Silas Caine
Name: Silas Caine
Position: NeoSpartan Commander; LN General
Sex: Male
Age: 18 (Born 1999)
Nationality: German
Place of Residence: Unknown

Physical Details
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5'11" (181cm)
Build: Highly athletic

Personal Details
"You have not yet earned my forgiveness."

Silas's Theme

The only son of Azariah and Teresa Caine, Silas was Azariah's pride and joy; in his childhood, Silas reminded his father of himself, and the two were very close, even for a father and son. Azariah adored Silas, and wanted nothing but the very best for him. He grew up healthy and kind- but also extremely intelligent and, after attention from his grandparents, a crafty and cunning person, even at such a young age; after all, Silas was the first of the next generation of Caines, and thus it was important to the Caine patriarch, Jeremiah, that Silas have talents befitting of his station.

Thus, when the NeoSpartan Project began, Silas was chosen to be the 'NeoSpartan Commander', the one amidst their number whom all the others would recognise as their leader. Amongst the NeoSpartans, Silas became well-loved and was often affectionately called 'Big Brother' by the often younger children under his command.

However, there was a tragic accident. When Atticus Nelson, a fellow NeoSpartan who highly resented the program tried to flee, Silas went after him to protect him, bring him back, and ensure he wasn't too harshly punished. However, in the confusion, the guards opened fire, killing Silas- an event which Atticus never forgave himself for.

It was assumed that Silas was dead. In reality, he survived just long enough for Azariah to extract his soul from his body and put it into safekeeping. With limited resources and shaky technology, Azariah began to work on creating a clone of his son.

The finished result was finally revealed mid-2016, when Silas Caine- now with an adult body and imprinted knowledge- infiltrated Paris-2, setting off a bomb in the Palais de l'Etoile and attempting to assassinate Gilles de Orleans, a HIC member. He also stole tactical data regarding the Thruster Dreadnought program and seemingly convinced Edgar Chevalier to abscond with him.

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