Captain And Doctor And Backstories 12th Of August

[13:41] <Kayoko> If one was to look at the Valletta from the outside, they would see a ship that still hewed closely to the shape of the naval vessels the earliest Federation warships were built to emulate. This was common among most classes of Starfleet vessels, which used older, more reliable models rather than the expensive cutting edge variations that had begun to accelerate over the last decade.
[13:41] <Kayoko> These designs had one major departure, however: The control towers of old naval vessels were unnecessary here, and thus they had been replaced with the Tactical Sphere.-
[13:42] <Kayoko> A small dome-shaped protrusion towards the back of the ship's upper decks, the Sphere was designed as a war room of sorts, with complex holographic arrays to give those within a 3D map of battlefields or warzones. Of course, that same technology allowed it to operate as an observatory of sorts; the whole roof of the dome could be made to disappear with the aid of those same holograms,
[13:42] <Kayoko> allowing the illusion of standing underneath an unobstructed starfield.-
[13:42] <Kayoko> Kayoko had often found herself here since taking over the Valletta. It allowed for space to think without wholly detaching herself from the ship by holing up in her quarters, and watching the stars was relaxing in its own right. And so, once the debacle on the Shrinepath homeworld was finally set to rights, along with the ship itself, it was in the observatory that she found herself.
[13:42] <Kayoko> She sat cross-legged in the centre of the dome, tracing unfamiliar constellations in the stars above.
[13:56] <Inara> With time, the doors to the observatory dome would abruptly slide open, slapping a large retangle of bright light against the starry atmosphere. Within said rectangle was a most imposing silhouette - a broad frame clad in a loose overcoat, stooping momentarily to step inside the room. -
[13:57] <Inara> "Sorry to catch you while you're spacing out, Captain, but I'd like a quick word if you don't mind."
[14:01] <Kayoko> When she heard the sound of the door, Inara was not who she expected to see behind it. Even so, she didn't seem to mind. "Oh, I don't mind," she said with a smile. "Words are fine by me, Doctor."-
[14:01] <Kayoko> She paused. "… 'spacing out'? Was that a joke, Inara?"
[14:07] <Inara> "Maybe." Her face remained perfectly straight. "I thought it was clever, anyway."
[14:14] <Kayoko> "Oh don't get me wrong. Very high quality joke. A+. I am just not accustomed to your comedy stylings."
[14:19] <Inara> "Well, I won't torture with them for too long. You must have had enough of that sort of thing after dealing with Wellesley-Ayanami. He's quite a character."
[14:20] <Inara> ^torture you with them
[14:32] <Kayoko> "He's an idiot," she said, although without as much venom as the statement warranted. "Sorry for sending you into a bad situation like that."
[14:35] <Inara> "There's no way you could have known things would turn out that way. Anyway, we all survived. It's a happy ending."
[14:41] <Kayoko> "About as happy as we could hope for," she said, with a small nod.
[14:44] <Inara> "Besides, I learned something new while I was on board that ship…"
[14:48] <Kayoko> "Yeah?"
[14:52] <Inara> Inara folded her arms. "There's no chance that anyone besides Idris would be listening in on this conversation, correct?"
[14:57] <Kayoko> "Oh, that kind of something, huh?" she asked, eyebrows raised. "One moment…"-
[14:57] <Kayoko> She shut her eyes and a moment later Inara would feel something akin to a sharp draught pass by her, except it was mental pressure instead of air. Kayoko opened her eyes right afterwards. "We're quite alone. If anyone's in a position to hear, I'll know."
[15:02] <Inara> "Nice trick." She nodded appreciatively. -
[15:03] <Inara> "I don't know how to buffer or sugarcoat this, so I'll get straight to the point. Captain. Was… your mother an Ayanami?"
[15:23] <Kayoko> The outward reactions were more muted than might've been expected, limited to a momentary wide-eyed look before she caught her balance. Her posture was a lot less relaxed than it had been a few seconds earlier.-
[15:23] <Kayoko> "Yes," she said, her voice deliberate and even. "Did Fionn tell you, then?"
[15:32] <Inara> "No. But he didn't deny it either. One of the officers on board the Great Prick mentioned it."
[15:34] <Kayoko> "The-!" she began, voice rising a notch. She paused, then tried again, "… And how did they know, Doctor?"
[15:38] <Inara> "I haven't the slightest idea. Maybe he knew her personally. A Sargord Willis, I think it was? Does that name ring a bell?"
[15:39] <Kayoko> "None. Fine," she sighed. "I'll work that out on my own time."
[15:44] <Inara> "Best of luck. What will you do once you uncover all the whys and hows?"
[15:47] <Kayoko> "Kill everyone involved."
[15:47] * Inara raised an eyebrow. "It's a good thing I've already written my will."
[16:03] * Kayoko let out a huff and stood. "You're probably safe," she muttered. "So you have questions, I imagine? Everyone does."
[16:09] <Inara> "Just one. Why did you conceal it?"
[16:24] <Kayoko> "Because it colours opinions of me and gets in my way. I don't need to lean on a family name to be exceptional," she said.
[14:02] <CakeyCake> "Ah. You and Franco think the same way, then."
[14:04] <Kayoko> "… what does that mean?"
[14:10] <CakeyCake> "He brought up the same hypothetical scenario when Wellesley-Ayanami first visited us. He prefers if officers show they can earn their position through merit. Belonging to an extremely influencial family makes that… less clear."
[14:39] <Kayoko> "Hm."-
[14:39] <Kayoko> "Yeah, that's why I chose him for the XO job. If he's not stepping far out of line I know I'm doing a pretty good job," she said. "He's a useful barometer for that sort of thing."
[14:51] <Inara> "What will you do now? It would make sense to continue hiding your lineage, but don't you also feel as if you've already proven yourself?"
[15:04] <Kayoko> "Have I?" she asked, looking up at the starfield above them. "I mean yes, I'm very good at what I do, but I don't really believe that a person's ever done proving themselves. Do you?"
[15:15] <Inara> "I've gotta disagree. There has to be a point when either the person stops caring about proving herself or the world around her stops caring. Maybe after she hits a certain level of fame…"
[15:33] <Kayoko> "Pffft, fame," she said, shaking her head. "Fame's boring. A constant drive to prove yourself is, necessarily, a constant drive to improve yourself. It forces you to break down the pieces of yourself that don't work and rebuild the pieces into something stronger. That's where the fun is."-
[15:34] <Kayoko> "You ever learn about the Empress? From the tail end of the War of Founding?"
[15:36] <Inara> "Of course. A version of your mother who jumped to our timeline from her own mysterious one. Simply put, she was formidable."

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