Chinese Resurgent

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"It has been said that the land long united must divide; and the land long divided must unite. So it has ever been."
- Luo Guanzhong, Romance of the Three Kingdoms

What a difference a month can make.

Not even a few months ago, China was a paper tiger, the Sick Man of Asia- nearly at war with its own ally in the USSR, beset by a corrupt government, a dispirited population and a military tied up in fruitless occupations. It was on the blink of a massive food crisis, its cities teeming with refugees and urban poor, the plighted people of the burned southlands. It was like a state already beaten, and many felt that Wu Yuanzhang and his battlefleet were merely a formality.

But in the month of October, China rose above its adversity and triumphed. Liu Lin proved superior: the UN invasion fleet was decisively crushed, the ships scattered, its Eva corps broken. The amphibious landings on China's shores were thrown back into the Pacific, with hundreds of thousands of UN soldiers taken captive as well as large stocks of supplies. Throughout all of this, New Shanghai stood unfaltering, and prevailed against the storm.

As evacuees returned to China's cities, they were greeted with newspapers and broadcasts bearing astonishing news: proof, reams of it, detailing immense corruption within every level of government, to a degree that shocked even the jaded Chinese. This shock, however, quickly turned to anger, and before long protests broke out across the country as tens of millions of people demanded swift action.

On the first of November, Liu Lin entered Beijing-2 at the head of an elite brigade loyal to her. The contrast of corrupt bureaucrats and ministers to the brave and capable military could not be clearer, and by sundown the people were calling on her to take control. Liu Lin announced twice that she would not be taking control; but as the protests increased, she finally acquiesced at 8 PM. She was named Acting President of the Provisional Government by acclamation of 'the people'.

Across the country, arrests took place as corrupt bureaucrats were taken into custody- in many cases, faced between the wrath of the people and the safety of a cell, they went quietly- they are nothing if not survivors. Yet although this threatened to throw the country into gridlock, Liu revealed replacements with exceptional haste- replacements of skill and talent, who were popular in their communities for their ability and civic-mindedness.

On the 5th of November, Liu Lin announced that the seat of government would be moving to the ancient city of Xi'an, until such a time as a proper, new capital- far from the machinations of the Beijing elite- could be prepared in Nanjing. At the same time, she announced that the Chinese Federation- the allegedly democratic framework that existed to maintain hegemony over its client states- would be dissolved. The client states would be given full independence with the option for support from China. In its place, China would be reformed into the Chinese Republic, a democratic state in line with the principles of liberty, equality and the shared family of all humanity.

In accordance to that, China would redouble its efforts in supporting the United Earth Federation, to unify the world in freedom and peace. Fuelled by a sudden upswell of enthusiasm and the purge of corruption, the people responded in droves.

Liu Lin had her chance to bring about the China she had dreamed of making. This time, she promised to herself that she would not fail.


  • Liu Lin gains a Fate Point.
  • Recruitment. Gain 30 free reserves at the start of each Turn, unless another event stops it.
  • War Materiel. Gain 3 free CP at the start of each Turn, unless another event stops it.
  • New Additions. Gain 1200 Starfleet Marines, 200 AC Suit Mk2s, 200 Federation Artillery.
  • New Research Bonuses. Gain the Chongqing Arsenal modifier, which boosts Weapons Engineering by 10%.
  • Geopolitics. Burma, India, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singamore, Mongolia and Tibet become free, full member nations and gain +3 Satisfaction with the Federation. Gain +2 Satisfaction with China.

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