So Lay We Till The Storm Came

(20:39:32) Aline: A calm forest glade. Also notable for being not all that far from the edge of Paris-2's transit systems. Aline, once again, chose this place for discretion, and as she sat down on the grass to wait, she knew her guest this time would be a bit less obnoxious than her last discrete-meet had. For this time? Aline was hunting the wild de Pteres.
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(20:48:26) * Sept had left a bit early to compensate for wandering around in the wilds, but… well, what could you expect? He still showed up a bit later than he’d intended, probably having passed by more than once, barely out of sight of the rendezvous place. "Aline!" he called out, sounding a bit relieved. As he approached… he was wearing those awfully familiar glasses, and he did look different. Obviously, the last time she'd seen him, he'd been in much worse shape, on the brink of insanity… but he'd changed, nevertheless.
(20:53:52) * Aline was honestly a bit surprised at what she saw - she had only left a message with (admittedly, less than precise) instructions, and hadn't actually seen him since his recovery. So now with glasses and a somewhat different appearance… "H… hi, Sera. Sorry to make it a place this far out. I brought noodles, though!" She said semi-helplessly. Of course, Aline was the same as always,
(20:53:52) * Aline and wearing a rather simplistic pants-and-tee outfit. "It's good to see you again. I hope your recovery went well."
(21:02:18) * Sept laughed a little, drily. "You can't possibly think it went 'well' after all the times they've kept me in there for nothing. But thanks. It wasn't that bad." He sat down at a cordially polite distance, looked into her eyes for a while, and then settled on gazing past her into the foliage with a pondering look on his face. "I don't really know where to start. There's a lot I've missed."
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(21:10:59) * Aline bowed her head down, digging into her own thing of noodles - which was actually half-depleted. "I can imagine you've missed a lot. Though I sort of missed some of the action myself. At least, the mess in Boston, so I hope you weren't expecting much of an update on that." A sigh. "I just figured that reconstituting yourself from orange nastiness had to be something of an ordeal, is
(21:11:00) * Aline all."
(21:19:08) * Sept shook his head. "…no, before that. Ever since Ramliel, I couldn't have gone on without Elisha's direct support. And before -that-… It's, just imagine having all the time in the world to just -think-. I needed that. And I'm pretty sure it was all in his plans."
(21:25:06) Aline: "…Oh." A vast pause filled the air after that, as Aline stared forward for a moment, seeming to look /past/ Sera. "So you've missed things you were, technically, conscious for, because… you were having trouble with your own… self? Hm. Or at least…" Aline shrugged, finally dropping into a more relaxed and less weird-distant-stare posture. "…You had issues to sort. I can sort of
(21:25:07) Aline: understand. What kinds of things do you think you need to know, now, to feel more 'in touch' with the present?"
(21:34:24) Sept: "Even with the war, it feels like we have some breathing room right now. So I think I'd prefer to look at the future." Sera looked at her sharply. "I know it isn't realistic to assume we'd all have our same plans for when the moment comes. But we have to know each other as we get closer to it, or we'll get used. Do you still have that… thing, in your head?"
(21:38:30) * Aline met his gaze, and sharpened her own to account. "A concern I had, actually. We need to compare notes, or else, even if we're /not/ used through some miracle of accidental coordination, we'll end up fighting each other to get our individual plans completed." A pause, as her eyes narrowed a bit further. "…Yes. Former enemy and amoral or not, though, he's gotten to have a measure of
(21:38:30) * Aline personhood to me, moreso than just 'oh, another sapient being'. But… I can understand anyone considering him that way."
(21:47:20) Sept: "I know he's proven to be… fairly civil so far. But with things in your mind, we should have something more than just introspection on our side. I was hoping it'd be possible to find a way to temporarily cut off influences like that to people, like… a mental Faraday cage. It'd make things a lot simpler, but if the Evas can't do it…"
(21:51:36) * Aline slowly nodded. "While introspection seems to be the norm, I… understand your concern. As best I can tell, I'm the dominant personality up and until I either intentionally wake him, or if I'm almost killed. It's… risky, in that sense, but I /think/ I can keep my hold as best as I can as long as I don't give in to the temptation to call for more power like I did before." But she
(21:51:36) * Aline smiled gently, after that. "Because of things like him, I've been training myself to focus better and hold my will together. And if you were meaning the mental control of others… Well. It's a dire emergency that I'd have to use it again, more than even life or death."
(21:55:50) Sept: "But there are others I trust less to maintain control, who've already lost it. We'll have to be able to trust some of those people. If you have any time, I'd just like your help with looking into it."
(22:02:51) Aline: "Is that so… Well, I can certainly try, that alone wouldn't hurt." Aline by now finished the noodle bowl she was eating from, now clutching it gently. It was astounding how much talking she could get done while eating. "Right then. But I'm not sure what else we can do this exact moment, on that, so how about those notes to compare, mm?"
(22:06:09) Sept: "Yeah. That's all we can do. That's probably partly why we have this lull to begin with. Is there anything specific you wanted to start with?"
(22:09:36) * Aline pursed her lips for a second, but then exhaled and un-tensed. "Well, mostly knowing what the field is like, for starters. I know about the… lesse. Gestalt plan of Jeremiah's, the Angels' plan to make their world on Earth, I think Gendo wants something to do with divinity and uplifting… Azariah's Angel-like ascension… Yanmei'd rather keep the world as-is, or I /suppose/ keep
(22:09:37) * Aline it recognizable as close to what it was… and then there's you and me."
(22:15:53) Sept: "I haven't quite finished sorting out what I want for it… or which parts of what I used to want were whose, to begin with. But I know I'm enjoying freedom of thought. Even if this world fails us, that's something we should never lose. That was part of Elisha's plan, and you'll have to understand his influence is still very much alive beyond the Evangelions. He's as much involved in all this as the rest of his family."
(22:20:26) Aline: "You're right. I…" Aline looked at him nervously. "I was a bit uncertain now just where his influence laid, but… You're right." That same smile was allowed to return. "Freedom of thought is one of the most sacred tenets to keep. And as for me? Well, I'm a bit easier, though I don't quite know what to do with either beyond this, but - I want humanity and the Angels to have their own
(22:20:26) Aline: seperate worlds, and to be able to recognize each other as fellow beings, rather than the present state of war-for-the-right-to-live. I figure, that's the point of having different forms of life, for them to develop, interact, that kind of thing."
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(22:26:00) Sept: "I can understand that. And are we clear on what exactly all of those plans need to succeed? None of them can march up to Lilith and declare themselves God, can they?"
(22:31:41) * Aline tapped a finger restlessly against her empty noodlebowl. "Best I can estimate, they need some kind of hardware like Evangelion synch equipment, and quite possibly a… compatible soul, even if only just someone who is capable of being a pilot at all. But keeping control! Wow, I… wouldn't even know where to begin, I imagine it'd need elaborate manipulation, maybe even the work of
(22:31:41) * Aline Evangelions or similar beings to keep the control stable." Then, a bit of an extra thought. "That said, AT manipulation in and of itself is a pre-requisite, so Evas could help in other ways too. I wouldn't be surprised if that's how the gestalt test worked. And… er. I sort of know what it feels like to use that kind of power, since I've figured out how to, uh, weaponize it. Like I did
(22:31:42) * Aline against the Seventeenth Angel." A semi-helpless shrug. "But no, it needs prep work."
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(22:44:45) Sept: "Right. And as long as we have Paris, we'll have that head start. We can bypass NERV and whoever else, and hold the spring of life hostage ourselves."
(22:50:02) * Aline nodded, though she intermixed a frown. "Best to be careful on that front, all the same. We're not invincible enough to stand against /everything/ that could be thrown at us. It'd have to be at a critical moment, and we'd probably need allies, too. Moreover…" Aline frowned. "Someone's been playing around with the pieces of the puzzle. I don't know where, but I've learnt that NERV
(22:50:03) * Aline has Lilith's soul removed and placed elsewhere - which means either someone's installed it in something already, or they're waiting to use it."
(22:54:00) Sept: "…really? Shit, that makes things harder. I'll see if I can find out anything about that. Although whether they'd store something like that in the archives… If she doesn't have a soul, Terminal Dogma is useless to us for now."
(23:00:27) Aline: "Right. I have a hunch it's part of Gendo's plan, since the transaction probably happened sometime after Ramliel attacked. At least, so my hunch goes." She stretched a bit, feeling… somehow more comfortable. "But ugh, tell me about it. The problem with being where we are, is that even though we technically have the Evangelions - we as pilots - the leadership of various groups, NERV
(23:00:27) Aline: included, have resources."
(23:08:31) Sept: "We have to be able to function more autonomously before we can address anything in the other camps. We won't have many chances to achieve that, either…" Sera swallowed and took a deep breath. "There's one plan I've been turning around… I think it'd eliminate some of the loopholes in security, with Lilith and the rest of NERV."
(23:10:44) * Aline /seriously/ raised a brow at that. "…Oh?"
(23:15:22) * Sept tried to rub his eyes, failed, took off his glasses and tried again. "Elisha still has access to almost everything. Access to all the archives, certain parts of the complex… and Terminal Dogma. I think… I think we have to destroy all of my copies, Aline. All the information that goes into building them. Just one of them, let alone the master copy, straying into Azariah's hands…"
(23:20:55) * Aline stared wide-eyed at that. "…If you… if you're ready for that. But we will again need to be… c… careful." She shook her head. "I'm sorry, it's just a bit stunning to me is all. You have 'extra lives' of a sort, but admittedly to have that kind of power is /dangerous/ with the possibility of theft. Anyway, caution is again necessary because I imagine people will flip their
(23:20:56) * Aline shit when that happens."
(23:26:34) * Sept looked down and sighed. "I know. And if even parts of it have already leaked, it'd all be for almost nothing… But we have to do -something- about them. I can't imagine what it would do to Ginevre, either… Oh, and. You should be careful dealing with her. As I said… Elisha hasn't stopped haunting NERV."
(23:31:48) * Aline shook slightly, because she remembered. "…The bond. Right…" But Aline smiled again, this time half-plagued by lingering worry. "That said, we at least have a timer for our setup. While Azariah will use the LN to try to control the /pieces/ early, I think even he is waiting for the same signal. The last Angel falling. We've got a fair amount left to go still. I guess their presence
(23:31:49) * Aline makes interfering with the Seeds or otherwise implementing things too risky."
(23:37:20) Sept: "Yeah. Years and years of contact, the grief, and the partial lingering of the bond… She's been lost for a while. But we have no time to waste with any of our preparations. We know the others' setups will be nothing less than perfect by that time."
(23:38:47) Aline: "R… right. You're right." Aline took a moment to look up into the sky. "I get the sense that it's going to fall to our ability to suddenly rise and move as one."
(23:48:27) Sept: "We have to stick together more than before. I heard Yanmei was in Boston with Isaiah and Elizabeth… their commitments will only get deeper from now on."
(23:52:04) * Aline sighed long and deeply at that. "I guess though, that she wants her normal life, even if she has it with an 'abnormal' flavor. But nonetheless, I guess I should try to work with her - Even if she gets pissed at me for reasons I can't figure out, I'm probably the better one to try to work things out with her."
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(00:02:45) Sept: "…yeah. Just… be careful, of course. I'm not sure if we can work it all out yet. But we'll make it through."
(00:12:31) Aline: "I believe we can." The smile felt a /bit/ more resolute.
(00:14:43) Sept: "Just remember… at the end, we need all three of us, but only the three of us. Everything and everyone else has to come after. I want to know you understand that."
(01:08:03) * Aline nodded at that. "It… might hurt a little to admit that, but as long as the people we care about still come, even if after, that'll be enough for me. I'd /like/ to go without unecessary sacrifices…"
(01:11:13) * Sept responded with the slightest nod. "I guess we're done for now, huh." He sat there, still looking at her.
(01:12:53) * Aline stared back, almost dully. "I guess we are. I can hardly wait for this to be over and us to be able to meet as friends, or… whatever we'll be. Anyway, ah…" Aline winked a bit. "I know you like to ponder things for a while after serious talks, so I think I'll leave you to that." And Aline began to walk off~
(01:14:15) Sept: "…wait, Aline."
(01:14:31) * Aline stopped, turning around. "…Yes?"
(01:15:37) Sept: "Do you think you could stay, for a while? It might feel like a proper picnic."
(01:16:38) * Aline started to walk back, with a smile. "You're right. We should enjoy that~" And she sat herself back down, with a little puff of exhaled air from the act.
(01:19:28) * Sept smiled back, and lay down on his back on the grass. "Thanks. We should." He looked up at the sky and the clouds drifting by.
(01:20:26) * Aline took the briefest moment to look up as well… before sighing contentedly.

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