Suzanne Sartre
Name: Suzanne Sartre
Position: Student in Saint Louis's class 2-B
Sex: Female
Age: 7 (Born 2010)
Nationality: French
Place of Residence: Paris-2 Geofront

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Light brown
Height: 3'6"
Build: Tiny yet sturdy
Theme Song: Back Alley Space Boy

Personal Details
"I-I wouldn’t fire it. Just hit them if they get too close."

Suzanne is an energetic, unrepentantly fierce and brave young girl. The daughter of two soldiers in the Parisian Guard, Suzanne was orphaned during the Malchediel Attack; the same attack left her unable to walk. Even so, confined to a wheelchair she inherited from Dorian Lachapelle means that she is nevertheless curiously well-armed.

Nevertheless, her fighting spirit quickly endeared her to her protector during the battle- Sir Raphael Guillory- who took her in at the urging of Ayanami Rei. The two are now properly inseparable, with Suzie doing her best to bring colour and vibrancy into Raphael's life, even if sometimes she's a little over-the-top in doing so.

Her chief ambition so far is to be a super samurai robot pilot… An ambition she may yet fulfill.

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