Suspect's Interrogation

AdEvaGM: ["… Lucky to last the week, you son of a bitch."-
(13:08:36) AdEvaGM: ["Are you threatening me? Don't think you can just come in here and…"-
(13:14:44) AdEvaGM: [Sera's consciousness began creeping back. He found himself on a rather uncomfortable bed. The solid, flat and grimly grey walls that enrounded him, the thick closed door… Reminded him of a prison cell.-
(13:14:53) AdEvaGM: [Or at the very least, a watch house cell.]
(13:19:51) * Sept fought to stop himself from groaning and turned his head to further examine the cell to determine if he was alone or being watched. He'd heard voices, hadn't he..?
(13:21:21) AdEvaGM: [The cell was empty except for him. There was the smell of bleach in the air.-
(13:21:54) AdEvaGM: ["I know his rights! You question him and then we take him, do you understand?" … Frederic.-
(13:22:01) AdEvaGM: ["He's wanted for murder-"-
(13:22:16) AdEvaGM: ["Don't argue. Go wake him, now!" Frederic again.-
(13:23:05) AdEvaGM: [Whoever he was talking to was clearly displeased. He called Frederic a long list of curses and insults, before he stomped over- the footsteps nearly shaking the door-, rapped hard on the cell door, and yanked it open. "You! Up!"]
(13:28:53) Sept: "Frederic," Sera called out with a short-tempered tone as he stretched his muscles and got to his feet. "Explain!" He stepped closer to the jailor, sizing him up.
(13:30:02) AdEvaGM: ["You shut the hell up and come with me." Snapped the jailor in return. The jailor was short, shorter than Sera, but every inch of him seemed to be made of pure muscle. His face was beet red. The jailor stepped back, clicking his heels, and pointed down the hallway to his left.-
(13:31:51) AdEvaGM: [To his right was Frederic, in full uniform, looking quietly angry. Behind him was Captain Terry, who was eyeing the jailor speculatively.]
(13:37:11) Sept: The events leading up to this place began to slowly filter back in to Sera. Although parts of the chain didn't add up. Judging by Frederic's behavior and his surroundings, this was a police facility. Yet the last thing he remembered before this…-
(13:38:06) * Sept glanced at Frederic and Terry in turn, and followed the indicated hallway, steps slightly hurried.
(13:54:42) AdEvaGM: [They led him to a door, and passed him through it into what seemed to be something of an intersection of hallways. The jailory followed after and curtly nodded towards a door to the right. "Through there."]
(14:01:24) * Sept glanced back at the jailor once more and went through the door, his steps still impatient. The fingers of his right hand were tapping together in some kind of sequence, either some kind of melody from muscle memory to help him concentrate, or a purely nervous tic.
(14:14:00) AdEvaGM: [The door led to a small room, featureless except for a desk; the desk had four chairs. Sitting in one, facing Sera, was a short, slightly pudgy man with a receding grey hairline wearing a suit. Sitting on the other side was a woman with red, curly hair, wearing a business skirt and suit; she was slightly taller than the short man.-
(14:14:20) AdEvaGM: ["Sera de Pteres." Said the man. "I am Etienne Pascal, the examining judge for this case. Please, sit down."]
(14:23:02) * Sept faced them for a short while. Expression blank except for that slight overtone of frustration. "That tells me nothing. I can accommodate you, but you'd better start making sense fast." Sera took a seat, making sure not to sink too far into the comfort of the massive cushions.
(14:26:45) AdEvaGM: [The man's face coloured. "I would watch your tone. You are here at the mercy of the Paris Prefecture of Police to answer my questions. You are the lead suspect in the murder case of a Mr. Michel Noel- in fact, you are the only suspect."-
(14:30:10) AdEvaGM: ["As you were found unconscious, it falls to me to inform you of your rights. You will be held in custody for 72 hours, providing evidence does not materialise that gives us the right to keep you longer. You have the right to inform a relative or employer of your current situation- albeit your 'employer' is already present…" He coughed. "You have the right to examination by a physician,
(14:30:10) AdEvaGM: as well as the right to discuss your case with an attorney." He nodded at the woman next to Sera. "You have the right to answer questions, or to remain silent; you are always entitled to assistance from a lawyer; and you are permitted to complete privacy should you wish to use your right to discussion with said lawyer. Do you understand these rights?"]
(14:38:58) * Sept took a few deep breaths. Having his rights read to him at least made the situation that much more concrete. The impatience in his features was now replaced by concentration. "I understand. Why am I a suspect?" That nagging feeling at the back of his head again. Ramliel had definitely been there…
(14:41:45) AdEvaGM: ["Camera footage at the Stalingrad Station clearly showed you slitting his throat with a knife."]
(14:45:49) Sept: "Clearly," Sera repeated coldly. "I haven't been there for days. What about the camera footage of me obviously being elsewhere at the time?"
(14:50:39) AdEvaGM: [He coughed. "There is no such footage."]
(14:50:56) Sept: "-Elaborate-."
(14:53:41) AdEvaGM: [The woman glanced at Sera awkwardly. "Lucille Pettigrew, NERV PR Division. We… That is to say, S2 doesn't have any footage of you between 11 AM and 6:30 PM yesterday."-
(14:54:55) AdEvaGM: [Pascal nodded. "The only footage is from local security cameras at Stalingrad Station."]
(15:06:26) * Sept stayed silent for a while. "I will have been out of my apartment for most of that time. Even if that place wasn't compromised, the footage wouldn't help. I saw Freya that day." Sera tilted his head slightly and smiled insincerely. "But the testimony of NERV employees will be as unreliable as your security footage."
(15:08:00) AdEvaGM: ["In any case, we have other witnesses placing you at Stalingrad at the time."]
(15:15:51) Sept: "Hmmh." Sera frowned in frustration again. "How far can this case go with just witnesses and the cameras?"
(15:16:56) AdEvaGM: ["You are in possession of a grappling hook device, are you not, de Pteres?"]
(15:23:19) Sept: "…yes. Wait." Something flared in Sera's eyes. "Those people after me, they were your men? The idiots with the rifles?"
(15:28:08) AdEvaGM: ["Those men were a national police intervention group. Your first response being to escape in such a manner did not go down well."]
(15:35:08) Sept: "You dare talk about -my- response?!" Sera slammed a hand on the table. "You can not -fathom- the consequences of me going silently with anyone who stuck a gun in my face! If you want to talk to me, you go to NERV, you -call- me, anything -but- go around setting up ambushes like a bunch of incompetent terrorists!"
(15:36:02) AdEvaGM: ["You were called. You did not answer. We informed NERV and they, too, said that you were not responding to calls."]
(15:39:56) Sept: "…"-
(15:44:07) Sept: Sera's eyes turned slightly downward, yet showed no sign of embarrassment. Instead, his gaze flitted from one end of the table to the other as he processed the words. Was it an attempt on his life, part of something larger, an enemy showing him what they were capable of? All of the above? Was any of this real?-
(15:47:38) Sept: "How much of the evidence am I allowed to personally review? How involved is NERV in the investigation?"
(15:48:35) AdEvaGM: ["NERV is involved only in providing for your defense, as well as providing evidence that we request." Said Pascal. "Perhaps now would be a good time to invoke your private discussion rights?"]
(15:53:16) Sept: "…yes. That will be fine."
(15:54:18) AdEvaGM: [Pascal stood, and nodded. "Then I will depart. Madame Pettigrew, if you could notify me when the two of you are finished-?"-
(15:54:28) AdEvaGM: ["Of course, Judge Pascal."-
(15:54:37) AdEvaGM: [The Judge parted from the room, leaving the two alone.]
(15:56:29) Sept: "First of all. Any messages for me?"
(15:58:16) AdEvaGM: ["A message from Freya Solheim. She's safe. Colonel Amatore-Deforest also wishes to note that you should keep calm, don't panic, and don't piss anyone off.-
(16:01:57) AdEvaGM: ["It may be too late." She noted wryly. Pettigrew leaned back in her chair, looking thoughtful.]
(16:03:10) Sept: "Nothing else?"
(16:04:30) AdEvaGM: ["Not in the way of messages."]
(16:05:20) Sept: "What do you mean?"
(16:06:42) AdEvaGM: [She shrugged. "That's all I have for messages."]
(16:11:35) Sept: "Whatever. Do you have the images from the 'footage', and sketches of what the witnesses saw?"
(16:14:21) AdEvaGM: ["I have some of the footage stills, but not all of the witnesses have been able to be processed yet."]
(16:16:55) Sept: "Those'll be enough. I'd like to see them myself."
(16:20:08) AdEvaGM: [Pettigrew opened the folder and took out a small stack of photographs. They were stills from the footage.-
(16:20:40) AdEvaGM: [Each one revealed Sera de Pteres, standing, knife in hand- before slitting Noel's throat, during and after.-
(16:21:20) AdEvaGM: [None of them had glasses, but each had long hair- and a grappling hook hanging from their belts. Their faces were immediately recognisable as his own.-
(16:21:39) AdEvaGM: [Finally, the sketches revealed the same basic template- his face, no glasses, with long hair in varying styles.]
(16:28:36) Sept: "No glasses. Could just be contacts." Sera inspected the images for a while longer, then pushed them back to Pettigrew. "We don't have time for this. What's the worst they can do if we decide to concentrate on the actual issues?"
(16:30:00) AdEvaGM: ["You're considered NERV essential, so you can't be prosecuted until your contract expires or NERV declares you nonessential." Said Pettigrew, filing the images away. "However, until that time you'll be under restrictions in where you can go and what you can do."]
(16:36:35) Sept: "And they'll, what, shoot me if I won't obey?"
(16:36:56) AdEvaGM: ["It's NERV's duty to enforce that, and we fully intend to do so."]
(16:41:01) Sept: "The best plan," Sera scoffed. "I want all reports, radio transcripts and video of the arrest. That's the only lead we have for now."
(16:41:45) AdEvaGM: ["You'll have to ask Judge Pascal for that."]
(16:54:49) Sept: "Right. Tell Simon I expect her to do everything possible to get this out of the way now. If they find W, get him here. Whoever did this, they've stepped out and we can't waste time just staying on the defensive. I'll need to see Blanc as soon as possible, too."
(16:58:32) AdEvaGM: ["I'll pass it on." Said Pettigrew, suppressing a sigh. If she were being honest, she wished that it had been Zhang who'd been brought in by the police. Zhang would've been easy to deal with… "There are a few other things I feel are important to discuss, however."]
(17:00:37) Sept: "Go ahead." Sera looked at her intently.
(17:01:40) AdEvaGM: ["First and foremost. You may or may not have been aware, but NERV has a personal stake above and beyond defending you during this. Michel Noel- the victim- was an S2 Agent."]
(17:07:53) Sept: "S2? And what exactly was he doing at the station?"
(17:09:46) AdEvaGM: ["He was part of the detail securing the route the new head of Technical uses."]
(17:18:43) Sept: "…in the eyes of a jury, that's marginally better than a civilian. What else?"
(17:23:22) AdEvaGM: ["Another S2 agent was slain at Blanche- the station from which a good number of employees, including the head of Technical, depart. The last train to leave Blanche was carrying both Doctor Surov and Zhang Yanmei at the time. It experienced a strange set of anomalies on the way- power fluctuations, to be exact."]
(17:26:43) Sept: "So that wasn't part of the raid. I think the building they stormed will have had the same problem. …what did the Blanche cameras record?"
(17:28:34) AdEvaGM: ["Nothing. They were completely dead." Said Pettigrew gravely. "The same with cameras all over the city, especially ones covering you. Your phone- currently in custody- was also drained completely dry of its battery. All of this forms a very bizarre pattern…"]
(17:35:00) Sept: "You mean the pattern where we aren't declaring this an Angel attack and taking control of the investigation? You're right, that is bizarre!"
(17:42:12) AdEvaGM: ["Angels don't invade by killing random NERV employees." Said Pettigrew with a sigh. "If anything, that's a Children of Adam M.O."]
(17:47:31) Sept: "It's our case either way! Look…" "Ramliel was there. Before they took me in, I ran into… -something- like it. We had something similar on Skald, this clearly goes beyond you, me and especially the idiots running -this- place!"
(17:50:54) AdEvaGM: ["The Children of Adam are considered a terrorist organisation. The mandate for dealing with them falls to national governments and the UN, not NERV." Said Pettigrew. "In any case, I'll remember to report that back at the Geofront."]
(17:55:44) Sept: "Yes, yes. I expect you'll be keeping a transport ready to minimise response delay in case of an attack, at least?"
(17:56:28) AdEvaGM: ["HQ are quite confident that Zhang, Blanc and Weiss-Xylander can cope without you."]
(17:58:13) Sept: Sera's eyes widened. "You're kidding."
(18:04:43) AdEvaGM: ["Yes, I am."]
(18:07:02) Sept: "This is -not-. The -time-," Sera hissed. "Was that all?"
(18:08:25) AdEvaGM: [Pettigrew seemed rather unruffled by Sera's hissing or indeed, the situation. "Yes, that is all. Would you rather face Judge Pascal's interrogation by yourself, or would you prefer I be here to see the debacle in real time?"]
(18:14:01) Sept: "I've said all I intend to say to him about yesterday. The past is none of his business. I expect it'll be a session of pointless small talk. You can go."
(18:15:15) AdEvaGM: ["My pleasure." She collected her folder, stood up and left the room. "He's all yours, Judge Pascal. He doesn't want me there."-
(18:16:40) AdEvaGM: ["Thank you, Madame Pettigrew. Have a safe ride home." Pascal entered the room and closed the door. He took his previous seat.-
(18:17:06) AdEvaGM: ["Now that you have spoken to your legal counsel, I have some questions that I would like you to answer, keeping in mind that you have the right to silence."]
(18:17:56) Sept: "Go ahead."
(18:19:08) AdEvaGM: [He took out a small notepad and a pen. "Where were you between 4:10 and 4:22 PM yesterday?"]
(18:22:32) * Sept thought for a moment. "Twelfth arrondissement, probably west side."
(18:24:06) AdEvaGM: ["And what were you doing in thw Twelfth arrondissement, probably west side?"]
(18:25:38) Sept: "Running, as I often do. Exploring Paris."
(18:26:25) AdEvaGM: ["I see. You are something of a free runner, am I right?"]
(18:29:55) Sept: "Yes."
(18:30:14) AdEvaGM: ["And do you have anyone who can corroborate this statement?"]
(18:33:18) Sept: "Not that I know of, but there could be passers-by in the area. I met Freya Solheim for lunch around 1 PM. It is not an alibi."
(18:35:03) AdEvaGM: ["Do you have an alibi, Monsieur de Pteres?"]
(18:35:50) Sept: "I do not."
(18:36:26) AdEvaGM: ["I see. Did you know the victim, Michel Noel?"]
(18:37:47) Sept: "I did not."
(18:40:27) AdEvaGM: ["Are you capable of wielding a combat knife to successfully injure or kill a person, Monsieur de Pteres?"]
(18:42:02) Sept: "Yes. Less so without glasses, but you know that."
(18:42:53) AdEvaGM: [Writing.-
(18:43:22) AdEvaGM: ["Do you use contacts at times, Monsieur de Pteres?"]
(18:44:41) Sept: "I've never used contacts."
(18:45:50) AdEvaGM: ["Your grappling hook is a unique NERV prototype, am I right?"]
(18:50:47) Sept: "There might be backups, but it might be difficult to use by anyone it has not been customised for. That said, the same device would obviously work for the supposed Stalingrad murderer."
(18:51:21) AdEvaGM: ["Was your grappling hook in your possession all day yesterday, Monsieur de Pteres?"]
(18:52:58) Sept: "Yes. I keep it with me on my runs as often as I can."
(18:53:24) AdEvaGM: ["Did you go to Stalingrad Station at any point yesterday?"]
(18:53:29) Sept: "No."
(18:54:03) AdEvaGM: ["So you did not kill Michel Noel?"]
(18:54:29) Sept: "I did not."
(18:57:16) AdEvaGM: ["Very well. That's all I have for you today, Monsieur de Pteres." Judge Pascal got to his feet, walked around and opened the door. "Come with me, if you please."]
(18:59:39) Sept: "Hmmh. I see." Sera followed, still looking somewhat dubious of… all of it.
(19:01:26) AdEvaGM: [Pascal led Sera out through the corridors into a lobby, where the front desk of the department was situated, as well as the main entrance. Frederic and Terry were waiting there as well, Terry taking an entire sofa up by himself. Frederic was pacing back and forth, looking agitated; Terry was reading an old fashion magazine and looking mildly intrigued.-
(19:03:12) AdEvaGM: ["Capitaine Gosselin, I have finished my questioning for now. I now release Monsieur de Pteres into the care of NERV, as per the charter laid out at its formation, adhering to the conditions placed upon him and your organisation." He turned to Sera. "You are free to leave in the Capitaine's care."-
(19:03:39) AdEvaGM: [Frederic looked around, now, stopping with his incessant pacing. "About time. You doing ok, Sera?"]
(19:09:34) Sept: "I will be as soon as we determine who's behind this. Whatever it is, it can and will cause more incidents, and we can't even begin to predict them from where we are."-
(19:09:52) Sept: "Let's go. We have work to do."
(19:11:33) AdEvaGM: [They could hear Judge Pascal murmuring to the front desk regarding authorising a search of …-
(19:11:58) AdEvaGM: [And then they were out, towards an armored van that served as their transport. Terry made for the back.]
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(19:25:20) Sept: —-
(19:28:03) Sept: The wide open solitude of the Geofront was the best thing to calm Sera's nerves, now. That, and having a weapon, even if it was just a knife to twirl between his fingers as he whiled away the time trying to figure out what exactly They were after.
(19:29:42) * Aline found herself nearby, perhaps because some sensitive Significance Sense was tingling. Or perhaps because she was looking for Sera and managed to get a lead. She had her own reasons, after all…
(19:33:27) Sept: "Who's there?" Sera called out, in a sufficiently casual tone as to not be immediately interpreted as paranoia. He was lying down on the grass, holding one hand and the knife between himself and the artificial sky.
(19:36:01) Aline: "It's just me." And there was an awkward pause. She remembered the change in her voice, even though she had met him post-LCL once before. "Aline. I've been looking for you for a bit of the day now." It was worth noting, she was behind on the news due to that - she hadn't heard of Sera's New Situation.
(19:37:28) Sept: "Was arrested. I need your help, though."
(19:38:06) * Aline blinked at that, eyeing the knife slightly, though she perhaps knew he just Liked Knives. "…For what? And what could I possibly do to help?"
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(19:44:03) Sept: "You didn't hear. There's been blackouts. Angel or cult activity, or sabotage. Two murders of S2 agents, cameras and witnesses claim I'm responsible for the other one. I know I'm not, and it can't be a surviving reserve copy." Sera counted off numbers with his fingers. It was clear he'd gone through this in his head quite a few times.-
(19:45:28) Sept: "Ran into a human-sized Ramliel before arrest. No witnesses, hallucination very unlikely." A pause. "I think that's it. I'd like your opinion."
(19:47:19) * Aline was staring nigh-blankly through a lot of that, thinking deeply… once she finished dazedly absorbing everything. "Not to be rude but, uh. How do you know hallucination is unlikely? I want to make sure, because that's… a bit. Well, crazy-sounding. Get that across and I think I might have a few theories."
(19:51:12) Sept: "Let's see. Blunt force trauma before I saw it." Sera raised a finger on one hand. "But also after. Hallucinations rarely punch people." He raised a finger on the other, tilting his head. "I'm… confident, Aline."
(19:55:11) * Aline nodded. "I'll believe you, if only because even if you were murderous and violent all the time, you usually do things for a purpose. There's no real point in killing an S2 agent, in the grand scheme of things. For you, anyway. And I suppose maybe mis-representing something as something else, like an officer punching you, but… I imagine the realism was too high. Aaaanyway." Aline
(19:55:11) * Aline began to sit down nearby, on the grass. "Theory prime, actually, is going towards cult activity. Namely… Do you recall the term 'Tactical Evangelion'?"
(20:00:49) Sept: The twirling finally stopped entirely as the knife was laid back down. "Yes..? Explain."
(20:08:16) Aline: "Basically… In the heirarchy of abnormal humans, we have…" Aline started counting out on her fingers. "E-Gene holders who've picked up something on the way - like me or Isabelle, Iron Guards, Ayanamis and the LN equivalent, and then the Tactical Evangelion. We're dealing with something that, if it's responsible for /all/ of this…" She made a fist, and then started counting /again/.
(20:08:16) Aline: "One: Has an AT Field capable of manifesting body changes or illusions. Two: Knows how to fight with knives. Three: Knows your form. Four: Understands human society enough to know about the concept of framing someone. Whiiich points to an abnormal human, or some unknown Angel with /very/ intimate understanding of human culture. It's /possible/ that there's a mini-Ramliel variant of the
(20:08:16) Aline: T-Eva, but we can't be sure."
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(20:19:20) * Sept counted off fingers silently, too. "…that fits. Very good. We can pursue that once we find something. Yanmei was present at the other murder scene, the one without cameras. She isn't suspected. You were looking for me?"
(20:22:28) * Aline shrugged a bit. "Probably because she wasn't being actively framed. And not caught on film, for that matter." But her expression grimmened (let's pretend that that's a word) a bit when he moved to why she was looking for him. "I spoke with William, and I know a little bit more about what the /deal/ is between us."
(20:26:04) Sept: "There's a deal between you? Different from the one with Shinji?"
(20:28:03) * Aline narrowed her eyes, and to be nice, managed the willpower to /not/ facepalm. "Apparently, yes. Long story short, we apparently were together like that when we were kids. And I don't remember a thing. He suspects NERV tampered with my memories, and I'm suspicious that the reason why is that he - not Shinji - is my Adam."
(20:29:59) Sept: "Shinji..? No, that's not right." Sera sat up and looked at her, confused. "No," he repeated.
(20:31:16) * Aline stared back, equally confused. "We already… uh… heard that Shinji isn't one, or at least have it on reasonable confidence from Dr. Riel. Was that what you meant?"
(20:36:09) Sept: "No, I didn't realise you were worried, or, I don't know. It's not William, either. Elisha's notes had a list with the names. Michel… Michel Leon. He's dead."
(20:39:28) * Aline blinked right there, and her expression seemed to worsen. "Th-that was the simplest answer, and it's wrong…? So why? Why erase someone from my life, then let him back? William said it might be in my MAGI files. That's why I came to you, but… they might be on watch for you doing things… uuu…"
(20:45:12) Sept: "That was the first time I accessed any of them, I don't think they'd caught on back then…"
(20:46:32) * Aline was breathing heavily - for a moment, anyway - before she put a hand to her forehead. "…I'm afraid they might keep a closer eye on you. I mean, I guess you're not on watch out here, but yet… I dunno. I just don't know if I'll be able to /get/ the information, and it worries me. I don't like having such a huge gap."
(20:47:46) Sept: "You're sure William is right? That he knew you from back then?"
(20:48:58) Aline: "It's… reasonable, because his /reactions/ are way too over-the-top for him to be lying, nor are they /quite/ insane enough to be false either. The worst that could happen is that I find out he instead had /his/ memories altered, but… that makes even less sense!"
(20:52:41) Sept: "A lot of unexpected factors when it comes to you. Voriel and everything. What if… they wanted to take it back? Manufacture an Adam? Or bring one back?"
(20:54:54) * Aline frowned. "Then… why? I don't know what it is they want about that. Do they /not/ want the pairs? Do they /want/ the pairs? It's confusing…"
(20:56:43) Sept: "I'm sorry, Aline. I don't know. There must be factions that do want them, but that doesn't benefit us if we have no way of outlining their members."
(20:57:21) * Aline sighed heavily. "Do you, at least, understand why this bothers me so much?"
(21:00:47) Sept: "It's… been a long day for me. If it's a plot, you have to distance yourself from him quickly, and if not…"
(21:03:20) * Aline …very slowly nodded. "I understand. I can't really avoid him too much, but at the same time, I have to know the truth. I'll see if Yanmei knows anything about this, though. It's… again, frustrating.
(21:08:01) Sept: "I understand. I'll see what I can do. I… felt the same way about myself once, I think."-
(21:08:07) Sept: "It's been a really long day."
(21:10:54) Aline: "Right…" A few looks around. She opened her mouth as if to say something more, but didn't.
(21:16:23) Sept: "I guess we focus on William, first. We might be able to get it out of the way with just our resources, if we pool them."
(21:17:13) Aline: "You're probably right. My files, and I guess his if possible, might hold the clues. I'll ask Yanmei about it, but I'll…" She took a breath. "…I'll let her know that you're looking into it too."
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(21:22:51) * Sept leaned back and lay down again. "Yeah. We can tackle this. They're trying to drown us in this stuff again."
(21:23:35) * Aline didn't lay down, but instead stretched upwards. "Yeah…"

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