Stories Of The Massacre

[07:53] <Isaiah> [The Geofront. NERV HQ. The Technical Division.-
[07:54] <Isaiah> [EVA-00 stood in a special scientific cell, electrodes and other monitoring devices hooked up to it. It was silent. A False Plug jutted from its back.-
[07:55] <Isaiah> [On the observation deck, Dr. Riel stood, smiling in anticipation. Her crew sat at their positions.-
[07:56] <Isaiah> ["EVA-00 Remote AT Fluctuation Field Test, beginning." Said Dr. Riel.-
[07:59] <Isaiah> ["Remove False Plug."-
[07:59] <Isaiah> [The Plug rotated slightly, like a drill in reverse, sliding out of the Evangelion's back.-
[08:00] <Isaiah> ["Alright." Dr. Riel grinned, turning to one of her companions. "If this succeeds, we'll have finally outdone the Angels." She said. "An AT Field that can resist Positron penetration~"-
[08:00] <Isaiah> ["How nice." Said Dr. Gabriel.-
[08:01] <Isaiah> ["Hah. Don't be so bitter." Said Dr. Riel. "You should buy a cat."-
[08:02] <Isaiah> [Dr. Gabriel threw her a dirty look.-
[08:03] <Isaiah> ["Alright." Dr. Riel took a deep breath. "Commence stage one!"-
[08:03] <Isaiah> [Consoles lit up as electrical pulses flowed into EVA-00. There was a dull light in its eyes.-
[08:04] <Isaiah> ["Nerve pulses at 11% normalcy, reaching the AT Applicable Threshold in nine seconds."-
[08:04] <Isaiah> [The scientist counted down. Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… One…-
[08:04] <Isaiah> [… Suddenly, the console in front of him… Died. Went utterly blank.-
[08:04] <Isaiah> [Within seconds, it spread, blanking every console in the room.-
[08:04] <Isaiah> [Then the lights.-
[08:05] <Isaiah> [The Observation room was plunged into darkness, and it was only by the faint red emergency light strips that Dr. Riel could see the eyes of twenty scentists staring at her.-
[08:05] <Isaiah> ["… I-It wasn't my fault!"]
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[11:09] <Isaiah> [Meanwhile…-
[11:10] <Isaiah> [The bunker smelled of sweat and was filled with the sound of tears.-
[11:11] <Isaiah> [Patrice Gosselin was shaking as he sat against the wall. He'd considered himself a veteran of Angel attacks, having weathered each and every one. But this one was different. He'd seen people…-
[11:12] <Isaiah> [He shook his head. It wasn't worth thinking about. He looked over at Angelina, who looked fatigue. "You ok?"-
[11:12] <Isaiah> [She nodded wearily. "Yeah. Just trying to take care of the littlies. They're really shaken up." She was hugging a little girl, who was calling for her mother.-
[11:13] <Isaiah> ["No surprise." Said Patrice. the boy rubbed his face. "I hope the others are ok."-
[11:13] <Isaiah> ["…" Angelina tried smiling, but it didn't work. "Best we can do is remain safe for now."-
[11:14] <Isaiah> [Patrice nodded. "… I don't get it. I thought Paris-2 was supposed to be infallible. Where are the Evas? The soldiers-" He froze. He'd seen them… He stared down at his feet, gasping. He wanted to throw up.-
[11:15] <Isaiah> ["Shh. Don't… Don't talk about it, ok? It's alright." Said Angelina, embracing both child and Patrice.-
[11:15] <Isaiah> ["It's ok to be scared, Patrice."-
[11:16] <Isaiah> ["…" He looked up at Angelina. "Do you think everything will be ok? Really? No Evas. The pilots could already be dead." He lowered his head. "Hey, Angelina?"-
[11:16] <Isaiah> ["Yeah?"-
[11:16] <Isaiah> ["… What do you want to be when you get out of school?"-
[11:16] <Isaiah> ["… That's kind of a weird question. Why do you ask?"-
[11:18] <Isaiah> ["I figured…" Patrice shrugged. "I figured we might die here. So…"-
[11:19] <Isaiah> [Angelina quirked an eyebrow. "Really? We're-about-to-die-so-let's-pour-our-hearts-out? That's a pretty clich├ęd trope, you know."-
[11:20] <Isaiah> ["Yeah, but…" He smiled weakly. "I think I understand why they do it now. Right now, anything to… To make me think of something nice."-
[11:20] <Isaiah> [Angelina nodded. "…" She sighed. "I wanted to be a poet. It's an idea everyone thought was silly, because there didn't seem to be much need for poems. Not in this world."-
[11:21] <Isaiah> ["So why'd you think of that as your grand life goal?"-
[11:21] <Isaiah> ["I dunno. I just really enjoy poetry. And writing, but poetry is on a different level. It's almost like music and prose together."-
[11:21] <Isaiah> ["Huh." Patrice nodded. "Huh! You know, that's a good point. Thank you, Angelina."-
[11:21] <Isaiah> ["For what?"-
[11:22] <Isaiah> ["For making me wish I'd read more poetry."-
[11:22] <Isaiah> [Angelina chuckled darkly. "Heh. What about you?"-
[11:22] <Isaiah> ["Professional journalist." Said Patrice instantly.-
[11:22] <Isaiah> ["Journalist? Really?"-
[11:23] <Isaiah> ["Yeah. I wanted… Well. I wanted to be a detective, but journalist is a bit easier to reach."-
[11:23] <Isaiah> ["So… You decided detective was too hard?"-
[11:23] <Isaiah> ["Nah. I decided it was an immature goal."-
[11:23] <Isaiah> ["Oh. You did it just for the fedoras, huh."-
[11:25] <Isaiah> ["Yeah, something like that." Patrice grinned. "Hey, Angelina. Let's make a bet."-
[11:25] <Isaiah> ["Oh God."-
[11:25] <Isaiah> ["If we survive this, go out with me."-
[11:25] <Isaiah> ["Hah. Alright." Said Angelina. "Any reason why, or just because I'm here?"-
[11:26] <Isaiah> ["No, I have a reason." Patrice winked at her. "I always thought you were the cutest girl in the grade."-
[11:26] <Isaiah> ["… Really?"-
[11:26] <Isaiah> ["Oh yeah. And you know… I think I can start to appreciate poetry a little more if you were the one to read it to me."-
[11:26] <Isaiah> ["… You're a schmooze."-
[11:26] <Isaiah> ["I am."-
[11:27] <Isaiah> [… The sound of metal tearing. Patrice and Angelina looked up towards the bunker's main door.-
[11:27] <Isaiah> [clank. Clank. Clank. Heavy dents were appearing in its surface.-
[11:28] <Isaiah> [… Three claws broke through, shining with energy. They started to rip through the metal as though it were paper.-
[11:29] <Isaiah> [Patrice shook with fear. Blindly, he grabbed Angelina, pulling her close. "I'm so sorry."-
[11:29] <Isaiah> ["Patrice-"-
[11:29] <Isaiah> ["I didn't want to die here."-
[11:29] <Isaiah> ["…" Angelina held him as well. It -was- a cliche, she thought, but right then she didn't care. Between the two of them, a little girl cried for her mother.-
[11:29] <Isaiah> [… A few seconds later, the banshee broke through.-
[11:30] <Isaiah> [Within a matter of half a minute, six more had stormed into the bunker.-
[11:30] <Isaiah> [The massacres of Paris-2 were only beginning.]
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