Team Raffy

[11:25] <Ayanami‘Rei> [The APC sped along at a fair turn of speed. It wasn’t a normal military APC- it was the Thruster APC that Henri had so delightedly piloted a long time ago in Eden. The spacious hull was lined with equipment racks and high-tech computers and monitors- they'd been briefed on one, and put on their way.-
[11:26] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Nearing the operational zone now, Captain." Came Henri’s voice. A dark, squad three-story building was in the distance, both ends of the street cordoned off by UN soldiery. The APC came to a stop at this edge. The rear doors opened.]
[11:33] <Raphael> "Thank you, Sergeant." Raphael replies, checking the bolter and armour for the hundredth time in the glow of the overhead lights before getting to his feet and looking around the cabin. "Alright. We've all been briefed, and we know our targets. If you see one of the leaders, check your fire. We need them alive."
[11:35] <Ayanami‘Rei> [His crew nodded wordlessly.]
[11:37] <Raphael> "Good. Move out." He says, giving them all a quick nod before leading the way.
[11:40] <Ayanami`Rei> [They file out after him. Mana, a pair of bolt pistols in her hands- Hughes, sword and pistol holstered- Marie, a HMG slung over her shoulder- Henri, with a shotgun- Blaise, grenade launcher in hand- and Euphrasie, whose role was to heal, not harm. She carried nothing but a pistol.-
[11:41] <Ayanami`Rei> [The sight brought looks from the local soldiers. Swords… Big guns. And a pretty boy who looked like he was fresh from high school…-
[11:41] <Ayanami`Rei> [But they weren’t stopped.]
[17:01] <Raphael> They may have been an odd sight, but the movements of Guillory's team as they arranged themselves by the door of the squat building were every bit as practiced and professional as any other military unit. And it was that fresh-faced boy who was at the forefront of it all, readying himself to breach the door after giving the rest of the team a quick set of hand signals.-
[17:02] <Raphael> He takes one last moment to steady himself and then gives a nod to Henri, who's crouched by the door with a breaching shotgun set against the lock.
[17:05] <@Mr‘Blue> [Henri nods, and- click. With a bang, the the door’s look splinters, and swings open a little…]
[17:09] * Raphael kicks it open the rest of the way, bolter out in front of him as he leans out of the doorway… and sees nothing but an empty entryway and a nearby window. He frowns, glancing back towards the others. "Hugues, take Sergeants Herriot and Kirishima and check those corners. We'll cover you."
[17:16] <@Mr‘Blue> ["Right." Hugues is in, pistol up, sweeping left to right… "Clear."-
[17:16] <@Mr`Blue> [Blaise is in after…-
[17:17] <@Mr`Blue> [Mana heads past the window, turning, and- "Sir." She looks back at Raphael. "There’s a little girl in here- she's tied up."]
[17:20] <Raphael> Another frown. There'd been no mention of captives during the briefing. "… Get in there and check on her, but keep your guard up. Sergeant Herriot, cover her."
[17:20] <@Mr‘Blue> [There’s the shattering of glass, and Mana hops through the window gingerly.-
[17:21] <@Mr‘Blue> ["She’s unarmed. Uninjured, too. Hold on- what are you saying?"-
[17:21] <@Mr‘Blue> [A quiet, monotone child’s voice, repeating- "Panttivanki. Olen panttivanki…"]
[17:24] <Raphael> "…" Raphael checks the room ahead and begins to move inside. "Get her on her feet, but keep the restraints on for a moment. The LN have deployed child soldiers before."
[17:25] <@Mr‘Blue> ["Yes sir." Mana grabs the girl and gets her to her feet. "Sir? I think I recognise her a little."]
[17:26] <Raphael> "… From where, Sergeant?"
[17:26] <@Mr`Blue> ["From… The old days. I think she may be a reincorporised Neospartan."]
[17:28] * Raphael ’s grip on the bolter tightens a little. "Goddamnit." He murmurs, motioning for Euphrasie. "Alright, let's get her to safety."
1[17:29] <@Mr‘Blue> [Euphrasie nods. "Be right there."]
[18:07] <Raphael> "Sergeant Kirishima, help our young friend out of there. Sergeant Beringer will get her outside and keep an eye on her." Everyone else recieves a quick look as Raphael points towards various doors and halls, ready to begin clearing rooms.
[18:15] <@Mr`Blue> ["Yessir." A moment later, the girl is bundled out through the window. Raphael would get a good look at her- dressed in a long red dress, with a pale face- one that puts him in mind of Rei, strikingly enough- and red hair.-
[18:15] <@Mr`Blue> [Euphrasie nods and gently leads the girl outside.-
[18:15] <@Mr`Blue> ["Olen panttivanki." She continues to repeat like a leaden parrot.]
[18:34] * Raphael watches a girl for a moment longer than he should, given the likelihood of armed terrorists in the vacinity. "… Sergeant Duval, call in to base about our hostage. See if you can get any information." And then he’s gone from the front doorway, joining the others in their search.
[18:35] <@Mr‘Blue> ["Yes, sir." He takes out his radio and calls back to base. "This is Sergeant Duval. We’ve located what appears to be a hostage. Red hair, pale complexion, grey eyes. About 7 years old. Do we have any reports? Over."-
[18:36] <@Mr‘Blue> ["Negative, Sergeant." Frederic’s voice. "Sophie, tell Vishnu to analyse the missing persons report. Do we have a name, Duval? Over."-
[18:36] <@Mr‘Blue> ["Uh, no sir. Over." He looks over at Euphrasie. "Get us a name, yeah?"-
[18:37] <@Mr`Blue> ["I’m not even sure she speaks French -or- English." Says Euphrasie irritably, turning back to the little girl. "Do you have a name, sweetheart?" She tapped her nose. "Euphrasie." She tapped the girl's.-
[18:38] <@Mr‘Blue> ["Olen panttivanki." She repeated.-
[18:38] <@Mr`Blue> ["Maybe that -is- a name." Muttered Henri. "Command, can we do a search for that?"-
[18:49] <@Mr`Blue> ["Vishnu says it’s Finnish. She's telling you she's a hostage." Said Fred. "Sophie, have Vishnu narrow the search parameters to Finnish missing girls aged 6-10… Ah. Duval, she's NeoSpartan 225- reincorporised in the Eden Incident. Her name's Eevi Nieminen- she's been missing since about 3 weeks after the Children were brought home."-
[18:50] <@Mr‘Blue> ["Understood." Henri lowered the radio. "Captain!"]
[18:53] * Raphael glances back from where he’s positioned by a door and nods for Henri to continue, obviously not wanting to shout himself.
[18:55] <@Mr‘Blue> ["Her name’s Eevi. She's one of the rebodied NeoSpartans- she's been missing for nearly a year."]
[20:19] * Raphael simply nods again, and then turns back to the door. His shoulders tense for a second before he drives his weight into the door, sending it flying open as the cheap lock breaks and there's barely a pause before he's firing at some unseen assailant.
1[20:24] <@Mr‘Blue> [And said assailing is shooting back, a shotgun’s retort filling the air with its roaring sound.-
[20:25] <@Mr‘Blue> [But a second later, on his own initiative, Hugues is through the doorway, sword flashing- and the enemy lets out a curse, shotgun forgotten at his side, as he tries to fend Hugues off with his pistol.]
[14:25] <Raphael> But the odds are already tipped against him, and the situation only worsens a moment later as a bolter shell scores a glancing hit across the terrorist’s temple before detonating in the air alongside his head. In the doorway Raphael is already lining up his next shot. "I've got you covered, Chief Sergeant."
[14:34] <@Misato‘> ["Righto!" The sword swings out…-
[14:34] <@Misato`> ["Guh!" A moment later Hugues is spitting in disgust- his blow hewed the man’s head clean off and sent it bouncing off a wall, covering Hugues' face with gore. "Uuuuuuugh."]
[14:44] * Raphael raised an eyebrow from the doorway, a slight smile on his lips. "I see the Lieutenant's training is paying off, Hugues."
1[14:57] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Yeah, maybe a little."]
[14:59] * Raphael chuckles and raises his radio. "Sergeant Kirishima, Sergeant Herriot, what have you found?"
[14:59] <@Isabelle`Bellamy> ["Empty rooms, sir." Is Mana’s reply. Blaise soon concurs: "Yeah, nothing here."-
[15:01] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["This is Sergeant Beringer. I have a hostage to evac. I repeat…"]
[15:03] <Raphael> "Henri, stay with Sergeant Beringer until she’s arranged evac and then meet us upstairs. And make sure the rescue teams know to keep her under guard until we know exactly what's going on."
[15:37] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Yessir."-
[15:38] <@Isabelle`Bellamy> [The soldiers come, and they lead Eevi away. A few moments later, Euphrasie and Henri are moving into the building, along with Marie.]
6[17:40] * Raphael is already working his way up the winding staircase that leads to the next floor, Hugues and Mana close behind him. It doesn’t take long to reach the last landing and the door to the level beyond, but Raphael pauses for a few moments to allow the rest of the team to form up behind him before he carefully inches the door open…
[17:42] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> [Hugues is there, having wiped off most of the blood. Some of it still glistens on his sword, though. "Close quarters fighting is surprisingly effective in buildings, y’know."-
[17:42] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Mm." Mana is after him, looking faintly nauseated- Blaise however looks faintly admiring, as if some thought had germinated in his head- Blaise Herriott, master swordsman…]
[17:46] <Raphael> "… Quiet." Raphael murmurs, peering out at the strangely empty floor beyond. "Move out on my mark, but keep your guard up. This does not look right."
1[19:36] <@Ikari`Shinji> ["It’s too open. Too empty. Ambush…?" Muttered Hugues.-
[19:37] <@Ikari‘Shinji> [Mana headed out into the hallway slowly, taking up position next to the nearest door, waiting for the mark.]
[19:38] * Raphael ’s hand came down a moment later, nudging the door open farther as he edged out into the first corridor.
[19:38] <@Ikari‘Shinji> [Mana nodded, and swung the door open…-
[19:41] <@Ikari`Shinji> [-BAM-. It was only Mana’s superior reflexes that saw her dodge a whistling bullet. Standing in the doorway was a -giant-. Pale, nearly hairless, his face all harsh, unyielding lines. His eyes were like obsidian- emotionless, cold. he tapped a silver watch on his hand. It let out a low beep.-
[19:42] <@Ikari‘Shinji> [And then everything happened at once. There was another -bang-, the roar of a bolter, as a woman burst out of the far hallway, sword in one hand, bolt pistol in the other. She charged down the hallway, swinging her sword in a lethal, singing arc at Mana, who only barely got out of the way.-
[19:43] <@Ikari`Shinji> [But the charging woman didn’t overstretch herself- by the time Hugues had moved to flank her, she was waiting for him, parrying his blade away. "Bah, she's -fast-"-
[19:43] <@Ikari‘Shinji> [There was just one closed door left…-
[19:44] <@Ikari`Shinji> [… And it -exploded-, splinters flying in every direction. A man, blonde, wearing dark sunglasses and a pair of large black gloves around his hands, stepped out into the hallway, seething with fury. "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"-
[19:44] <@Ikari`Shinji> [Henri was already running up the stairs, his radio going nuts. "Captain! CAPTAIN!"-
[19:44] <@Ikari`Shinji> [And Marie was setting up her gun, staring at the swordswoman with focused eyes…]
[19:52] <Raphael> "One moment, Sergeant." Raphael calls, a snap shot from the bolter detonating the wall beside the swordswoman’s head. But the heavy weapon only stays in his hands a moment longer before it's slung over his shoulder in favour of his pistol, Raphael adjusting his footing as he draws a bead on the juggernaut headed his way.
[19:53] <@Ikari‘Shinji> [The whine of a heavy machine gun- and a second later the swordswoman lets out a harsh cry of pain, dizzied from pain and blood loss.]
[19:53] <@Ikari`Shinji> ["Hold on, Mana!" Shouts Blaise, Charging out into the hallway, knife heading towards the cold giant.-
[19:53] <@Ikari`Shinji> [Thrust!-
[19:53] <@Ikari`Shinji> [Sidestep!-
[19:53] <@Ikari`Shinji> [The giant brings his elbow down on Blaise’s head, which nearly concusses him.]
[21:33] <Raphael> Across the room there's the sharp bang of a pistol shot as Raphael finds his mark and leaves a steadily bleeding wound in the oncoming berserker's shoulder, and yet from all the reaction his target gives him he may not have fired at all. The gap between them is closing now… "Hmm."
[21:35] <@Ikari‘Shinji> ["Hold on, Cap’n!" Hollers Hugues, and he charges across the room, swings his sword at the juggernaut…-
[21:36] <@Ikari‘Shinji> [Which grabs it with its fist, the harsh sound of screaming metal filling Raphael’s ears. Hugues stares flatly at his enemy.-
[21:36] <@Ikari‘Shinji> [Wolfgang doesn’t stop, however. "THAT ALL? THAT ALL?" He smashes a fist into Hugues' chest, causing the man to stagger.-
[21:38] <@Ikari‘Shinji> [Next, a fist slams into the chief sergeant’s shoulder, dropping him to his knees- and finally, a final, brutal blow smashes Hugues onto his back, the man letting out a sharp gasp of pain before passing out.]
[21:53] <Raphael> "…" Raphael's calm mask cracks, revealing something ugly and angry beneath it as he reaches down to snatch the bolt pistol from where it's fallen from Hugues hand and weaving around a wild punch, getting in just close enough to set the weapon against his attacker's cheek and pull the trigger. But even that grievous damage doesn't slow him down. "Euphrasie! Get Hugues clear -now-!"
[21:54] <@Ikari‘Shinji> ["R-Right!" Euphrasie dashes in-
[21:54] <@Ikari`Shinji> ["CAPTAIN!" Henri’s voice. "CAPTAIN, IT'S REALLY IMPORT-"-
[21:54] <@Ikari‘Shinji> [Crack!-
[21:55] <@Ikari`Shinji> [Wolfgang’s mighty fists smash into Raphael, square in the chest. Something nearly breaks with the impact, and Raphael can see stars…-
[21:55] <@Ikari‘Shinji> [… A second latter, there’s the whining hum of a HMG, and a second later, the bark of the bullets. A storm of fire rips through Wolfgang, blood spurting from his body, arms, legs- he collapses to the ground, howling, it seems, in sheer pain…-
[21:56] <@Ikari‘Shinji> [But there’s something hidden in those screams. A painful, but exultant laugh before he finally gives in.]
[21:59] * Raphael lets out a ragged gasp, nearly stumbling as the HMG falls silent as he finds his new legs aren't quite as willing to support him through the pain. The gasp becomes a cough, and when he spits onto the floor he can see the flecks of blood. "W-…" Another cough. "What is it, Sergeant?"
[22:00] <@Ikari‘Shinji> ["That little girl! The soldiers! They-" Henri raises his gun at Ekkehardt, who is slowly starting to prevail over a bleeding, ragged Blaise. "She ripped through her bonds and ran back towards us! She’s got an AT Field!"]
[15:50] <Raphael> "… Naturally." Raphael mumbles, managing to straighten up with some effort. "Alright! Marie, get clear and be ready to cover us, but lethal force is a last resort." He lifts his bolt pistol and aims it across the room at the attacker Blaise is barely keeping at bay. "Sergeant Kirishima, get clear! I'll take the shot."
[15:57] <@Isaiah> ["No sir! I can take it-" there's a pair of roars as her bolt pistols fire, and a second later the giant's leg splinters, ripping into pieces. He falls backward, losing a shocking amount of blood. "Hhs…"]
[16:14] * Raphael keeps his gun trained on the spot where his target used to be for a second longer before dropping it to his side with a tired sigh. "Right. Euphrasie, I need you to do whatever you can to get Hugues back on his feet. Marie, be ready." A moment later he's pressed up against the wall by the door to the stairwell, his gun ready as he peers around the corner.
[16:30] <@Isaiah> [Eevi stands there, face impassive and still like a porcelain doll. Her hands are gripped around a long sword that's almost as long as she is, needing both hands to wield. She seems frozen in mid-move…-
[16:30] <@Isaiah> ["…i." A sigh issues from Ekkehardt's dying lips. In a blur, Eevi sprints across the room and slides to his side.]
[16:34] <@Isaiah> ["Ugh. What the hell was that?" Comes a grunt from a familiar voice. Hugues gets to his feet, assisted by Euphrasie.-
[16:34] <@Isaiah> ["Not so fast! Hold on-" She grumbles.]
[16:38] <Raphael> "Sergeant Kirishima, keep your aim on her at all times but do not fire without my say so." Raphael murmurs, following along behind Eevi. His outward expression of calm is almost as flat and perfect as that of his original body as he stands with his bolter aimed at the tiny figure, but he gives the girl some distance for the moment.
[16:41] <@Isaiah> ["E… Eevi." Ekkehardt mumbled, clearly on his way to shutting down. "Final… Orders. For you."-
[16:41] <@Isaiah> [Eevi waited, without saying a word. She held her sword across her knees.-
[16:42] <@Isaiah> ["Don't… Fight. Don't… Take any more… Orders. Be… Free."-
[16:44] <@Isaiah> ["I don't know what that means."-
[16:44] <@Isaiah> [But she wouldn't find any answers from him. His eyes had closed.]
[16:54] <Raphael> "…" Raphael's aim had shifted to Ekkehardt's head a moment before that final breath, his lip curled in barely-controlled anger. But then the man's eyes were shut, and he allowed his grip on the bolt pistol to loosen.
[17:28] <Raphael> The next few moments seem to stretch on forever, even though the faint sounds of Hugues' grumbling in the distance are enough to prove that time is passing as it should. But something more needs to be done. After glancing over to check that Mana's still keeping up her guard, Raphael lowers his own and takes a few slow steps towards the girl. "Eevi…?"
[17:57] <@Isaiah> [She slowly looked up at him, faint confusion in her empty eyes. "Yes?"]
[18:12] <Raphael> "I'm going to take this, ok?" He says, reaching very calmly and slowly for the sword laid across her lap. "We're not going to hurt you. We don't want to fight."
[18:13] <@Isaiah> [She mutely watched, offering no resistance, as Raphael took the sword from her.]
[18:20] * Raphael reached back, leaning it on the wall around the corner - well out of sight. Not seeming to even notice the blood, he crouches down alongside the girl. "Are you alright?"
[18:21] <@Isaiah> [Eevi stared straight ahead. "Uninjured. AT Field… Spread."]
[18:48] * Raphael 's jaw tightens. "… Alright. Eevi, we're going to get you out of here. We'll take you somewhere safe and quiet until we're finished here, ok?"
[18:48] <@Isaiah> ["Yes."]
6[18:49] * Raphael glances back towards the others. "Sergeant Herriot will keep an eye on you until then."
[18:50] <@Isaiah> [The others are looking back with various expressions. Mana is sympathetic- Blaise's expression shifts to flat panic so quickly it almost blue-shifts. "Ah. Of course I will. H-Hi there… Little girl."-
[18:50] <@Isaiah> ["Yes."]
[18:53] <Raphael> "It's fine, Blaise." Raphael says, taking Eevi by the hand and leading her to stand. "I don't think she'll be a problem now. Still, tell the cordon team to get a NERV containment team down here just in case."
[18:54] <@Isaiah> [Her hand is warm, despite the cold look of her skin. She stands up.-
[18:55] <@Isaiah> ["… R-Right, sir, sorry. Yessir."]
[14:33] <Raphael> "Good. Everyone else, form up on the stairs. We're moving on." Raphael says, taking Blaise's hand and placing around Eevi's before turning to Hugues. "Are you alright to carry on, Chief Sergeant? That was a rather nasty blow."
[14:35] <@Ayanami‘Rei> [Eevi stares up at Blaise. Blaise stares back, realising he can’t let go now.-
[14:35] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Hmf." Hugues grumbled. "I’ve had worse."]
[14:45] <Raphael> "Mmm." He gives Hugues a pat on the shoulder and hands back the bolt pistol. "You might be getting old, Hugues."
[14:46] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["You watch it, you young whelp." Hugues is grinning as he takes back his bolt pistol. "I won’t be getting old 'til I can't wield a gun anymore. S'the only time old would feel safe 'bout going near me."]
6[15:14] * Raphael grins, moving past the old soldier on the way to the stairs. "Maybe so. But if you're not at your best I don't want you taking the lead on our next floor. There's no doubt they'll be ready for us."
[15:16] <AdEvaGM> ["I can do it, sir." Says Hugues firmly, defiantly stomping after.]
[15:20] <Raphael> "Mmm."-
[15:26] <Raphael> And so the pattern begins again. Most of the team barely worries about the sounds of their footfalls on the stairs now - the gunfire on the floor below was surely warning enough. It takes little more than a minute for the entry team to ready themselves around the door to the third floor, and only a few moments after that Raphael gives the signal and sends the door flying open.
[15:27] <AdEvaGM> [Half a second- perhaps less- after, a searing bolt of Maser energy hurls itself at Raphael, fired from a young Japanese man with a Long Mas. He has a calm, steady look in his bespectacled eyes.]
[15:29] <Raphael> … but the Captain's already back behind cover, readying his own bolter. "Sniper. Everyone find cover and try to concentrate your fire."
[15:30] <AdEvaGM> [Hugues is already out, slamming himself into a wall. Mana's fast behind him.-
[15:30] <AdEvaGM> [The sniper is quickly away, out the window- grunting a little- and down the hall…]
[15:44] * Raphael charges forward the moment the sniper starts moving, slamming open the door to the next hall and firing a shot at his back that detonates against the wall in a shower of cheap plaster.
1[15:00] <Isaiah> [It's a long hall, a little alcove separating two rooms to Raphael's left.-
[15:01] <Isaiah> [One of these rooms has one of the curious inside windows they've seen around. A second after Daichiro passes by it, a dagger hurls itself through the glass and embeds itself into an opposite door.-
[15:01] <Isaiah> ['Tink.'-
[15:01] <Isaiah> [The dagger's blade explodes, ripping the door to pieces.]
6[15:09] * Raphael 's eyes widen for a split second, but he's quick to gather himself and move ahead. There's slim cover in the doorway that leads to the hall, but he takes what he can. "Keep moving! Watch those windows. Marie, I need that HMG set up to cover the hall." His gaze turns to Henri - or more specifically, the wealth of gear he's carrying on his back. "Sergeant Duval, you have my rifle?"
[15:13] <Isaiah> ["Yessir!" Marie runs into the northwest room, newly vacated, and sets up her HMG whilst taking as much cover as she can.-
[15:13] <Isaiah> ["Yes sir." Says Henri, soon after her. "Just a second-"-
[15:15] <Isaiah> [Mana and Hugues flank a window, now, in the southern room- shards of door littering the interior. "I think I can get that sniper, sir." Says Mana.]
6[15:18] * Raphael checks the sights of his rifle and crouches against the doorframe. "If you can manage it, Sergeant. Hugues will cover you."
[15:21] <Isaiah> [Mana nods, firmly, and is off, smashing through a window, rolling, and then leaping through another. There's the sound of gunshots- and a second later, the sniper is seen, running across Raphael's field of vision and elbowing his way through a door.-
[15:22] <Isaiah> ["Whoops!" A man leaps through the window of the same room a second after. Like all of the enemies they've fought, he's well-dressed, wearing a long black coat, a vest, tie, white shirt and black suit pants, along with a snappy hat. He has brown hair, and Raphael can see that he's identical to one of the dossiers shown in briefing- Mr. Blue.-
[15:22] <Isaiah> [The sound of gunshots echoes once more, and Mana returns into Raphael's vision, looking shaken.]
[15:27] <Raphael> "Target sighted." Raphael calls, already moving forward in search of a clear shot. "Take him alive if possible!"
[15:28] <Isaiah> [A second later, the Japanese sniper re-emerges, snapping a shot off at Raphael.]
[15:29] * Raphael ducks it easily enough, falling back behind the wall and losing sight of the hallway for a few moments…
[15:30] <Isaiah> [And at a speed that seems almost unnatural, Mr. Blue is there, grinning a slasher grin as he swipes low with his dagger, cutting Raphael across the leg. The pain shoots up through the leg into his abdomen, unnaturally…]
[15:33] * Raphael lets out an agonised hiss, his vision blurring as he forces himself not to curl away from that pain. He throws a quick blow at Mr. Blue with the butt of his gun, but the strike is wild and careless.
[15:35] <Isaiah> [The man jerks away, and he's off, back down the hall, seeming to clear the distance in one smooth action. "Ooh, they must be pretty good to get this far, huh? Strange that they brought kids with them, hmm… Makes it a lot more fun though, I gotta admit. Hehehe…"]
[21:57] <Raphael> "Hnng…" Raphael leans back against the wall and wills his vision back into focus. "Suppressive fire! Keep him pinned. And watch out for those knives, they’re poisoned!"
[22:02] <Isaiah> ["Ooh yes. How do you like Uncle Blue's special herbs and spices? C'mon. Who else wants a try?"-
[22:02] <Isaiah> ["Urgh." Hugues glowers and holsters his pistol. A second later he's charging down the hallway, sword swinging. "YOU OBSTINATE LITTLE PUP-!"-
[22:04] <Isaiah> [The sniper emerges a little from cover now, readying his rifle- and pays for it a second later. Mana dives through another window and catches him straight in the arm- he lets out a cry of pain. "Now, sir!"]
[22:10] <Raphael> "Hugues, don't risk-!" But Mana's shout cuts him off and he grits his teeth and aims a shot at the newly emerged sniper, forced to trust Hugues to hold his own for a few seconds longer. The blast of maser fire finds its mark, though, and a moment later the heat has set the sniper's whole head alight.
[22:12] <Isaiah> [A thousand thoughts rush through Daichiro's head. His mother. Another sting of regret about that girl. Wolfgang, in hell, keeping a pit warm for him.-
[22:13] <Isaiah> [They're soon burned away, his mind seared white as unbelievable pain spells his death.-
[22:15] <Isaiah> ["Ooh, he burned well, dinne?" Cried Blue with a cackle. He was on Hugues like a plague of locusts, knife whirling with unbelievable speed. There's sparks as Hugues barely manages to fend him off- and then before Hugues realises it, he's waving his sword in midair. Mr. Blue has slipped away again.]
[22:20] * Raphael 's face shows no reaction to the man's death, although there's a very slight frown at the jab that follows. A look over his shoulder shows Marie, Euphrasie and Henri are all set up in their own little pieces of cover with their weapons ready, all of them aiming at the empty doorway to Blue's last hiding spot. "Hugues, get back. You don't need to deal with him head-on."
[22:21] <Isaiah> ["He… Definitely does seem pretty fast and all." Hugues mutters, and pulls out his bolt pistol. "Say when."]
[22:25] * Raphael takes a deep breath. "Go." He murmurs, just as he drives out from behind his little pocket of cover and towards the next doorway.
[22:26] <Isaiah> [Hugues raises his gun-
[22:27] <Isaiah> [But a second before he can fire, a dagger hurls itself out of the doorway. Hugues -barely- sidesteps, and the blade digs itself into mortar.-
[22:27] <Isaiah> ['Tink.'-
[22:29] <Isaiah> [KABOOM! A section of wall detonates itself, sending bricks and plaster everywhere, distracting Hugues enough that it's up to Mana to take up the slack. Her guns roar- and one bolt detonates along the door, sending shrapnel into Mr. Blue's face, the flash blinding him for a second. "Ah! -Augh-! The lights! You little-!"]
[22:38] <Raphael> Even halfway towards taking his shot, Raphael knows an opportunity when he sees one. With Blue clutching at his eyes, the rifle is forgotten as Raphael draws his pistol and charges the mercenary, driving his fist into the man’s stomach before putting him into a fierce arm lock.
[22:39] <Isaiah> ["Hurk-"-
[22:40] <Isaiah> [A second later, Hugues is at his side, driving a firm elbow into the man's neck, sending him coughing to his knees. Throwing aside anything approaching subtlety, Hugues then full-on bodyslams him into the ground.]
[22:42] <Raphael> "We're trying to keep him -alive-, Chief Sergeant, remember?" Raphael says cooly, though he's hardly careful about the way he wrenches Blue's weapons away either.
1[22:43] <Isaiah> ["He can live with a few ribs, broken, sir, s'the beautiful thing about a rib cage." Mutters Hugues, planting his foot into the man's back. A few seconds later, Mana and Henri are in there too, applying rope.-
[22:44] <Isaiah> ["Alright, alright! Jeeeesus, you guys are hardcore. A bit of light bondage here, a bit of sadism there…" Blue winks. "I give up. Just don't take my hat."]
[22:44] <Isaiah> [Henri promptly steals his hat.]
[22:54] <Raphael> Raphael can't quite seem to muster the disapproving look such an action deserves, try as he might. "Glad to hear it, Mr… Blue, was it?"
[22:55] <Isaiah> ["That's right. Matches me eyes. I'd like to say it matches me hair, but I wasn't shot as a child, was I?"]
[22:58] * Raphael 's face shows nothing, but there's a slight yet noticeable quickening of his breath as he stares at the man. "… Let's get him back to base. Cleanup will have arrived for Blaise by now."
[22:59] <Isaiah> ["Yessir."-
[22:59] <Isaiah> [Hugues grabs the man roughly and hoists him over his shoulder.-
[22:59] <Isaiah> ["Whee! Go faster, daddy!"-
[22:59] <Isaiah> ["Shut up, you fruitcake."]

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