Surovs' State

(17:02:29) Sept: Sera walked the partly-devastated corridors of the Geofront, having half been shooed out of the Science Division and half just found it boring as background radiation and other post-Angel analyses took place. So he headed for the medical department, in the unlikely event he'd need medical attention himself.
(17:17:31) Minaplo: [The medical department was overflowing with patients and staff. It had only just been made reaccessible, and some areas were still not suitable for care- patients thus had to be doubled up in certain places.-
(17:17:56) Minaplo: ["Critically injured first." Said a sharp-faced nurse in his general direction.]
(17:25:08) Sept: "Hey, Surov around?" he asked the nurse. His relatively clean clothes probably made him stand out a bit in that particular crowd. Sera wouldn't have had any problems with keeping the armor on, though. What with the current instabilities of the complex and its staff.
(17:32:51) Minaplo: ["That way." Snapped the nurse, pointing down the corridor. "He's in the room given to him."]
(17:40:32) Sept: "Thank you very much," Sera replied and headed that way, listening for any telltale screams from test subjects that he could navigate by.
(17:44:49) Minaplo: [Sadly, there were no screams, although the moans of pain from the injured and dying would've confused the aural data anyway.-
(17:45:29) Minaplo: [Surov wouldn't be hard to miss, though. He had a room to himself, of course, and he was sitting on a bed, still without a shirt, his wounds bandaged and many of them already closing due to biogel. His implants were clearly visible; the AUSPEX was in his hand as were a few other gadgets.]
(17:48:43) * Sept stopped in the doorway. "Hello."
(17:48:58) Minaplo: ["De Pteres. What?"]
(17:50:08) Sept: "We got in each other's way. That was unfortunate. I wanted to apologise on our behalf."
(17:51:53) Minaplo: [Surov looked up. He had managed to replace his glasses. "I see. It was- a trying situation. Despite it all I was not possessed of my usual soundness myself."]
(17:55:22) Sept: "Of course. Any idea if it was really her?"
(17:59:14) Minaplo: ["Who? Navah?"]
(17:59:35) Sept: "Yeah."
(18:07:19) Minaplo: ["It depends on what you mean by 'really her'." Said Surov. "The Navah I created was an attempt to dismiss from my mind the emotional and psychological effects of my childhood. In Doctor Castillo-Delgado's words, 'Navah' never existed, so the only 'real' Navah is me. However, far more practically, that is no longer true." He held out the AUSPEX and a datapad to Sera. "Shortly after you and
(18:07:20) Minaplo: the others departed, Navah well and truly separated from me in all forms. She is now an AT Field fragment much like yourself."]
(18:09:48) Sept: Sera's eyebrows went up - and his expression bordered on offended. "You mean she's still out there?"
(18:11:55) Minaplo: ["I'm surprised you didn't see her." Said Surov sardonically. "She's been helping the nurses for hours."]
(18:15:23) Sept: "Fuck. Sorry. Hallucinations gone for now, at least?"
(18:17:25) Minaplo: ["Yes. In fact, I suspect they'll be gone forever." Surov picked up another gadget and toyed with it. "Do you know what an 'A-Type' AT Field is, de Pteres?"]
(18:25:21) Sept: "I may have heard about them in passing," he said drily. "Did her existence actually turn out to have some scientific explanation?"
(18:26:37) Minaplo: ["Yes, it did, or at least something close to an explanation. It requires more than 'passing' knowledge of A-Type Fields."]
(18:28:48) Sept: "Interesting. Twins, maybe? Sorry, do go on."
(18:39:53) Minaplo: [Surov stared at Sera flatly, but continued. "A miniscule percentage of humanity- 5,000 or so at any given time, I believe- are made up of A-Type Fields. The names of all A-Type individuals are known, and the ones capable of piloting are the ones who make up the Marduk Report. I am an A-Type, as was my mother. Before Second Impact, to possess an A-Type AT Field meant having what was often
(18:39:53) Minaplo: deemed 'psychic' or 'magical' powers, what we now more accurately refer to as AT Field Manipulation. My mother knew how to create 'projections' of people or objects, ones that only she could see- ones that she used as a mnemonic device, like the method of loci. In essence they were creations of her own AT Field. She taught me the same ability, and I used it for the mundane purpose to create
(18:39:53) Minaplo: companions in my childhood. But the technique relies on the specific act of embodying a facet of your being into a creation, which is I believe the same root ability that resulted in your creation. Once within the Dirac Sea, where space and time collapsed and the AT Field became the only law, my old abilities returned, boosted by an order of magnitude, and with it I was finally capable of
(18:39:59) Minaplo: not only embodying a part of myself into something not of me, but doing it in such a way as to detatch it from myself."]
(18:53:05) Sept: "Ahhhh," Sera said, snapping his fingers. "Yeah, that explains some of our encounters. Did you… speak to Navah about any of it?"
(18:58:31) Minaplo: ["A brief exchange." Said Surov flatly. "I had to discern how much Navah recalled- it seems she does not possess many of my memories or my knowledge- most of her memories exist before I cast aside that persona. The reverse is true- although considering how long she has existed, that data can be measured in a span of a few hours at max. I also verified that she isactuallyfemale in both
(18:58:32) Minaplo: actions and in form, whilst possessing a fairly reasonable facsimile of my own genetic pattern. We dislike the presence of the other and thus she was all too happy to leave it. I told her the rough outline, that I had removed her from me and she was free to do whatever she wished."]
(19:00:46) * Sept gave a little laugh at that. "Now you're just making me jealous. How'd she take it?"
(19:03:48) Minaplo: ["With enthusiasm. She promptly set off to continue her triage." He grabbed his servo-arm and disconnected it from his back, setting it against the wall as he lay down on the bed. "Presumably she possesses all the traits I had at that age- it is not unreasonable to assume that she possesses the same intellectual potential as well."]
(19:15:16) * Sept nodded at that, falling silent for a moment. "Do you think it'll be possible to recover any footage or audio from the time this place was in the Sea?"
(19:16:44) Minaplo: ["We already have recovered some footage, but it's often limited in time and scope. HQ has many cameras that have battery power, but the batteries do not last very long."]
(19:19:32) Sept: "Guess I should expect uncertainty by now. How have you been doing with the new management?"
(19:23:08) Minaplo: ["The new management understands that I do not tolerate interference." Said Surov. "That rat Raskova questioned me regarding my history, but in a moment which I am sure she found deeply unpleasant she learned that I knew more about her than she did me."]
(19:28:48) Sept: "I would like to express my most sincere wishes to acquire this information."
(19:30:11) Minaplo: ["Why?" Asked Surov, not aggressively- more just curiously.]
(19:34:46) Sept: "Come on," Sera said, looking off to the side. "You know why. Even in normal circumstances, we have every reason to be careful with new administration."
(19:38:32) Minaplo: ["So you want to know what she's capable of doing."]
(19:41:00) Sept: "I doubt it's possible to get any actual leverage on her. Unless you're the HIC, of course. But that's not my style, even if I had something. Yes. I want to know why they appointed her."
(19:44:49) Minaplo: [Surov shrugged. "-That- is simple and obvious. Raskova was- and in a way still is- the head of the Soviet Intelligence Service. She has connections- many, many connections. The SVR are influential in many circles- criminal and fringe as well as mainstream and high-powered. There is little Raskova cannot access in that way. That makes her a competent and powerful Vice-Commander, one capable
(19:44:49) Minaplo: of advising Hohenzollern on matters as well as more than capable of reporting about her as well. She is also personally dangerous, with wide training in various combat styles, weapons and stealth techniques."]
(19:49:54) Sept: "But that would mean they explicitly couldn't trust Jeanne with any of that. Which would provide some small relief. Where did you get all your information on her, anyway?"
(19:51:25) Minaplo: [Surov gave Sera a dark smile. "Have you ever heard of the Soviet Union's Toy Army?"]
(19:54:30) Sept: "No. Even without the association of you two, it doesn't sound good."
(20:04:12) Minaplo: ["The Toy Army was a pre-NeoSpartan child super-soldier project, as was all the rage in the period after Impact. The concept was simple- take society's unwanted and turn them into lethal weapons of the state. Raskova was already working for SVR at the time, but they turned her over to the Toy Army to see what it could do to improve her. I was part of the project, although not excessively
(20:04:12) Minaplo: involved- I was pushing for genetic and cybernetic upgrades, but the resources to implement my plans to the scale at which I desired simply did not exist."-
(20:06:27) Minaplo: ["Some of my information was simple inductive reasoning based on how she was at the time, but other data- well, from the moment I entered university I've been able to make machines do whatever I wanted them to do. When SVR turned Raskova over to the Toy Army I placed remote bugs and trackers on their computers and networks- ones which remained for quite some time." Surov paused for a second,
(20:06:28) Minaplo: leaning back on the bed, rubbing absently at a wound.-
(20:14:30) Minaplo: ["The Toy Army was not a great success. Apart from exhaustive physical conditioning and training regimens, the Toy Army produced something popularly referred to as 'Vasilisa's Spirit'. It's a combat stimulant. I'll spare you the specifics- for some time, depending on the dose, the imbiber would experience little pain, have significantly sharper reflexes and mental capacity and, through
(20:14:31) Minaplo: certain biological tricks, moderately increased physical strength. The downside, of course, is that it has the War and Peace equivalent of chemical side effects."]
(20:17:35) Sept: "Do they still make it?"
(20:18:45) Minaplo: ["They have to. In small quantities, of course, but yes. Raskova is chemically dependent on it. And Vasilisa's Spirit will kill you if you overdose- but the withdrawal symptoms are also commonly lethal as well. She requires small amounts every day just to sustain equilibrium."]
(20:28:51) Sept: "Huh. I can see how paranoia would come in handy in that situation."
(20:30:28) Minaplo: ["Paranoia was one of the side effects, I recall, although yes, I quite agree. She was less than pleased to find out that I was aware of her addiction."]
(20:37:06) Sept: "Think there'll be retaliation? Maybe she'll dig up some secret childhood persona of y- Oh, I suppose she can't."
(20:39:16) Minaplo: [Surov gave Sera a flat look. "I doubt Raskova would think I'd be affected by such a thing- and she is right. Similarly, I doubt she'd attempt to harm Navah either."]
(20:45:37) Sept: "I get what you went through, though. I wouldn't blame you for wanting to get rid of her properly, now that you have the chance. As far as interference goes, a physical reminder of years of torment ranks pretty high. If I was in your shoes, killing Navah would definitely seem like a therapeutic option right about now."
(20:51:41) Minaplo: ["Perhaps, from your perspective. But my loss of control was a temporary thing." Said Surov. "I did not need therapeutic options in the past, and I do not need them now. In fact, I believe it will be intriguing to see how the new fragment develops in comparison to myself."]
(20:55:50) Sept: "Yeah, I know you do," Sera scratched his forehead, looking a bit troubled. "It's good to have you leading this thing, Surov. I should go. Still need to find someone before they send us out."
(20:56:33) Minaplo: ["Very well."]


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