Solomon Joan


Name: Joan Ignis Yanmei
Position: Solomon Prime
Sex: Female
Age: 1-2 (Looks late Teens)
Nationality: Solomon
Place of Residence: Synfront
Soul: Angel Malchediel

Physical Details
Hair colour: Violet
Eye colour: Dark
Height: 5'6"
Build: Fit

Personal Details
"I learned something today. I'm deeply in love with you. Do you know why? It's because I hate you. I hate you so much. Every time I see your face I feel you and your beast killing me, slaying my children. I feel your hand behind my doom, my current fate. I hate you so much, you have no idea. Every single atom in this lilim body absolutely hates you. This lilim body is so tiny and frail, but it's so sensuous. It explains so much? Every time I see the fear and terror in your eyes I feel a shiver of delight. When I see you bowed and broken before Mary Caine, crying in terror and horror, I feel a trill of pleasure in every part of me. To see you like this, suffering and in pain, every day, in every way, fills me with a joy and delight that I don't even know how to handle."
Joan's Theme

Either the third or fourth Solomon Prime, Solomon Joan's body was cloned from data taken from Zhang Yanmei- the very one who ended up frustrating and killing her. Trapped in a physical prison resembling the focus of all of her antipathy and hatred, Joan considers her current position to be a living hell, mitigated only slightly by the fact that her job involves killing a lot of lilim in interesting ways. She likes killing lilim. They are good at dying.

Joan probed Sera's mind during his captivity, which did not endear her to him at all. Later on, she encountered Zhang Yanmei herself as part of her interrogation, using her ability to detect Yanmei's lies. After that, she admitted her love to Yanmei, based primarily on how arousing she found Yanmei's suffering. Joan has trouble separating love from hate-based lust. Unfortunately for Yanmei this led to constant sexual harassment from Joan during her captivity, groping, fondling or kissing Yanmei whenever she could.

After Yanmei and Isaiah escaped from the Synfront, Joan was sent to search for them. On a wild goose chase following a hundred Dirac leads that led Joan as far away as Pluto, Joan eventually found Yanmei and Isaiah in the Australian ruin of Melbourne, where she wiped out a local warrior clan before facing Yanmei in single combat. The wielder of Excalibur prevailed, and Joan fled, swearing a boundless vengeance.

Joan attacked Aline during Operation Imperatrix, but wisely got the hell out of dodge before she could be destroyed by Protocol RTD.

Character Details

Character Details
Name Joan Ignis Yanmei Gender Female

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Asset Subname Effect
Cynical - Gain the Scrutiny skill, and gain a +20 bonus to Scrutiny to resist Charm and Deceive.
Driven - Gain a conditional fate point, which may only be spent in situations where the odds are against you or you are fighting a superior foe.
Fast - You treat your P-Scale speed as being one AB higher than normal.

Injuries and Complications

Injury Effect Cause Incident

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