Suspect's Abscondment

(11:41:27) Sept: Another quiet day of rest and recovery. The city of Paris-2 unwound itself before and below the two of them. "Hey. Have you run into William, yet?"
(11:43:56) Minaplo: ["William… Right, he's the cute blonde boy living with the Colonel?" Replied Freya.]
(11:45:52) Sept: "I guess that's a 'no'."
(12:13:28) Minaplo: ["Yeah. I've not really had much of a chance to lounge about HQ these days." Said Freya, eyeing him. "But I've definitely heard lots…"]
(12:15:16) * Sept looked back at her with a faintly interested look, barely elevating the topic from mere small talk. "Hmm? Anything beyond 'oh, what a nice kid he is'?"
(12:16:46) Minaplo: ["Gossip, mostly. A rumour that he's dating Elena Clement."]
(12:19:00) Sept: "Mmh. True, or at least probably will be soon. It bothers me, to be honest."
(12:19:18) Minaplo: ["Oh~?"]
(12:21:07) * Sept ignored the tone. "I have a bad feeling about it. I don't see what they have to offer each other, to even begin to offset the inevitable pain from his job."
(12:23:48) Minaplo: ["You make it sound almost like a transaction."]
(12:24:56) Sept: "She could be better off," Sera insisted.
(12:25:34) Minaplo: ["Oh? How~?"]
(12:28:37) Sept: "With me, of course." He pushed up his glasses with an index finger.
(12:34:03) Minaplo: [Freya let out a snort. "Uh-huh."]
(12:37:16) Sept: "She doesn't have to involve herself in this, is what I'm saying. She's doing well, and this is something that could ruin that."
(12:37:59) Minaplo: ["Well, Elena's a nice, smart girl, and I'm sure that's her choice to make." Said Freya, stretching her arms behind her. "Besides, it's only one rumour. Out of like a dozen."]
(12:38:39) Sept: "Lay 'em on me. I'm sure there's some good stuff in there."
(12:42:29) Minaplo: ["Well, let's see. There's a rumour he's a teen pop idol in hiding…"]
(12:43:52) Sept: "I guess that's a fair assumption. I mean, he practically is one now."
(12:44:42) Minaplo: ["He hasn't started singing yet."]
(12:45:42) Sept: "He could burst into song -any moment-. Could be his special move."
(12:47:37) Minaplo: [Freya let out a snort. "Speaking of special moves, I also hear he's always carrying a gun…?"]
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(12:48:02) Sept: "Boooooring."
(12:48:57) Minaplo: ["Well, is it true or not?!"]
(12:50:36) Sept: "I don't doubt it. He likes to say he's trained in their use a lot."
(12:52:39) Minaplo: ["I see… Well, it does make sense. What else." Tap tap tap.-
(12:52:49) Minaplo: ["Oh right. Is it true he's Mortimer Mazarin's bastard child?"]
(12:54:00) * Sept looked honestly taken aback for just a moment. "Whoa, where'd you get that from?"
(12:56:14) Minaplo: ["A friend. Who was mildly drunk at the time, yes, but…"]
(12:57:55) Sept: "That'd be incredible. I think it needs work, since neither Mazarin nor his rivals would benefit from it… but I like it."
(12:58:29) Minaplo: ["Hey now. Are you thinking of spreading rumours?"]
(12:58:56) Sept: "Whatno."
(13:00:11) Minaplo: ["Uh-huh." Freya eyed him suspiciously. "Betcha are. Am I gonna have to withdraw croissant privileges?"]
(13:02:32) Sept: "I can ensure you'll never taste one ever again, either."
(13:05:04) Minaplo: ["MAD, huh."]
(13:07:54) Sept: "Mutually absent delicacies, yes."
(13:11:59) Minaplo: [She snickered. "Hey, I still have like six rumours to go."]
(13:13:00) Sept: "You seem confident. I bet you can't top that last one."
(13:14:31) Minaplo: ["Probably not, but…"-
(13:14:46) Minaplo: [She leaned over. "Is it true that he's having ~secret liaisons~ with Blanc?"]
(13:17:48) Sept: "I… wouldn't know. Pass."
(13:18:05) Minaplo: ["Aw, c'mon! Nothing?"]
(13:20:05) Sept: "They're friendly. Can't say anything beyond that."-
(13:20:53) Sept: Sera thought for a while, and added, "I'd like to think the both of them are smart enough to know something like that would come to light sooner rather than later in this environment."
(13:23:24) Minaplo: ["Yeah, no shit, huh? Ok, let's see. Here's one I got from a NERV insider: his Evangelion's soul is that of Pope John-Paul II."]
(13:23:54) Sept: "Which pope was that?"
(13:26:08) Minaplo: ["The one during Second Impact. I mean, he died before I was five, but I remember reading about how he saved Rome during Impact and stuff."]
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(13:28:35) Sept: "Hahaha, why not? Seems about right for the kid."
(13:29:31) Minaplo: ["Oh?"]
(13:31:35) Sept: "Fitting for a protagonist. Going to fit right into Xeno War II, don't you think?"
(13:31:52) Minaplo: ["Hah, oh God. Are they still even making those movies?"]
(13:34:36) Sept: "I bet they are. The market'll be there for a while yet."
(13:39:26) Minaplo: ["We'll see." Said Freya noncommitally. "I also hear he does better than you do at track and field…"]
(13:41:20) * Sept waved a hand. "I hear we haven't raced together."-
(13:41:27) Sept: "Wait, people actually talk about that?"
(13:46:38) Minaplo: ["I have many contacts. And the two of you generate many rumours."-
(13:46:44) Minaplo: [There was the faint sound of sirens in the distance.]
(13:49:32) Sept: "Hmm." Sera looked down from the rooftop, vaguely in the direction of the sirens. "There's been a lot of those today. Think it has something to do with that parade from earlier? Maybe just putting on a show to make it seem like the police still have power?"
(13:52:26) Minaplo: ["Maybe…" Said Freya, peering out at the road below. "still, maybe it's something serious."-
(13:53:03) Minaplo: [There was a strange sound to their right, like an electrical port shorting out. A television antenna sat on the roof, usually inert- but right now it was crackling and sparking…]
(13:58:16) Sept: "..?" It took a few moments too long for Sera to connect the dots. "It's an attack. We have to go." He stayed low, taking careful glances at the surrounding rooftops for abnormalities.
(13:58:35) Minaplo: ["An attack? But the sirens…?"-
(13:58:49) Minaplo: [The antenna sparked for a few more seconds, then… went quiet.]
(14:05:16) Sept: "Fuck the sirens. What can the police do?" Sera fixed a sharp look at Freya. "Get out of here. They'll be after me. Don't get killed." He quickly crouched over to one side of the roof and began preparing his grappling hook.
(14:08:47) Minaplo: ["What? Sera, what did you do?" She got to her feet.]
(14:13:34) Sept: "Terrorists, Freya! Something has the building, and there's probably more of them, and we have to get them off balance! Now -go-!" And Sera sure did.
(14:15:19) Minaplo: ["I-" But she was off, uncertainly for sure, but she was off. A second later, the door burst open- a squad of armed and armoured tactical police officers burst through. "STOP! POLICE!"]
(14:40:09) * Sept didn't hesitate to stick to his plan, not for the invaders' words, nor for worry over Freya. As soon as he heard the 'clank' of the projectile over the street, he took a running step off solid ground and into the abyss with a carefully controlled momentum.
(14:42:32) Minaplo: ["He's moving across the rooftops! Get the air unit up here now!" The sound of six automatic rifles raising and clicking. "STOP OR WE WILL OPEN FIRE!"]
(14:47:53) Sept: That wasn't a decision at all for Sera. Assault rifles? He'd withstood positron beams and bolters - or at least that's what he caught himself thinking. The cable whined under the friction, but held. Sera scrambled to reach the edge of the next rooftop, for some kind of cover..!
(14:50:16) Minaplo: [The next rooftop had a high concrete 'lip'. If he could get behind that, he'd be safe from any firearms…]
(14:55:26) Sept: Sera became acutely aware of the several stories of emptiness below him. He hadn't looked down, but he knew what it looked like. For some reason, he knew it looked exactly like the one he had been looking at before his death. His fingers found the edge, and he heaved himself upward with all his strength.
(15:06:15) Minaplo: [Not a moment too soon as the guns opened fire, bullets bouncing off the lip. The bullets sounded strange, different, but did he have time to dwell? Where next?]
(15:15:06) Sept: "Still alive," he gasped to himself. "Move," he said, willing his body to motion once more as he made for the next roof, making sure it couldn't be seen from the first one. Each step he took compounded the last - their net could only be so wide.
(15:33:02) Minaplo: [The grappling hook flew out, hooking itself onto the roof of a nearby warehouse. However, roughly a two metres or so past the lip of his own building, the hook gave way, snapping back to the gun…]
(15:40:43) Sept: Thoughts, and a great deal of wind, rushed past. Sera fumbled for the wall to stop himself from colliding with it and completely losing control of the fall, finding a drain pipe or a piece of ventilation equipment - he didn't see it, but he got a fleeting grip on it, almost slowing down his descent before the momentum violently took the world away from him again. There was a fire escape, a ladder, there somewhere that he grasped to almost completely halt the fall, but the pain in his fingers and wrist was too much, and the next thing his hands found was the ground.
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(15:46:54) Minaplo: [And the ground was quite hard. It was enough to knock the air out of his lungs, leaving him half-stunned on the cold gravel path.-
(15:47:21) Minaplo: [There were footsteps, nearby. Not the harsh stomp of a leather boot, but soft, careful ones.]
(15:50:39) Sept: "Hhhhhhh," he commanded himself. If he could just reach a weapon. His pistol, his knife…
(15:51:28) Minaplo: [There was a sudden weight on his chest, pushing him down into the ground, hard. There was a shape above him- a humanoid figure, staring down at him. An impossible one.-
(15:51:45) Minaplo: [It had to be the fall. It had dazed him, surely…-
(15:52:12) Minaplo: [A human-size Ramliel stood there, foot on his chest, cold blank eyes staring down at his own. It tilted its head, as though he were a curiosity.]
(15:57:40) Sept: His hand wouldn't respond. Seeing the one responsible, no matter how much of it was an illusion, gave him something to concentrate on. Sera burned that image deep into his memory. Death couldn't take this away from him. Once they brought him back, he'd definitely remem…-
(15:59:15) Sept: And Sera remembered, for the tenth time that day, that they wouldn't bring him back.
(16:06:13) Minaplo: [Ramliel jerked its head up, looking about warily- before, quickly, it crouched down. Wham- a hard fist straight to the nose, causing pain and dizziness, a disgusting bursting sound reaching his ears- and then it was gone with a -crack-, the smell of ozone hanging in the air.-
(16:06:24) Minaplo: [The last he heard were heavy footsteps before all went dark.]

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