Showdown Over New Shanghai


China. One of the oldest countries on Earth, it had for over three thousand years gone through periods of unification, power and turmoil. In the aftermath of Impact, the nation had shattered between various warlords. Two of the most powerful were Liu Lin and Wu Yuanzhang. Liu controlled the Republic of China, centered in Jinan; Wu Yuanzhang controlled the Shu Empire, centered in Sichuan. In the end, Liu Lin triumphed and Wu Yuanzhang fled the country.

China was unified, but the bad times were not yet over. Over the years, the environment worsened, and by 2008 most of China south of the Chang Jiang was uninhabitable. Rivers and lakes had dried up, forests had died, lands had hardened in the baking sun. Much of China's surviving southern population had fled north, millions dying of starvation and exhaustion. China, desperate to feed and house its people, moved heaven and earth to provide the resources, invading all of its neighbours and establishing a brutally-won hegemony over East Asia. On a small spit of what remained of Jiangsu province- now an island-, the Chinese built a new city- New Shanghai. A floating city that occupied the entirety of Jiangsu island, with skyscrapers that gleamed and shone in the sun, disguising the crushing poverty and human desperation below. It was a city where anything could happen, especially if you were willing to pay- not always money, either.

But China's democratic government soured, its ministers and bureaucrats becoming corrupt. Repeated attacks from Angels and Angelspawn weakened the country, whilst resistance forces in Vietnam, Laos, Burma, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia bled the Chinese military white. Its cities are overcrowded and the people are desperate for work, money and food.

China was one of the founding nations of the Federation, but by 2018, it was clear that China was not pulling its weight with its allies. It contributed nothing to the war in Europe or the Pacific.

China, the world saw, was weak.

It was into this gap that Wu Yuanzhang returned at the head of a UN battlefleet and a massive army. It moved up the coast of China, evading many interceptions and patrols through the use of AT-generated storms. By the 31st of October, Wu was ready to land on the beaches and retake his country, to cleanse it of its mistakes and make it strong again.

His first target was the great floating city of New Shanghai.
Turning Points
Control Beijing-2 (Eva Base).
Control Tianjin-2 (Industrial Centre).
Control Seoul (Industrial Centre).
Control New Shanghai (Economic Centre).
Control Zhengzhou (Cultural Centre).
Control Jinan (Cultural Centre).
Control Hefei (Research Centre).
Rout Wu Yuanzhang's flagship, the IS Thunder.

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Primary Outcomes Effects
Stalemate. At least one TP is controlled, including Beijing-2. No effect
Successful Defense. At least three TPs are controlled, including Beijing-2 and Jinan. Triggers the Chinese Resurgent Event in Turn 9.
Fall of the Western Dragon. At least five TPs are controlled, including Beijing-2, Triggers the Chinese Resurgent Event in Turn 9. May trigger the Disintegration of the United Nations Event in Turn 9 depending on other battles and investigations.
Secondary Outcomes Effects
Shanghai Prevails. Never let New Shanghai be captured. +3 CP and +100 XP.
Bad Outcomes Effects
The Return of the Qianwu Emperor. Fail to achieve at least Stalemate. -10 CP and '-1 CP for the rest of the game. Triggers the UN Supreme in Asia Event in Turn 9.

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Valid Deployments

The following ODs may be deployed… This many…
Any 1
The following Evangelions may be deployed… This many…
Any 4
The following Superheavies may be deployed… This many…
Any 3
The following Starships may be deployed… This many…
Any 1
The following Superheavy Forces may be deployed… This many…
Any 2
The following Naval Capital Ships may be deployed… This many…
None 0

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Local Allies

Local Ally Force 1
Commander Supreme Commander
Base%20Pog.png?raw=1 Beijing-2
Type Eva Base
Mag 100/100
Arm 1 Macrobattery
Spec 1 Pulse Railcannon

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Force Allocation


Supreme Commander Horde Commander Construct Commander
Liu%20Lin.png?dl=0 Liu Lin Liu%20Lin.png?dl=0 Liu Lin Liu%20Lin.png?dl=0 Liu Lin
Status Fine Status Fine Status Fine

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EVA-01.png?dl=0 EVA-01 EVA-04.png?dl=0 EVA-04 Ayanami%20Eva%20Tiny%20Pog.png?dl=0 Imperial Evangelion - -
Status Undamaged Status Undamaged Status Undamaged Status -
sera_n_50.png Sera de Pteres Yan1.png?dl=0 Zhang Yanmei Doctorpog.png?raw=1 Alter Chiisana - -
Class Pointman Class Dervish Skirmisher Class Holy Empress Class -
Status Fine Status Fine Status Fine Status -

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Ramiel%20Sign.png?raw=1 Ramiel
Status Fine

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Peacecraft%20page%20pog.png?dl=0 "Julien", G-Defiant Peacecraft Titan%20Pog%20-%20Copy.png?raw=1 "Creidhne" Neslon%20Tiny%20Pog.png?raw=1 "Iron Nelson" - -
Status Undamaged Status Undamaged Status Undamaged Status -
Raffy%20Kun%20Pog.png?dl=0 Raphael Guillory Marie%20face%20pog.png?dl=0 Marie Favager Nelson%20Tiny%20Team.png?raw=1 Iron Nelson Crew - -
Class Sniper/OD Class Sniper Class Ugh Class -
Status Fine Status Fine Status Fine Status -

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Lachapelle2.png?raw=1 FNS Dorian Lachapelle D-Titan%20Pog.png?raw=1 D-Titan 1st Reg. D-Titan%20Pog.png?raw=1 D-Titan 2nd Reg. - - - -
Type Achaemenes-Class, Xerxes Pattern Type D-Titans Type D-Titans Type - Type -
Mag 100/100 Mag 100/100 Mag 100/100 Mag - Mag -
Retinue Marianne Amatore-DeForest Retinue - Retinue - Arm 1 - Arm 1 -
Arm 1 Macrobattery Arm 1 Mutable Arm 1 Mutable Arm 2 - Arm 2 -
Spec 1 Weapons Specialist (Mutable) Arm 2 Mutable Arm 2 Mutable Arm 3 - Arm 3 -
Spec 2 Mutable Spec 1 Weapons Specialist (Mutable) Spec 1 Weapons Specialist (Mutable) Arm 4 - Arm 4 -
Spec 3 Mutable Spec 2 Mutable Spec 2 Mutable Spec 1 - Spec 1 -

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Situation Report

Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances
Limited Data. This map will be shrouded in Fog of War.
The Fight of her Life. Liu Lin gains +2 Morale if she is Supreme Commander for this battle.
Supreme Commander. Wu Yuanzhang is the enemy's Supreme Commander.
Vatican Treaty. Attackers are limited to three Evangelions.
Powerful Enemy. We can expect the enemy to have multiple star-cruisers as well as several Dysangelions or worse.
Wind. Wind is primarily heading in a south-eastern direction.
Night Turns. Turns 3, 6 and 9 count as Night; during these turns the entire map counts as being in Darkness.
Reinforcements. On Turn 7, two Federation Naval Capital Ships of your choice will appear along the eastern edge of the map. (This bonus gained due to winning Pacific Defense in C-turn 7.)
Facilities. This mission premieres the use of Facilities. Facilities are passive objects with basic characteristics, wounds and AP that do various things. For example: Launch Ports, supply Ports and Outposts. The mission has the following: two Outposts (New Shanghai, Seoul), three Launch Ports (Zhengzhou, Hefei, Jinan) and 1 Sensor Base (Jinan).

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Enemy Force Estimate: 1
Invasion Fleet
Commander Wu Yuanzhang
Est. Size 10
Evangelions 3 (EVA-00, Joan, Scholastica)
Superheavies 1 (Dariush Rustami)
Super Hordes 0
Capital Ships 2 Themistocles-class Starcruisers
Naval Capital Ships 4 Battleships

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Actor Dialogue
Marianne2.png?raw=1 "Northern China is a relatively open land, and the path from Jinan to Beijing is very open. The further south you go, however, the rougher the terrain becomes. Jinan is protected by a shield of mountains, and Hefei sits along a crook in the river. New Shanghai, however, is open and exposed to the enemy battlefleet."
Alphonse3.png?raw=1 "We expect the enemy force to be heavy in long ranged attacks. A significant portion of his force is in capital ships, possessing long-range weaponry and powerful gun batteries. Their high armour and dangerous weaponry means that he can deliver powerful offense as well as defense. Prioritise fusion weaponry and other anti-armour weapons."
Minerva%20Linden.png?raw=1 "Our forces might benefit from a heavier focus on defense. Whilst our possessing a Star-Battleship is an advantage the enemy do not have, it isn't invincible."
Liu%20Lin.png?raw=1 "Wu Yuanzhang is an artillerist first and foremost. He knows how to focus an artillery barrage for the best effect, and what he will do is focus his energies on a single target and pound them as hard as possible; most likely this will be the enemy's fulcrum. However, don't think of him as slow, either; Wu can be dynamic and shockingly fast. He'll hit you with an artillery barrage, then swoop you with a lightning-fast raid. Be wary of his main fleet; he's almost certainly going to have it in a tight formation, where each ship can over the other with its autodefenses."
Misato3.png?raw=1 "I know it sounds like I'm encouraging the dumb little shit, but maybe we should bring Ramiel along. According to Shinji it has powerful ranged attacks, and that might be really handy. As for Superheavies… I know, off the wall, right? But why don't we bring the Iron Nelson in? It has heavy armour, and whilst it'll probably not evade many barrages, it has lots of firepower."

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Map Overview

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