Liane Apologises To Kayoko 28th Of June

[14:50] <Kayoko> There was no shortage of odd choices to Kayoko's leadership style, but a prominent one was her apparent disdain for office work. The problem was not the work, mind you, so much as the office. Given the choice she seemed to prefer to simply set down wherever there were people, setting herself up in a cloud of holographic screens projected by the ship's Simurgh and working with no apparent
[14:50] <Kayoko> problems with noise or bustle.-
[14:50] <Kayoko> Franco hated it, of course. This was something of a bonus.-
[14:50] <Kayoko> So it was a rarity to see her in her sparsely-decorated office just off the bridge, set up behind a solid-looking desk made of a dark hardwood from one of the colony worlds. It'd seemed the right choice to make, given the unusual formality she'd been approached with. For now she waited, though, working on the desk's physical terminal.
[14:59] * Liane was absolutely punctual for the meeting she arranged. A few minutes early, even. She'd sworn to herself, after the day she'd transferred from the Integrity to the Valletta, that she would not embarrass herself so again.-
[15:19] <Liane> And indeed, she hadn't. At least… not in that way. She had certainly made herself a handful for Kayoko in other ways - the endless close calls, always biting off just a bit more than she could chew - yet, again and again, she had made it back to the Valletta largely unscathed, if a bit rattled at times.-
[15:21] <Liane> Now? She stepped in, giving a quick salute to Kayoko. "Captain," she greeted.
[15:37] <Kayoko> "Ensign." She was quick to abandon her work, but her tone was a little less chirpy than normal - Liane had been busy, but her apparent narrow escape from the Overseers seemed to have left her in a contemplative mood. "Sit, please. To what do I owe the meeting, hm?"
[15:42] * Liane wasted no time in sitting with a nod. "Simply put, I, ah." She folded her hands in her lap and looked Kayoko in the eye calmly. "I've been doing nothing but complicating your mission pretty much the entire time I've been on the Valletta," she said simply, "and I owe you an apology for it."
[16:02] <Kayoko> … If Liane glanced up she might have had time to see a look of irritation cross Kayoko's face, but if it'd been there at all it was quickly smothered. Kayoko stood and abandoned her desk and stood, hands folded behind her back.-
[16:02] <Kayoko> "Well, that seems like a reductive and self-defeating reading of the subject, Ms. Mier. I'd taken you for smarter than that," she said. "And on the subject of our mission, I was under the impression we'd been performing quite well under the circumstances. Was I wrong, Ensign?"
[16:16] <Liane> "Not at all," Liane replied politely, her gaze following the Captain as she moved. "Adaptation to the situation as it evolves is something we've all proven to be adept at, thankfully." She hesitated for a few moments, then added, "I… suppose I'm still rather rattled by the situation that happened with the Integrity," she admitted. "Realizing a bit how far over my head I'm - we're?
[16:16] <Liane> - all in, and thanking God that we haven't eff'ed it up yet."
[16:56] <Kayoko> "My understanding was that you wanted interesting," she offered.
[17:07] <Liane> That got an audible laugh out of the ensign. "You understand correctly. It … might not be the kind of interesting I initially had in mind! But, truthfully, I wouldn't trade it. And I'll have a hell of a story to tell the kids someday, won't I?" She brushed a stray hair away from her eyes. "We couldn't do it without your judgment, though. You're a fine captain," she said awkwardly;
[17:07] <Liane> but it was clear she definitely had a good deal of respect for Kayoko.
[17:40] <Kayoko> There was a blink, shortly followed by a grin. "Oh I do well enough, yes. Thank you for saying so."-
[17:40] <Kayoko> "Look, I'm not about to tell you that you aren't a complicating factor, Liane. All I'll tell you is that so's every other person on this ship," Kayoko said. "Half the fun is taking all those variables into account."
[17:52] <Liane> "Is that so, hmm?" Liane grinned back. "With any luck, we won't face too many problems from the Cyclogenes after that mess, though."
[17:53] <Kayoko> "Oh, we have more than enough leverage," she grinned. "Our friend Acquirer will take any blowback on our behalf. He's very generous that way."
[17:59] <Liane> "… So the Nubile actually existed? Huh." Liane blinked, she hadn't expected that. "… I find myself infinitely more confused by our Overseer rivals."
[18:05] <Kayoko> "It existed and they really did intend to turn it over to us. Surprising, I know."
[18:09] <Liane> "Got an idea of what their game is, then?"

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