Oceanian Gains

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"Hey! You! Get your fucking regen on, mate, 'cause I'm gonna slug your ugly mug once for every civ you killed."
- Terence Savage, Guard Captain

The Federation response to Australia's plea was swift and brutal. A powerful force arrived on its shores, heavily armed and well led. With John Brown in command and Captain Savage leading the vanguard, the Federation force quickly intercepted and turned Luther away from the east coast in a series of savage but decisive battles.

What followed was a punitive campaign in which Brown and Savage divided the Iron Guard warband. Brown's forces fought and deliberately lost a fight, allowing Luther to recover 'evidence' that one of the clans were traitors. Brown also used help from the Spider and Platypus clans to further the deception. The result was chaos, with Luther suddenly turning on the other clan leaders in his midst. Savage then struck, crushed the core of the warband group, then spent his energy going to each of the fragmented clans and brutally subjugating them- in some he simply killed them all a few times each, in other situations he fought and subdued the clan leader in single combat.

Luther's forces have been defeated, and the Iron Guard clans know who is in charge- the Federation. Furthermore, Australia, lacking a central government or a military, quickly applied to join the Federation. A provisional government was set up, led by John Brown and a council of the state premiers.

Australia's long-standing rival, Indonesia, realised that it was now at a disadvantage. The Pacific was UEF territory now, and were not keen on the idea of Australia using their newfound friends to crack down on Indonesia. Indonesia also quickly applied to the Federation- if there were to be disputes, then they would be done in the Federation's arbitration courts, not on a battlefield where Indonesia was doomed to defeat.


  • Geopolitics. Australia and Indonesia join the Federation. Australia gains 3 Satisfaction, Indonesia 1.
  • Respect. John Brown gains a Fate Point.
  • New Additions. Gain +4 CP. Also gain 200 Iron Guard.

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