Solomon Sophia
Name: Sophia Terra Rei
Position: Solomon Prime
Sex: Female
Age: 1-2 (Looks late Teens)
Nationality: Solomon
Place of Residence: Synfront
Soul: Angel Ramliel

Physical Details
Hair colour: Blue
Eye colour: Red
Height: 5'3.5"
Build: Slender

Personal Details
The Spectre's Theme

The first Solomon Prime, Sophia's body was created from DNA samples taken from Ayanami Rei- or more likely, one of her sisters. She served as the prototype for the rest of the Solomon Primes, and so remains the most estranged from the others. She does not speak verbally, instead relying on phone texts or computer chats. Her abilities are extensive; apart from her speed and strength, she seems to possess electrokinesis and thermokinesis, and a precognitive ability as well.

To most, she comes off as aloof, and has very little patience for topics or people who annoy or irritate her, with her displeasure being made known by a very rapid drop in the local temperature. However, she is not generally hostile without reason, and responds well to polite engagement, although she expresses a great deal of confusion over just about any social more or behaviour.

Her Solomon trial was extremely violent. The first phase saw her captured and pinned by the vicious criminals within the labyrinth arena. Brutalized, abused and tortured for several hours, Sophia apparently developed the ability to emit a terrifying wail that drove her tormentors mad with terror. She slew them all, and remains the only Solomon to have slain all eighty enemies within the Labyrinth challenge.

She is more widely known as the Spectre, the bizarre, terrifying shape that haunted Paris-2 for months, heralded by a chill in the air and sudden blackouts. During this time, the Spectre preyed on the criminal element of the city as well as those who pursued her, leaving impaled corpses in her wake. She became a figure of fear for the criminals of Paris-2 and the civilians both.

Her true role seems to have been that of protection, however, for she intervened repeatedly to save the Pilots from strife. She also came in contact with Zhang Yanmei, sharing information with her and talking- and even becoming friendly. Indeed, these days she's very fond of Yanmei, considering the pilot to be one of her only friends. Her other friend is a small black cat named Ying, who seems abnormally intelligent for a cat.

The Spectre intervened during the Brother Insurrection to discreetly lead Aline Blanc, Sera de Pteres and William Weiss to safety.

She was also present to help Yanmei and her allies during the Children of Adam Uprising, where she was slain. She healed, but was interned inside the Geofront. She was broken out by Yanmei during Operation Imperatrix and imprisoned in the Dorian Lachapelle, where she's been ever since.

Sophia's soul is that of Ramliel's, making her the Eve of Augustine's Adam. She seems unsure as to how to react to this news, and stated that she wished Yanmei were her Adam instead of a stranger she didn't know.

Sophia's social graces or lack thereof seem to guide her towards a sort of naivete. A cursory inspection by NERV security agents revealed that she used her full name- Sophia Terra Rei- numerous times on the internet when posting in numerous fora and chatrooms, examples of which include a weapons enthusiasts group as well as a cat owner's healthcare forum.

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