Game Logs

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Prologue: Character Introductions

Introduction to Kayoko Hyuga

Introduction to Inara Khalef

Introduction to Kess Spiro

Introduction to Liane Meier

Introduction to Rora Mist

Session 1: Encounter at Frontier Gate

Conference Room Debriefing, 24th of April

Kayoko, Violet and Franco discuss the Alpha menace.

Alpha Species Cruiser, 24th of April

Franco, Inara and Liane investigate the Alpha Species cruiser, and find a strange turn of events.

Alpha Species Captain Interrogation, 24th of April

Kayoko, Violet and Kess interrogate the alien captain, who names herself Lyka and refers to her people as the Shrinepath Devoted.

Session 2: Raiding the Supply Convoy

The Valletta raids an Apostate Supply Convoy to great success; the pilots gather for drinks afterwards.

Session 3: The Maiden and the Guardian

The Valletta is intercepted by an Apostate cruiser shortly before discovering that the Maiden has been found: aboard the Superheavy of a Guardian!

Ahre Khivu, 25th of April

5th Ring pilot Ahre Khivu returns to the Apostate dreadnought Reformation to debrief about the events at Zeruel IV.

Greeting the Maiden, 25th of April

Kayoko Hyuga introduces the recovered Maiden - one Russkra Ssatra - to the 'drama' of the Zeruel System over a meal.

The Captain and the Guardian, 25th of April

Rora Mist and Kayoko Hyuga exchange the details of their respective adventures.

Vaunted Guardian Diplomatic Training, 25th of April

Rora introduces himself to Russkra.

Session 4: To Have Sisu

The Valletta stages a final desperate ambush to halt the Apostate advance on Sisu.

Questions Aboard the Dreadnought Zhang Yanmei, 26th of April

Captain Hyuga shares information- and criticisms- with Admiral Archibald of the 2nd Outer Sphere Fleet.

Inara and Gregory Troubleshoot Stalker-of-Dreams Issues, 29th of April

Inara is frustrated by her Stalker-of-Dreams, Alereb. Meanwhile, Gregory is looking for company.

Hachi Ayanami's Home, 2nd of May

Kayoko visits her auntie Hachi in the German Alps.

Session 5: An Emissary of Peace

Session 6: The Siege Virus

Kayoko contemplates, 7th of June

Kayoko mulls on the Siege Virus and the Overseers.

Inara Makes a Housecall, 8th of June

Inara is called to help a sickly Admiral Vlui.

Liane, Vlui and Violet discuss politics, 9th of June

Liane, Vlui and Violet discuss the Shrinepath, as well as the Overseer Empire.

Session 7: The Devil at the Crossroads

Kess talks to the Final Guardian, 12th of June

A discussion about the Great Plan- and the Harvesters.

Session 8: Integrity

Inara and Liane pursue a Symphonian, 28th of June

Inara and Liane pursue a suspicious Symphonian.

Liane and Kayoko talk with the Overseers, 28th of June

A pact is sealed.

Ilmas, you know, the Dragon Sorcerer? 28th of June

The Symphonian is a Dragon Sorcerer.

Ilmasidra? 28th of June

The Symphonians drop the plural.

Liane apologises to Kayoko, 28th of June

Kayoko and Liane discuss Liane's recent behaviours.

Mist and Kayoko Philosophy Debate 2048, 29th of June

Rora is minding his own business when Kayoko decides to roast him for his stance on psychic power.

Flying Sovereign Grand Slam, 29th of June

Mantlehammer gets Rora into physical activity.

Session 9: Jagged Memories

Rora and the Kid

Session 10: Succession

Franco Gets Political

Russkra gets Checked by Inara, 5th of August

Inara gives Russkra a health checkup.

Treetop Date. 11th of August

Kayoko goes on a date with Planter.

Decompression with Liane, Rora and the Little Symphonian, 11th of August

Rora, Liane and Eclese discuss recent matters.

Captain and Doctor and Backstories, 12th of August

Inara and Kayoko talk history. Namely the latter's.

Session 11: The Uttermost King of the Undying Jubilee


The prophets of the old world

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