Disintegration Of The United Nations

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"Fallen in the Cause of Peace"
- Traditional dedication to fallen UN Peacekeepers

The United Nations was formed in the aftermath of World War Two to act as many things- an international arbiter of dispute, a safeguard of ethics and human rights and a keeper of the peace. But crippled by regulation, lack of investment from recalcitrant nations and an inherently gridlock-inducing security council, the UN fell far short of its goals.

When Second Impact hit, the UN was given real power due to the machinations of Seele, but in doing so it lost much of its claim to safeguarding human rights and democracy. It was repressive, often militaristic and reluctant to except criticism or large-scale reform. Nonetheless it exerted control over essentially the entire world, although that control was far more fragile in some areas than others.

The defeat of Wu Yuanzhang's fleet, our complete control over the Pacific and the north Atlantic and the defection of Germany resulted in a cascade collapse of UN authority, the momentum gaining speed like a snowball down a hill. With proof that the UN broke the Vatican Treaty, the Kingmaker Clause went into effect- perhaps if the UN had been more powerful the Non-Aligned States would've kept it to condemnations or other such things, but now, firmly convinced that the tide had turned irrevocably against the UN, they signed fully onto the Federation alliance.

The UN Headquarters in Hamburg has been secured by German forces, as has the Caine Mansion. UN authority has shrunk to its last strongholds in East and South Africa as well as Tasmania, and even there defections are becoming commonplace with thousands of stormtroopers deserting their units. In many areas, battles break out only to end prematurely in mass surrenders by UN troops who lack the will to fight.

On the 8th of November, Mary Caine expelled all neutral observers- and had a few arrested. Any treaties with the UEF were now null and void. The Prime Minister directed that all representatives of the UN General Assembly are to meet one last time to take a vote on dissolving the UN. It passed, was ratified- and with that, the UN is no more.

The regions in East Africa and South Africa are now assumed to be nothing but regions directly under Mary Caine's control- not proper countries but merely her unlawfully occupied warlord bases. This was a war of liberation.

The United Nations is no more, having failed to achieve its dream of global peace, liberty and prosperity. But there is no stopping an idea whose time has come, and the dream continues with us.


  • Victory Is Near. Gain +2 Satisfaction with all existing UEF Members.
  • Geopolitics (CDA Defections). Germany, Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary join the Federation. Their Satisfaction is reset to 1.
  • Geopolitics (Kingmaker Clause.) Brazil, Japan, Arabia, Scandinavia, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Roma-Bulgaria, Greece, Mexico, Phillipines all join the Federation. Their satisfaction increases by +2 (or is reset to 1 if lower than -2 or lower.)
  • CDA Benefits. Gain 40 Reserves and 5 CP at the start of each Turn, in case something else interrupts it.
  • Japan Benefits. Gain 10 Reserves and 1 CP at the start of each Turn, in case something else interrupts it.
  • Brazil Benefits. Gain 10 Reserves and 3 CP at the start of each Turn, in case something else interrupts it.
  • Research Benefits. Gain the Cavaleiro Sciencia Research Team, which provides 3 RP and +5% to Facility Design, Weapons Engineering and Synthetic Biology.
  • New Additions. Gain 600 Starfleet Marines, 200 Tyrannosaurs, 200 Kirishimas and 200 Skytears. Gain 200 Blue Cross E-Destroyers.
  • New Leadership. Gain Juno Winter-Lorenz and Vera Hiroko Freitas Kuromiya as ODs.
  • New Evangelion. Gain Eufemia Eliana de Franco Salazar and CAV 1.
  • Global Respect. Gain 1 Prestige Point. Prestige Point effects rebalanced.

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