[20:49] <@Dorian> [Silas Caine sat, immersed in LCL, his helmet covering his face. "…" They weren't going to surrender. He didn't want to fight 00… "So be it."]
[21:04] <@Dorian> [Caine concentrated. Orders flowed from his mind… "Artillery Warrior 3, open fire on EVA-01. Positron Warrior 2, move up to guard my next position."]
[21:14] <@Dorian> ["AW 1 and 2, target EVA-01 and await my firing order. PW 1, move up with PW2."]
[21:20] * MarshallLunch is now known as MarshallRTEast
[21:21] <@Dorian> ["Two can play at that game, Aline! AT FIELD, MAXIMUM!" … So this is what it felt like. The field was solid and supple in 05's hands. "I see you moving there, EVA-04…"]
[21:31] <@Dorian> ["… Atticus." Sighed Silas as one of the Warriors collapsed. "I see you've grown into quite the marksman…"]
[21:44] <@Dorian> ["Artillery Warriors 1 and 2, open fire -now-!" … "… No damage. So -this- is the power of 01…"]
[21:50] <@Dorian> ["Now that I have you where I want you to be…" Silas closed his eyes. "VTOL wings. Navigate around EVA-00's Field."]
[21:55] <Sept> An image popped up on Silas' displays. One of a dark-haired boy with blue eyes, looking elsewhere in a deeply focused manner. "Silas. You don't have to."
[21:57] <@Dorian> [Silas's eyes were still closed. He muted the communications window. "Positron Warrior 2, prepare to fire Solace Cannon on EVA-04." Unmute. "What do you mean, de Pteres…?"]
[21:58] <Sept> "It's not your fault. We -can- help you." Pause. "Sera."
[21:59] <@Dorian> ["… I don't want to fight, Sera." Said Silas sadly. "But I have no choice. I literally cannot fight against my conditioning…"]
[22:02] <Sept> "Y-yes you can! You have to! -No one- has to die here! We don't have to lose anything!" There was a glance toward Silas in between surveying the field, now.
[22:03] <@Dorian> ["…" Mute. "All VTOL wings. Target 01's Mobile Support Structure and destroy it." Unmute. "No one could resist this, Sera…"]
[22:12] <Sept> "Silas…" A note of resignation. "We -can- help you." The image disappeared.
[22:13] <@Dorian> ["…" Silas sighed. "Artillery units, prepare Solace Cannons. Target 00. Positron Warrior 1, target 01." … Silas opened another video window.-
[22:14] <@Dorian> [Atticus appeared. The boy turned to look at the window, his eyes growing wide with fear. "N-No…"-
[22:14] <@Dorian> ["Atticus." Murmured Silas. "Atticus, it's me. It's your big brother Silas."-
[22:15] <@Dorian> ["… Silas, please…" Atticus whimpered. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean- please, I… I did everything to earn your forgiveness, to atone… I-I never tried to… It was an accident…"-
[22:16] <@Dorian> ["I know." Said Silas gently. "I know, Atticus. And I'm very proud of you."-
[22:16] <@Dorian> ["Y-You are?"-
[22:16] <@Dorian> ["Yes, Atticus. I'm glad we were able to meet again, even if it's whilst you're trying to kill me."-
[22:16] <@Dorian> ["B-Big brother Silas, please, we- we aren't going to… We just want to capture you…"-
[22:31] <@Dorian> ["…" Mute. "PW 2, open fire on EVA-04." Unmute. "…And replace me with Shinji Ikari. Once again I will die." Said Silas. "Once again, you will stand by and let others kill me…"-
[22:31] <@Dorian> ["I… I-I won't, I won't let…-"-
[22:31] <@Dorian> ["Atticus. You have not yet earned my forgiveness."-
[22:31] <@Dorian> ["W-What? But, but Big Brother-"-
[22:31] * MarshallRTEast is now known as MarshallGassi
[22:31] <@Dorian> ["If you want to be absolved, protect me now!"-
[22:32] <@Dorian> ["I…"-
[22:32] <@Dorian> ["ATTICUS! DISABLE EVA-04!"-
[22:32] <@Dorian> ["… I… I will, big brother."]
[22:45] <@Dorian> ["…" Silas finally let a small smile cross his face. "Just as planned…"]
[22:47] <Aline> A new window came up. "You /piece of shit/. Atticus was able to fight the conditioning, and I know Shinji is harmless, but you? You have no goddamn excuse!"
[22:48] <@Dorian> ["I NEED TO LIVE!" Shouted Silas. "You want to kill me? End me? Fine, go ahead! But I -have to live-. And I'll do anything to live- and to win this battle! If you didn't want to suffer, you should've stayed at home!"]
[22:51] * Aline shook her head frantically. "Why don't you /think it through?/ Is there no means of storing a consciousness that can keep you aware? I have more resources for manipulating souls than you think. I'm angry enough at the whole only-one-or-the-other bullshit, let me tell you! But what's it going to be, huh? Manipulating a hurt little boy while eating another, or ending this?!"
[22:53] <@Dorian> ["…" Aline would find the image vanish, replaced with a 'Refused Connection' screen.]
[22:56] <@Dorian> ["… Artillery Warrior 2. Make her be quiet."]
[23:05] <@Dorian> ["… There go all of the Solace charges. Only one more card to play."]
[23:44] <@Dorian> ["… Atticus?" Static. "Atticus, come in." … "Damnit. This isn't going to plan!"]
[23:50] <@Dorian> ["Artillery Warriors, focus your attacks on 00. Positron Warriors, focus on 01. With any luck, 04 will be too busy sifting through the wreckage…"]
[23:52] <Sept> The return of the dark-haired boy. "You don't get to do this, Silas. Not even to me. Especially not to me."
[23:53] <@Dorian> ["Grr. Why do you people always want to talk?! Can't you see we're in a fight for our lives?!"]
[23:55] <Sept> "This is not how we settle things. Not among family. Face me properly, big brother Silas."
[23:56] <@Dorian> ["-!"-
[23:56] <@Dorian> ["… S-Stop it." Whimpered Silas. "I-It hurts…"]
[23:58] <Sept> "I -told- you we can help you, but you chose this. Now go on! This is what you wanted, wasn't it?!"
[23:59] <@Dorian> ["N-No!" Said Silas, tears leaking down his cheeks beneath the helmet. "I don't want to fight! But his voice- I have to obey his voice…"]
[00:02] <Sept> "You said it was impossible. So at least do this properly!" Bitter contempt. "Here, I'll help you." Bweeoop.
[00:02] <@Dorian> ["…! No! What are-! AAH! AAGH! S-STOP IT!"]
[00:25] <@Dorian> [Awash with pain, Silas reached up and grabbed his helmet. "F… Fine…" He pulled it off.-
[00:26] <@Dorian> ["… If that's what you want. I give up." He sighed.-
[00:26] <@Dorian> [He… Reached into a satchel at his side, took out a needle, and jammed it into his neck.]
[00:27] <@Dorian> ["Protect your… Big brother…" And then, Silas Caine knew no more.]

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