Steady Comrades Steady

[20:16] <Marianne‘> [[Session 41: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Date: 2nd of March, 2017. Episode Title: Steady, Comrades, Steady.-
[20:17] <Marianne`> "Think they’ll have fun?"-
[20:17] <Marianne‘> ["We’ll see."-
[20:19] <Marianne‘> Ten minutes ago, Marianne had sent a text to Aline and Yanmei. "Special Exercises today. Meet us at Geofront Landscape Exit 04." Now she was waiting for them to arrive.
[20:22] * Aline had no real idea what she was supposed to expect from that, so she came in a pretty conservative outfit - A matching deep-red fullbody outfit that just had to be some kind of tracksuit. Special exercises could be /anything/, after all. Best to not damage good clothes on it. Still, she /was/ respectful and dignified on arrival, giving a small salute once she got in sight of Marianne.
[20:25] * Yanmei trotted cheerfully to the meeting point, clad in a pink sweats, hair in its usual pigtails. If she was wary about all this, she certainly wasn’t going to show it. "Morning Colonel. Blanc."
[20:28] <Marianne‘> "Good morning, Aline." Said Marianne, returning the salute, before turning to Yanmei. "Good morning, Souslieutenant."-
[20:28] <Marianne`> ["How are we, girls?" Frederic at her side.]
[20:30] * Aline smiled gently. "…Ah. Doing fine right now!"
[20:32] <Yanmei> "Pretty well, sir."
[20:32] <Marianne`> ["Good to hear it."-
[20:33] <Marianne`> "I’m not sure if you folks have heard or not, but Sera's reincorporised."
[20:34] <Yanmei> "Ah…?" Yanmei's expression shifted. "So he's okay?"
[20:35] <Marianne‘> "I… Don’t actually know." Said Marianne abashedly. "He's under Ikari's direct care. I'm not allowed to ask questions."
[20:36] * Aline blinked. "No, no I haven't." She pondered for a moment, but resisted an urge to comment on the word use. "He probably needs time to physically recover, I would think…?"
[20:36] <Yanmei> "…" Disappointment, but she held it in check.
[20:37] <Marianne‘> "That seems likely. Whatever he’s been through has been quite the ordeal…" She frowned for a second.-
[20:38] <Marianne‘> "Obviously, I’d like more information, and I'm sure you're both worried too, but there really isn't I can do now. When I find out more, you'll be the first to know."
[20:39] <Yanmei> "Thank you, Colonel."
[20:39] * Aline nodded. "Best not to dwell too hard on it now, especially since we have some kind of business to attend to…?"
[20:42] <Marianne‘> "Yes. A team building exercise, and a bit of levity in an otherwise grim time. Come on, I’ll show you."-
[20:44] <Marianne‘> [Frederic opened the external door. The Geofront’s green hills sat before them…-
[20:47] <Marianne‘> [… But now a construction of some kind had gone up. A large concrete wall build in a square shape, with only two gaps at the side. Milling about near the construct were people- most of them familiar faces. Sophie was out there… The two Ayanamis, Juu and Roku; that black-haired Jerk W; Isaiah, chatting cheerfully with Mana Kirishima; and a collection of less familiar faces, but faces recognisable as the Dreadnought Military Squad, led by the far more recognisable Raphael. A large table with odd guns and vests sat in the middle of the gathering.-
[20:47] <Marianne`> "Have the two of you ever played Paintball before?"
[20:50] * Yanmei had brightened at the gathering, but Marianne’s question and the apparent millitary gear on display made her falter. So this was the special exercise. "I don't think I've had the pleasure?"
[20:50] * Aline shook her head rather firmly. "No, I don't really think I have…" She critically eyed the guns. "But I sense I'm about to?"
[20:52] <Marianne‘> "That’s right." She said brightly, walking across the space in between. "Sir Guillory~ I brought our last few guests."
[20:55] * Raphael seems to have been lost in conversation with a Dreadnaught pilot most recognizable by his fearsome moustache up until that moment, and when he turns to respond to Marianne he almost seems surprised to see the pilots. Still, he smiles at them both and wanders a little closer. "Good to see you, Pilots. Has the Colonel filled you in on all of this yet?"
[20:58] <Yanmei> "Well, we know that this is our training for today? But that's about it." She glanced over at the guns again. "What are the rules to this painball thing? It's not quite like target practice, is it?"
[20:59] * Aline looked about. "Weeell, we haven't really been briefed yet, no. I'm going to guess a fair amount of it involves running around doing tactical stuff whilst not being shot with paint. In balls."
[21:00] * Raphael grins. "Close enough. I'll leave it to the Colonel to explain the extra details, though."
[21:03] * Marianne‘ grins. "Alright. Here are the rules. Everyone gets a paintball gun and a suit of protective gear, which protects you from being hurt -too- bad. Now, the idea is simple. We all split up into two teams. I will be Team Red, Guillory will be Team Yellow. That concrete fortress in there is actually two little forts with cover and twisty-turny passages. In each fort is a plush toy. One of me, one of Sir Guillory. It is my team’s duty to find the Sir Guillory plush toy and bring it back to Red Base, and similarly, Sir Guillory's team will be out to find my plush toy and recover it."
[21:06] * Aline had to resist a measure of giggling, and succeeded, leaving only a small funny-sounding sniff. "I see! So how are, otherwise, the teams going to break down?"
[21:08] * Yanmei was nodding and smirking. Capture the flag in a maze? That didn't seem too hard.
[21:08] <Marianne‘> "Sir Guillory and I are going to pick one by one like a sports team." Said Marianne. "Now! There’s another special rule. If you get shot, your suits will constrict and keep you from moving with harmless electric shocks for about twenty seconds. We have a computer, so we know who's been shot and when. Once the suits stop shocking you you can get back up and compete. However, if you have been downed in the enemy's half of the fort, then your gun will stop working unless you return to your half."
[21:12] * Aline briefly shivered at the mention of shocks, but then nodded with a smirk. "Ah, okay then."
[21:14] <Yanmei> "A question. Can our team members be captured by the enemy and held prisoner or be forced to work for them?"
[21:14] * Raphael stares at Yanmei.
[21:15] <Marianne‘> "Sadly, no." Marianne giggled.
[21:15] * Yanmei gave Raphael an innocent smile, and then nodded at Marianne’s response. "Aw, I see."
[21:16] * Aline shrugged her shoulders. "I mean, the most they can do /in-game/ is shoot you. And…" She had a goofy smile. "It'd be inappropriate to use out-of-game incentives~"
[21:17] <W> "Of course," W noted innocently.
[21:17] <Marianne‘> [There was a giggle from the group, somewhere.-
[21:18] <Marianne`> "Ahem." She cleared her throat. "Alright. Dr. Lafabre-" She gestured to the tall, skinny man who was leaning by the wall- "Will be a referee. Ok! Everyone, into lines so we can pick."-
[21:18] <Marianne`> [The group began to shift, now. Sophie fell in next to Aline. "Out of game incentives, you say~?" She was eyeing Frederic curiously.-
[21:18] <Marianne`> [Whilst Isaiah fell in by Yanmei, beaming. "Hey."]
[21:19] * Aline /widened/ the shrug. "You never know what nefarious blackmails that girl-" Meaning Yanmei… "-might come up with. In theory. Though I guess positive reinforcement would be just as…" She winked. "Naughty."
[21:20] <Yanmei> "Isaiah~" Yanmei beamed back. "Let’s give them hell, okay? You and me~"
[21:21] <Marianne‘> ["Of course~" Cooed Isaiah.-
[21:23] <Marianne`> [Sophie counter-winked.-
[21:24] <Marianne`> "Would you like to pick first, Sir Guillory? Or should I?"
[21:25] <Raphael> "Commanding officers first, ma’am."
[21:26] <Marianne‘> "Very well. Frederic!"-
[21:26] <Marianne`> [Frederic grinned, walking over, grabbing a rifle and suit and quickly putting it on. "Hey, Group Captain. Loser buys the winner a drink?"]
[21:28] <Raphael> "Sounds fair to me, sir." Raphael says, before giving the line of players a careful look. "… Pilot Zhang."
[21:29] * Yanmei flipped her hair and headed over to the gear. "Excellent choice, Group Captain~"
[21:30] * Marianne` gives Raphael a careful smile. "Aline."
[21:31] * Aline blinked, and then headed right after Yanmei, arming up in kind. "Interesting…"
[21:35] <Raphael> "Agent Wizard, please." Raphael says, barely waiting after Marianne’s choice.
[21:38] <W> "Very well," W said and hobbled over to Team Raffy. He waved slightly to Kirishima on his way.
[21:38] <Marianne‘> [Mana stared at him coldly.-
[21:38] <Marianne`> "Roku."-
[21:38] <Marianne`> ["Yes, ma’am." Roku saluted, heading over to the table to retrieve her equipment.-
[21:39] * Marianne‘ turned to look at Raphael, nodding.
[21:42] * Raphael hesitates for a moment, watching the brief looks exhanged between Mana and W, but quickly returns the nod. "… Sergeant Kirishima."
[21:43] <Marianne`> ["… Yes, sir." Mana nodded, and headed over to pick up her suit and gun.-
[21:43] <Marianne`> "Juu!"-
[21:43] <Marianne`> ["Yes, ma’am!" Juu quickly headed over to the table to fetch her equipment.]
[21:44] * Yanmei eyed Juu oddly. She was there? And not even on crutches?
[21:44] <Marianne‘> [Not a scratch on her.]
[21:45] * Aline seemed to take that completely in stride by comparison, for one reason or another…
[21:45] <Raphael> "Lieutenant Gagnier."
[21:46] <Marianne`> [Sophie clapped her hands. "I’m going to bag me a Fred~"-
[21:46] <Marianne‘> ["… Damnit, G-Captain."-
[21:47] * Marianne` grinned. "Isaiah."-
[21:47] * Aline did raise a brow at /that/ call, though.
[21:48] <Marianne`> [Isaiah made a step towards Raphael’s group seemingly out of reflex, then turned to look at Marianne. "Huh? Oh, er… Er, alright." He coughed, shooting Yanmei an apologetic look before he grabbed his gear.]
[21:48] <Yanmei> "H-huh?" Yanmei gave Marianne a somewhat pouty look at that.
[21:49] <Raphael> "Sorry, sir." Raphael says, grinning over at Frederic with a remarkable lack of sincerity. He smirks over at the moustachioed man he'd been chatting with earlier. "Chief Sergeant Monette."
[21:49] <Marianne‘> ["About damned time, sir." Hugues grabbed his gear.-
[21:50] <Marianne`> "Sergeant Favager."-
[21:50] <Marianne`> [Marie smiled. "Thank you, ma’am."]
[21:50] <Marianne‘> [The last three- Henri, Euphrasie and Blaise- were shooting each other dubious looks.]
[21:51] <Raphael> "Sergeant Beringer." Raphael says, giving the three of them a look of warning they’d be quite familiar with.
[21:53] <Marianne‘> ["Hah!"-
[21:53] <Marianne`> ["I-I mean, yessir." Euphrasie quickly grabbed her equipment.-
[21:54] <Marianne`> "Herriot."-
[21:54] <Marianne`> ["Yes, ma’am~" Blaise practically skipped away, leaving a very lonely Henri.]
[21:57] <Raphael> "Over here, Sergeant Duval." Raphael gives Henri a sympathetic smile, even stopping him to mumble something in his ear on the way past before moving him along.
[21:58] <Marianne‘> [Henri nods and grabs his gear, his forlornness vanishing after that mumble.-
[21:58] <Marianne`> ["Alright~" Julien sauntered over. "Everyone go to your forts. I’ll sound the alarm when it's time to begin!"]
[22:10] <Raphael> "Alright. Yellow team follow me, if you please…"
[22:16] <Marianne‘> "Red team, follow me!"-
[22:16] <Marianne`> [The two teams filed off into the high concrete walled fortress, splitting once they were inside. Red went left, Yellow went right.-
[22:17] <Marianne`> [Before long they’d be led to a colourful 'fort', which was painted in the colours of their team, sandbag emplacements over the only entrances. They'd find, in Red fort, a cute little Marianne plush toy- in Yellow, they'd find a scowling Raffy toy.-
[22:17] <Marianne‘> ["Are we ready?!" Came Julien’s magnified voice. "Three, two, one- begin!"-
[22:20] <Marianne‘> "Alright. Let’s not waste time. Aline, you take that half and head right. I'll head left with mine, and we'll meet up and cut down the middle."
[22:21] * Aline nodded quickly. "Right on that!"
[22:24] * Raphael is rather calm as the buzzer sounds, looking over the assembled team and… very carefully -not- looking at that damned plushie. "Alright. Sergeants Beringer and Duval, I'd like you to go and set up by the rear exit and cover that approach. The rest of us will need to work on holding the centre. Try not to push past the halway mark unless you're with a partner."-
[22:25] <Raphael> "Now let's go." And indeed he goes just that, testing the odd weight of the toy gun as he goes.
[22:26] <W> "I'll go ahead and disagree with that, Sir Guillory. Their rear assault will have magic users, we only have two people on our team capable of facing them. I'll take the rear with Sergeant Kirishima."
[22:27] * Raphael stops halfway out the door of the fort and looks back, glancing at Mana with a questioning look.
[22:27] <Marianne‘> [Mana gives a short acquiescing shrug. Euphrasie and Henri are clearly nonplussed.]
[22:28] <Raphael> "… So be it." He nods, looking a little troubled as he returns to the job at hand.
[22:29] * Yanmei eyed him dubiously. "Do you really want someone who came up with an excuse like that one to watch our rears?"
[22:30] <W> "Good. Lead the way, Sergeant." W hugged the wall slightly to keep the weight off his other leg as he kept both hands on his weapon.-
[22:30] <Raphael> "Mana can do the job on her own if need be."
[22:31] <W> "Not an excuse. How many plans do you have to get a paintball past an active AT field? I have seven. Ask me again in a minute."
[22:31] <Marianne`> ["I have one." Says Mana brightly. "AT Fields are banned in the competition."]
[22:32] <W> "Rules are for people who have confidence in nothing. Onwards."
[22:34] <Marianne`> [Mana frowned, making yap-yap hands as she headed towards the rear.-
[22:34] * Marianne` meanwhile headed off, hands folded behind her, Frederic at her side, Juu rushing past. "Good luck, Juu."
[22:37] * Aline was trailing behind, but she smiled, dashing onwards with her gun at-ready~
[22:49] * Marianne` ’s run turned into a measured walk. She looked down at her gun and smiled.-
[22:49] <Marianne‘> [Fred ran past.-
[22:50] * Marianne` tossed it to him, and he caught it easily, running past out into the open. He vaulted over one set of sandbags- in plain sight of Raphael- before vanishing behind a wall.-
[22:50] <Marianne`> ["Eeeee. He’s -so- dashing~" Cooed Sophie, who had just moved up to Raphael's side.]
[22:51] <Raphael> "Remember I have money riding on this, Lieutenant." Raphael says, his eyes alive with amusement as settles himself into cover.
[22:54] <Marianne‘> ["Not even the famous Gilly could resist betting with Captain Gosselin, huh?" Called Julien, standing out in the open.]
[22:57] <Raphael> "Are you certain you wouldn’t like to find cover, Mr Lafabre?"
[22:57] <Marianne‘> ["Oh, I’m quite fine." Said Julien cheerfully. "I'm perfectly safe!"]
[22:58] <Raphael> "Mmm."
[23:00] * W advanced through the corridor arduously, but didn't seem to be particularly exhausted by it. It seemed morel ike he simply wasn't in a hurry. "They'll be here in a few seconds, Sergeant. Cover one side, I'll distract the other."
[23:00] <Marianne‘> ["Certainly." Said Mana, her tone chipper.-
[23:00] <Marianne`> [Euphrasie settled in against the wall, giving Yanmei a nod. "You ready, ma’am?"]
[23:01] * Aline was, meanwhile, dashing up to a wall, /finally/ in position to do some real damage. Or so she felt.
[23:03] * Yanmei gave a brisk nod, covering the wall on the other side of the gap so that she was symmetrical to Euphrasie. "Of course?" She gripped her paintball rifle tightly. "Good luck out there."
[23:03] <Marianne‘> ["Thanks. I’ll cover your back."]
[23:08] <Yanmei> "I appreciate it, Sergeant."
[23:11] <Marianne‘> [A whizzing paintball cut between them, splattering against the wall.]
[23:15] <Yanmei> "!" Yanmei struggled not to peep around the edge now. "Looks like the action’s started out there~"
[23:17] <Raphael> "Remember your breathing, Sergeant Favager!" Raphael calls, gently easing past Sophie with a murmur of apology and peering up over cover… and pulling the trigger with the harsh 'paft' sound of a paintball leaving the barrel.
[23:18] <Marianne‘> [Frederic’s head vanished a second before a paintball was destined to splatter itself across his helmet. "Nice try, Guillory!"]
[23:20] <Raphael> "You've got good reflexes, sir."
[23:20] <Marianne‘> ["If I didn’t, I'd be dead."]
[23:21] <Raphael> "Quite."
[23:24] <Marianne‘> [Without warning, Frederic’s head reappeared, followed by a pair of paintball guns, which fired a rapid-fire hail of dangerous little barbs at Raphael!]
[23:27] <Raphael> Frederic's training is superb, there's no doubt. The first two paintballs are fired almost the moment the Captain's head breaks cover, leaving him only a heartbeat to drop flat to avoid them. He can hear the sound of more bouncing off the sandbags after he's clear. "Not bad!"
[23:27] <Marianne‘> ["Thanks!"-
[23:28] <Marianne`> ["Oooh!" Sophie cooed, even as she took a potshot at Marianne. "Freddie~ Let’s make a bet."-
[23:28] <Marianne‘> ["Oh?"-
[23:28] <Marianne`> ["If you can peg Captain Guillory in the head, I’ll let you cover me in paint tonight~"-
[23:28] <Marianne‘> ["-Deal-."]
[23:31] * Yanmei broke into a sudden sprint, streaking for the eastern side of the field.
[23:32] <Marianne`> [Euphrasie moved around a second later, sliding across the gap between wall and sandbag. She muttered under her breath about deviancy.]
[23:32] <Raphael> "-What sort of bet is that-?"
[23:32] <Marianne`> [Frederic and Sophie responded in unison. "A sexy bet!"]
[23:32] * Raphael sighs.
[23:33] <Marianne`> ["Hey, sir, is it true that you b-"-
[23:33] <Marianne`> [Sophie’s words were transmuted into a gasp of pain as Euphrasie jabbed her.]
[23:41] * Aline had, by now, made it up to the front ranks, dashing around cover, between walls, and even doing a few sways and dodges in mid-run for the hell of it. By the time she stopped, she was beside Frederic. "Guess I've hit the front, eh?"
[23:41] <Marianne‘> [She dodged a paintball on the way.-
[23:42] <Marianne`> ["That’s right." Said Fred, grinning, guns at the ready. "Try to bring the others down. I can take Guillory."]
[23:42] * Aline nodded firmly! "Don't you worry about that."
[23:45] <Raphael> "Thank you, Miss Euphrasie." Raphael says lightly, watching as Aline sprints past into cover.
[23:47] <Marianne‘> [Marie focuses now, firing again- and another paintball whizzes by Raphael’s head.-
[23:47] <Marianne‘> [Julien meanwhile seems to have accidentally wandered straight into the crossfire.]
[23:53] * Raphael leans up just long enough to get a single shot off at Frederic over the sandbags, smiling as he watches Frederic duck. "Lieutenant Gagnier. Come down here and take a shot, will you? He won’t expect another so soon…"
[23:59] <Marianne‘> ["Yessir!" She promptly hopped right over the barrier, gun at the ready. "I’m coming, Fred~" Bang!-
[23:59] <Marianne‘> [Fred promptly slipped down, and once the pellet had whizzed over, shot Sophie at point blank range with both guns. Her armor went rigid, and her cry of enthusiasm turned into a mild gibberishy yelp as she went down twitching.]
[00:01] <Raphael> "… I’m not sure that bet is valid any more, Captain Gosselin."
[00:04] <Marianne‘> ["I guess we’ll see in twenty seconds."]
[00:05] <Yanmei> There was a rustle on the other side of the sandbag pile that Yanmei was hiding behind… and she turned on it, without thinking, with a full barrage of paint!
[00:05] <Marianne‘> "Ow!"-
[00:05] * Marianne` went down, twitching. Her hands were empty.
[00:07] <Yanmei> "Marianne?!" She eyed her empty hands, and then swiveled to stare down the passage where her pink-haired target had vanished to, painfully aware of how left behind she was now. "…crap! Decoy!"
[00:12] * Raphael leans back against cover, shaking his head and grinning… until he heard Yanmei’s shout. He glances over at Euphrasie and makes a short series of hand gestures at the corner wall beyond their sandbags.
[00:13] <Marianne‘> [Euphrasie nods shortly, and vaults over the sandbags, skidding to a stop and opening fire at Fred.-
[00:13] <Marianne`> ["Ow!"-
[00:13] <Marianne`> [… But before Raphael can get his hopes up, he’d notice a splatter of paint on Julien's vest. He turned around, stamping his feet. "You shot me?!"-
[00:13] <Marianne‘> ["By accident!"-
[00:13] <Marianne`> ["You -shot me-!"-
[00:14] <Marianne`> ["If you don’t want to get hit, -get out of the crossfire, Poindexter!-"]
[00:17] <Marianne‘> [W would hear footsteps to his right, as Henri emerged from around the corner, raising his paintball gun and covering the corridor.]
[00:21] * Aline grinned intensely, perhaps partially at the shenaniganry Julien was unwittingly subjected to… but also because she was going to make a pretty bold move. Just like that, Aline marched right out from cover, raised her paintball gun, and pointed it straight at Euphrasie! "Bang~"
[00:21] <Marianne`> ["-!"-
[00:21] <Marianne`> [Euphrasie fell backwards, her armor going rigid and shocking her all at once.-
[00:21] <Marianne`> ["Nice, Aline!" Cried Fred.]
[00:22] * W glanced toward the man, but only as long as it took to identify him. He kept his weapon trained on the corner, signalling Mana to get ready.
[20:31] <Marianne`> [00:22] * W glanced toward the man, but only as long as it took to identify him. He kept his weapon trained on the corner, signalling Mana to get ready.
[20:37] <Marianne`> [Mana nodded, gun up.]
[20:46] <Marianne`> [Marie broke cover, quickly sliding against a collection of sandbags.]
[21:08] * Raphael emerges from cover for just a moment, snapping off three shots at Aline’s chest with the sort of military precision that looks absurd with a paintball gun.
[21:09] <Aline> …But what was perhaps more absurd, was the way Aline bent to the side with a clean 'wave' motion, /completely dodging/ all three of Raphael's shots.
[21:10] <Marianne‘> [Frederic moved up immediately, returning fire- a paintball hurtling towards Raphael’s head…]
[21:13] <Raphael> He doesn't have time to shift the gun and dive behind cover again. It's all he can do to swing his head to one side, which gives the paintball -just- enough clearance to pass by and spatter on the wall behind him.
[21:13] <Marianne‘> ["Goddamnit!"-
[21:13] <Marianne`> [… And a second later Marie’s paintball smacks squarely into Raphael's head, the entire suit electrifying and going rigid, sending him to the ground.]
[21:16] <Raphael> "Good-!"
[21:17] <Yanmei> A splatter of paint landed on Aline from… the far eastern side of the field! "I'll avenge you, Group Captain!" cried Yanmei.
[21:17] * W muttered to himself in seemingly random numbers. "Sergeant." He held up three fingers, pointed to the corridor, and counted down. The footsteps were approaching. "Be ready for a counterattack."
[21:18] * Aline could feel her armor seizing up, but… She did manage to stick up a thumbs-up before going down. "W…orth it."
[21:18] <Marianne‘> [A thumbs up that remained as she fell, hovering in midair permanently.]
[21:22] <Marianne`> ["Right." Mana took a breath, then shifted- pointing around the corner and opened fire at Roku, a single shot that she easily avoided.]
[21:26] * W leaned in too, to provide further distracting fire. It went wide, but he didn’t seem to be particularly fazed. "Good. Continue."
[21:26] <Marianne‘> [A burst of fire took Roku down, too quick after the other distractions for her to respond…-
[21:26] <Marianne`> [And Juu immediately replied, three shots smacking Mana and sending her down with shocks.]
[21:31] <Marianne`> [Marie moved up.-
[21:31] <Marianne`> ["Marie, stay here and guard the line of retreat. I’m going to push on."-
[21:31] <Marianne‘> ["Yessir!"-
[21:32] <Marianne`> [Fred ran out of cover, ducking in behind another set of sandbags- he snapped a shot at Yanmei.]
[21:35] <W> Inhuman reaction time, expectations of resistance… Pain of a sibling. "Now," W said as he slipped back into cover just before Mana went down. He glanced at the patterns of paint on her vest. "I see. Well done, Sergeant."
[21:37] * Yanmei jerked a shoulder aside, letting the paint splatter behind her. She gave off a little whine, as she returned fire, carefully aiming down her sights. "Wake up, you people!"
[21:37] <Marianne`> [He dodged. He moved -fast-. He wasn’t like this when he was on duty!]
[21:44] <W> They were supposedly highly skilled, but their patterns were all learned from the same source. Account for space of corridor, thrill of success and vengeance… W didn't bother to look into the corridor himself. He knew where Juu was, and fired a burst toward where she was going to be. He counted the seconds until she would hit the ground and he could safely exit.
[21:45] <Marianne‘> [Phoot phoot phoot. The paintballs sailed…-
[21:46] <Marianne`> [The second came, the second of victory…-
[21:46] <Marianne`> [And went.-
[21:47] <Marianne`> [A second later, Juu appeared. She clapped her hands simultaneously over W’s ears- and before he could react, she'd pinned him to the ground, arms overpowering, and was wrestling his gun away.]
[21:51] <W> "Shit, you're not… supposed to improvise…" W grunted, trying to twist himself free.
[21:59] <Marianne‘> ["I am what I am." She replied curtly.-
[22:00] <Marianne`> [In the middle of the battlefield, Sophie’s armor finally unelectrified. She shifted, surprised to find herself able to move…-
[22:00] <Marianne‘> [She stared up at Marie.-
[22:00] <Marianne`> [Marie stared back.-
[22:00] <Marianne`> ["…"-
[22:00] <Marianne`> ["…"-
[22:00] <Marianne`> [Sophie -rolled-, grabbing her gun and pointing it up. "AAAAAAAAAAAAA!" She opened fire.-
[22:00] <Marianne`> ["AAAAAAAA!" Marie returned fire.-
[22:01] <Marianne`> [Neither of them hit anything.-
[22:02] <Marianne`> [Especially not Marianne, who ran across the battlefield unharmed.-
[22:02] <Marianne`> [However, Fred realised he couldn’t stay. Breaking cover, he ran past the last exterior wall of Yellow Team- commando rolling as Hugues opened fire. A single countershot put the old man down.]
[22:07] <Yanmei> "…" So Frederic was really an S2 agent or something, Yanmei guessed. Nevertheless, she broke into a sprint herself, heading north, intending to go through the back way… only to find herself faced with one Ayanami and one boy detective tangled around each other. "Oho~"-
[22:08] <Yanmei> But then she spotted the gun they were grappling for, and her hopes for an interesting love triangle were dashed forever. She opened fire instead, her expression a little flat now.
[22:08] <Marianne‘> [Juu’s hands went rigid, followed by her body. She fell aside, still gripping W's gun.]
[22:13] <Marianne‘> [Euphrasie pulled herself to her feet now, opening fire on Fred- but missing. "Dammit, he’s inside!"]
[22:13] <W> "Good shot. I was expecting you a bit earlier, but it's still within the margin of error." W made to grab his gun and disarm the first-shot Ayanami. "You may return to the front line, Zhang."
[22:14] <Yanmei> "You have a funny way of showing gratitude," Yanmei huffed.
[22:15] <W> "Should a prophet express gratitude for his precognitions becoming reality?"
[22:19] * Aline meanwhile finally was released from her electric grip, and… rolled. And rolled. And rolled into a dashing leap over the sandbags, after looking rather silly rolling around in the grass a number of times!
[22:21] * Yanmei stared a moment, and then turned away with a sigh. "What a cold guy. I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for Nagisa, now."
[22:31] <Marianne‘> [Marianne grabbed her gun- and ran back past the dividing team line. Her gun made a little electronic click sound…-
[22:34] <Marianne`> ["AAAAAAA!" Marie continued to fire…-
[22:35] <Marianne`> [… And Sophie put her down with a shot. "AAAA… aaaa… Whew." She fell back, behind cover.]
[22:37] <Raphael> And in the middle of all of this, Raphael bursts over the long wall of sandbags in a rather remarkable vault and sprints directly past the crossfire and into the front door of the red team’s maze, even as he tries to shake that electrical aftershocks from his muscles.
[22:37] <Marianne‘> "Damnit, he’s moving-!"
[22:40] <Raphael> "Hold them there for me, Lieutenant Gagnier!"
[22:40] <Marianne‘> ["Yessir! I’ll try!"]
[22:43] <Marianne‘> [Isaiah peered out from his cover. Yanmei. He knew he couldn’t win here, not in a straight fight…-
[22:44] <Marianne‘> [He crept forward. "H-Hey, Yanmei~?" He called.]
[22:45] * Yanmei spotted him easily, having turned her back to the W group for now. She tilted her head from that distance, catching something vaguely alluring in his voice…
[22:45] <Marianne`> ["U-Um. I know I won’t be able to win. I mean, you're so much faster, and… And a better aim. And I'm so distracted, thinking about you…"]
[22:47] <Yanmei> "Distracted, huh?" Flattered, she started to saunter over. Against anyone else, this would have raised enough of a red flag for her to open fire. But this was sweet, wonderful Isaiah!
[22:48] <Marianne‘> ["W-well, of course." As she got closer, he smiled. "I-I found a place that I don’t think anyone will see…"]
[22:49] <Yanmei> "Oh yeah?" She was much closer now, and still moving. She coughed into a fist delicately. "Maybe we should inspect it together to see just how good of a cover it is…"
[22:50] <Marianne‘> ["What a wonderful idea~"]
[22:51] * Yanmei beamed~
[22:54] <W> "Okay, Juu, Roku. We beat you, and that means I get to ask questions. We can keep you here as long as it takes for you to answer them thoroughly enough. Understood?"
[22:54] <Marianne`> [There was a twitch from Roku in response.]
[22:56] <Marianne`> ["Uh…" Henri stared down the corridor as Fred approached. He raised his rifle, fired, and didn’t come close to hitting. He was panicking…]
[23:05] <Marianne‘> ["Sounds like they’re heading for the plushie. Should I stay or go?" Asked Mana.]
[23:06] <W> "I can handle this. We'll talk later, Sergeant."
[23:07] <Marianne‘> ["If you say so!" She said happily, and ran off.]
[23:12] <W> "Now, as long as you cooperate, no one has to shoot anyone. We can talk this over, and then you can go right ahead and win the game for your team, if you want."
[23:13] <Marianne`> ["…" Roku got to her feet.-
[23:14] <Marianne`> ["…" She turned and ran.-
[23:14] <Marianne`> [She would’ve passed Isaiah, but he gave her a look that said, quite clearly, 'Go another way'. So she did.]
[23:15] <Marianne‘> "Aline, let’s fall back-" Marianne ran as well, bypassing Blue's outer defense wall and heading to the fort.
[23:19] * Aline nodded swiftly. "Mn, right!" …and she dashed back, at first just to their line of sandbags, waiting cautiously…
[23:29] <W> "…right. Too much to hope for." W turned his attention to the other one. "Juu. How about I put you in touch with someone who's an expert in love, if you answer my questions satisfactorily?"
[23:29] <Marianne‘> ["What… Do you mean?"]
[23:31] <Raphael> Marianne would enter the central corridor at almost the exact moment Raphael did. The soldier has his paintball rifle crossed over his chest as he barrelled down the little concrete alley and disappeared behind cover.
[23:32] <W> "I have a friend who has, well… hands-on experience of kinds of love you might not come across elsewhere. And he’s been at it from a few different… -viewpoints-. I can guarantee his views are unique. Sound good?"
[23:32] <Marianne‘> ["… You promise?"]
[23:33] <W> "I promise."
[23:34] <Marianne`> ["… Deal."]
[23:34] <Marianne`> ["… Hold on." She struggled, and her little finger barely shifted.-
[23:34] <Marianne`> ["Pinky promise."]
[23:35] <W> "What."
[23:35] <Marianne`> ["Pinky promise."]
[23:36] * W -stared-. Then approached, knelt and wrapped his little finger around hers.
[23:37] <Marianne`> [Isaiah took Yanmei’s hand, leading her away. They crossed the middle line, now, and were rather alone, the sounds of battle falling quiet. Immediately, he dropped his gun and took off his helmet.]
[23:37] <Marianne‘> [Juu nodded firmly. "Now the pact is sealed."]
[23:39] * Yanmei immediately leaned in to kiss him when he did that!
[23:41] <W> "Good. I may have offers for your sisters, too, depending on how well you perform."
[23:42] <Marianne`> ["Oh?"]
[23:42] <Marianne`> [Isaiah returned the kiss, passionately! He wrapped his arms around her, pulling Yanmei close to him~]
[23:44] <Marianne`> [Frederic, however, ran and -dived- over the Yellow Team’s fort barricades, ripping Plush Raphael from its plinth. "Damnit, I'm surrounded…"]
[23:47] <W> "Yes," W replied, and limped back to the inside of the mock building to sit down against the wall and relax for a bit.
[23:57] * Aline was now entrenched behind some sandbags, and decided… decided to lay down some suppressive fire, striking one at Sophie, though missing her mark.
[00:02] <Marianne‘> [Juu’s armor finally relaxed, and she stoof up, walking over to W, before sitting down cross-legged expectantly.]
[00:06] * W didn't cast a glance toward Juu. But he addressed her, eyes closed and hands on his lap where his rifle lay. "What, you don't want to go get the plush, now?"
[00:06] <Marianne‘> ["You mean, I am permitted?"]
[00:10] <W> "Why wouldn’t you be? I'd appreciate it if you did it as a frontal assault, though. So you wouldn't have to go through me and risk being defeated again, of course."
[00:10] <Marianne‘> ["Very well. Then I shall do so." She stood up.]
[00:24] <Marianne`> [Meanwhile, in the informally named lovenest, Isaiah was slowly putting his plan into action, shifting his hands subtly, trying to take the gun from Yanmei’s hands. He moved his kisses to the sensitive parts of her neck to distract her further.]
[00:25] * Yanmei didn't seem to mind this at all… not even when the gun slid out of her hands.
[01:00] <Marianne‘> [The pitched battle in the centre of the fort continued to rage- and despite some close misses, no one had yet been tagged- or rather, considering this group, double-tagged.-
[01:01] <Marianne`> ["Oh, goddamnit." Blaise crouched down, head just above the sandbags. "Am I really going to be shooting at my commanding officer?"-
[01:02] <Marianne`> "Yeah, sure." Marianne resolutely skidded to a halt inside the Red Fort, paintball gun sitting firmly atop the sandbags. "Why? Afraid he’ll demote you?"-
[01:02] <Marianne‘> ["No, it’s just that he's better at it than I am!"]
[01:04] <Raphael> "Sergeant Favager already managed it, Mr. Herriot. Don't lag behind!" Raphael calls popping around the corner for just long enough to send a paintball whizzing straight towards Blaise's faceplate.
[01:04] * Aline was part of the big fracas in the center of the battlefield, and was not faring too well - but that was, perhaps, the point…
[01:05] <Marianne‘> [Blaise dodged rather gracelessly, toppling backward- he scrambled back towards the sandbags to let out a volley at Raphael, which was quickly joined by Marianne’s own. Most of the paintballs bounced off the cover, but the last one…]
[01:07] <Raphael> Impacted the corner of the wall at just the right angle to splatter part of the paint against his arm. Raphael sighed quietly, managing to ease himself partway down the wall before the shocks kicked in.
[01:14] <Marianne‘> [Frederic turned around, now, raising his gun, levelled it at Henri’s head.-
[01:14] <Marianne‘> ["…"-
[01:14] <Marianne`> ["…"-
[01:14] <Marianne`> ["Killing me won’t bring her back." Said Henri.-
[01:14] <Marianne‘> ["No, but it’ll mean you're gone."-
[01:14] <Marianne‘> [Bang!-
[01:14] <Marianne`> ["…" Fred frowned.-
[01:14] <Marianne`> ["You weren’t supposed to dodge, you bastard!"]
[01:20] <Marianne‘> [Meanwhile, Isaiah and Yanmei’s makeout continued unabated, although…]
[01:21] * Yanmei let her eyes widen a bit. Where the heck had her gun gone…?
[01:21] <Marianne‘> [It was in Isaiah’s hand, but he'd slackened his grip over it, becoming too wrapped up in the pleasure of romancing Yanmei~ <3]
[01:40] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei reached for it, but didn't get a good enough grip to tear it free from him.
[01:43] * Aline was, in the midst of all this, quite ready to sneak off in the other direction, (without realizing it, away from the two lovebirds), thinking she could get a new angle on things that way.
[01:43] <Marianne‘> [Isaiah’s hand shifted a little, counter-pulling!-
[01:46] <Marianne‘> [Whilst Fred was fired upon from three different directions- Mana and Hugues strafed him from the front, and Henri unleashed a salvo from behind that came terribly close to hitting, forcing him into an awkward front roll to dodge. The fact that he emerged unharmed was a miracle.]
[01:53] <Marianne`> [Sophie and Euphrasie had charged forward, perhaps hoping the extra closeness would break the pattern…-
[01:53] <Marianne`> [But they both went down to shots from Roku and Marie. "Charge!" Cried Marie valiantly.]
[02:02] <Yanmei> At Makeout Pointe, Yanmei subtly snagged her gun at last, wrapping her other free arm around Isaiah lovingly before pulling away, seemingly for air. "…Wow."
[02:05] <Marianne`> ["H-Hey…" Isaiah feebly settled for nuzzling her neck once more. "You’re not stopping, are you~?"-
[02:06] <Marianne‘> [Meanwhile, Frederic’s reign of terror would finally come to an end as a shot hit him in the back. He fell, tasered. "G-Goddamnit…"-
[02:06] <Marianne‘> ["…"-
[02:06] <Marianne`> [Henri stared.-
[02:06] <Marianne`> ["… I did it~ I did it~ I’m the man~ I'm the man~ Oh yeah!"]
[02:08] <Marianne‘> [Mana walked over, tugging the plush toy out of Frederic’s stunned hands. "Whew… Ok. I think… Henri and Chief Sergeant Hugues, I'm going to keep this safe. I know how. You two should reinforce the front."]
[02:09] <Marianne‘> [Henri paused mid-dance. "Charge?"-
[02:09] <Marianne`> ["That’s right. Break right through and grab their toy!"-
[02:09] <Marianne‘> ["…" Henri frowned, grasping his fist. "Leave it to GLORIOUS CAPTAIN HENRI!"]
[02:34] * Aline was trailing a bit behind the main charge, but boy was she dashing her legs off trying to make it there!
[02:35] <Marianne`> [Hugues indulged in his wife’s old habit of painting walls…]
[02:35] <Yanmei> Off to the east… "Isaiah~ Could you do me a favor?"
[02:35] <Marianne‘> ["Mmm…?"]
[02:36] <Yanmei> "There’s something I need to grab before we can focus on this. It won't take more that a few minutes, I swear. Could you wait here for me?"
[02:37] <Marianne‘> ["…" He gave her a hopeful, but simultaneously disappointed look. "A-Alright. B-But you better come back." He added stoutly.]
[02:41] <Yanmei> "Of course I will. Sorry about this." She nodded to him, and then took off. Poor Isaiah.
[02:41] <Marianne`> ["Y-Yanmei! I love you!" He called as she left.]
[02:42] <Yanmei> "I love you too~!"
[02:52] <Marianne`> [Meanwhile, Mana- realising that her foes were on her- bolted, brushing past Henri. Before long she was hurtling down the corridor towards W. "W~ I have a surprise for you."]
[02:56] * W stirred, and took one half of his headphones off. "Better be good, Sergeant. Just got my heart rate back to normal."
[02:57] <Marianne`> ["I have the plush toy, so I’m going over here, so now all the Red Team is going to charge you."]
[03:00] <W> "…Why are we doing this?"
[03:01] <Marianne‘> ["Because it’s fun."]
[03:01] <W> "It is?"
[03:01] <Marianne‘> ["Watching you suffer is fun."]
[03:03] <W> "I’ve heard that argument before. Then, I'll retain the right to deploy smooth jazz for the duration." W stood up again with some difficulty, readjusted his headphones and checked his weapon.
[03:04] * Yanmei scrambled through the corridors of the Red Team base. She had to hurry! There was important business to be concluded after this.
[03:09] * Raphael suddenly re-emerges into the centre field at a slightly more leisurely pace than he left it, although he is sporting a new paint stain and he still takes a pot-shot over at Aline in front of the base as he leaps behind the sandbags.-
[03:10] <Raphael> "How are we going, officers?" He asks, looking at the two downed women either side of the sandbag walls.
[03:10] <Marianne‘> ["The Ayanamis have just charged through. Fred’s down and Mana has the plush toy." Says Euphrasie as she gets to her feet, firing at a target instinctively behind Raphael.-
[03:11] <Marianne‘> ["What do we do?" Asked Sophie as she got to her feet.]
[03:13] <Oat> "We need to take down Blanc first, I think. There’s some sort of commotion going on in there. Can't see precisely what, though…"
[03:15] <Marianne‘> ["Take her down?" Sophie responds immediately, standing up and -charging- out the gap.-
[03:16] <Marianne`> ["HEY ALINE!"-
[03:16] <Marianne`> [She doesn’t so much tackle Aline as she does pick her up and throw her against the ground.]
[03:17] * Aline blinked, having turned around just in time to see… grass? "…H-hey!" …And she almost immediately stood up, and gave Sophie a… roundly pathetic countershove. "Uh."
[03:17] <Raphael> "…" Raphael's jaw -drops-. "… Oh my God, Lieutenant!"
[03:17] <Marianne‘> [Euphrasie stares.-
[03:17] <Marianne`> ["Uh… S-She took that…"]
[03:19] <Marianne`> [Hugues and Henri put up a final defense, unleashing their guns at the enemy in close range…-
[03:19] <Marianne`> [And both Ayanamis responded in kind: avoided the shots, stunned the hapless soldiers, and marched towards their prey.]
[03:22] <Marianne`> [However, Raphael’s musings would be interrupted by Marianne opening fire. "There you are."]
[03:25] * Raphael has enough of his wits still about him to duck the shot, and by the time he's behind the sandbags he's seen Aline standing (And shoving) again, so the smile is back on his face. "Pardon, Colonel. My gun stopped working."
[03:26] <Marianne‘> [He would then see Sophie grab Aline’s shoving arm and judo-toss her to the ground, hard.]
[03:27] * Aline was sounding a bit whiny now. "Ow~"
[03:28] <Marianne‘> ["Well now that you’re back, Guillory hunting season is on." Marianne smirked.]
[03:36] <Raphael> "I suppose so, ma'am. But I'm afraid I'll have to cancel for the moment. Sergeant Beringer, do you mind?"
[03:36] <Marianne‘> ["Nossir."]
[03:37] * Raphael shoots her a grin before vaulting the sandbags again and sprinting for the maze.
[03:37] <Marianne`> "Hey! Why you-"-
[03:37] <Marianne`> But Marianne’s words were cut off as Euphrasie opened fire.-
[03:37] <Marianne‘> ["… Sir, he’s coming! Gosselin!" Euphrasie's words.]
[03:40] * Aline furrowed her brow, stood up, and this time attempted to shoot Sophie instead of shove her again, but… to no avail. "Ff…"
[03:46] <Marianne‘> ["Welp, they’re here. Have fun, W!" Said Mana cheerfully. "Thanks for helping to protect the plush toy!" She added, loud enough for the Ayanamis to hear- then she was gone, bolting away.]
[03:47] <W> "No problem," he said to himself.
[03:52] <Marianne‘> [A paint round hurled itself at him…! From a vengeful Roku.-
[03:52] <Marianne`> [Juu merely ran right past.]
[03:57] * W barely had time to raise his weapon in retaliation… only to see the projectile uselessly splatter against the paintball gun. "Don’t even think about trying that again," he said, grinning.
[04:01] <Raphael> Yanmei would hear the clatter of boots on concrete for a moment before Raphael Guillory hurled himself around the corner, barely even looking before he sends another paintball spinning towards Blaise's head. "To be fair, ma'am, I should probably warn you that Captain Gosselin is right behind me."
[04:01] <Marianne‘> [Blaise ducked. "ALWAYS WITH THE HEAD, SIR!" He squealed, his voice shrill.]
[04:03] <Yanmei> Yanmei’s surprise turned to disbelief. "You -led- him here? The Unstoppable Gosselin? Oh no…"
[04:03] <Marianne‘> ["Sup." He was staring at Yanmei, skidding to a halt just past Raphael.]
[04:04] <Raphael> "You’re much better at ducking than you used to be, Sergeant." Raphael calls. Yanmei would have never seen him grinning quite this regularly before. "… Well, you need to understand he's quite fast, ma'am." Raphael says quickly, lowing his gun again as Frederic reappears.
[04:06] <Marianne‘> ["Oho, trying to take me down~" Sophie cooed, firing at Aline, narrowly missing her cheek.]
[04:06] * Aline_ grumbled a little. "We’ll see about that!"
[04:07] <Yanmei> "I can see that," Yanmei muttered, and unleashed a full barrage at Blaise!
[04:07] <Marianne‘> [Blaise had been levelling his gun for a counter-attack, and thus two bolts struck him in the arm, sending him down with an undignified gurgle.]
[21:34] <Marianne`> [Juu vanished around the corner, bolting as fast as she could down the side, Mana just out of sight.-
[21:34] <Marianne`> ["This isn’t over." Said Roku, clearly and cleanly, before she herself ran off. There were more important things, like plush toys.]
[21:36] <Raphael> "Pilot Zhang, why don't you do your best to capture our objective? I'll do my best to give you some time." He says, taking careful steps backward as if to duck behind cover. "I apologise in advance, Captain."
[21:40] <Yanmei> "Right, right…" Yanmei sprinted forward, nimbly hopping over the body of the fallen Blaise and snatching up the toy. It was lame, but cute at the same time. Definitely teasing fodder for later.
[21:41] * W waited a few seconds, then peeked around the corner again. "Hmph. Poor form to leave grudges open." Still, at least it meant she'd probably come to him without him putting any effort in. W started the trip back toward the centre of the field, as they seemed to be entering the endgame.
[21:42] <Marianne‘> ["Apologise? Whatever for?"]
[21:46] * Raphael promptly thumbs the safety on his paintball gun and charges, ducking out of Frederic’s line of fire and using one leg to kick both of Fred's out from under him even as Raphael tries to twist his weapon away from him.
[21:48] <Marianne‘> ["Wh-" Fred is clearly not expecting to have his feet taken out from under him, and he falls.-
[21:50] <Marianne`> [… But half a second passes before he turns his fall into a rolling leap- he’s back on his feet, and he retaliates by swinging a fast high kick into Raphael's face. The helmet blocks most of the impact, but it does leave him mildly dizzy.]
[21:52] * Raphael shakes that off quickly enough, though, and he's grinning as he regains his balance. "You're better at this than you let on, Captain."
[21:53] <Marianne‘> ["I try to keep it on the down low." He’s grinning as well, bright and wide.]
[22:00] <Marianne‘> [Euphrasie snapped off a shot, then lined Marianne in her sights. "I have you no-"-
[22:01] <Marianne`> [She keeled over, stunned, as Roku’s paintball hit her square in the forehead.-
[22:02] <Marianne‘> "Nice!" Said Marianne, running after Fred. She aimed at Raphael, and…-
[22:03] <Marianne`> Click. Click. "Huh? Oh, you -bastard-." She shook her gun vigorously. "Damnit, are you kidding me?"
[22:09] * Raphael ’s eyes flick over towards Marianne for a split-second, and he's actually -laughing- while he drives Frederic back even further… before managing to get the barrel of the rifle close enough to Fred's chest to pull the trigger.
[22:13] <Marianne‘> ["Well donarrghg." Fred falls backwards, twitching.]
[22:14] * Yanmei sprinted! She could hear footsteps behind her…
[22:14] <Marianne`> ["GIVE ME BACK MY GUN YOU DAMNED WITCH!"]
[22:15] <Raphael> "Sergeant!"
[22:15] <Marianne`> ["SHE TOOK MY GUN, SIR!"]
[22:17] * Yanmei snickered. It was all she could do not to wave the gun she had indeed just stripped him of on her way to freedom. It wouldn’t do to taunt him with a "Nyah, nyah, come and get it!" either. She was a -professional-, after all.
[22:20] <Marianne‘> ["Damnit." Hugues and Henri ran for cover, their armor un-electrifying. "Henri, you take the Ayanami, I’ll peg Aline. Wait." He coughed, dropping his rifle's empty canister and clipping another in.-
[22:20] <Marianne‘> ["How did you use your entire canister but not hit a damn thing, Hugues?"-
[22:20] <Marianne`> ["Quiet, rookie. On three. One, two, three!"-
[22:21] <Marianne`> [They emerged at the same time, opening fire. To their satisfaction (and perhaps surprise), their opponents both went down. "Yes! Let’s go, boy! To the Captain!"]
[22:28] <Marianne‘> [Mana ran by Raphael like a blur, then past Marianne.-
[22:28] <Marianne`> "Hey! Oh no you don’t-"-
[22:28] <Marianne‘> [Mana ran, grinning, free! Free-
[22:29] <Marianne`> [Only for an Ayanami to burst out in front of her. Juu! Mana, screeched to a halt, only to duck as the butt of a paintball gun was aimed at her head by Marianne.]
[22:40] * Raphael keeps on laughing as he gives Yanmei a nod of approval, and then he’s joining the chase as Mana hurtles by and Marianne disappears a moment later. His jaw drops slightly as he watches the commanding officer of Paris-2's geofront try to pistol whip her subordinate… but for some reason, right at that moment it somehow manages to be more appropriate than outrageous.-
[22:40] <Raphael> "Soldiers! Don't let those two pin down Sergeant Kirishima!"
[22:41] <Marianne‘> ["Yes, sir!" Hugues stepped forward, moustache bristling. "You ready, son?"-
[22:41] <Marianne`> ["… Ready for what?"-
[22:44] <Marianne`> ["FORTH, DREADNOUGHTS!" Hugues burst from cover, wielding his gun like a bat. He rushed forward, a battlecry on his lips…-
[22:44] <Marianne`> [… Failed to clear the sandbags…-
[22:44] <Marianne`> [And planted himself on the ground hard. "God-damnit-"-
[22:44] <Marianne`> ["… You alright, Sarge?"-
[22:45] <Marianne`> ["*mutter*" Hugues managed to get to his feet quickly. "GET YOUR ARSE OUT HERE, BOY!"]
[22:50] <Marianne`> ["Y-Yes sir!" Henri rushed out, beelining for Marianne. "Aaaaaaaaaaa-"-
[22:50] * Marianne` swept his legs out as he approached, and he fell like a rag doll.-
[22:50] <Marianne`> ["Agh!"]
[23:24] <Raphael> "… that’s not what I rea-" And then Henri is put down hard, and Raphael just shakes his head. He was certain he'd trained them all better than that.
[23:25] * Yanmei in the meantime, kept sprinting, vaulting over a pile of standbags for cover as she moved toward the center of the field… although there were more fists and bodies flying at this point that paint. For a moment, she just peered out at everyone, amazed.
[23:30] <Marianne‘> [And one of those bodies is flying towards her. Juu- ducking and weaving, nearly tripping over Henri’s grasping hands- turns and jumps at Yanmei, a flying kick aimed at her…-
[23:30] <Marianne‘> [… Whilst Raphael would feel a sudden weight right into the middle of his back as Blaise rocketed out of nowhere. "AAAAAAAGH!"-
[23:31] * Marianne` grinned. "Up you get, Sergeant." She tried to motivate him, kicking him in the arm.-
[23:31] <Marianne`> ["Ow! What gives?!" He got up quickly, lunging at her. She sidestepped and elbowed him in the back.]
[23:32] <Yanmei> "What the h-?!" Yanmei leaned back just far enough to feel the kick pass by her, a mere inch or two away. "That’s dangerous!"
[23:33] <Marianne‘> ["Then surrender the toy!"]
[23:33] <Raphael> "Hrgh!" One moment he’s taking a quick shot at the leaping body of Juu… and then suddenly the wall is filling his entire vision as his helmeted head smacks into the concrete and sends him sprawling. "… Sergeant?"
[23:34] <Marianne‘> [Blaise is cackling too loudly to hear Raphael.-
[23:34] <Marianne`> [Juu’s assault on Yanmei is soon put down by Euphrasie, freeing Yanmei to go.]
[23:36] <Yanmei> A sigh of relief… and then she's of running again, offering a little salute as she passes Euphrasie. "Thanks~"
[23:37] <Marianne‘> ["Where are -you- going, Zhang!?"-
[23:37] <Marianne`> [Frederic Gosselin, hot on her tail.]
[23:40] <Yanmei> "Y-you?! When did you wake up?!" Her run grew faster, more frantic.
[23:51] <Marianne`> [Roku’s armor weakened, and she stood.-
[23:59] <Marianne‘> ["Hey, you-!" Sophie pointed her gun at her- and received a face full of paint for her troubles, sending her down. Henri’s feeble attempt to trip another Ayanami failed.]
[00:19] <Marianne‘> [Yanmei’s running would be interrupted as she felt someone shove into her back…!-
[00:19] <Marianne‘> "Gotcha~"
[00:27] <Yanmei> "Maria-" her surprised cry was cut off as a second thing impacted with her!
[00:28] <Marianne`> [A solid, expertly-executed kick from Frederic. He pulled out of the kick, perching dramatically on top of the sandbags like a tiger ready to spring.]
[00:31] * Raphael has found his feet again, even managing a snap shot at Fred that overestimates his speed by just a fraction, but beyond that there’s not a lot he can do to help Yanmei with Blaise still advancing. "Reinforce her, Sergeants!"
[00:32] <Yanmei> "Urgh-!" Yanmei rocked from the force… but she was still clutching the plushie, curled up around it protectively. "You…" A desperate internal struggle ensued: Revenge or hastening toward more kisses? She made her decision with a handspring that brought her to her feet again.-
[00:34] <Yanmei> And a second bounce that brought her a few yards away from the vicious duo of Frederic and Marianne. She began to run again. "Must… finish… date…"
[00:39] <Marianne‘> ["YES, SIR!"-
[00:41] <Marianne`> [The command galvanised them into action. Euphrasie brought her rifle about, taking Roku down easily-
[00:41] <Marianne`> [Whilst Hugues about-faced, spraying fire at Marianne and Fred. Marianne went down, but Fred leaned forward, falling behind the sandbags, where he was safe from Henri’s followup fire.]
[00:47] <Marianne‘> [Blaise, however, tried to grab Raphael’s gun. "Gimme!"]
[00:52] * Yanmei kept running. There was someone waiting for her when she was done. So she had to go on, despite bruises! The pathway was long and twisty. She passed an apathetic-looking W, and an out-of breath Mana, who had seemed to appear out of no where. Finally…
[00:53] <Marianne‘> [Frederic was moving, running after…!}
[00:54] <Raphael> "… Look, Sergeant—" But as the boy laid his hands on Raphael’s gun, the soldier let out a sigh and brushed the boy away before bringing the paintball gun around into his chest with a rough shove.
[00:56] <Marianne‘> [Blaise was shoved backwards. Raphael had one tenth of a second to stare into those green eyes, narrow with desperate energy, before widening, the pupils dilating-
[00:57] <Marianne`> [… Before he was immediately -ripped- out of Raphael’s sight sideways, as though something had hooked him and pulled him away. All Raphael would see would be the blonde hair of Euphrasie Beringer whipping about, and all he'd hear would be a cry as Blaise was checked into the ground with the force only a medic mother can bring to bear.]
[00:59] <Raphael> "…" Raphael stared at them both for a brief moment, more out of shock than outright disapproval, but there was a game afoot and he trusted Euphrasie had the situation well handled.-
[01:01] * Raphael leans around the wall and takes a moment to look over the chaotic scene - Both Ayanamis down, Marianne collapsing, Hugues and Duval somehow the ones left standing - before spotting the fleeing Gosselin and sending a quick burst of paintballs whistling towards his back.
[01:02] <Marianne‘> [The first paintball struck him square in the back. His armor seized up, but…-
[01:02] <Marianne`> [Gosselin kept moving, forcing his body to move through the electricity, somehow. It was only after the last two shots struck him that he actually fell.]
[01:06] * Raphael stepped out from behind cover and gave the two standing soldiers a nod, taking a better look at the scene as he went. This had really escalated rather quickly…
[01:10] <Yanmei> The finishline… Or, the finish spot. Yanmei finally made it, and hunched over, panting, smiling and the joys of running freely. It was over!
[01:10] <Yanmei> ^at the joys
[01:11] <Marianne`> [The second the plushie crossed the line…-
[01:12] <Marianne`> ["Congratulations~" Julien’s voice, crowing delightedly. "You won the game! Go and rest now, you hero!"-
[01:12] <Marianne‘> [The coloured strips that ran across the walls of the Paintball fort started to flash…-
[01:13] <Marianne`> [… And a second later, the walls all began to recede into the ground. Within half a minute, the fort was, essentially, gone, leaving everyone standing in an open space.]
[01:14] <Yanmei> "Rest?" She took in the changes with more than a little surprise, blinking at the show. "Ah…"
[01:16] <Marianne`> ["Yanmei~" Someone was shouting her name. Isaiah had been patiently waiting at his spot for her return, but now that the walls were gone, he was running towards her~]
[01:18] <Yanmei> Yay! She ran to greet him. Their privacy was gone, though…
[01:18] <Marianne`> [This didn’t stop Isaiah from almost picking her up in his haste to kiss her as deeply as he could.]
[01:19] * Yanmei happily kissed back! This was clearly resting, wasn't it?

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