Solomon Agatha
Name: Agatha Aqua Elisha
Position: Solomon Prime
Sex: Female
Age: 1-2 (Looks late Teens)
Nationality: Solomon
Place of Residence: Synfront
Soul: Angel Samandiriel

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Blue
Height: -
Build: Fit and taut

Personal Details
"I just… Think it's sad. That there's no one so important to you that you don't want to see them -right now-, and damn the future… Or the past. Or anything else."
Agatha's Theme

Apparently the second eldest of the Solomon Primes, Agatha's genetic base was that of Sera de Pteres- or rather Elisha Caine, but the difference is primarily perspective anyway. Thoughtful, cool-headed and sensible, she acts as an unofficially accepted leader of the Solomon Primes. She harbors no ill will towards humanity and is honestly way more sociable than a clone of Sera de Pteres should be.

She met Sera during his stay with Caine. Although the relationship between them is quite tense, there's nevertheless a tension born of concern for Sera from Agatha's perspective. She does seem to sincerely care for him and his health.

Agatha was captured during Operation Imperatrix. She clashed with Aline Blanc and was essentially collateral when EVA-00 activated Protocol RTD.

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