Sophie Garland
Name: Sophie Garland
Occupation: None; Rogue Oblationist of the Order of St. Ophelia
Age: 24
Birthday: 15th of Paraskest
Height: 5'9
Weight: 134lb
Physical Description:
Sophie has long red hair and usually, hazel eyes. She is blind, and tends to wear something over them to make this fact known.

An orphan child taken into the Order of St. Ophelia, Sophie decided from an early age to become an Oblationist. Bereft of family and possessing few friends of note, she formed her pact with the demon known as Melchion, the Loveless General.

For five years, Sophie dutifully fought evil where she found it, and was generally considered a successful Oblationist for her actions.

That said, if she had hoped that her situation would improve upon becoming an Oblationist, she was wrong; those five years did very little to assuage her loneliness.

Two years ago, she vanished en route to Paxia, and wasn't seen again for two years. She was recently found and defeated by Maia Minama and her allies; as it stands, she had spent the last year dominated entirely by Melchion.

Any ambitions Sophie might've possessed have been summarily crushed into the dust thanks to her being dominated by Melchion. She now wishes only to heal and live past that dark period of her life; a task more difficult than it seems, for she remains ravaged and in pain from the aftereffects.

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