Solomon Augustine
Name: Augustine Aether Kaworu
Position: Solomon Prime
Sex: Male
Age: 1-2 (Looks late Teens)
Nationality: Solomon
Place of Residence: Synfront
Soul: Angel Elemiah

Physical Details
Hair colour: Grey
Eye colour: Red
Height: 5'8"
Build: Thin

Personal Details
"The first test places us into a labyrinth. No weapons, no clothes, and no AT Field. Only our powerful bodies and our combat knowledge programmed into us. Within the labyrinth are eighty people- criminals. Murderers and rapists and the like. People that 'would not be missed'. The criminals are armed. We have six hours to kill at least forty of them. It conditions the Angelic soul to understand pain the way a human does. It forces us to think like a human being at all levels. And it weeds out the unworthy of us, those with unseen defects. The challenge is stacked against us, and past a certain point, becomes nearly impossible. A Prime without an AT Field finds it very hard to fight against a group of 20, 30 humans at once. We learn to even the odds. Choke points. Raids. Terror attacks. Fear. I slew 62 out of 80. A good mark, but not the best. Only one Prime has managed a perfect score."
Augustine's Theme

The fifth and last Solomon Prime, Augustine was based off the male body of Eugenia Ranvier- Kaworu Nagisa. Calm, quiet, unruffled, analytical- all fit for this last Solomon. Augustine's attitude towards humanity seems to be neutral- he wants no real part in the war between Caine and the Federation. Instead, because of a quirk in the Solomonisation process that permitted him to keep his memory, Augustine is focused only on one thing- finding Ramliel, his Eve- the soul of Solomon Sophia- and becoming one with her.

Augustine was assigned to assassinate members of the HIC. He slew Theodore Washington, and was intercepted in his attempt to slay Gilles de Orleans and Mortimer Mazarin by Zhang Yanmei. After defeating Yanmei with a single blow to the back of the knee, re-opening her old wound, he made a deal with her that he would only take one of his victims instead of both.

Later he would return to ask Yanmei's assistance in finding and reuniting with Sophia.

Augustine was captured during Operation Imperatrix. He fought with Sera de Pteres and his squad and was quickly defeated.

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