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XVII. Star

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We do not persevere alone. Our character is not found in isolation. Hope does not arise by putting our fellow man down; it is found by lifting others up.


The Star Arcana is the #17 Major Arcana, and is a card of guidance. It usually depicts a naked woman with one foot in a lake and another on land; she is pouring out two jugs of water, one into the lake and the over other the land. In the sky brightly shine stars- usually seven smaller stars around an eight, large star.

Star is often associated with hope, faith, responsibility, aspiration, inspiration, peace, order, communion and guidance. Much like Priestess, Star deals with the importance of interacting with others, and how one might influence them, but the Star takes a more direct and explicit approach to this- yet the Star does not explicitly lead, either. Rather, the Star inspires and the Star guides by dispelling ambiguity and tapping into the power of hope. For millennia, mariners at sea had to rely on the predictable, enduring pattern of the stars to guide them when there was no land to do so. The stars were not always visible, of course, but they were always there, and when all else is dark the Stars remain, giving light and order to the night. The stars were a promise that was never broken, and for that, people put their faith in them. Mythopoetically, the ordeal of the Tower, of hell, has passed- perhaps just momentarily- as even in the lowest of depths, they see something- stars- which can inspire them to rise higher out of that nadir.

Thus, much is expected from the Star, for obvious reasons. The Star is often someone who either has had a great deal of responsibility placed on their shoulders, or someone who very soon will be forced to take up that burden. Although the burden is great, they somehow manage to uphold it, even though the path is long, treacherous and wearing. The Star might stumble along the way or be faced with doubt- after all, nobody is perfect. Nonetheless, they ultimately uphold that responsibility, they become an inspiration for those around them, a focus for their hopes and dreams. The Star becomes a guide, and through that guidance is able to help unify those who follow them into a group, all working towards the same purpose, onwards and upwards- always upwards, for the Star is an Arcana of aspiration. In that sense, Star is strongest as a unifier of purpose, focusing the hopes and wishes of those around them into a singular goal, and then upholding the meaning and path of that goal all the way to the end. This is because the others trust the Star not to falter when they do, trust the Star to light the way when other lights fail, and trust the Star to keep to that shared promise. Much like the Tower before it, the Star deals heavily in adversity, but usually the adversity is someone else's; the Star is exhorted to be the light for them in their own personal darkness.

A reversed Star is often one who is unable to understand how others could have faith in them when they themselves feel so lost or confused. In this case, they might be just as lost as everyone else, unable to draw order from chaos, unable to bear the responsibilities that they have been- sometimes, many times unwillingly- been forced to bear. It may seem unfair, the Star may wonder who is to be their guide, their light. The Star may flee from their burdens, leaving others in darkness. Or alternatively a Star can burn themselves out through trying too hard, until they feel hollow and cold.

Example Inner conflicts for Star include feeling confused and having a disorganised world view; wanting to help others but feeling they have nothing 'concrete' to offer; feeling tremendously overburdened by the weight of everyone's hopes; or feeling lost as to what, exactly, the Star should be aiming for.

Mechanically, Star is a reasonably well-rounded Arcana, but puts more weight on supporting its allies and restoring them than it does on destroying its enemies. Its Personae are well-balanced.

Aptitude-wise, the Star is also weighted more toward defensive play, but also has access to many skills thanks to Agility and Fellowship. This allows the Star to play flexible as it likes and gives them a good utility both in and out of combat.

Arcana Qualities

Characteristic Bonus Character Aptitudes Persona Aptitudes Magic Characteristic
+5 Agility, +5 Fellowship Fellowship, Offense, Defense Restoration, Resistance Fellowship

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