Advancement Fields

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This is a list of 'Advancement Fields', which lists all the talents and skills that your Character can take to improve their abilities. All Advancements are broken into specific categories for the sake of organisation.


Each Talent, regardless of Category, has two special qualities: a Tier and two 'Aptitudes'.

Tiers: How one determines the base cost of a Talent. There are four Tiers of Talents. The higher the Tier, the more powerful the talent, but also the more expensive it is.

Aptitudes: Persona RP doesn't have classes; rather, all talents and skills are broken down into Aptitudes. Every Character gains a set of Aptitudes at creation based on their Arcanae. Every Talent has two Aptitudes. If a Character possesses one of the Aptitudes, that character receives a small XP discount to the purchase of the Talent. If the Character possesses both Aptitudes, they receive a larger discount. If a Character possesses neither Aptitude, they are permitted to purchase the Talent, but must pay the expensive full price.

Talent Tier Costs

Matching Aptitudes Tier One Tier Two Tier Three Tier Four
Two Aptitudes 200 300 400 500
One Aptitudes 300 450 600 750
No Aptitudes 600 900 1200 1500


Skills, much like Talents, have Aptitudes. However, Skills are not divided into tiers and all cost the same. However, Skills have 'Advances', which represent your level of ability with that skill. There are four levels of Advancements. The costs are shown below.

Skill Advances Costs

Matching Aptitudes Known Trained Experienced Veteran
Two Aptitudes 100 200 300 400
One Aptitudes 200 400 600 800
No Aptitudes 300 600 900 1200

The categories are as follows:


A category focused around close combat; focuses on proficiencies and combat maneuvers.


A category focused around ranged combat; focuses on proficiencies, ranged modifiers and ranged maneuvers.


A category focused around physical skills and talents, including ones dominated by strength, agility and toughness.


A category focused around mental skills and talents, including ones dominated by intelligence and willpower.


A category focused around interpersonal skills and talents, including ones dominated by fellowship and perception.


A category home to the 'miscellaneous' and the abilities open to everyone, such as Persona-related talents.
(OW) means the Skill/Talent can be found within the Only War rulebook.
(GM) means the Skill/Talent must be run by the GM with justification before being taken. It may be inexplicable for your character or require a special challenge.

Generic Talents

Note: All Characters begin with Persona Rank One and 3 Persona Slots. They also begin with the Tome Inventory (2) and Tome Map talents.

Tier One Talents

Tier Two Talents

Tier Three Talents

Special Talents

Persona Rank (1-10)

Cost: 100*PR XP
This Talent has no aptitudes, and always costs 100 XP equal to the rank you are purchasing (for example, if purchasing Rank 8, you must spend 100*8 XP to get 800 XP). You must purchase this Talent in order, eg. you must go from Rank 1 to Rank 2 to Rank 3, not Rank 1 to Rank 3. This Talent has a special XP prerequisite- that is, you may only purchase another rank in this Talent once per 2,000 XP in spent XP has been accumulated. You start off with Rank 1, and may purchase Rank 2 after you have spent your first 2,000 XP. You may purchase Rank 3 at 4,000 spent XP and so on.

Talent Explanations

Tome Talents

Persona Talents

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