Soryu S Sword

[07:25] <AdEvaSleep> [[Session 56: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Date: 2nd of August, 2017. Episode Title: Soryu's Sword.-
[07:26] <AdEvaSleep> [Marianne tapped her foot, staring at the three assembled pilots. "Expect to be hit hard and fast. Berlin's focus is on speed- they'll try to be faster than you and overwhelm you like that. Sera, you'll have to cover Aline extra-closely."]
[07:28] * Aline stared. "Hmm. A lot of teams seem to be focused on speed. But yeah. I can imagine that any team Asuka's on would capitalize on that sort of high-speed aggression."
[07:29] <Yanmei> "What are we looking at in terms of specialties? Asuka aside…"
[07:30] <AdEvaSleep> ["Hachi, who's a long ranged specialist, and Go, an AT Tactician. In previous battles, Asuka's rushed in and let Go and Hachi lay down the covering fire."]
[07:32] <Sept> "We should head for cover as soon as possible. If she engages us there, we'll have less to worry about."
[07:34] * Aline thought on that. "Mm, probably. It seemed to work well."
[07:35] <Yanmei> "Any additional suggestions, Colonel?"
[07:36] <AdEvaSleep> ["Just the usual. Try to engage Asuka in ranged combat; she's packing the heat sword and electrified armor feed mix that makes CQC a poor prospect."]
[07:38] <Sept> "I see. We'll try to keep her away when possible."
[07:40] * Yanmei squinted slightly, as if trying too shift her perspective around on something. "Right."
[07:42] <AdEvaSleep> ["Alright. Let's move out!"]
[07:42] <Yanmei> "Yes ma'am! Let's go!"
[07:43] <Sept> With a nod, Sera was off.
[07:44] * Aline headed out, as well~
[07:46] <AdEvaSleep> [Meanwhile, in the presentation room…]
[07:48] <Raphael> Around the world the Thunderdome feed was going live, giving the audience a view of a rather more emotionally muted commentator’s room, with the camera focusing first on Raphael for once…-
[07:49] <Raphael> "Good evening, and welcome to the first battle of Thunderdome’s fourth round." Raphael says. It really does lack some of that Julien showmanship, it must be said. "I am Group Captain Raphael Guillory, and I regret to inform you all that Mr. Lafabre can’t join us this evening, and so instead we will be joined by…"-
[07:49] <Raphael> The camera pans with the necessary drama.
[07:50] <AdEvaSleep> [A very handsome young blonde boy smiles to the camera. "Good evening. This is Staff Sergeant William Weiss-Xylander, taking Mr. Lafabre's place in the commentator's box. How are we all today? From Japan to Juneau, I hope we're all doing fine!"]
[07:56] <Raphael> The camera's zoom is now wide enough to encompass the both of them, managing to catch a brief glimps of Raphael giving the boy a wary sidelong glance. He was, at least, polite. "Indeed. Tonight's match will see the Berlin-2 and Paris-2 teams finally clash. Both sides are backed by strong team leaders in the form of Pilots Zhang Yanmei and Asuka Langley-Soryu. It's quite likely that the
[07:56] <Raphael> battle will feed off the rather well known friendly rivalry and tension between the two as much as anything else."
[07:59] <AdEvaSleep> ["Just how tense, exactly? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with this."]
[08:02] <AdEvaSleep> [Meanwhile, for the pilots, the battlefield was coming into view…-
[08:03] <AdEvaSleep> [And Berlin was ready for them, as Go unleashed a hail of bolt rounds down the main road.]
[08:03] <AdEvaSleep> <Hachi*>
[08:05] <Raphael> "Just the tension between two very strong personalities, sir. Although they do seem to enjoy their little squabbles…"
[08:11] <AdEvaSleep> ["Oh, I see. Perfectly natural. Why, such rivalries are the fundamentals to a growing teenage boy or girl! I think." He adds, a mote of uncertainty on his face. The things he says are like a cross between a script and someone adlibbing. "Ahem. The teams, as our viewers will witness, are fighting without their AT Fields, due to the randomly chosen 'Let's Make it Interesting' algorithm in
[08:11] <AdEvaSleep> the simulator…"]
[08:13] * Aline whimpered almost immediately, for she was the target of the first barrage, yet… nonetheless she just rushed behind cover after the attack. "Ugh, this isn't too good for me…"
[08:21] * Yanmei flew-rolled to the nearest cover at the sound of gunfire, her own weapon posed, and glanced over without much surprise to spot Aline joining her. Hastily, she resumed aiming, and fired off a quick shot of her own as one of the enemy Evas zipped closer.
[08:22] * Aline joined in with a readied shot, pumping off a maser beam at Yanmei's target, but this time racing for the head!
[08:28] <AdEvaSleep> [The shots managed to overwhelm Go's reflexes, searing the side of her Eva's head…-
[08:29] <AdEvaSleep> ["Interesting opening moves." Said William, perking up. "There's some fascinating gunplay going on, is there not, Sir Guillory?"]
[08:35] <Raphael> "Pilot Blanc showing a good deal more control with her ranged weaponry as of late. Her recent shift towards designated marksman weaponry seems to have been a fine choice for her."
[08:37] <AdEvaSleep> ["Naturally. Proper long ranged fire support roles require a great deal of intellect and nerve, qualities she possesses in abundance."]
[08:38] <Raphael> "Mmm. You're familiar with Pilot Blanc, sir?"
[08:38] <AdEvaSleep> ["Oh, we've talked." He flashes a warm smile. "She has a way of giving off a strong impression."]
[08:40] <Raphael> "… I see." Raphael says smoothly, turning back towards the monitors without further comment.
[08:43] * Aline blushed rather broadly at all of that, but lowered her face a bit, as if to hide.
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[08:54] <AdEvaSleep> ["What do you think, Sir Guillory? Shall we cross to a correspondent?"]
[08:56] <Raphael> "… Y-yes," Raphael says, "I suppose we should…" He eyes the selection panel with obvious mistrust.-
[08:57] <Raphael> "… As the guest presenter, sir, I believe it's your right to decide on our first cross."
[09:04] <AdEvaSleep> [In the background, Asuka joined into the gunplay, unleashing her bolters furiously at Aline, who would no doubt be shredded…-
[09:05] <AdEvaSleep> ["Then we shall cross to the Paris room."-
[09:05] <AdEvaSleep> ]
[09:05] <AdEvaSleep> [They were greeted by the sight of Rei's face.-
[09:05] <AdEvaSleep> [Well, not exactly. It was Rei's stylised, cartoon face, etched onto the back of a giant black robe. The camera panned up to reveal a messy head of red hair. The mass turned.-
[09:05] <AdEvaSleep> ["Captain Terence Savage, commenting from the Paris-2 command centre."-
[09:06] <AdEvaSleep> [William stared, then leaned over to whisper to Raphael.]
[09:11] <Yanmei> "Asuka! You'll pay for that!" Yanmei braced herself and unloaded as many rounds into poor Go as she could.
[09:12] * Raphael mutters something back before turning back to the camera. "… Captain Savage." Raphael says, giving him a polite nod. But his eyes are drawn back towards that picture of Rei no matter how hard he tries to look away. "I can't help but notice your robe."
[09:14] <AdEvaSleep> ["Heh. I don't think so! Hachi, wipe 'em out."-
[09:15] <AdEvaSleep> ["Oi, I can handle it!" She lowers the heavy bolter towards Aline and -fires-.-
[09:15] <AdEvaSleep> ["It was a gift from Pilot Ayanami." Said Terence solemnly. "In return for my popular support."]
[09:16] * Aline could barely even register what was happening, before the barrage hit, leaving her speechless as pain ripped through her body from the severe beating her EVA was taking!
[09:19] <Sept> "Aline, I'm… sorry. We- we should win this."
[09:20] <AdEvaSleep> [Sera's comment was punctuated by the entire right side of EVA-00 exploding into pieces, shards of a virtual plug splintering everywhere, leaving a virtual Aline model to tumble to the ground.-
[09:20] <Raphael> "Your supp- ah, wait one moment, sir, it seems there's been a rather significant change on the battlefield. Eva 01 has officialyl been disabled."
[09:20] <AdEvaSleep> <EVA-00*>
[09:21] <Raphael> <EVA-Screw You*>
[09:21] <AdEvaSleep> ["Hm?" Terry turned around towards the screen. "Oh yes. Heavy bolters." He shook his head. "A close assault should have been their -first- choice…"-
[09:21] <AdEvaSleep> [William coughs. "Still. A rather brutal… Execution."]
[09:23] <Raphael> "Little different to your recent duel, sir. Although I do have to wonder about the purpose of programming virtual plug breaches…" Raphael says, a trace of distaste in his tone.
[09:24] <AdEvaSleep> ["They must simply be very accurate." Said William. "… Say, why don't we invite Mademoiselle Blanc to the box?"]
[09:25] <Raphael> "… I don't think that's wise, sir." Raphael says flatly. "She h-hasn't been… erm… approved?"
[09:26] <AdEvaSleep> ["Nonsense. We can approve whomever we like. Captain Savage, please invite Pilot Blanc to the box."-
[09:26] <AdEvaSleep> ["Understood."]
[09:27] <Raphael> "…" Raphael somehow seems to be edging towards the door without any visible movement on his part.
[09:31] * Aline was climbing out of her sim-plug just then, and after a moment with a wet towel, she practically rushed up there, a sort of half-smile on her face - she had just been defeated after all, but… "Ah, hi there! It looks like I'm out of the battle for now… they must have known the whole thing about the first side to lose an EVA is at a significant disadvantage…" She decided, though,
[09:31] * Aline then and there to start acting it up, putting on a little pout, wringing her hands, and bending a bit to the side. "I don't do too well with these settings… 00 is optimized for defensive AT Field use after all…" Play-sulking…?
[09:37] <AdEvaSleep> [The moment Aline entered the booth, William got to his feet and pulled his chair out for her, smoothly sliding over to Raphael's side and clapping his hands firmly down on his shoulders, coincidentally keeping him in place. "Welcome to the booth! And yes, that does seem like some inauspicious fortune on your part…"-
[09:38] * Raphael is almost to the door when Aline bursts in, and the sight of her is enough to send a burst of dizzying, foreign emotions running through him without much hope of escape. The plugsuit doesn't seem to help, either. He's red faced and wide eyed almost instantly, the cameras momentarily forgotten. "…"
[09:40] <AdEvaSleep> [Yanmei would have other things to worry about, as Go flies past, strafing fire at her…]
[09:41] * Aline folded her hands and sat down. "…I hope most for the LCL came off…" Then, she winked at the camera, getting an idea. "And remember, for the non-NERV audience at home… the LCL we use to operate our Entry Plugs unnnnfortunately smells nasty~ Nasty like the /beating/ that those heavy bolters are inflicting on my team."
[09:42] <Yanmei> "I don't know what you're firing at? But try a little harder~" Yanmei danced aside. "Don't think I'll be as easy to bring down!"
[09:43] <AdEvaSleep> ["And what a beating it is, wouldn't you agree, Captain? Captain?" William begins trying to guide Raphael back away from freedom.-
[09:43] <AdEvaSleep> ["Oh ~Yanmei~"-
[09:45] <AdEvaSleep> [With a noise-sucking WHOOSH! Followed by an earthshattering BAM!, Asuka slammed next to Yanmei, her swords tucked under her arms- ready to release, which she did. Slash! One blow focused on slamming Yanmei's sword away. Two more blows criss-crossed 04's torso, ripping the armor apart…-
[09:45] <AdEvaSleep> [Then Asuka casually twirled the last blade and shoved it straight through 04's chest, which then burst into flame. "Gotcha."]
[09:46] <Aline> "Ooof, talk about unresolved tension - Asuka just /penetrated/ Yanmei's EVA with her burning pa-…" Aline stifled a giggle. "…powered sword."
[09:46] <Raphael> "Y-you don't… I mean it's not that bad, Pilot Blanc." Raphael says, helpless to avoid being wheeled back to the table while he tried to keep his eyes anywhere else.
[09:48] <Raphael> "Oh, right, the… um, yes. Pilot Zhang seems to have been handily eliminated." Raphael manages, turning back towards the monitor, although Aline's talk didn't seem to be helping his concentration.
[09:49] * Yanmei cried out, but it was in rage, not the pain, however intense it was. "Asukaa!" She hissed. "You little-!!" But whatever she was going to say was lost as 04 slumped, still flaming, the synchronization fading.
[09:50] <AdEvaSleep> [William coughs a little sheepishly. "… But, Captain, Mademoiselle Blanc, surely this means the first defeat for Paris?"]
[09:52] <Aline> "Surely. It was an amazing streak while we had it, but it loooooooks like-" She leaned onto the table, smiling - though she did briefly glance at Raphael a bit. "-Harken's tactics were made for this, uh…" She brushed through some of the papers, noticing a list of official names for the special effects. "Ah! This Real World Fighting mode."
[09:53] * Sept had meanwhile engaged in a melee with EVA-18, hoping to deal enough damage to get the other team off-balance before they cornered him, too.
[09:58] <Raphael> "It seems Paris-2 wasn't really ready for Berlin to be capable of such catastrophic damage in such a short space of time." Raphael says, beginning to regain his balance now that he's focusing elsewhere.
[09:58] <AdEvaSleep> [But EVA-18 was too slippery, skidding away, firing a bolt at him as it went…]
[10:04] * Aline lowered her head a bit, not out of a negative emotion, but because she was starting to get distracted by the various sets of notes and other assorted goodies that were on the commentary desk. "Mmm, no we weren't. Full-auto weapons are a pain and a half without a strong AT Field."

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