She Said You Re Just A Big Teddy Bear Raffy

[12:56] <Lucas‘Guillory> [A mid-June afternoon sees a certain car- driven by Raphael Guillory- pull up in the parking lot of an apartment building in Paris-2’s Eighth Arrondissement. The Eiffel Tower glitters in the setting sun, casting a long shadow eastward.-
[12:57] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Is this it, Raffy? Is this the place?" Asks Suzanne excitedly.]
[13:03] * Raphael pulls the car to a stop in one of the apartment’s handicapped spaces. His old military-issue four-wheel drive he used to drive is gone now, traded in for a little blue hatchback to make it a little easier for Suzie to get in and out of her seat. "This is the place," Raphael says, smiling in spite of himself as he sets the handbrake. "You're really that excited?"
[13:04] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Of course! I wanna see what your brother is like! I bet he has lots of funny stories…" She beamed.
[13:10] * Raphael chuckles a little as he climbs out and begins setting up her wheelchair, pausing just long enough to cast a quick glance up towards the foot of the building to check for proper access. It’s not a set of habits he ever expected to develop. "None about me, I'm sure. I've always been the boring old man I am today, Suzie."
[13:12] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Uh-huh. Now I want to ask even more about you~"-
[13:12] <Lucas`Guillory> [Fortunately this apartment -does- have proper access. Lucas lives here after all.]
[13:16] * Raphael makes a noncommital noise at that, but there’s amusement showing in his eyes. It takes a few more minutes to get her all set up, but before too long the two of them are wheeling their way up towards the building. "I'm glad you're looking forward to meeting them, actually. I was a bit worried you'd feel awkward about it all."
[13:17] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Why’s that, Raffy?"]
[13:21] <Raphael> "…" Raphael falls silent at that as the two of them pass through the apartment building's automatic doors. "… I don't know. You don't know Lucas, and I suppose I was worried you might feel as though I expected you to treat him like family right away."
[13:23] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Oh. Well… Maybe it -will- take some time, Raffy…" She conceded.]
[13:27] <Raphael> "Mmm…" He says slowly, pressing the elevator’s call button. "And I -don't- expect that. I just want him to meet the kid I'm so proud of. Is that ok?"
[13:41] <Lucas‘Guillory> [Suzanne preened, beaming up at Raffy. "Of course~"-
[13:41] <Lucas`Guillory> [Ding. The elevator opened, a dark-suited man exiting, leaving it vacant.]
[13:54] <Raphael> The rest of their short trip passes by in amiable silence, but a few minutes later the two would find themselves at the door to apartment 408. There’s nothing to distinguish this door from any of the half a dozen others stretched out along this hall, but the sight of it is enough to make Raphael smile. He gives Suzie a quick pat on the shoulder and raps gently on the door~
[14:01] <Lucas‘Guillory> [The door opens, revealing a tall brown-haired woman wearing a clean red sweater and a pair of jeans. "Raphael!" She exclaims, reaching out to give him a light hug. "It’s so good to -see- you! Lucas is waiting in the kitchen…" She pauses in her greeting to peer down at Suzanne. "Oh, hello there…"-
[14:02] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Hello…"]
[14:13] * Raphael grins broadly as the door opens, returning the hug easily enough. "Good to see you too, Emma. I was a bit concerned you two had decided not to come back for a while there. How’d everything go with your parents?" Still, as he pulls back he glances back and forth between Suzie and Emma and chuckles a little. "Emma, this is Suzanne. Suzie, this is Emma, Lucas' fiancee."
[14:18] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Nice to meet you, Suzie. Is it ok if I call you that?"-
[14:18] <Lucas`Guillory> ["Yeah, that’s fine, miss Emma."-
[14:18] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Just Emma, please. I bet you’d like a drink, huh?"-
[14:18] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["If it’s ok!"-
[14:23] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Of course." Emma straightened up, stepping to the side to let her guests enter. "It went well, thanks for asking. I think mum and dad were a little concerned at first about how things were going in the leadup to the wedding, but Lucas set them straight in that way of his."]
[14:28] * Raphael snorts in amusement as he gently guides Suzie inside. "No doubt. It would be a lot less trouble for the both of you if you’d just done the wedding while you were visiting, though. All this extra effort just because I can't get time off for leave…"
[14:31] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Oh Raphael. You -know- what Lucas would say if he heard that." Chided Emma with mild amusement.]
[14:31] <Raphael> "Which is why I’m not saying it within earshot."
[14:34] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Clever." Said Emma with a smile. "Come on. He’s been waiting all night for you to come over, for one reason or another…"]
[14:37] <Raphael> "Of course," Raphael says with a chuckle, giving Suzie a quick smile before heading for the kitchen.
[14:42] <Lucas‘Guillory> [Suzanne smiled back encouragingly! Things were ok so far.-
[14:44] * Lucas`Guillory was sitting on a stool, his wheelchair tucked away near the wall. He looked rather like Raphael; the same black hair and eyes, but his face was a little rounder and softer, a bit more like their mother than their father. It was a face far more used to smiling and laughing than his big brother’s.-
[14:45] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Emma, did you get the red carpet? We’re in the presence of a -chevalier-. Your dear honoured sir Guillory… What a pleasure…" He bowed a little, smirking evilly. "To grace this humble little house…"
[14:51] * Raphael gives Lucas a dark look, folding his arms after he wheels Suzanne alongside the table. "… how did you find out? I thought I'd managed to keep you two in the dark about all that fuss."
[14:54] <Lucas‘Guillory> "I rang your place the other day to confirm something about your coming over, and it was picked up by a young-sounding girl who called you Chevalier Group Captain Wing Commander Guillory." Lucas -grinned-. "She was very forthcoming when I asked about it all."
[14:55] <Lucas`Guillory> [Suzanne giggled.]
[14:56] <Raphael> "…" Raphael manages to hold the dour expression for a few moments longer before he lets out a helpless-sounding chuckle. "… that sounds about right," he mutters, before giving his brother a smile. "How’ve you been, kid?"
[15:06] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Heh. I’ve been pretty good, Raphael. Pretty good indeed. It's -good- to be back in Paris. England's pretty, I'm not going to lie, but it's just more comfortable here at home. How about you?"
[15:17] <Raphael> "Mmm, you can probably guess. From sleep to work and back again. The new posting has certainly been interesting, though. The only real change has been looking after…" He pauses, suddenly realizing he's missed a critical portion of the conversation. "Right, introductions are probably necessary. Lucas, this little one is Suzanne Sartre. Suzie, this is the one I warned you to pay no attention
[15:17] <Raphael> to."
[15:39] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Heeeey, kiddo." Said Lucas with a big broad grin, chuckling heartily. He leaned over and offered Suzanne a hand to shake.-
[15:39] <Lucas`Guillory> ["Hi, Mr. Lucas." She shook the hand, smiling in return.-
[15:40] <Lucas`Guillory> "Hey hey. Lucas is just fine. What’s it like living with Raphael, huh? I bet he's a boring old grump."-
[15:40] <Lucas‘Guillory> [Suzanne giggled. "Raffy is really sweet, though. He’s always taking care of me, and he -thinks- he's a boring old grump, but he's actually not."-
[15:41] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Hey now, what’s this? -Raffy-?" Lucas stares up at Raphael with a predator's smirk. "You don't let -me- call you that…"
[15:43] * Raphael knew this was coming, but… what could he ever do to prepare for it? "I don't exactly -let- them do it. It just happened, Lucas, and they refuse to stop."
[15:44] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Then I refuse to stop as well, -Raffy-."-
[15:44] <Lucas`Guillory> ["Ah. Brotherly love. Isn’t it cute?" Said Emma.]
[15:48] * Raphael lets out a sigh and turns to Emma. "How do you ever put up with a man this childish, Miss Calland?"
[15:51] <Lucas‘Guillory> [Emma chuckles. "I -am- a high school teacher. You learn a thing or two."-
[15:52] <Lucas`Guillory> ["Oh, a teacher…" Said Suzanne.]
[16:05] <Raphael> "True enough," Raphael says with a smirk, taking a chair for himself alongside Suzanne. "So how’s the wedding coming along now that you've sorted out the family issues?"
[16:09] <Lucas‘Guillory> "It’s coming along pretty well, I think. We've got the venue booked- cheap, too, being a Paris venue and all. Finding a caterer for the reception was kind of a pain-"-
[16:10] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Hardly any good ones left in the city anymore." Said Emma reproachfully.-
[16:12] <Lucas`Guillory> "Too right. But we got that sorted out too. A nice little caterer over from the 11th Arrondissement." Said Lucas. "Of course, now we’re looking for places for the guests to stay. The far-afield ones, at least, like Em's family."
[16:17] * Raphael nods slowly. "I'd offer to help you there, but I don't have the most spacious apartment in Paris. Even having Suzanne live with me has been a bit of a stretch there."
[16:18] * Lucas‘Guillory swooped in on it. "So what’s it like living at Raffy's little pad, Suzie?"-
[16:18] <Raphael> "It's not a -pad-."
[16:19] <Lucas‘Guillory> "It totally is-"-
[16:19] <Lucas`Guillory> ["It wasn’t very colourful at first, but I've been helping liven it up! Me and Rei, I mean."-
[16:19] <Lucas‘Guillory> "That’s good to hear. Raffy needs a bit of colour in his life and surroundings." The smarmiest of smirks. "Oh, Rei a friend?"
[16:27] <Raphael> "-No-," Raphael says tersely. He knows the look on Lucas' face quite well, and it's always reminded him of an animal waiting to pounce. "Well, not like that at least. She's Suzanne's mentor at school, and she helps me keep an eye on Suzie when I'm tied up at work."
[16:30] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Ahh. That actually makes quite a lot of sense." Says Lucas. "Aaaactually, tell me a little more about this new job of yours that has you so busy, big bro."
[16:38] * Raphael leans back in his chair a little and begins gently stretching his shoulders. "Mmm, well I’m sure you know the basic gist of it - they've developed mechanised battle suits for ground deployment in defense of Paris during situations like the last major angel attack here. It's still a prototype design, but they're putting a lot of R&D dollars into getting them combat-ready."-
[16:41] <Raphael> "For whatever reason they've assigned me to be the first pilot, along with general command duties that I'm quite used to." He pauses for a moment, frowning slightly. "… they did give me an assistant, though. I'm still not quite used to that."
[16:42] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Well, your job is kind of important, Raphael." Said Emma. "You probably have a fair bit of paperwork to do."]
[16:44] <Raphael> "Which would be fine, if that were what she confined herself to. When I arrive home to find that she’s done my grocery shopping during her lunch break, however, it's a little unnerving."
[16:47] <Lucas‘Guillory> "She does your grocery shopping?" Asked Lucas with a grin.
[16:49] <Raphael> "Not at my request," Raphael says darkly.
[16:50] <Lucas`Guillory> "I dunno, Raffy. She sounds like a keeper. I didn’t know that maids were part of the perks of being brass."
[16:54] <Raphael> "I'm not sure they are. She's an odd one."
[16:55] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Miss Mana is really nice." Says Suzanne. "She always remembers to buy plenty of bacon with the groceries, too~"-
[16:56] <Lucas`Guillory> "Now -that- is important. Still, I have to agree. She must really like you if she’d buying groceries for you, Raffy. Goodness knows why, you grumpy old b-" He paused, coughing slightly. "Bachelor."
[17:05] <Raphael> "Your guess is as good as mine, kid," he says with a small smirk. "That people like me at all comes as a consistent surprise."
[17:07] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Don’t be silly, Raffy." Said Suzanne. "People like you because you're a good person." She jabbed him in the ribs.]
[17:10] * Raphael just chuckles. "Still, it's a good job and they're good people. And yes, even if she's a little… odd, Sergeant Kirishima is a good kid. They say it won't be long before we're ready for our first deployment, so things are a little tense at the base right now."
[17:11] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["How’re you feeling about that, Raphael?" Asked Emma, who'd fetched Suzanne a glass of lemonade and a beer for Lucas. "Oh, a beer for you, Raphael?"]
[17:14] <Raphael> "Mmm… I suppose I'll have just one, thanks. I've got to drive home tonight. As for the rest…" He frowns a little, as if seriously considering the question. "I'm ready for it. I don't recall being this nervous since my first combat run in the pilot's seat, but I think that's to be expected."
[17:15] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Heh. Nervous or no, I still expect you to kick ass. And come home alive."
[17:18] <Raphael> "That’s not even in question," Raphael says easily, unable to help casting a small glance towards Suzanne.
[17:19] <Lucas‘Guillory> [Suzanne glances back, and grins. "He has to, so one day he can teach me how to pilot a giant robot."]
[17:19] <Raphael> "I did promise."
[17:22] <Lucas`Guillory> [Suzanne nodded firmly. "You did. So one day I can be a pilot and punch even -bigger- Angels right in the face."-
[17:22] <Lucas`Guillory> [Emma laughed. "Now -there’s- a career ambition."]
[17:25] <Raphael> "If there's one thing Suzanne isn't short on it's fighting spirit," Raphael says as he gives the girl a fond pat on the shoulder. "Although I think that dream's still quite a few years away yet."
[17:26] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Fighting spirit’s good. Raffy here has more than enough, let me tell you." Lucas cracked open his beer. "Why, as a kid…"
[17:27] <Raphael> "Lucas…"
[17:32] <Lucas‘Guillory> "There was this kid named Robert. He used to live in our neighbourhood, and his mother was part of the civic council for our area, so for some reason Robert had this really big head and liked picking on people. Well, one day, Raffy was hanging out with his old pal Henri, and they had just been given pocket money and were heading down for a chocolate bar. Robert saw them…"
[17:33] * Raphael sounds a little more urgent now. It’s the sound of someone who remembers this story well enough to know it shouldn't be repeated. "Lucas, I /really/ don't think she should hear thi-"
[17:41] <Lucas‘Guillory> "SO! Robert walks over to them and he goes, ’Hey you, Raphael, where you going?' and Raffy goes 'To get something from the store.' And Robert goes, 'Whatever you're buying, you better give it to me, or I'll make you hurt.' And Raffy goes, he goes… 'It's not your birthday yet, Robert, so shut up and leave us alone.' Pretty lame, huh?" Lucas winked. "But of course, Robert didn't leave 'em alone, and he grabs Henri- who was this kinda little kid back then- and goes, 'What did you say?' So Raffy goes- come on, Raffy…"
[17:48] <Raphael> "This is ridiculous…" Raphael mutters, nursing his beer with one hand and covering his face with the other. "Something alone the lines of… I think I said I'd decided to buy him lunch after all, and that's I'd "bought him a knuckle sandwich". Lucas, why are you doing this to me?"
[17:49] <Lucas‘Guillory> [Suzanne giggled. "You bought him a knuckle sandwich lunch~"-
[17:50] <Raphael> "I was never very good at quips…" Raphael says with a small sigh.
[17:50] * Lucas`Guillory was just smirking so much. "Nossir, you weren’t. Now see, widdle Raffy got the stuffing beaten out of him, but Robert couldn't beat out his fighting spirit!"
[17:51] <Raphael> "What purpose did this even serve, Lucas?"
[17:52] <Lucas‘Guillory> "I figure I’d get all the really embarrassing stories out of the way first. She was only going to ask about them anyway. Right, Suzie?"-
[17:52] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Right!"-
[17:52] <Lucas`Guillory> "Attagirl."-
[17:52] <Lucas`Guillory> ["It’s alright, Raphael. You'll be making a speech at the wedding. It's your best chance for revenge." Said Emma with a grin.]
[17:54] * Raphael looks thoughtful for a moment, before brightening a little. "… It'd be bad form to repeat that story about Jennifer at your wedding, wouldn't it?"
[17:55] <Lucas‘Guillory> "… Cold."-
[17:56] <Lucas`Guillory> ["Who’s Jennifer?"]
[17:59] <Raphael> It's Raphael's turn to grin now. "She was one of the maids at the bed-and-breakfast in town back when we were kids. As to the story… I'm sworn to secrecy. Lucas has his own devastating story about me, so if I break the treaty it's mutually-assured destruction." He even makes a lip-zipping motion for Suzanne's benefit.
[18:12] <Lucas‘Guillory> [Suzanne mimicked the motion!-
[18:12] <Lucas`Guillory> ["I -see-." Says Emma with a smile.-
[18:12] <Lucas`Guillory> "What about you, Suzie? You have any stories about Raffy?"
[18:14] <Raphael> "She most certainly does not. Unlike you I’m the very model of a responsible adult, Lucas."
[18:18] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Hmmmm…" Suzanne was nevertheless -thinking-.]
[18:24] <Raphael> "… I /am/, right?"
[18:25] <Lucas`Guillory> [Suzie giggled. "Of course, Raffy. You always do the right thing, although sometimes it’s funny to watch you doing it~ Especially when Reirei's over. Safety in the kitchen means you always wear the apron she gave you~"]
[18:28] <Raphael> "It's the only sensible thing to do!" Raphael says hotly, the beer stopped halfway towards his lips.
[18:31] <Lucas‘Guillory> "… Hey, Suzie, if I were to give you a camera, would you be able to take a picture?"-
[18:31] <Lucas`Guillory> ["Of course~"]
[18:33] <Raphael> "… I’m beginning to regret this visit. You two are getting along far too well."
[18:34] <Lucas‘Guillory> [Suzanne reached over to give Raphael a hug around an arm, staring up at him with pure innocence.]
[18:35] * Raphael gives her a very stern look. "Don’t think you can charm me that easily, young lady."
[18:38] <Lucas‘Guillory> [Suzanne merely tightened her embrace~ "You’re just a big teddy bear, Raffy~"]
[18:40] * Raphael makes quiet frustrated muttering that seems to involve phrases like "two decades in the army" and "piloting a giant robot".
[18:41] <Lucas‘Guillory> [Suzanne merely giggled~-
[18:42] <Lucas`Guillory> ["Hey Suzanne. Would you like to go see the living room? I might be able to show you a few videos you can take home." Said Emma with a smile.-
[18:42] <Lucas`Guillory> ["Yeah? That’d be great!"-
[18:42] <Lucas‘Guillory> ["Then let’s go!"-
[18:42] <Lucas‘Guillory> [Before long, with giggles ahoy, Emma would be pushing Suzanne along into the living room- leaving the Guillory brothers alone.]
[18:45] * Raphael sighs as they depart, but the moment Suzanne’s back is turned he's grinning widely… and looking a damn sight happier than Lucas would have seen him in quite a while, it must be said. Still, there's silence for a few moments as Raphael sips his beer. "… I hope they treated you alright in England, little brother. Emma said her parents gave you some trouble?"
[18:49] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Yeah, a little. It’s nothing new. They've always been a little… Skeptical, I guess you could say." Said Lucas. "It's to be expected. She's the youngest of five, and two of which died in Impact- they're being overprotective, but I can't blame them."
[18:53] * Raphael can't quite hide the little wince at the mention of Impact deaths, as hard as he tries, but the rest gets a slow nod. "… no, neither can I. But… you'll win them over, Lucas. You've got a talent for that."
[18:57] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Yeah, I hope so, big brother. I hope so." He leans back and takes a sip from his beer. "I think I will, of course." He adds, winking. "But I want to, if only to make Emma more comfortable. She’s sacrificed a good deal to join her oh-so-sexy French beau." He smirks.
[13:22] * Raphael considers this in silence for a few moments, on odd expression on his face. It was sad and… somehow wistful. "I'm just glad to see you happy, Lucas. You deserve it."
[13:27] * Lucas‘Guillory nods, staring at his beer for a moment before looking back at his big brother. "It does feel a little weird to actually -be- happy these days, heh." He took a mouthful of beer. "I feel -good-. So good that my memories of being unhappy seem like they’re a long way away now. Kind of strange, huh? Considering how bad things got."
[13:35] <Raphael> "Mmm." Raphael abandons the beer on the table for a moment in favour of staring up at the roof. "… That's all I've ever wanted for you, kid. I just wish I could say the same lately."
[13:37] <Lucas‘Guillory> "What’s eating you, Raphael?"
[13:45] <Raphael> "… Work's just dug up a few things I'd have preferred to keep buried, that's all. It's all pretty highly classified, though."
[13:49] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Like that, huh." Says Lucas, a tone of worry in his voice. "Well, uh… You know you can always talk to me, right? I mean, not about the classified stuff, but anything to help…"
[13:55] * Raphael shrugs slightly. "I’ll be fine. I just…" he sighs slightly and shoots another glance up at the roof - a wary one this time. He knew the lengths Section 2 went to. "… I saw Marie again, that's all. In a manner of speaking."
[13:57] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Like… A nightmare, brother?"
[14:00] <Raphael> "Not really. There was… "an incident", let’s say, because that's all you need to know. Whatever science was in play, it affected minds and dredged up memories to replay like they were real. I saw Marie die again and saw the day of Second Impact." His face is absolutely composed as he says all this, but he can't quite look at Lucas.
[14:04] <Lucas‘Guillory> "…" Lucas takes a mouthful of beer. "I… See what you mean." He mutters. "Those aren’t things that should be dredged up like that, huh?"
[14:05] <Raphael> "Not with all the effort it took to bury them."
[14:11] <Lucas‘Guillory> "You’ve had a rough time of things recently, huh? It sounds like you need a bit of a break, brother. A chance to take stock of things."
[14:13] * Raphael chuckles a little and finally gets back to looking his brother in the eye. "I'm not sure where I'd find the time. Between Suzie and the Superheavy work I'm busier than I've been in years."
[14:14] * Lucas‘Guillory grins. "Keepin’ busy is good, too! Sometimes idle time is torture." A chuckle. "She seems like a good little girl, though."
[14:17] <Raphael> "The best," Raphael says with an unmistakeable hint of pride in his voice. "… Did I tell you she actually -bit- one of those angelspawn when it tried to hurt me during that business in the tunnels?"
[14:18] <Lucas‘Guillory> "… Hrk." Lucas chokes a little on his beer and puts it down. "What? You owe me a story, big bro."
[14:25] * Raphael lets out a loud burst of laughter. "I was carrying her on my back, because her leg was so badly hurt, and we were in the middle of yet another skirmish. I was so busy dealing with the one in front of me that I missed the one reaching for my throat… but Suzie caught it. She grabbed the thing with both hands and just bit down on it as hard as she could."
[14:37] * Lucas`Guillory lets out a long, astounded whistle. "Jesus, bro. When she said she wanted to beat up bigger Angels I thought she was just… Damn." He glances off towards the living room with a plainly impressed expression. "She sounds perfect for you."
[14:40] * Raphael grins the big, goofy grin of a proud parent. "She’s a fighter, no doubt about it. The only real problem is making sure she doesn't get too ahead of herself about those Angels…"
[15:08] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Hah. I think she has a few years ahead of her before they scout her for Eva duty." He chuckles. "Still. Is she serious about the giant robot pilot thing?"
[15:10] <Raphael> "I’m pretty sure she is. Between watching me and… well, both of her parents were in the Parisian Guard. I think it's just what she's grown up around."
[15:18] <Lucas‘Guillory> "You happy with that, though?"
[15:22] * Raphael has to take a moment to think about that, filling the silence by retrieving his beer and taking a long gulp. "… I can’t tell. I didn't bat an eyelid when she first said it - I know a warrior when I see one, and I've spent two decades recruiting them. But as the months have gone by…" He trails off and chuckles. "I didn't think I'd be an overprotective parent, Lucas… Or a parent
[15:22] * Raphael at all, really."
[15:29] <Lucas‘Guillory> "I didn’t either, although I have to be honest, I really really did hope you would be one day, Raffy." Says Lucas with a smile. "But, hey. So long as you keep her safe until she's old enough to make her own choices… What more can you do?"
[15:36] <Raphael> Safe… the word is enough to make him lapse into another long bout of silence, staring down at his drink. "… I did all I could for you three, didn't I? During the Impact?"
[15:44] * Lucas‘Guillory stares at Raphael in surprise. "… Heh. Don’t worry about it at all, bro. You did the best for us that could be hoped."
[15:53] <Raphael> "Yeah…" Raphael says with a slow nod. "I don't know if I'll ever be really sure of that, but it's good to hear you say it."
[15:55] * Lucas‘Guillory reaches over and pats Raffy on the shoulder. "I’m alive, and I'm happy, so you're to thank for at least that, surely?"
[16:08] <Raphael> "True enough. I'll just have to try and do the same for Suzanne.
[16:08] <Raphael> "*
[16:08] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Good man." Says Lucas. "So, tell me something…" Begins Lucas seriously.
[16:10] * Raphael raises an eyebrow and nods, waiting for Lucas to continue.
[16:13] <Lucas`Guillory> "When are you gonna find Suzie a new mummy~~~?"
[16:14] <Raphael> "… you’re hopeless, Lucas."
[16:15] * Lucas‘Guillory -beams-. "Come onnn. Surely you’re looking, right? Tell me you're looking."
[16:16] * Raphael gives the man a stern look he'd be quite familiar with. "Why is everyone so interested in my love life lately?"
[16:17] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Be fair, bro, I’ve -always- been interested in your love life. That's why I still subscribe to Cryptids Monthly."
[16:22] * Raphael tries to maintain the stony-faced stare for a few more seconds before he lets out a little snort of laughter. "That is a terrible joke and you ought to feel bad for making it."
[16:23] <Lucas‘Guillory> "I thought it was pretty good!" Lucas leans forward and grins. "But c’mon. You can tell me."
[16:25] <Raphael> "No, I'm not "looking for a mummy" for Suzanne. Is that enough for you?"
[16:25] <Lucas‘Guillory> "You suck, big brother." Lucas pouted.
[16:27] <Raphael> "… I mean, everyone seems to assume I’m sleeping with the Tokyo-2 OD, but that's ridiculous."
[16:28] <Lucas‘Guillory> "… Wait, what?"
[16:31] * Raphael lets out an irritated sigh and shrugs. "I decided a drunken kiss was the best way to cover for one of the Paris pilots, because I’m a fool. And thanks to the endless house of mirrors that is the Parisian rumor mill, everyone seems to be under the impression that we're having a secret fling." He promptly drains the rest of his beer as if nothing happened and slides it into the centre
[16:31] * Raphael of the table.
[16:44] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Do you -want- there to be a fling? Be honest, Raffy."
[16:45] <Raphael> "… It’s just a damn rumor, Lucas."
[16:46] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Don’t avoid the question, brother~!"
[16:48] * Raphael gives his brother a dark look. "Why would I? We've only spoken to one another once, she's a superior officer, and the only reason I kissed her was for the distraction."
[16:55] <Lucas‘Guillory> "She cute?"
[16:59] <Raphael> "… She’s not unattractive, I suppose." Raphael says slowly, with all the care of a man edging around a pit full of wolves.
[17:00] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Always the smooth operator, you. I can see it now. ’Hello, madame. You are not unattractive, I suppose. Care for a dance?'"
[17:01] <Raphael> "This is why I avoid telling you things."
[17:03] * Lucas‘Guillory laughs, mildly evilly, before he swings around. "Still, what can I say? It’s none of my business what you do in your time, Raffy~. But I think a partner might do you a world of good.'
[17:04] * Raphael rolls his eyes gently. "You've been saying that since we were kids, though. I'm starting to believe you just enjoy meddling.
[17:04] <Raphael> "*
[17:07] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Well yeah, I guess. Doesn’t mean it's not true!" He smiles and returns to his beer, before gently continuing. "Emma's… Really wonderful. She's helped a lot…"
[17:17] <Raphael> "… Yeah, I know. I watched her put you back together, remember." He smiles in turn and leans back a little. "So… only a week until your bachelor status is revoked?"
[17:18] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Going to be a hell of a week."
[17:21] <Raphael> "No kidding. There’ll be plenty for you to do, I'm sure. You nervous?"
[17:28] <Lucas‘Guillory> "Yeah. I mean…" He chuckled. "Emma takes care of a lot of the details, but at the end of the day it’s still… Y'know. A really big thing. To be honest I feel giddy."
[17:49] <Raphael> This time it's Raffy's turn to give his brother a pat on the shoulder. "I'm proud of you, kid. You two are great together. Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help, ok?"
[17:55] <Lucas‘Guillory> Lucas beams, a big broad proud smile. "Sure thing. It means a lot to hear you say that, big brother." He pats Raffy’s arm, then cocks his head. "Hey, you wanna help me get dinner out of the oven?"
[17:57] * Raphael nods, rising from his seat after one last squeeze of Lucas' shoulder. "Of course. I imagine the little one's getting hungry by now anyway…"

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