Codename: Shoftiel
ID: Fourteenth Angel
First Detected: Switzerland
Date of Attack: 13th of June, 2016
Damage Bill: 877 Million
Casualties: 0

Physical Details
Height/Length: 29 metres tall (95 feet)
Mass: Unknown
Maximum Speed: 7.8km/s

"Fight… On… For the world you… Have earned."

A menacing Angel with highly lethal attacks, Shoftiel's nature belied his form.

First encountered in the Swiss Alps under the domination of the leech-like Angel Ambriel, Shoftiel came very close to destroying EVA-00 and 04, using a lethal combination of snare attacks and virulent toxic whips.

Defeat was averted by the destruction of Ambriel- after which contact was made with Shoftiel. The Angel was unique in being able to, temporarily at least, resist the pull towards Paris-2- it seemed that it had somehow come to the moralistic conclusion that wiping out mankind was the wrong thing to do.

Shoftiel vanished shortly after, only to reappear during the epic clash with Ramliel- on the side of mankind. There, it performed admirably, despite grievous injures- before finally it took off into space, its AT Field pushing it to a speed of roughly Mach 26. Upon entering space it engaged Ramliel in a hopeless, desperate fight, neutralising her long enough for the Evangelions to finish Ramliel off. With that done, Shoftiel took Ramliel's Lance of Tears and fell back to Earth, dead.


Difficulty: Medium
Role: Frontal Assault
Locomotion: Hovering, Teleportation
Size: Scrawny

WS:   50 +5
BS:   20 +2
Str:  25 +2
Tou:  40 +8
Agi:  40 +4
Int:  50 +5
Per:  40 +4
Wil:  20 +2
Fel:  10 +1
SyR: 140 +14

-Body- (Artificial)
Location % to Hit AP Wounds
L. Arm   01-15    4  10
R. Arm   16-30    4  10
Core     31-40    6  18
Body     41-70    6  20
Ambriel  41-70    6  20
L. Leg   71-85    4  10
R. Leg   81-100   4  10

Half Full Charge Run
8    16   32     64


Standard Attacks

Name        Range Damage  Pen Special
Prism Burst   6dm 1d10+4e 6   Burst*

* Affects all enemies within 6dm

Name       Range Damage  Pen Special
Prism Wave  40dm 1d10+8e 4   Wave 

Name        Range Damage  Pen Special
Snare Burst  40dm 1d10+2r 0   Snare
                  Burst 5

Name       Range Damage  Pen Special
Toxic Whip  40dm 1d10+5r 2   Toxic

Name          Range Damage  Pen Special
Electric Whip  40dm 1d10+5e 2   Paralytic

Left Hand
Name       Damage Pen Special
Prism Fist 1d10+5 6   

Right Hand
Name       Damage Pen Special
Prism Fist 1d10+5 6   

2/2 Fate Points

-AT Powers-
Deflection Field
AT Float
Layered Field
Barrier Field
Accelerated Territory
AT Torpedo
AT Beacon
AT Push
AT Pull
Cross Blast

-Unique AT Powers-

-Special Abilities-
Angel (TB6)
Paralytic Strike

-Traits and Talents-
Furious Assault
Wall of Steel
Iron Jaw
Host of Ambriel*

* The Angel Ambriel, a parasitic entity, has attached itself to Shoftiel, coercing it to follow its lead. Ambriel can be destroyed by vaporising the eponymous body part.
Whilst Ambriel is attached, however, their powers are magnified, causing the following effects:
1. Ambriel adds a +50% ATP bonus to Shoftiel's pool.
2. Shoftiel has two fate points.
3. Ambriel has his own initiative in which he can take actions. He does not have celerity and can only use the AT Powers Shoftiel possesses.
4. Shoftiel is immune to stunning.
5. Shoftiel is immune to incapacitation.
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