Character Creation

Starting Character

A starting character begins with 25 in all ten Characteristics. The breakdown of these is below:

Weapon Skill Determines your skill at hitting with melee weaponry, as well as parrying.
Ballistic Skill Determined your skill with ranged weaponry.
Strength Determines your physical strength, carrying capacity, and adds Strength Bonus to melee damage.
Toughness Determines your resilience, carrying capacity, and Toughness Bonus reduces damage.
Agility Determines your speed and grace, your initiative, and is used for many skills related to movement, carefulness and stealth.
Intelligence Determines your character's intellect and memory abilities, and is used for many skills related to knowledge and problem-solving.
Perception Determines your character's awareness and their sensory acuity, and is used for many skills related to extracting information from the environment.
Willpower Determines your character's ability to control their own actions and resist fear and compulsion.
Fellowship Determines your character's ability to interact with others, either as a leader or as an equal, and is used for many social skills.
Influence Represents a mix of your character's wealth, political pull, fame, reputation and favours owed. It can be used to gain items, but also to bribe others, drop names and generally impress your importance on others. A unique characteristic, it may not be increased via experience advancements, it may only be rewarded.

From here, a Character then chooses a Background, Occupation and Role. This determines a character's starting skills, talents, equipment, abilities and also provides characteristic modifiers. After that, a character then generates their characteristics, purchases assets and drawbacks, then makes Experience purchases. After that,t hey work with the GM to generate their Quirk, which is a trait unique to them. Finally, they settle on a name, gender, nationality and religion.

Estates, Callings and Roles

Choosing your Estate, Calling and Role is the most important and defining element of character generation, as it forms the meat of a character's skill set and determines how that character grows.

Note: If a Character gains the same Aptitude twice for any reason during this stage, they may replace the second Aptitude with any one of the nine Characteristic Aptitudes.
Note: If a Character gains the same skill twice for any reason during this stage, they gain an extra rank in that skill.
Note: If a Character gains the same talent twice for any reason during this stage, they gain an extra rank in that talent, if it is a talent with multiple ranks; otherwise, they exchange it in for 200 XP.


Background Characteristic Modifiers: Two of the following: +5 Ballistic Skill, +5 Toughness, +5 Perception, +10 Influence
Fate Points: 2
Starting Wounds: 12+TB
Background Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Toughness, Perception
Background Skills: Awareness, Survival, Linguistics (Australian), Literacy, Common Lore (Houses Solar)
Background Talents: Physical Resistance (Heat) or Energy Proficiency or Survivor (1)
Background Traits: Lord Solar (House)
Background Equipment: Formal House Wear, House Colours, Personal Signet
Unique Background Assets
Name Subname Effect
Rank and Prestige - Whenever you reduce your Influence, you reduce it by one point less (to a minimum of 1). Whenever you gain Influence, you increase it by one point more.
Outer Lord - On character creation, select one of the following abilities.
- Familiarity Choose one environment (eg. Ocean, desert, forest, ice etc). In this environment you take a +20 to Survival tests and reduce the DTV of Difficult Terrain by 2.
- Warrior Training Select a single weapon class (Melee, Energy, Solid). When making attacks with this weapon, you may remove the Unreliable Quality (if present) and grant Proven (+3) to damage rolls made with it.

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Calling Aptitudes: Four of the following: Intelligence, Perception, Knowledge, Fieldcraft, Social
Calling Skills: Commerce, Inquiry, Logic
Calling Talents: Bean Counter (1), Clues from the Crowd, Suspicious (1)
Calling Equipment: -
Unique Calling Assets
Name Subname Effect

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Role Characteristic Gains: One of the following: +5 Weapon Skill, +5 Ballistic Skill, +5 Agility
Role Aptitudes: One of the following: Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Agility
Role Skills: Operate (Modular Suit)
Role Traits: Ace Rating (1)
Role Equipment: Hardwool Coat or Thinsteel Cuirass, Sabre or Magpistol or Sunpistol
Unique Role Assets
Name Subname Effect
Cataphract Knight - Knights are those legendary individuals who take to battle piloting a Cataphract. You come with the following traits.
- Cataphract You begin with a single Cataphract with a number of Upgrade Points equal to your Influence Bonus. See the Cataphract Rules on how to generate Cataphracts.
- Knightplay Knightplay represents a series of highly specialised, technically breathtaking set of Cataphract maneuvers that are simply impossible for other Modular Suits to use. You gain access to Knightplay, and may start with a single Stance plus 400 XP worth of Maneuvers.

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