Introduction To Liane Meier

[16:25] <Minaplo> [There was laughter in the Superheavy common room aboard the FSS Integrity.-
[16:26] <Minaplo> [This room- a common room with table, kitchen, sofa and television- was part of the greater Superheavy Quarters. Their bedrooms were all attached to this common room, each with enough space for a bed, a wardrobe and other such things.-
[16:30] <Minaplo> [Sitting around the table, enjoying a frivolous meal of pan-fried herb-encrusted chicken on a bed of cous cous were the four Superheavy pilots. Ibrahim, the permanent squad leader: a lanky man, easygoing, with an honest, open face; Barry, a short, stocky man with a well-trimmed black mutton-chop beard; and Ekaterin, a tall, well-built woman with short blonde hair.-
[16:31] <Minaplo> [And the fourth…]
[16:41] <Liane> And the fourth… was Juliane Meier, or "Liane" as she customarily introduced herself to everyone. She was neither as tall nor as muscled as Ekaterin - a fact that bothered her little; she was tall enough, and she stayed fit. She was blonde and blue-eyed, befitting her German heritage; her hair was a bit longer, perhaps reaching her shoulder, and was usually neatly styled.
[16:41] <Liane> "Mmm, it's been a while since I had food this good!" she remarked to her crewmates.
[16:52] <Minaplo> ["Been awhile since we've had news this interesting." Said Ibrahim. "Little Liane, going out to the big bad rim?"]
[16:56] <Liane> "That's what the order said," Liane replied with a small yawn. "Maybe it'll be exciting to be on the forefront of the Federation's exploration! But, you know, there haven't been any incidents in a long damn time, so really, same old shit, just new scenery, probably."
[16:57] <Liane> "Whatever, it definitely beats rural Germany."
[17:36] <Minaplo> ["Heh. The Rhineland factories probably see more live-fire action than we do." Said Barry. "Oh, well. We bitch and moan, but it could be worse."]
[17:42] <Liane> "You're definitely not kidding there. I saw Berlin when I was young."
[17:54] <Minaplo> ["I remember, too." Said Ekaterin. "Not Berlin, but…"-
[17:55] <Minaplo> ["A good reason to hope the Rim'll be boring, then." Said Barry. "Well, not boring, just, y'know, safe."]
[18:00] * Liane shrugged. "Yeah… I mean, part of me definitely wishes for more excitement? But yeah. The whole 'getting shot at' kind of excitement is hopefully a thing of the past, you know?"
[18:00] <Liane> She said that, but deep down, she wasn't so sure of it.
[18:18] <Minaplo> ["We can't let this talk get so gloomy." Said Ekaterin. "I have something."]
[18:21] <Liane> "Oh really." Liane grinned. "What'cha got?"
[18:32] <Minaplo> [Ekaterin walked to the fridge; she threw open the door with all the air of a ringleader unveiling his lions.-
[18:33] <Minaplo> ["Viper Wine." Said Ekaterin, taking out several bottles of a vivid green liquid. "It's a watered down version of a brew the Echidna Clan drinks."]
[18:36] * Liane got a wide-eyed expression. "No shit? Watered down so it won't kill mere mortals like us, huh? I bet that stuff will knock you right on your ass though. Makes it perfect for a going-away party, doesn't it?"
[18:45] <Minaplo> ["Well, yeah. Sometimes you gotta make your own danger." Ekaterin held a bottle out, and quirked an eyebrow. "Take point, Meier!"]
[18:49] * Liane laughed heartily. "All right!" she exclaimed, grabbing the bottle greedily, fetching a shot glass to fill, and wasting no time in filling it and downing the contents in one swig.
[18:49] <Liane> That may not have been the greatest idea of Liane Meier's forty years.
[19:05] <Minaplo> […-
[19:07] <Minaplo> [Chao, the Integrity's Evangelion, waited impatiently in the Integrity's Dirac Room. He coiled long strands of black hair through his fingers and ground his teeth.]
[19:19] <Liane> Thud. Thud. Thud. Liane's steps were heavy as she made for the Dirac Room, one hand on her head, the other on the railings. She was distinctly not well this morning. What a wonderful first impression I'm going to make, she was thinking to herself, as she stepped into the room with her hair not quite as orderly as she normally kept it - it was at least presentable - and
[19:19] <Liane> conspicuously sporting a pair of dark sunglasses. "… morning, Chao," she groaned on entry.
[19:26] <Minaplo> ["You're late."]
[19:29] <Liane> "I'll spare you the misery of debasing myself by making a pathetic excuse. Yes, I am. Jesus, my head is pounding right now. That won't be a problem for the transfer, will it?"
[19:30] <Minaplo> ["Fortunately not." Said Chao. "You were drinking." He said it with a tone of certainty, not of questioning.]
[19:32] <Liane> "A bit too much," Liane admitted. "I both underestimated the strength of the drink and overestimated my ability to hold it."
[19:32] <Liane> "… You can, however, count your blessings that I left my quarters impeccably clean for whomever comes along next."
[19:44] <Minaplo> ["Good." Said Chao. "At least you're tidy."-
[19:44] <Minaplo> ["Are you ready to go? Said goodbye to the captain, all that?"]
[19:51] * Liane nodded firmly. "Everyone but you. You come last, because you're here, of course. … If I stick around here much longer I'm gonna start getting emotional, heh." She extended a hand to Chao. "It's been a pleasure to serve with you all."
[20:07] <Minaplo> ["And also with you." Said Chao, taking her hand and shaking it.]
[20:09] * Liane smiled. "Godspeed to you all, and maybe someday, I'll see you all again with wild tales of the Rim, yeah?" She gave him a friendly pat on the back, and stepped up, ready for departure…
[22:04] <Minaplo> […-
[22:05] <Minaplo> [The trip across the solar system took less than a second.-
[22:05] <Minaplo> [To Liane- who could remember hour-long road trips, no doubt-, the fact that to some people, that didn't seem remarkable at all must've boggled at some point.-
[22:07] <Minaplo> [She arrived at a room near-identical to the one she'd left, albeit larger and more crowded. All around her shimmered other portals, disgorging one or two passengers, sometimes up to five, before closing- much like her's did a moment later.-
[22:27] <Minaplo> [There was only one exit- a large triple-sized door- and so Liane went through it… Into a great terminal. All around her people streamed out of doors much like her's, whilst at the far end sat many large portals, people streaming constantly out of them. These ones had signs above them, noting major cities…-
[22:33] <Minaplo> [How long had it been since Liane had stood in a major terminal like this? To her left were a gaggle of school children from Mars, shrieking and chatting wildly as they duckling-followed their teacher as he navigated around a luggage buggy; to her right a handful of Immortals passed, arguing noisily about what to eat, the crowd parting for their bulk…-
[22:40] <Minaplo> ["Fresh meatballs of Sweden!" Shouted a holographic Warfriend wearing a chef's hat and apron. His voice clicked and clacked as he spoke and he trilled his r-sounds three times as long as necessary. "Now offering many-many sides!"-
[22:51] <Minaplo> ["Pardon me." Said a voice behind her; a Defector wearing the cassock of a Catholic priest brushed past, followed by another four Defectors, each wearing a vestment of a different faith altogether. Behind them tottled six Defector hatchlings, all wearing cute, tiny masks. Before long they'd passed.]
[22:55] * @Liane turned calmly to see who'd addressed her. "Ah, yes?" she asked, nigh-instinctively. She was a little quiet; but then, she was still nursing that hangover from last night's pleasantries.
[22:58] <@Liane> A moment later, she realized it was the group of priests that had just passed her by, and she was rubbing her forehead irritatedly. "…Ugh. Note to self, don't drink that much again…" she mumbled to herself, as she moved further into the terminal. Surely, someone had to be waiting to receive her, right?
[23:02] <Minaplo> [Of course this just left her talking to one straggling Defector hatchling, who tore his gaze away from a game console to stare at her.-
[23:03] <Minaplo> ["Pilot Meier?" Came a new, different voice, behind her- again.]
[23:04] <@Liane> Once again, she spun around! "Yes!"
[23:08] <Minaplo> [She came face to face with a white-skinned, dark-brown haired woman with steely grey eyes. She was of average height and wore the green-edged uniform of a Technical officer. "Sadie Tyrell, Chief of Technical onboard the Valletta. You're late."]
[23:16] * @Liane let out a sigh. "This will be the only time," she said bitterly, removing her sunglasses out of politeness. "There was a going-away party on the Integrity, and I got a little carried away." She was squinting a little; the brightness of the area was probably doing wonders for her head.
[23:19] <Minaplo> ["… You're hungover." Said Tyrell. "I'm actually impressed. You must've quaffed something borderline illegal."]
23:19] <Minaplo> ["… You're hungover." Said Tyrell. "I'm actually impressed. You must've quaffed something borderline illegal."]
[23:22] <@Liane> "… This will probably be the only time for that, too. Because this certainly isn't a feeling I wish to repeat." She offered a salute, in any case. "Nice to meet you, ma'am."
[23:27] <@Liane> "If you're ever offered a shot of Viper Wine, I suggest you turn it down," she added with a grin.
[23:27] <@Liane> "… I mean, it was pretty good stuff. But it also leaves you like this."
[23:34] <Mianplo> [Tyrell returned the salute. "Agreed."-
[23:35] <Mianplo> [With that Tyrell turned and led Liane out of the terminal. "We depart in an hour. I take it you've served on a Minerva before?"]
[23:39] * @Liane nodded. "Yes, that's right. Assuming the layout is standard, I should know most of the layout already."
[23:48] <Mianplo> ["That's right; you should be able to find your quarters without fuss."-
[23:49] <Mianplo> ["So, the Integrity. How was it to serve on?"]
[23:52] <@Liane> "Pleasant, if a bit unexciting," Liane replied evenly. "I had a good team there."
[23:55] <Mianplo> ["And you'll have a good one here."]
[23:57] <@Liane> "So just how far out are we, anyway? I think this is going to be my furthest post from home yet."
[00:04] <Mianplo> ["We're being attached to the 2nd Outer Sphere Fleet." Said Tyrell. "Our shakedown is to Zeruel and back. After that? Looks like surveys into unknown space."]
[00:07] <@Liane> "… Unknown space, huh. Now that sounds fascinating. So that means we'll be the face of the entire Twiceborn Federation out there, yeah? I'll have to make a much better impression than today, for sure."
[00:17] <Mianplo> ["Quite."-
[00:18] <Mianplo> ["It might not be the action-packed experience you might be thinking, though. Lots of planets out there with nothing on them."]
[00:19] <@Liane> "That's true."
[00:19] * @Liane winked. "But it's still nothing that no one's seen before us, right?"
[00:26] <Mianplo> ["True enough, pilot. We're bound to run into something wondrous sooner or later."]
[00:29] <@Liane> "So, how long have you been on the Valletta, ma'am?"
[00:32] <Mianplo> ["Its entire service life, which is, at this moment, negative one hour."]
[00:34] <@Liane> "Oho. A brand new Minerva. I'll be sure to take extra good care of things, then!" Liane grinned. Then, more seriously, she added, "I always do. What was your last posting like, then?"

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