. "Let’s make this more -interesting-." It was a line that he had heard more than a few times. It was basically the Gosselin motto.
(14:39:27) Sept: Patrice… would it be in poor taste to do this? Should they ban betting for a few weeks to remember him? He wouldn't have wanted that, though. And he -would- win this. So this would be for both Patrice's and Paul Nouveauxman's memories. "What would you suggest?"
(14:44:42) Asuka‘: "If I win…" She smirked.-
(14:44:50) Asuka`: "I -own- you for a week and you have to do everything I say."
(14:45:57) * Sept swallowed. The stakes would have to be high for an occasion such as this. "And if I win?"
(14:46:37) Asuka`: "Name your price."
(14:54:52) Sept: "Um. I’m not sure if there's anything that big I'd like to…" Sera thought on that. "D-do you think you'd be able to… help Paris? All the people are gone again, and…" He looked pretty miserable because of that.
(14:55:10) Asuka‘: "You want me to bring them back?"
(14:55:42) Sept: "I know there’s only so much you can do, but… people like you, don't they? I'm sure you could do -something-!"
(14:56:00) Asuka‘: "Hm…" Asuka rubbed her chin. "Does it have to be the -same- people?"
(14:56:09) Asuka`: "… And of course people like Asuka the Great!"
(14:56:53) Sept: "N-no, of course not. Anyone in Paris is a Parisian."
(14:57:36) Asuka`: "…" Asuka gripped her hand. "Consider it a deal!"
(14:58:59) * Sept shook it, surprised. "Thank you, Asuka."
(14:59:18) Asuka`: "Heh. We’ll see about that." She shook Sept's hand vigorously, then ran over to hop into a plug.
(15:00:48) * Sept nodded, and wandered over to his, still busy imagining Paris, revitalised.
(15:01:13) Asuka‘: ["Alright. Beginning simulated synchronisation…"-
(15:02:45) Asuka`: [The LCL flowed. The kaleidoscope sparked around them…-
(15:03:05) Asuka`: [They now stood in a simulated Paris-2, a kilometre from each other.-
(15:03:49) Asuka`: ["Alright. The standard rules apply. Anything goes, you have a time limit of five minutes per fight, and it’s best out of three."]
(15:13:49) Asuka‘: "Right! Here goes!" Asuka started to rush forward, a wicked Chainsword in EVA-04’s right hand and a bolt pistol in the other. She smashed through a digital Louvre and then headed south over the Seine. She was -fast-.]
(15:14:04) Sept: "Right." He wasn't here..? Of course he wasn't, it was a simulation. His field still worked the same way… She probably had an advantage in knowing the exact limits of the simulation, but that wouldn't stop Sera from doing his best here.
(15:19:20) Asuka‘: "Heh." She smirked. "You coming or what?"
(15:20:29) Sept: And she’d have even more of an advantage if he'd let her determine the distance between them. Expending AT strength for a quick approach and attack was the only way to make sure that stopped. So that was what Sera did, charging at her from the air!
(15:24:42) Asuka‘: [The knife dug deep into EVA-04’s torso, letting out a cry of anger from Asuka! She unleashed a flurry of chainsword blows at EVA-01…]
(15:28:17) * Sept quickly switched to defensive mode, repelling most of the assault with his shield and knife. But the last one still caught him off guard as it suddenly went low, easily piercing through the remnants of his AT field and cutting into 01's leg. "…you're pretty fast." Was the only reaction, after the moment of internal confusion at the lack of pain.
(15:38:04) Asuka‘: "And the best! Hyah!" She fell into a fighting stance, EVA-04 low and tight.
(15:40:19) Sept: "You can -flail about- pretty fast, sure. But can you -hit-..!" Sera went in for a counterassault, forcing his way through the centre of her defence with brute strength!
(15:42:24) Asuka`: "Grrrr-! I won’t let you get away-" She brought her chainsword down on the attacking arm, the blades digging into the armor hard.
(15:45:39) * Sept tried to block the attack, or at least try to soak some of the force with his shielded hand, but… it didn't feel real. It kept distracting him. Fragments of arm plating fell onto the streets below, but he felt nothing but a slight sting. "That's nothing! You're looking pretty vulnerable yourself~"
(15:47:06) Sept: Another assault at the Red Ambassadress from Doitsu!
(15:53:00) Asuka‘: [This one she dodged. Then, she crouched and -jumped- into the air, an AT Field shimmering as she hurled herself a full 600 metres upwards…-
(15:53:46) Asuka`: "YOU STOLE MY MOVE, SERA!" EVA-02 pushed its right leg out, the other tucking into its side. "ASUKA KICK…!" She prepared to accelerate into EVA-01…!
(15:57:19) Sept: "SHUT UP, I USED IT ON AN ANGEL FIRST!" Sera seemed to take cover under his shield first… but, at the last moment, launched himself up toward 02, practically tackling it in the air, sending it off course and ending up with the higher ground! Somewhere, tables were flipping their shit not knowing which way to turn!
(16:14:25) Asuka`: "Oof-" Asuka grinned. Grinned. "YOU FELL FOR IT-!"-
(16:15:08) Asuka`: [With Sept’s AT Field resisting gravity itself, it didn't have enough charge to resist Asuka, which is altogether a more dangerous force than gravity. Her chainsword swung with wild abandon as the two hurtled towards the ground…!]
(16:18:14) Sept: "Wha-" Sera managed to barely raise his knife against the first one, but couldn't hold his balance in mid-fall, causing him to land rather unergonomically onto a block of flats. With nothing resembling a fighting stance, he had no hope of blocking the rest of the assault. He covered himself with his left arm as far as he could, but with no small price..!
(16:20:02) Asuka‘: [The chainsword’s sheer torque ripped it off of his hand!]
(16:25:31) Sept: "No!" But at the same time… finally, an opening. Sera rolled sideways over the knife and came at Asuka again, knife first!
(16:33:49) Asuka‘: "Hah!" She swayed to the side, jabbing at his face with the chainsword, the pistol barking as a bolt round sailed towards EVA-01…
(16:56:50) * Sept pushed forth, parrying the blade even as he leapt at EVA-02 over the pistol’s intended line of fire!
(16:57:59) * Asuka‘ slashed once more, digging the blade into 01’s chest even as his ripped through 02's left arm. "Agh- no!" The left arm jerked before going limp, the sheer blow knocking 02 to the ground.-
(17:16:29) * Asuka‘ turned the impact into a backflip, catching herself and landing about twenty metres away. She lifted her bolt pistol and fired…
(17:19:01) * Sept was already running after her, but the force of the blow stopped him in his tracks as the arm was blown clean off, and EVA-01 crumpled onto the ground. "Damnit!" Genuine frustration.
(17:19:19) Asuka`: [Beep, beep, -beep-! The timer hit zero.-
(17:19:37) Asuka`: "That’s one to Asuka the Great! You did pretty ok, Sera~" She said gloatingly as the simulation reset.]
(17:21:15) Sept: "Ugh. Come on, that was horrible. But you won't catch me like that again."
(17:24:55) Asuka‘: "Heh heh heh~ That felt amazing." The air shimmered around 02, and then the chainsword… Burst into flames.
(17:31:44) Sept: "Hah hah… Now -that-’s my move, and you're not touching me with it." Sera took a few steps forward to find adequate cover behind a building… and opened fire on EVA-02.
(17:32:36) * Asuka‘ dodged nimbly and started jogging forward. "You remember how we met, Sera? You were sucking at a shooting range, I was dominating~ Actually, that sounds like pretty much us all the time." She chuckled a little.
(17:43:02) Sept: "And how many of those Angelspawn - what did they call them, Reapers? - have you shot recently, Asuka?"
(17:43:31) Asuka`: "Eh?" She narrowed her eyes. "Low…"
(17:43:52) Sept: This time, more shots as the weapon was set to automatic mode. "Low is how you should be advancing!"
(17:45:35) * Asuka` managed to evade most of the bolts, but one caught 02 straight on the front headplate. "Gah. So rude…" EVA-02 lowered its body and started to rush forward at a high speed!
(17:56:39) Sept: "Your pistol may have won you the last round, but a rifl-GODDAMN RIEL YOUR RANDOMISER IS RIGGED I SWEAR" The positron rifle made a very unhealthy sound, and fizzed into silence. Sera… wouldn’t have time to switch to his knife, so he just bunkered down behind his shield, again.
(17:57:06) Sept: «Luna**»
(17:57:42) Asuka‘: ["H-How dare you, Sera de Pteres!" Said Dr. Riel. "You had best run fast when you get out of that plug, or I’ll turn you into feed for my tiger!"-
(17:59:30) Asuka‘: "Oooooh~" Asuka was grinning as she charged the home stretch, raising her flaming chainsword and bringing it down on EVA-01…!
(18:05:47) Sept: But the shield held, diverting the blow elsewhere. Now, he just needed to play for time… Sera eyed the pistol. He couldn’t afford to back up with that thing around. A close knife fight had lost him the previous round, but he had no choice! If he could just get her to stay there on the defensive, he could gain equal footing. "Yiaaaaaah!" A high, wide, audacious blow toward 02!
(18:10:28) Asuka‘: [The Prog Knife dug deep into EVA-02’s head. And… Out the other side. In fact, the head hung there on the end of the blow whilst EVA-02 slowly fell forward, then gushed megalitres of blood into holographic streets.-
(18:10:31) Asuka‘: "… WHAT?!"
(18:10:41) Asuka`: ["Rigged my ass, you little- I’ll- grrr…"]
(18:13:20) Sept: As what had happened sunk in, Sera managed a reply. "…told you. Total pendulum effect. Of course, that might've just been you. We'll just have to see in the final round, won't we?" He smirked.
(18:15:33) Asuka‘: "…"-
(18:15:37) Asuka`: [The Sim reset.-
(18:17:03) Asuka`: [EVA-02 healed, and reappeared at the end of the field…-
(18:17:12) Asuka`: [Wielding, on one shoulder, a very large rocket launcher.]
(18:18:55) Sept: "…Asuka. Look, this… I… -Shit-."
(18:20:17) Asuka`: "Gonna make you do -all- my chores…" She cackled as a small eyepiece detached from the rocket launcher and placed itself over EVA-02’s right eye. A targeting computer.
(18:31:54) Sept: Deep breathing from 01's plug. "This Paris… is not real. You can tear it to pieces trying to get to me, but you'll still have to help the real one when you lose!" Sera dove behind the simulated Paris-2 skyline, readying himself.
(18:34:16) Asuka‘: "I’m not aiming for the skyline!"-
(18:34:30) Asuka‘: The rocket fired, and slammed into the ground mere metres from 01!-
(18:34:38) Asuka`: The explosion left Sept unharmed, but…-
(18:35:15) Asuka`: [The Entry Plug flashed red and a large EMERGENCY POWER display flickered on. [01:00:00]]
(18:40:23) Sept: "…damn good shot, Asuka. But that doesn’t help you!" EVA-01 leapt over the remains of the buildings around it, sprinting down toward one of the Evangelion launch points!
(18:40:52) Asuka‘: EVA-02 hustled over to the bank of the Seine, raising the launcher and aiming again. "Doesn’t it…?"
(18:50:53) Sept: "It really doesn't." Sera reached the launch point and plugged himself in, then turned to advance toward Asuka once more!
(18:52:41) Asuka‘: "How about this?" There was a shimmer in the air. And Sept would realise that his AT Field had sorely weakened…-
(18:52:51) Asuka`: [Just as Asuka opened fire! A rocket hurtling towards 01!]
(18:53:28) * Sept continued dashing forwards! But would it be enough..?
(19:23:26) Asuka`: [The rocket exploded on 01’s chestplate, a wave of fire and heat sparking off the metal and melting away part of the shield. The Umbilical vaporised yet again.]
(19:38:45) Sept: "As if something like that would get through One's armor! Even without me, that toy of yours is useless!" Sera sprinted the rest of the distance, leaping over the Seine and at the launcher-wielding 02!
(19:51:22) * Asuka‘ stepped aside, then slid backwards. "Make or break-"-
(19:51:48) Asuka`: [Another rocket fired, exploding into EVA-01’s armour- but sending EVA-02 flying backwards from the explosion, -bouncing- off a building and into a mall.-
(19:51:51) Asuka‘: "Aa-ah…"
(19:57:41) * Sept buckled down behind his shield, only barely staying on his feet from the force. He could feel his feet starting to slip down the asphalt… but then it was over. And she was no longer there. He spun around, expecting a surprise attack from somewhere. And then, he realised what had happened. "Asuka? ASUKA!"
(19:58:23) Asuka`: "U-urgh. You’d better finish me off, bastard, or I'm going to shoot you again." She was already cycling the last rocket into the chamber.
(20:02:47) Sept: Suddenly, the act of attacking a fellow pilot seemed very real. Too real. The progressive knife in 01's hand began to give off a certain kind of light. He raised it. "Asuka…"
(20:04:02) * Asuka‘ was propping the rocket launcher up against the ground to aim at him. "Don’t wimp out, Sera. You know finishing me would make me happy."
(20:07:40) Sept: Sera tried to come up with a comeback, or something to reassure her, but couldn't. The knife fell, piercing the simulated EVA-02's body.
(20:08:15) * Asuka‘ closed her eye, instinctively tensing for a blow that wouldn’t hurt, but…!-
(20:08:24) Asuka‘: […"And that’s 2-1."-
(20:08:27) Asuka‘: [The simulation faded.-
(20:08:59) Asuka`: ["And pilot Langley-Soryu’s overall tally comes to eleven wins and two defeats!"-
(20:09:08) Asuka‘: "…" Asuka sat in the plug and stared at the glass.
(20:10:29) * Sept wordlessly extricated himself from his. It wasn’t particularly visible for the human eye, or discernible from any sort of fading adrenaline rush, but his hands were shaking ever so slightly.
(20:15:09) * Asuka‘ stepped out of the hatch. "… That wasn’t too bad, Sera." She said, tossing her hair proudly. "Not bad for your first time, huh? You should duel more often. Next time I won't be going easy, though…"
(20:18:23) Sept: "L-look…" Sera approached her carefully, offering his hand…-
(20:19:24) Sept: But taking it away at the last moment and hugging the girl instead. "I know how important that record was for you, Asuka. That you'd put it aside, just for me, and Paris… I can't thank you enough, Asuka."
(20:27:33) Asuka‘: "…" She was frozen for a minute before she stiffly returned the hug. "Idiot. If I’d won, I was going to order you to help me bring people in anyway."
(20:29:15) Sept: "Hahah. Not even a little bit of chores?"
(20:30:58) Asuka‘: "I would get you to give me massages."
(20:36:49) * Sept let go and took a step backwards. "Do you -need- a massage?" he asked.
(20:37:50) Asuka`: "Is that an offer?"
(20:42:29) * Sept blushed slightly. "N-no I’m just s-saying if you… feel too stressed out by everything and I can do something to help I'd like to do so b-but it's not like I'm any good at giving massages of course."
(20:46:27) Asuka‘: "Alex says you’re good with your hands, though…"
(20:46:52) Sept: "W-what?!"
(20:47:53) Asuka‘: "Come on!" She grabbed him and pulled him along. "If your massages aren’t up to snuff we'll just have to find a different way to relax."
(20:51:16) Sept: "What now b-but we- agh!" Sept was made to follow, still dripping LCL everywhere.
(20:51:54) Asuka‘: ["…"=
(20:52:05) Asuka`: ["Girl’s a damned hellcat." Muttered one of the scientists.]

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