Space Combat

Space Combat

Movement in space is different to combat on the ground. First and foremost, when moving, the speed distance moved and the direction you move in will be maintained indefinitely without need for an action. Ergo, if in one turn you move 40dm north, next turn you will continue to move 40dm in the same direction. Halting this movement is a half action. This movement confers all bonuses and penalties of the speed you reach. This movement also ends if you come in contact with a solid object.

E-Type equipment is equipped with thrusters along its torso and legs to assist with thrusting. Because of this, when an Evangelion loses both legs, it does not lose the ability to dodge (but it -does- suffer a -20 penalty to dodging)

Entry Plug Breaches
The E-Type equipment is heavily armoured, and considering that an Evangelion is immediately rendered helpless should it be breached, Entry plug breaches are rare. However, should the unthinkable happens, NERV has employed special countermeasures to avert instant death with special plates and atmospheric generators built in secure places of the armour as well as specially modified Plugsuits with helmets that make them fit for space habitation.
When rolling to see if an Entry Plug is breached, re-roll and take the most suitable result.
However, if an Entry Plug -is- breached regardless of rolls, and the PC takes critical damage from the result, their Plugsuit starts to malfunction. The PC has 1d10 minutes before its ability to protect the pilot is rendered useless, whereupon the PC immediately dies and only a burned Fate Point has a chance of saving them.

Defeated Evangelions and gravity
A defeated Evangelion is subject to the whims of the Earth's gravity and will, in time, be sent plummeting towards the earth. Should an Eva be defeated, it drifts 1d10m towards the bottom edge of the map. Should it hit this edge it plunges into freefall and reenters the Earth's atmosphere 5 rounds later. It will almost certainly take immense falling damage the moment it hits.

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