Flying Sovereign Grand Slam 29th Of June

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[21:13] * Rora sat at the desk in his quarters, deep in thought. He stared intently - not at the computer monitor, which had been turned off for the time being, but rather at the three blocks of wood arranged neatly before him. It was time to start another piece, but he was having trouble deciding on the proper medium. The hemlock seemed fitting in an indirect fashion, and would be the easiest
[21:13] * Rora to work with. But it was a tad too bright; something darker felt appropriate. This particular block of walnut would certainly do the trick, with its deep chocolate coloration, and as a whittling material in general was an old favorite of his. But then there was always the rosewood…
[21:14] <Rora> …No, not the rosewood. It was the last piece of it he'd had for a while now, and…the time wasn't quite right. Suddenly, the decision was obvious; the blocks of hemlock and rosewood arced smoothly through the air and onto the bed as Rora picked up the walnut with his own hands. He turned it over, recalling the whirlwind of events back at Acquirer's hideout. How to parse that maelstrom
[21:14] <Rora> ? Or perhaps rather, what was the crux of it all…
[21:15] <Mianplo> [CRONK CRONK CRONK.]
[21:22] <Rora> With a start, Rora shot the door an irritated glance summer eve's klaxon. Setting his new project on the desk, he composed himself as he glided over to his sudden guest. "Yes, is something the matter?" he said as he opened the door.
[21:24] <Mianplo> ["YES."]
[21:25] <Mianplo> [Standing in the door way, arms folded, his long prehensile tail sweeping his head-hair back, was Mantlehammer, the Flying Sovereign who had gotten onto the ship and kind of just stayed there whilst 'The Heat Was High'.-
[21:26] <Mianplo> ["Heh! Rora. That was your name, right, baldimoks?" He said with a smirk.]
[21:37] <Rora> "…Oh! H-hello, Mantlehammer," he replied with a smile of his own, even as he glowed a guarded green. "You remember rightly; I am indeed Rora. But, you say something is amiss? omen of railroad tracks"
[21:38] <Mianplo> ["I am bored."]
[21:45] <Rora> "Ah, well…I suppose that will happen from time to time. Not every day is the veritable explosion of activity as the one we met upon. Er," he glanced off to the side, yellows of concern dappling his AT-formed plumage, "…not entirely figuratively, in this case."-
[21:46] * Rora hurriedly cleared his throat. "Anyhow! Did you have anything particular in mind to aid in relieving you of this conundrum?"
[21:47] <Mianplo> ["Yes! You will show me what you do for fun."]
[22:15] <Rora> "…Oh, certainly!" He beamed, "Let's see…well, I was about to start on an artistic project, but that is more a solitary pursuit than shared activity. I enjoy playing music as well, but you wouldn't necessarily be as active a participant in that case either…"-
[22:15] <Rora> Notes of orange dread began to creep into his radiance. "I could recommend some good books to read - but, again: solitary venture. The ship has plenty of media on backlog. Do you have any interest in watching a show? Otherwise…" he was at this point pressing his hands together through his robe sleeves, eyes darting about in somewhat frantic thought, "…I'm sure we could find a game
[22:15] <Rora> to play…?"
[22:19] <Mianplo> [He unfolded his arms and held them to his side. The muscles in his arms expanded for a second, moving and shifting so quickly that it looked as though thick snakes coiled frantically under his skin.-
[22:20] <Mianplo> ["Look, you're new to the galaxy, so you probably don't know about Grand League, the most popular board game ever made." Said Mantlehammer. "Well, guess what? Flying Sovereigns made it, and I'm a great player, heh, one of the best, but today I'm looking for something more physical."]
[22:44] * Rora did his level best not to boggle at Mantlehammer's muscle antics, though the mention of a Flying Sovereign board game seemed to sufficiently distract him. "…Something- ah! I see. This sounds like a call for a change of venue, then. There isn't…well, obviously, this would be an inoptimal location," he gestured to his modest quarters, "But, yes - if it is physical exertion that
[22:44] * Rora is sought, let us away to the gym. Though I fain would hear more about this Grand League some time…"
[22:45] <Mianplo> [And so Mantlehammer followed. Rora would notice Mantlehammer staring intently at anyone who walked past.-
[22:46] <Mianplo> ["So, you raised by Defectors or something, baldimoks?"]
[22:48] <Rora> "Heh; precisely the case, yes. What gave me away?" He shot the Sovereign a wry grin.
[22:49] <Mianplo> ["You're wordy and flashy."]
[22:55] * Rora mulled that over, then chuckled. "Well…yes, I suppose I cannot deny my verbosity. I can tone down the lights though, if you would prefer."
[22:58] <Mianplo> ["I don't care." Said Mantlehammer. "Think you'll have fun playing Grand League, though, heh."-
[22:58] <Mianplo> [They arrived at the gym, which was well-stocked. They shared the gym with about another hundred or so people- although there was still plenty of room left.]
[23:21] * Rora started giving the space a searching lookover as soon as the walked in. "So, admittedly, this is not exactly a particular haunt of mine, but- ah, there we are," he nodded to himself, heading for the equipment checkout terminal, "but, if we are to play a proper game of tennis, we will require a few things."-
[23:21] <Rora> […-
[23:33] <Rora> "…And that should be everything! Any questions before we begin?" Rora had rolled up both the hem and sleeves of his robe, holding them fast telekinetically. He tapped his racket experimentally against the shoes he'd changed into, rustling turquiose slacks that were normally hidden.
[23:37] <Mianplo> ["These rackets are tough, right?"]
[23:43] <Rora> "Er…" He rubbed at his chin. "…They should prove sufficiently so for our purposes? Though they were almost assuredly not designed with Flying Sovereign physiology in mind."

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