She Said You Ll Keep It Quiet Right

<Yanmei> Yanmei knew the hospital about as well as she knew her own room by this point. The busy hours, the lulls, the times when the staff was most distracted. It was unusually busy for an early morning, but then there were more patients to deal with.-
<Yanmei> Nurses and doctors scrambled down corridors. She had seen her own Isaiah hurry off not too long ago, now lost among them as she loitered at the reception desk to gather information. Now with some room numbers in mind, she started off. De Pteres' room was her first stop… -
<Yanmei> but she caught a glimpse of someone through the slightly open door, and recognizing Dr. Clement's hair and the way he wore his labcoat from behind, she tiptoed off. Maybe later. Next, was Asuka's room, and she hung outside there too, trying to decide how to proceed. Finally, she just gave up and knocked cheerfully.
<Asuka‘> [The door opened, and a face peeked out- that of Isaiah. "Oh, Yanmei…"-
<Asuka`> "W-What do you mean!? I’m fine! Let me out of the bed right -now- Alex!" Came a furious, all-too-familiar voice. It sounded like something was being thumped.-
<Asuka‘> ["No. You -have- to stay here for observation. Now shut up and let me feed you."-
<Asuka`> "I don’t need your help, -idiot jerkface-!"-
<Asuka‘> ["Don’t call me that!"]
<Yanmei> "…" Yanmei lowered her voice with a little smirk. "Caught in the crossfire, huh? Are you okay?"
<Asuka‘> [Isaiah chuckled. "Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. She's a monster to try to treat."-
<Asuka‘> "Hey, you fluffy-haired idiot, who are you calling a monster? Who’s there?"
<Yanmei> "Huh? Don't call him an idiot!" Yanmei tried to nudge him aside for a better peek inside. "You'd better not be bullying him, Asuka!"
<Asuka‘> "He deserves it!" Snapped Asuka.-
<Asuka`> ["Oh God, not again." Muttered Alex.]
<Yanmei> "Jerkface." she acknowledged Alexandre with a fleeting nod as she came inside, and tossed her hair. "What’s the deal, Asuka? With the way you're yelling, I'm surprised they haven't kicked you out of here yet?"
<Asuka‘> "I hate being here! I’m fine! Look! I'm not even injured!" She snapped. "Then jerkface here keeps trying to feed me, the smug bastard, and the food here -sucks-, and then you have that pervert of a nurse floating around-"-
<Asuka‘> ["I’m not a jerkface!"-
<Asuka‘> ["I’m not a pervert!"]
<Yanmei> "Isaiah's just doing his job!" The defense of Alex was noticably absent. "What's the big deal? You act like you've never been in a hospital before."
<Asuka‘> "Hospitals suck." Said Asuka, folding her arms and scowling. "Get me out of here, Team Leader."
*Yanmei scowled back at her. "You know what? -Fine-. Get your clothes."
<Asuka`> "Eh- Really?" Asuka brightened.-
<Asuka`> ["Whoa, whoa." Alex turned, frowning. "Dr. Clement said she had to stay in bed for a week for health!"-
<Asuka`> ["H-he really did." Said Isaiah meekly, but he whispered aside to Yanmei. "She looks fine, though…"]
<Yanmei> "I know, right? Weird." But then she lifted her voice. "The way I figure it, we’ve got two options here, in that case. 1) Quit feeding her and give her some space, 2) we bust her out before she tears the place apart, or 3) she vents in the most effective way possible."
<Asuka‘> ["There’s also a fourth option." Added Alex.]
<Yanmei> "Oh?"
<Asuka‘> ["We could knock her out."-
<Asuka`> "Just try it."
<Yanmei> "Well, you know, with 3, that could happen anyway." Yanmei gave a thumbs up. "No-bar holds fight! Simulation or real life, either works!"
<Asuka`> "… Hmph!" Asuka fumed. "I take the third option? It’s not like any of you could beat me anyway?"-
<Asuka‘> ["You’re doing it again." Added Alex.-
*Asuka‘ shot him a death glare.
*Yanmei preened~ "Ok, that settles it. Why don’t you two clear out for a minute and give us some alone time? If it gets too noisy, you can totally break it up?"
<Asuka‘> ["If you say so. Just go gentle on her, ok, Yanmei? Otherwise she really -will- need to stay here." He stood up, cheerfully ignoring her burning lance of hate. "Come on, Isaiah. Let’s go grab lunch."-
<Asuka‘> ["Er, ok! Be back in a minute, Yanmei!"-
*Asuka` was just staring at Alex with a glare of promised agony at an unspecified but inevitable date.
*Yanmei waited until they were gone, cheerfully waving them off, before addressing Asuka again. She made sure the door was closed too, naturally. "OK. They’re gone. What are you really pissed about?"
<Asuka‘> "…" She frowned. "You’ll keep it quiet, right?"
<Yanmei> "Of course? It's me, after all." She moved toward a spare chair.
<Asuka‘> "It… Hurts." She muttered, her face dark. "I’ve been trying so hard to get over my last defeat. I've been training as hard as I can, asking for the best weapons- I haven't held back at all." She said. "But it… Didn't mean anything. I was the first one to be defeated. Again. Out of three battles with Angels, I've been the first to fall twice. I… I should be better than this…"
<Yanmei> "…" Yanmei leaned back. "But you helped to save de Pteres back then. And in the previous fight in Berlin, you took on that Angel all on your own. The same one that took the three of us here in Paris ages to bring down, and even then not without defeats of our own. You're not belittling those accomplishments, are you?"
<Asuka‘> "Do they really matter, though? I was still defeated. I let myself down. It really infuriated me that in Berlin, I could’ve just not done anything and the fight would've been different." She muttered. "I know what you're saying, but I have to ask: did I really even make a difference in the fight with Ramliel?"
<Yanmei> "Are you seriously asking that? In a fight that intense, where we were all lucky to survive at all. What do you think would've happened if any one of us hadn't been there?"
<Asuka‘> "You tell me."
<Yanmei> "The whole group would have been wiped out! Best case scenario, destroying the Sentinels would have taken so long, that we may well not have even bothered."-
<Yanmei> "Even with the way things turned out, it was a close call. When you went down, taking out the remaining ones was more of a struggle than it should have been. By the time we were done, we were so wiped out that the Angel itself nearly finished us off in a few minutes. Think about the state we would have been in if there had been just three of us from the beginning."
<Asuka`> "But…" Asuka frowned, pulling her knees up towards her chest. "But I was still the first to go down."
<Yanmei> "Crappy luck. For you, and us. It’s not all about skill." Yanmei moved to the bed now, sitting down. "It's getting hard to count the number of times I've nearly been killed. But I'd hardly say that it was skill that kept me alive. It's chance."
<Asuka‘> "So what, all my practice is useless?" Asked Asuka bitterly. "I can’t accept that. I need to know that somehow, if I keep practicing, one day it -won't- be a matter of chance."
<Yanmei> "You won't see me stopping you?" Yanmei smiled a little. "Feel like watching my back when you get to that point?"
<Asuka‘> "Why are you asking -me- that, idiot? You’re the one who killed the Angel, aren't you?" She muttered. "Well, whatever. From now on, it's do-or-die. I won't let you look better than me anymore- I'm going to finish every fight on my feet!"
<Yanmei> For a moment, she considered telling her about the things that had gone through her mind when 02 had been disabled, and was being attacked by Angelspawn… that she wasn't sure that she would have been able to summon the visciousness to fight them off under other cicumstances. She decided against it. Matters of pride, after all.-
<Yanmei> "Aren't you going to become your own Team Leader soon?" Yanmei tossed her hair. "After the crap we went through in Eden? I'll have my work cut out for me if I want to stay on top. Not that I won't figure out a way to do that~"
<Asuka‘> "Hah." Asuka’s old fire was starting to return, and a smirk crossed her lips. "You won't be on top for very long. It's my turn now, Idiot Yanmei~"
<Yanmei> "We'll see about that!" Yanmei smirked back. "Now, then. Should I call Jerkface back in here so that he can keep coddling you? You know he's totally getting into it, too."
<Asuka‘> "He’s not the only one enjoying himself a little too much."
<Yanmei> "Eh? Ohh, I get it. You're getting a kick out of bossing him around and smacking him when he gets too cozy." Yanmei gave her an obnoxious wink. "So you're into that stuff~"
<Asuka‘> "No, you idiot!" Snapped Asuka, turning red. "Your boyfriend’s a creepy pervert! Urgh. I nearly threw the phone at him."
<Yanmei> "Huh?! Isaiah isn't like that!"
<Asuka‘> "He saw me changing today. That makes him a pervert!" Intoned Asuka, looking away darkly- before looking back at Yanmei with a smirk. "Not that I can blame him, with someone as plain as you around~"
<Yanmei> "Hmph, you -must- be joking?" Yanmei folded her arms. "We’ll put it to a test when he gets back. He's a terrible liar, so if we ask who's prettier…"
*Asuka‘ preened, stretching out and smirking confidently. "… Then he’ll say me, of course. Go on~ call him back. I hope Alex brought me something -nice- this time."
<Yanmei> "I'll -do- that, then!" Yanmei pulled out her phone and sent out a quick text. "I doubt they went far~"
*Asuka‘ merely waited.-
<Asuka`> [Eventually, the two boys did return, holding parcels each. Alexandre entered first. "Huh. No one’s dead. Pity."]
<Yanmei> "Funny." Yanmei rolled her eyes, and then let them settle on Isaiah. Intensely.
*Asuka‘ did the same.-
<Asuka`> ["I got you some c-" Isaiah had no idea what he was walking into, and he froze still as he noted their eyes on him. "… What…?"]
<Yanmei> "Isaiah? We need you to settle something." Yanmei nodded firmly. "In your opinion as a medical expert, I’m totally more attractive than Langley-Soryu here, aren't I?"
<Asuka‘> ["…"-
<Asuka`> ["…" Alex shot him a sympathetic glance.-
*Asuka` did not.-
<Asuka`> [Isaiah quickly sidled into the room, a safe distance from Asuka. "Of course you are, hon."]
*Yanmei beamed~
<Asuka`> "Y-You’re only saying that because you're afraid of Yanmei!" Retorted Asuka angrily.
<Yanmei> "What?! He couldn't be more sincere if he tried!" Yanmei tossed her hair. "Isn't that right, Isaiah?"
<Asuka‘> ["R-right." Said Isaiah nervously. "N-Nothing against you, though, Asuka. I mean, you’re very pretty, but I just find myself more attracted to Yanmei. It shouldn't be surprising! I mean, she's had more time to mature into a lady, whereas you're only 14-"-
<Asuka‘> "… Right. I’m going to kill him." Asuka swung off the bed and stood up. If looks could kill… Well, even if they couldn't, Asuka wasn't going to let that stop her. She started walking towards him…!
<Yanmei> Time to provide cover while he escaped! Yanmei stood with a chuckle, trying to intercept her. "Now Asuka, you know he didn't mean anything by it…"
<Asuka‘> [Alex moved as well, the two of them forming a wall between Asuka and Isaiah.-
<Asuka`> "Let me get pass-" Asuka ran into the wall, thrashing about but unable to get past. "I’ll rip off his fluffy little head! Just you watch-"-
<Asuka‘> ["I-I uh… Y-Yanmei, see me after you’re done, ok? It's important-!" Isaiah -fled- the room…!]
<Yanmei> "Ok- ow!" Yanmei winced away from a flailing elbow, and then with renewed boldness, tried to catch the offending arm. "Calm down~"
<Asuka‘> It took awhile for them to quiet the fuming Asuka, who would eventually be coaxed back onto the bed. Alex then sat down next to her. "See? Look. I brought you lunch. Bacon, steak and cheese burger from the cafeteria."-
<Asuka`> "Why couldn’t you have done that in the first place?" Asked Asuka, ripping the bag from him and digging in.-
<Asuka‘> ["You’re welcome." Muttered Alex, before turning to Yanmei. "Did you help cheer her up?"]
<Yanmei> "I can't tell," Yanmei whispered back. "She seems a little like her old self, so I think so."
<Asuka‘> ["Well, thanks." Mumbled Alex. "I appreciate it. You did good out there."]
<Yanmei> "Yeah. Yeah, I guess?" She went a little somber at that. It only lasted for a minute, though. She tossed her hair. "Aren’t you going to poke fun at me for some of the slip-ups I made?"
<Asuka‘> ["Why would I do that?" Asked Alex. "No need to make fun of you. If you remember them, that’s enough."]
<Yanmei> "Oh." She frowned for a moment, unsure. This mellow Jerkface was a side that she was still getting used to. "Well, I'll take your thanks, then?"
<Asuka‘> ["Good." Alex turned back to Asuka, who had seemingly swallowed about half of the burger. "Keep it up, yeah? Maybe this one’ll learn a little from you."-
*Asuka‘ shot him a dark look. "Gff fff yuffff."
*Yanmei snickered, turning away. "Well, I guess we’ll see? Gotta talk to Isaiah for a bit, but I doubt you two will leave for Germany before we run into each other again? So we'll probably talk soon."
<Asuka‘> ["Yeah." Said Alex. "We’re staying around at least until the funeral next Wednesday."]
<Yanmei> "…yeah." She tried to keep at least a mild smile, but it didn't completely work. Certainly, it didn't come close to reaching her eyes. "Well. I'll see you later?"
<Asuka‘> ["Yeah. See you."-
*Asuka` swallowed. "Bye-bye, Team Leader!"
[14:47] <Yanmei> With her cheer dimmed significantly, Yanmei started slowly on the way to Isaiah’s office. Her thoughts were on Asuka and Alex, and how easily they seemed to take both Atticus' and Dorian's deaths. It gave her a sick sense of jealousy. Didn't they hurt over it too…?-
[14:50] <Yanmei> She dodged another encounter with Clement, narrowly ducking into an open room as he passed, flashing the wounded soldier resting inside a sweet smile, and then poking her head out to check if he was gone. Close one. It turned out, however, to be the extent of her adventures on the way to Isaiah. She reached his office door. She knocked.
[14:54] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["Come in!"]
[14:55] * Yanmei obliged! "I came, just like I said I would." She tried one another smile, for him.
[14:57] <@Ginevre`Fontaine> [The office was as it usually was, plus one tired Isaiah. Lupe was curled up in the corner, staring up at Yanmei. Isaiah smiled. "Hey. Did you calm her down?"]
[14:59] <Yanmei> "As well as we could. Well, she’s Fontaine's problem now~" She made for a chair, and flopped down onto it. "You might want to avoid her room for the rest of the day, though."
[15:06] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["I’ll keep that in mind." Said Isaiah, smiling. He stood up, walking around the table and sitting on the ground beside her, looking up. "How're you doing?"]
[15:08] <Yanmei> "Oh, you know me…" He -did- know her. She looked around for someone else to rest her gaze on. She found the wolf. "I'm still… tired."
[15:11] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> [He gazed up at her sympathetically, before patting the ground next to him.]
[15:12] * Yanmei hesitated, and then joined him on the ground, smoothing down her pants as she did so.
[15:15] <@Ginevre`Fontaine> [Lupe shuffled over too, flopping down once again with his head on Yanmei’s lap.-
[15:16] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["That battle was pretty hectic, huh?" Asked Isaiah quietly. "How do you think it went?"]
[15:20] <Yanmei> "How it went?" Yanmei patted Lupe on the head gingerly at first. She swallowed back a lump, and shook her head wearily. "I don’t want to go through a fight like that again. Never ever…"
[15:21] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["I can’t blame you." Said Isaiah quietly, gently holding her hand. "I saw it. It… Well. Even from where I was it looked awful. And it felt worse." He mumbled.]
[15:24] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei gave Lupe another few absent pets before she worked up an explanation. "It… was the same thing as Eden Base," she began.
[15:25] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["Do you want to talk about it?"]
[15:27] <Yanmei> "I don’t. But I will anyway? Only, you have to keep it a secret."
[15:28] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["Of course." He said quietly.]
[15:32] <Yanmei> "Eva 07. Or… whoever set off the events of Eden Base. It showed us so many terrible things. Things that weren’t real." Her voice was quiet. "My dad's been dead for a long time, you know. But back then, it… Hahaha… and I believed it, too! Just for a smallest second, I thought it was actually him."
[15:34] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> [Isaiah stared at her with gentle, sympathetic eyes. "That… I see. That’s wrong."]
[15:35] <Yanmei> "No. -I- was wrong for ever believing it. I was stupid. And I was stupid this time, too."
[15:40] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["…" Isaiah was quiet, simply staring, giving her a gentle squeeze of her hand and letting her continue.]
[15:44] <Yanmei> "Beijing is gone. My mother will never see me run in a stadium. Dorian’s dead now, too. That guy who put so much faith in me." Her eyes had hardened. "That's the reality. But I… fell for it again. The very same trick!"
[15:49] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> [Isaiah was quiet at that, his head bowed.]
[15:53] <Yanmei> "When I woke up, 01 had been smashed apart by that monster. I couldn’t believe it." She smiled bitterly. "But the worse was remembering what had happened. That's probably what you felt, wasn't it? That moment of waking up…"
[15:55] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["…" Isaiah nodded slowly. He turned his eyes up to look at her. "I’m sorry you had to see that." He mumbled. "I-I'm sorry you're the one who has to bear attacks like this every time…"]
[15:59] <Yanmei> "It won't happen again. I'll die before I let it happen again!" She shook her head, furiously. "After that monster already took everything away, it just… how dare it!"
[16:06] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["I won’t let it happen either." He said. "I don't know how. But… I'll find some way to keep you from suffering like this."]
[16:15] * Yanmei squeezed his hand. It wasn't a gentle squeeze, though. It was an iron-grip. "I have to… If I have to keep fighting, it will be for you and Marianne and Lizzie, okay? It will be for you guys." For a moment, she thought she would break down again and cry. "That's enough reason to keep my head?"
[16:19] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["Yanmei…"]
[16:27] * Yanmei was quiet for a while. Finally, she let him go, and with a now-shaking hand, gave Lupe another pat. "I’m okay," She said, with a careful forced evenness to her voice. "Let me, just. Pretend that I'm okay for a while."
[16:28] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> [Isaiah shook his head, and he stood up. "Yanmei. Come with me."]
[16:29] * Yanmei blinked up at him, startled. "Where?"
[16:33] <@Ginevre`Fontaine> ["I-It’s something I wasn't supposed to tell you about." He mumbled. "Something important."]
[16:35] * Yanmei stared at him, and then slowly climbed to her feet, nudging the wolf off. "Not supposed to tell me? By whose orders?"
[16:37] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> [Lupe was nudged off, shaking his head and heading back to his corner.-
[16:37] <@Ginevre`Fontaine> ["Dr. Clement’s." Isaiah opened the door and stepped out.]
[16:37] * Yanmei hesitated. Still, she slowly began to follow.
[16:42] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> [Isaiah led her deeper into the Medical District. Deeper, into an area that even she wasn’t familiar with. It was an intensive care ward- it reminded her of Isaiah's lodgings last Christmas.-
[16:42] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> [Wordlessly, he led her to one room in particular and pointed to a window.]
[16:43] * Yanmei stopped in front of the window. Stared into it.
[16:49] <@Ginevre`Fontaine> [Within was a woman. Most of her body was hidden by complex medical machinery- life support systems keeping her from death. But what -was- visible was a face, a face suffering from recent burn scars like the ones she’d experienced before. She had hair of a darker shade than Yanmei's own violet, hair that was singed and burned. But even with her injuries, Yanmei would recognise her own mother.]
[16:51] * Yanmei stared. She raised a hand to the glass, pressing her fingers against it. It was cold. -Real-. "M-mom…?"
[16:57] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> [Isaiah nodded shakily. "She arrived this morning, from the recovery in Beijing-2. We… We weren’t supposed to tell you." He mumbled. "S-She's really weak. She's in a bad way. She might not…"]
[16:59] <Yanmei> me had stopped listening. She was dashing for the door that would lead her into the room itself, her heart pounding, her vision swimming.
[16:59] * Yanmei had stopped listening. She was dashing for the door that would lead her into the room itself, her heart pounding, her vision swimming.
[17:00] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["No, Yanmei, wait-"-
[17:00] <@Ginevre`Fontaine> [The door was locked…]
[17:01] <Yanmei> "Why? Wh-why?" She was so close! Yanmei’s shoulders shook, and she tugged frantically at the doorknob.
[17:04] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> [Isaiah put his hands on her shoulders, squeezing tightly, trying to calm her down. "She’s in too much danger, Yanmei. We're trying to give her the best chance of recovery there is…"]
[17:14] <Yanmei> "N-no… nononono, I have to get to her." She wiped her face with the back of her hand. "She's my mom. My mom! I have to be with her…"
[17:17] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> [Isaiah was growing pale, now. He’d only been trying to help… He shook his head. "Yanmei. -Listen- to me." He tried turning her around to face him.]
[17:18] <Yanmei> It took her a while to actually focus. She kept staring past him, to the window they had been peering through earlier.
[17:23] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["If you go in there, she could die, Yanmei." He said tightly, to her face. "So please, listen to me. You have to calm down. You have to stay out here. I know. I know it isn’t fair. I know you have to see her, but…" He shook his head, trying to catch her eye and keep it. "The best we can do now is hope for the best, alright?"]
[17:29] <Yanmei> "Please," she was focusing on him now. "You don't understand, Isaiah, please. Clement doesn't hate you. You could… could get him to open the door, right?" Hands on his shoulders. "You can do it. She won't… she wouldn't just…"
[17:36] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> [He bowed his head and, putting his arms around her waist, pulled her into a very tight embrace. "I’m sorry. I'm so sorry." He mumbled. "Please, Yanmei. You have to trust me on this…"]
[17:41] <Yanmei> "She's stronger than that," her voice was breaking apart. "She won't die. Please. Pl- p.." She muffled herself, her face buried in his shoulder. Her shoulders shuddered some more.
[17:49] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> [He held her, his eyes closed, tears starting to form in them even as he winced. "Y-Yanmei…" He mumbled. "What would your mother want you to do, sweetheart?"]
[17:53] <Yanmei> No answer. A gradual softening of her shoulders and the noises she made, though.
[18:08] <@Ginevre`Fontaine> [Yanmei would feel him pull her in a little tighter. He kissed her, too, out of sadness and sympathy as much as love. "Soon. Alright, Yanmei? I promise you the moment I can persuade Dr. Clement, I’ll let you see her, speak to her and touch her…"]
[18:17] <Yanmei> "Mmph," she mumbled. A sense of defeat was starting to bubble up, and finally, after some more time, her shoulders stilled. "I'm so tired," she mumbled.
[18:20] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["Do you want me to take you home?" he asked quietly. "If you want, I can bring a bed down here…"]
[18:24] <Yanmei> "I’ll takke care of it," she decided. She shifted away a little. "Is it okay to stay here?"
[18:27] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["Dr. Clement might not like it." Murmured Isaiah. "So… So I’ll stay here with you, as long as you need, ok? If he gets angry, I'll say it was my fault."]
[18:32] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei frowned a little. Instead of agreeing, she caught his hand and started to lead him away.
[18:43] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["…?" He followed along. "Hey, where are we going?"]
[18:44] <Yanmei> "I’ll go to Clement myself. You go back to your office."
[18:47] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["…" Now it was Isaiah’s turn to dig his heels in. "Yanmei. Either we go to him together or not at all."]
[18:52] * Yanmei turned and stared with a certain uneasiness. "You're sure…?"
[18:52] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> [Isaiah nodded firmly. "I don’t want to leave you now."]
[18:59] * Yanmei gave his hand a small squeeze. "All right, then. Let's figure out where he went?"
[19:00] <@Ginevre‘Fontaine> [He nodded fervently, squeezing back and heading to her side. "Yeah. I think I saw him on the way…"]
[19:04] * Yanmei started forward. Not, however, without one very long glance backward at the window. She would be back soon, she told herself, and set her mouth in a grim line.
[14:02] <Isaiah> [They prowled through the corridors of the Medical District, through crowded hallways and empty corridors and past rooms of injured and healers alike. Eventually they managed to find Dr. Clement, slipping inside his office…]
[14:06] * Yanmei followed, stopping short at the door itself, one hands still latched on to Isaiah’s. She raised the other to knock briskly.
[14:06] <Yanmei> ^hand
[14:08] <Isaiah> ["? Come in."]
[14:11] * Yanmei obliged, trying to purge some of the urgency from her face. It didn't completely work. Her eyes held a certain fierce intensity, and her features were tight. "Doctor. We're sorry to disturb you when you're so busy, but could we have a word?"
[14:12] <Isaiah> ["What is…?" Dr. Clement took in the sight- Yanmei, her face intense, holding Isaiah's hand, the boy quiet. His eyes narrow.-
[14:12] <Isaiah> ["What is it?"]
[14:17] <Yanmei> That look said it all, didn't it? She went on, anyway. "It's about one of your patients in the Intensive Care ward. You must know the one."
[14:22] <Isaiah> [Dr. Clement let out a long sigh, closing his eyes for a few minutes. When he opened them, they focused on Isaiah. "I specifically told you -not- to tell her. In fact I took you aside and said, 'Don't tell her about this, no matter what'. And you deliberately disobeyed my orders. The orders weren't even 24 hours old." He shook his head.-
[14:22] <Isaiah> "S-She had a right to know. Y-You didn't see her like she was-"-
[14:23] <Isaiah> ["Enough already, Isaiah." Dr. Clement cut him off, turning to Yanmei. "Go on."]
[14:26] <Yanmei> "About those orders?" Yanmei had given Isaiah's hand a little squeeze. "I'm sure you had a good reason to give them. Could you tell me what it was?"
[14:29] <Isaiah> [Another sigh. He ran a hand through his hair. "Yanmei. Your mother is in a critical condition- and I do mean critical. When they found her she was unconscious, without food or water for a week, deeply scarred by energy burns. The fact that she's even alive is a small miracle. I'm not going to lie. There's… A very significant chance that she might not make it through the week." He said quietly. "I felt it would be best that I not risk hurting you by telling you that she was here, getting your hopes up, only for her to pass away. I felt it would be better that we tell you about her survival -after- it was assured."]
[14:37] <Yanmei> "Significant…" Yanmei paled ad focused on the man's desk for a moment as she tried to compose herself. "She's the woman who raised me," she started again, slowly. "I understand your concern. I -appreciate- your concern. But when she's this close, I…"
[14:41] <Isaiah> ["You want to see her."]
[14:42] <Yanmei> "I -need- to see her. Please."
[14:45] <Isaiah> ["You understand that to maximise her chances for survival, total isolation is required until we're ready to start new procedures? What if you infect her?"]
[14:49] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei didn't lift her head. "Then let me stay at the observation window, just watching. Please!" This time, she actually bowed. "I didn't expect to ever see her again, so even that much is more than enough!"
[14:52] <Isaiah> [Dr. Clement let out a little sigh, putting a hand on Yanmei's shoulder. "Yanmei, I would never deny you that. I know you're suffering. And she's important to you. I know that when Isaiah was wounded, both times, you did much the same thing. So you're welcome to watch her from the window. If you like, I can have a guest room cleared out."]
[14:59] <Yanmei> "Thank you." She straightened up again, soberly. "That would be really helpful." Her mind was starting to crank, thinking of arrangements for Lizzie among other things. "I'm not a medical specialist, but if there's anything I could do to help…?"
[15:00] <Isaiah> ["The best you can do now is keep -yourself- in good condition." Said Dr. Clement. "Leave it to us to take care of your mother."]
[15:03] <Yanmei> "I will. I know my limits." She almost added something else, but she let it go. "If that's everything, we can get out of your hair for a while."
[15:04] <Isaiah> ["It'll be appreciated. Isaiah- I'll speak to you after your shift."-
[15:04] <Isaiah> "Yes sir…"
[15:09] * Yanmei glanced between the two, a slightly guilty expression on her face. She about-faced, though, and went for the door. "Goodbye, Doctor."
[15:09] <Isaiah> ["Goodbye, Yanmei. Isaiah.-
[15:09] <Isaiah> "G-Goodbye, Dr. Clement." He followed Yanmei out, closing the door behind him.
[15:13] <Yanmei> Once out in the hallway, that guilt would have become more noticable. "This is going to get you in serious trouble, isn't it?"
[15:16] * Isaiah smiled, turned about and answered Yanmei's question by pulling her into a deep kiss.
[15:19] <Yanmei> Well, that was enough to snap her out of it. She put her arms around him, enjoying the moment.
[15:23] <Isaiah> A moment of happiness after one of the worst weeks in human history seemed like a tremendous luxury, and not one Isaiah was in a rush to end. When he did eventually pull away, it was with reluctance, putting his forehead to hers. "I -might- get a reprimand. Possibly some sort of punishment. But I don't care. It's worth it. I felt you deserved to know. To say goodbye, or to say hello, whatever happens."
[15:26] <Yanmei> "It actually went a little better than I though? Clement and I have not been on the best terms lately, as you probably know."
[15:26] <Yanmei> ^thought
[15:29] <Isaiah> "I may have heard a thing or two. But…" He smiled. "From what he's told me, things seem to be getting a bit better with Elena."
[15:32] <Yanmei> "Hm. Maybe eventually he'll forgive me or something, then," she mumbled.
[15:33] <Isaiah> "Maybe you should ask him about it." Said Isaiah. "… Later. When everything's sorted. For now…"
[15:34] <Yanmei> "Yeah. I'll keep out of his way, at least until things cool down. Ah, and Isaiah?"
[15:34] <Isaiah> "Yeah?"
[15:35] <Yanmei> "Thank you. Thank you so much…"
[15:38] * Isaiah gave her a very warm smile. "You're welcome, sweetheart." He kissed her again, and took her hand. "You're always welcome."

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