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For artificially created pilot products of Project A2.
Background Characteristic Modifiers: +5 Agility, Toughness and SR
Fate Points: 2
Starting Wounds: 11+TB
Background Skills: Acrobatics, Literacy, Stealth; Linguist (English, Japanese, One Other)
Background Talents: Hardy, Resistance (All)
Background Traits: Ayanami
Positive Traits (Choose two)
Name Subname Effect
Leader Type - You gain +5 Intelligence and Fellowship and begin with the Command skill.
Miracle Type - You gain +10 SR, and treat your SR as 10 points lower for the purposes of Ego damage.
Sniper Type - You gain a +5 to BS and Perception, and start with the Dodge skill.
Warrior Type - You gain +5 to WS and Strength, and start with the Parry skill.
Negative Traits (Choose two)
Name Subname Effect
In Love - You lose your immunity to emotional mechanical effects. Furthermore, you gain one of the following drawbacks: Cannot Live Without, Duty of Care, Second Fiddle. Note that Ayanamis can gain this trait through the course of the game.
Lacking Will - You reduce your Willpower by 5, and you take a -10 penalty to willpower to resist commands from your superiors.
Psychological Fragility - You also take a -10 penalty to tests to resist developing Traumas, Disorders, Fluctuations or Distortions.
Unnatural Mentality - You begin with a single Severe Disorder.

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