Single Ephraim

Personal Details

Name: Ephraim al-Vairya
Background: Impact Survivor
Gender: Male
Career: Operations Director
Rank: Captain
Experience: 400


Characteristic Rating Bonus Training/Bonuses
WS 35 3 -
BS 35 3 -
Strength 33 3 Impact Hero (+3)
Toughness 41 4 Impact Hero (+3)
Agility 41 4 Like a Boss: Take Charge (+5)
Intelligence 41 4 -
Perception 36 3 -
Willpower 39 3 Impact Hero (+3)
Fellowship 49 4 Charming (+10 to tests with women), Simple

Wounds: 18/18

Fate Points: 2/2
Insanity Pts: 13/100

Ego Barrier: 35/35

Assets, Drawbacks, Traits, Coherencies, Instabilities and Disorders


Academic (Gain CL (Politics), CL (History), SL (Government), Talented (SL Government))
Charming (+10 to Fel tests with females)
Military Nut (Gain CL (War), SL (Tactics), and appropriate Talented talents)
Paranoia (+2 Initiative, Secretly test for threats)


Chronic Pain (Take 1 extra fatigue after taking first fatigue for session)
Damaged Goods (10 Insanity)


Resourceful (2 degrees of success when spending fate, can spend fate to reset degrees of failure to 0)
Impact Hero (+3 Toughness, Strength, Willpower)
Flashback (Summon effects of Hallucinogenic Grenade if stunned)
Trauma (3 insanity, Minor Disorder)


Visions and Voices (Dead Family)


Starting Skills

Charm, CL (Second Impact), Command, Literacy, Medicae, Scrutiny, SL (Evangelions), Speak Language (English), Speak Language (Farsi),

Starting Talents

Requisition Support*2


Basic Skills

CL (2I)
CL (History)
CL (Politics)
CL (War) T

Advanced Skills

SL (Evangelions)
SL (Government) T
SL (Tactics) T
Speak Language (English)
Speak Language (Farsi)


Generic Combat Talents

Name Effect

Melee Talents

Name Effect

Ranged Talents

Name Effect

Physical Talents

Name Effect

Operations Director Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Absolute Order - May spend Fate to give an order to PC as though they had rolled a 1 on Command Test.
Cut Synch - Reaction: Reduce the SR of a single pilot by 1d10 to 5d10.
Death before Dishonour - Half Action: test Command on pilot affected by fear. On success, the pilot automatically snaps out of all appropriate fear effects at the start of their next turn.
Like a Boss Take Charge +5 Agility. Initiative is always 1 point higher than the highest Pilot's Initiative.
Precision Targeting - Half Action: one Eva may add +2 Pen to next attack on target, or ignore half of target's AP
Remote Care - Can spend Fate Point as Half Action to stop blood loss in a pilot, end stun in a pilot, or remove fatigue from pilot. Requires pilot to wear Plugsuit.
Requisition Support 7 Add +7 to Conventional Forces pool
Tactical Genius - Can spend a Fate Point to add Degree of Success to a pilot's roll, or allow them to reroll.

Willpower Talents

Name Effect

Starting Stats

Characteristic Rating Bonus Training/Bonuses
WS 35 3 -
BS 35 3 -
Strength 30 3 -
Toughness 38 3 -
Agility 36 3 -
Intelligence 41 4 -
Perception 36 3 -
Willpower 36 3 -
Fellowship 41 4 -

Wounds: 17/17

Fate Points: 2/2
Insanity Pts: 0/100

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