Soviet Incursion In Sweden

Soviet Incursion into Sweden

"Yet another glorious Soviet catastrophe for the Federation to clean up."
-Mortimer Mazarin

At 8:12 PM on the 7th of August, a Scandinavian defense battalion in Norrbotten, on the border between Sweden and the Finnish Soviet Republic went silent. Commonwealth High Command dispatched rapid response military units to the site to re-establish contact. To their horror, they found that the defense battalion had been destroyed; 212 soldiers lay dead, with the other 388 missing. Their checkpoints and barracks had been torched. The rapid response units quickly began to search for signs of the aggressors or at least the survivors, only to find that nearby villages had been attacked and destroyed. By 10:53 AM on the 8th of August, the rapid response force finally found the perpetrators- a Soviet mechanised infantry regiment.

Scandinavian rapid response forces quickly engage the Soviet invaders- and were destroyed, but not before alerting CHC to the presence of foreign forces. The Soviet regiment has since vanished, either dispersing into the countryside or retreating to Finland.

Scandinavian response was quick and scathing. It warned the Soviets to remove its forces immediately, demilitarise its side of the border and pay heavy reparations, or it would be war. The Soviets, however, have claimed ignorance of the attack, saying that no order was given and that any Soviet forces in Sweden are rogue forces that have defected from Soviet control- most notably, the Soviets also claim that they lost contact with the regiment a week ago.

This sort of excuse has not gone down well in Scandinavia, which has applied a deadline of until the 10th of August.

Chosen Option (Provisional)

Accuse the rogues as being Shadowmen to the Commonwealth, and ask Ezra Caine to back up the claim

The Commonwealth might not exactly be willing to believe us, considering how rare the threat is and how convenient it would be from a political angle. However, the combined influence of both Caine and our own agents

Commonwealth Purge (Joint Action) If the rogues are Shadowmen, then there is a 90% chance of the "Commonwealth Purge (Joint Action)" event occurring next turn, in which the Commonwealth neutralises the Shadowman threat (and the Commonwealth gains 1 Satisfaction Mark). If this event does not fire, a different (more negative) event will fire instead.

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The Scandinavians are right; this incursion is completely unjustified. The Federation will force the Soviets to comply.

Federation Fools! Soviet Union loses one Satisfaction Mark.

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Intel Recommendations

A few recommended uses of Intel include:
Investigate Soviet Ministry of Defense. Investigate the Soviet MoD. We could find out any info the Soviets may be hiding from us regarding the situation, and see what they think of this internally.
Investigate Commonwealth High Command. Investigate the Commonwealth High Command. Perhaps this is a false flag op, or at least we could see what they know.
Attempt to find the missing regiment. Send operatives to explore the region and try to find the missing Soviet regiment and, if possible, what their deal is.

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Intel Results

  • Investigations by our agents reveal that the CHC is panicking.
  • Firstly, no, they were not planning this event, it isn't a false flag. However they are frankly terrified of this becoming a proper war.
  • Scandinavia's military is extremely well-trained and well-equipped, on par with advanced UN forces. Scandinavia's own military intelligence believes that on average, each Scandinavian soldier is worth four Soviet ones.
  • However, their rapid response unit, which is supposed to be an elite and powerful unit, was quickly wiped out by what is apparently a regular Soviet mechanised unit still using gasoline vehicles.
  • They suspect that the unit is made up of Soviet commandos pretending to be just a regular unit, which means they're less likely to believe claims of rogue units.
  • Their own investigations into the battlefield reveals some intriguing information. Firstly, no Soviet corpses have yet to be found. Secondly, there are no signs of any survivors in the villages that were attacked- not even bodies.
  • Thirdly, whilst many of the remaining corpses of the Commonwealth have been killed with railgun rounds, some of them bear energy weapon marks that match the calibre of pulse weapon the Scandinavians wield. This is for both the border force and the rapid response unit; the official report suggests that the Soviets had already a cache of these weapons beforehand, only fuelling fears of this being an elite commando unit.
  • Finally, Commonwealth High Command has officially submitted a request to the President to arm their N2 warheads in preparation of an all out attack from the USSR. In the event of an all out war, CHC requests allying with the UN immediately.

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