Simplified Changelog


Cross-Field Talents

  • All Talents with the "On purchasing this talent you pick one of the below effects…" have been reset to one purchase = all of them, -except- Cruel Angel.


(Not uploading the full thing because it's not that different)
Basic Skills

  • Medicae renamed Medical

Advanced Skills

  • Common Lore and Scholastic Lore merged (Lore)
  • Speak Language renamed Linguist

AT Field Powers


Spread Patterns

  • Gravity Territory renamed to Grav Field
  • Anti-Grav Field added

Offensive Powers

  • AT Beam renamed Bright Beam
  • AT Ram renamed Force Lance
  • AT Wave renamed Kinetic Wave
  • AT Bomb renamed Disruptor Bomb, vastly simplified
  • AT Blast and Blast Array merged into AT Bolt, which autohits and also has its damage type chosen by user
  • Cross Blast renamed to Radiant Cross
  • Friction Flood made slightly cheaper
  • Repulsion made cheaper and simpler
  • Added Forceful Surge (Kinetic Surge from Adv. Powers)

Enhancement Powers

  • AT Beacon renamed to Beacon, hit bonuses changed to hit reroll
  • AT Funnel renamed Spiral Funnel
  • AT Torpedo and Restrict Shot merged (Focused Sleeve)
  • Blast Fist renamed Burning Fist, is Maintain Half/Reaction
  • Force Channel erased.
  • Force Null renamed to Negate Force.
  • Kinetic Damping renamed to Impact Damping.
  • Wrap Beam renamed to Wrap Projectile and applies to all ranged attacks (thus merging the Advanced Redirect Projectile power into this one)

Dirac Powers

  • Dirac Trap erased
  • Dirac Abduction renamed to Abduction
  • Dirac Breach renamed to Dimension Breach
  • Dirac Cache renamed to Pocket Cache

Utility Powers

  • AT Appendage renamed to Light Appendage
  • AT Weapon renamed to Project Object, now copies many objects
  • Float's augment simplified
  • Kinetic Mastery merged into Kinetic Manipulation



  • All Backgrounds now have set Fates and set Wound pools.


  • 2 Fates, 11+TB Wounds


  • 3 Fates, 10+TB Wounds
  • Overcompensation now applies to all Fellowship and Intelligence tests


  • 3 Fates, 12+TB Wounds
  • Skills are now Medical or Tech Use or Lore (Tactics), gains Lore (2I)
  • Resourceful now only applies to the first Fate you spend on a test


  • 2 Fates, 10+TB Wounds
  • Know your Enemy now provides 2 Favoured Enemies
  • Trained for War now affects whole weapon categories


  • 3 Fates, 8+TB Wounds


Not uploading because it's not much different
General Traits

  • Armor Plating and Natural Armor merged (Armoured)
  • Iron Guard Mk1 and Mk3 merged (Iron Guard)

Metaphysical Traits

  • AT Field now provides X Disciplines.
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