Decompression With Liane Rora And The Little Symphonian

[19:17] <Liane> With the mission complete and, by all reports, successful, Liane would have quickly found her way to the Valletta's lounge to relax and unwind after what had been a quite stressful (and somewhat sleepless) affair. Still… in deference to her history, she was availing herself not of the liquor, whether of reasonable strength or otherwise; rather, she was treating herself to fizzy citrus
[19:17] <Liane> soda…. and a small dessert cake of some sort. Alone, of course. -
[19:18] <Liane> This was her way of relaxing after a job well done.
[19:38] <Rora> A few minutes later, Rora would enter the lounge, taking a moment to look about distractedly. With a slight nod to himself, he started towards the counter…but halted after a few steps.-
[19:41] <Rora> He looked back over the room once more. On seeing Liane, he afforded himself a small wave as he walked over to her. "Well met, Liane. I don't mean to intrude, but might I join your table?"
[19:52] * Liane smiled, waving Rora over politely. "Absolutely, Rora, have a seat," she replied, nudging a chair out for him with her foot and sipping her drink.
[20:06] <Rora> "Much obliged," he said with a grateful smile. Without lifting a finger, Rora nimbly slid the chair back, sinking into it as he just-as-nimbly pulled it back towards the table. "How fares the fare?" he asked, gesturing to the cake.
[20:09] <Liane> "One of these days I really ought to try and train myself to do things like that more," she replied with a smirk, shortly before stabbing the cake with a fork, if gracefully. "Mmm, I'd like it with just a hint more lemon flavor I think, but I've hardly room to be picky way out here, you know?"
[20:25] * Rora chuckled, then nodded. "I suppose we have travelled quite a ways, haven't we?" He stared off for a moment, glowing with contemplative blue hues. "…Even so, 'tis a gracious mindset to have; to complain without such consideration would be all too easy."
[20:28] * Liane grinned. "I still — faintly — remember what it was like in the days before the Federation was born. It was a … valuable, enlightening experience, if one best left to the history books for sure." She'd take a bite now, giving Rora an opening to talk at her more.
[20:41] <Rora> "Hmmm." Another contemplative moment. "I would say that's difficult for me to fathom - which it is, to some extent - but with some of the things that have happened since Zeruel, and some of the things I've learned about the galaxies at large…well." He shook his head. "I don't doubt it. a leaden tome"
[20:50] * Liane swallowed. "Too true." She tapped her fork against the plate absent-mindedly. "Do you think we handled this about as well as we could've, Rora?"
[21:08] <Rora> "…I…" He blinked, staring down at the sleeves of his velvet-like black robe. "…I don't see how we could have done otherwise. To have told anything less than the truth would only cause suffering in the long run." A sigh, and he slouched a bit into his chair. "Maybe if we could have found a way to prevent the Immortal casualties…"
[21:17] <Liane> "… They'll get better, at least. Hopefully they won't pick stupid fights in the future, yeah?" She sipped the fizzy drink. "Especially ones that could provoke an interstellar incident again."
[21:29] <Rora> "Indeed. I certainly don't understand what they were thinking with the whole scheme, particularly considering the situation." He frowned. "Then again, I didn't disturb any of those alien artifacts. I wonder if we might feel differently, had we been party to the same vision. the last card, unturned; a wooded path, diverged"
[22:01] * Liane let out a 'hm'. "I have a bad feeling that this isn't quite over, really," she admitted. "It almost seems ridiculous to act based on his fever dream, and yet…" A shrug.
[22:18] * Rora nodded. "Honestly, that entire room is…worrisome. I mean, it's anyone's guess as to where - or who - all those objects were taken from, much less what most of them do. Nevermind there's one that either implants terrifying psychic visions in people's minds, or can actually predict the future." He slouched further, pressing robe sleeves against his forehead. "I'm not even sure
[22:18] * Rora which would be worse… choice of toxins"
[22:20] <Minaplo> ["I mean it's both." Said Eclese, sitting in the seat between the two. She reached forward and ate Liane's fork. "Just about anything can predict the future."]

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