Modified And New Weapons

Ballistic Weapons

Name Class Range RoF Damage Breach Pen Clip Reload Special Cost
M-7 Handcannon Pistol 30dam S/-/- 1d10+2 I +0 2 6 1Half Compact, Reliable 1 WUP
Pallet Rifle Basic 50dam S/2/3 1d10+2 I +0 0 6 1Half Carbine, Reliable 1 WUP
Gatling Gun Heavy 50dam -/-/5 1d10+2 I +0 0 20 2Full Inaccurate 3 WUP
M-8 Handcannon Pistol 40dam S/-/3 1d10+2 I +0 2 6 1Half Compact, Reliable 2 WUP
P-8 Carbine Rifle 60dam S/3/4 1d10+2 I +0 2 18 1Half Burst, Carbine, Reliable 2 WUP
Rocket Rifle Basic 150dam S/-/- 1d10+6 X +1 3 3 1Half Blast (4) 3 WUP
Heavy Railgun Heavy See Text S-/- 1d10+5 I +3 5 4 2Full Longshot, Mounted, See Text 5 WUP
RP-1 Rail Pistol Pistol 50dam S/3/- 1d10+3 I +1 3 9 1Half Compact, Reliable 3 WUP
RR-1 Rail Rifle Rifle 200dam S/2/4 1d10+3 I +1 3 20 1Full Burst, Precise, Reliable 3 WUP
Anti-Eva Bazooka Heavy 500dam S/-/- 2d10+2 X +2 2 4 2Full Blast (6) 6 WUP

Maser Weapons

MASER (Tier 1)
Name Class Range RoF Damage Breach Pen Clip Reload Special Cost
MAS Pistol Pistol 40dam S/-/3 1d10+1 E +1 3 30 1Full Maser, Compact 1 WUP
MAS Rifle Basic 80dam S/3/- 1d10+2 E +1 3 30 1Full Maser 1 WUP
HELIOS Rifle Basic 150dam S-/- 1d10+2 E +2 4 10 1Full Maser, Precise, Burning 2 WUP
MASER (Tier 2)
MAS Repeater Basic 80dam -/4/8 1d10+1 E +1 3 40 1Full Maser, Burst, Carbine 3 WUP
MAS Tactical Pistol 80dam S/2/- 1d10 E +2 2 10 1Full Maser, Burst, see text 2 WUP
HELIOS Annihilator Heavy 50dam S/-/- 1d10+6 E +2 7 10 1Full Maser, Burning, Overheats, see text 5 WUP
MASER (Tier 3)
Mk2 'Hotshot' MAS Pistol Pistol 50dam S/2/- 1d10+3 E +2 3 10 1Full Maser, Compact, Reliable, see text 2 WUP
HELIOS Pistol Pistol 40dam S/-/- 1d10+6 E +3 5 3 1Full Maser, Compact, Burning, Overheats, see text 3 WUP
Mk2 'Stalwart' MAS Rifle Rifle 100dam S/3/- 1d10+3 E +2 4 30 1Full Maser, Reliable, See text 3 WUP
MAS Long Rifle Rifle 400dam S/-/- 1d10+3 E +2 4 10 1Full Maser, Reliable, Precise, see text 4 WUP
Siege Maser Heavy See Text S/-/- 2d10+3 E +2 5 5 1Full Maser, Beam, Longshot, Mounted 6 WUP


The HELIOS Pistol may be fired on an overcharge setting, dealing +1d10 damage and +2 pen, but it gains the Inaccurate quality and uses up 3 ammo instead of 1.

Mk2 'Hotshot' MAS Pistol

The Mk2 Pistol benefits from the 'variable setting' quality of the Stalwart Rifle, see below.

Mk2 'Stalwart' MAS Rifle

Designed to incorporate both the lessons of previous low-power and high-power weapons, the Stalwart Rifle possess a variable power setting that may be changed as a free action. On 'High power' mode it deals +1 damage, but uses 2 ammo per shot. On 'Overload' mode it gains +2 damage and +2 penetration, but uses up 4 ammo per shot, loses the 'Reliable' quality and gains the 'Unreliable' quality instead.

MAS Long Rifle

The MAS Long Rifle is best suited for precise, well-aimed shots where it can run rampant. When making an attack with the MAS Long Rifle that benefits from an Aim action, it deals an extra 1d10+Perception Bonus damage should the attack gain 2 or more Degrees of Success.

High Energy Bolt Weapons

HE BOLT (Tier 1)
Name Class Range RoF Damage Breach Pen Clip Reload Special Cost
Bohrgun Basic 30dam S/2/- 1d10+6 X +2 1 8 1Full Tearing 3 WUP
HE BOLT (Tier 2)
Planck Pistol Pistol 20dam S/-/- 1d10+6 X +2 1 3 1Full Tearing, Compact 4 WUP
Faraday Rifle Basic 100dam S/-/- 1d10+6 X +2 1 3 2Full Tearing, Precise 4 WUP
HE BOLT (Tier 3)
Pauli Pistol Pistol 30dam S/2/- 1d10+6 X +2 2 6 1Full Tearing, Compact 6 WUP
de Broglie Rifle Basic 75dam S/3/- 1d10+6 X +2 2 18 1Full Tearing, Burst 6 WUP
Supershell Launcher Heavy Longshot S/-/- 2d10+5 X +5 2 1 1Full Tearing, Blast (12), Longshot 8 WUP
Dyson Cannon Heavy 30dam -/-/6 1d10+6 X +2 2 36 1Full Tearing, Inaccurate, see text 8 WUP

Positron Weapons

Name Class Range RoF Damage Breach Pen Clip Reload Special Cost
Positron Proto-Rifle Basic 40dam S/-/- 1d10+5 E +5 5 6 2Full Positron, Burning, Overheats 5 WUP
Positron Rifle Basic 80dam S/2/4 1d10+3 E +4 4 10 1Full Positron, Burst 5 WUP
Positron Cannon Heavy 200dam S/-/- 3d10 E +8 8 3 1Full Positron, Mounted 7 WUP
Positron HEI Rifle Basic 150dam S/-/- 1d10+6 E +6 6 5 2Full Positron, Precise, see text 6 WUP
Positron Pulse Rifle Basic 30dam S/3/- 1d10+4 E +4 4 12 1Full Positron, Burst, see text 7 WUP
Great Positron Cannon Heavy * S/-/- 4d10 E +12 12 4 1Full Positron, Longshot, Recharge, See Text 10 WUP

Positron HEI Rifle

The High Energy Intensity Rifle is capable of wreaking incredible internal damage due to its high powered beam. This weapon automatically confirms Righteous Fury.

Positron Pulse Rifle

The Positron Pulse Rifle is a more 'reckless' use of positron weapon technology, but when used at the optimal range is devastating. All attacks made with the PPR in Point Blank range gain a +2 to Damage and Penetration (which also increases its Breach rating). Conversely, attacks made at long range or more take a -2 to damage and penetration.

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